Are you more emo or goth?

Hey guys! Here’s a buzzfeed quiz to see whether you are more emo or goth, remember this is just for fun hehe if you find any more quizzes determining if you are emo or goth then please send them!

My Results


I thought you were emo?

Anyway my results

Tbh I don’t think I’m emo or goth but I guess between those 2 I’m more emo (?) But the result is wrong in so many ways… :joy::joy::joy:

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I am emo

This is just a quiz


I guess :joy:

So, I’m emo punk technically but I got emo as my results. I like wearing both emo and gothic clothes.

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Emo :eyes:

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Emo, and that’s correct cause I am like pretty much an emo while I’m in no way goth…

100% goth. :thinking::white_heart:

I got emo, but I’m more of a goth…

I got goth, but I’m definitely emo.

It seems like everyone is getting the opposite of what they actually are lol


Emo :sunglasses:

I got Definitely Emo

Another quiz for whoever wants.

On this one I got Goth
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100% goth-

I’m neither but ok :star_struck:

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got goth on that one

Yeah, lol