Are you sensitive?

Being sensitive doesn’t necessarily mean that you cry for every single thing. It basically means your feelings are pretty delicate, and can be broken at things that might seem stupid to others. Being sensitive can also mean that you’re really considerate to other people’s feelings, and you try as hard as possible not to hurt them. On the other hand, being insentive means…basically the opposite of sensitive ahahaha :upside_down_face:

So, are you sensitive or insensitive?
  • Sensitive :pleading_face:
  • Insensitive :relieved:
  • In the middle :thinking:

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some additional questions:

  • do you consider people’s feelings a lot?
  • Is it easy to hurt your feelings?
  • do you feel as if other people’s feelings are irrelevant?
  • are you empathetic and/ or sympathetic?

I feel like I am, but mostly people are hurting mine.

Yes :sob:

No!! it’s the other way around

Yes, both





Yes :pensive:


Nah. I’m too much of a critical thinker.

No lol. Though a lot of people try really hard to make it happen.

I mean for what I think about or invest my time thinking about, no? I don’t feel anything about others feelings. I think most of it is irrelevant.


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I’m pretty honest so sometimes I can be insensitive :thinking:

uhhh depends if you’re being blunt or not

nope, we all have our own feelings and undermining them isn’t helping anything

sympathetic but not empathetic


Feelings? What are they?


I am very sensitive. When I’m getting my yearly haircut I feel every single razor and my body trembles…

(Pov: Telly after his haircut)

But emotional, yes I get very watery eyey when my favorite book doesn’t have a sequel.


Usually. I don’t like hurting people’s feelings, so I am careful about not offending others. Sometimes I’ve done it without thinking, but I felt so horrible and guilty about it afterwards.

Yes. Especially if it’s something very personal, if I care a lot for someone and they don’t care about me, or when I’m left out of a group that I thought I belonged to.

Never. Feelings are not irrelevant at all.

If I’m close to the person, I tend to be very empathetic and sympathetic. If I’m not, or I don’t really understand what they’re going through, it’s harder for me to empathize. It’s also very hard for me to express sympathy through words.


I am not sensitive, but I do consider people’s feelings. I used to be insensitive, but after maturing and realizing I should begin to consider people’s feelings, I’ve become more considerate

No, not really. But I am aware that things that don’t hurt me may hurt other people. Although I do sometimes get confused as to how their feelings are hurt because I don’t feel the same way in some circumstances, I don’t invalidate anyone’s feelings

Depends. I have a sensitive friend. Although sensitive friends can be really annoying to me because sometimes I just don’t understand why they’re upset, I still try to be there for some. But if the situation is actually unreasonable, logically nobody should really be upset, then I do get really annoyed.

But it’s okay to be sensitive. Your feelings are still valid and just because you’re a sensitive person, it doesn’t mean any less

(except on the anon confessions, I don’t consider any confessor’s feelings because they’re anon for a reason)


I care a lot about how people feel and how my actions or words impact them.

It really depends :thinking: some things that might hurt others might not hurt me and some things that don’t other others might hurt me

Not usually. When I’m not acting on impulse, I always consider what my words or actions might make someone feel. I like to think of intent vs. impact and I try to make my impact on the other party match with my intent

Again, it depends. If I haven’t experienced something similar, I find it hard to empathize and easier to sympathize


Well, I try to do so most of the time. I try to be mindful of my actions as much as possible. Although sometimes I can be unintentionally insensitive, which I wouldn’t notice until someone points it out to me.

It depends on what the person is doing. I used to be sensitive when I was a kid. I even used get hurt over the tiniest acts, but I’ve already changed a lot over the years.

Now, my feelings only get really hurt if someone intentionally does something to make me feel bad.

I’m gonna be honest, sometimes I do find other people’s feelings irrelevant, but only when I’m being irrational, mad, or selfish. But in normal situations, I try to be mindful of my actions and take other people’s feelings into account. And because of it, I sometimes end up hurting myself.

I can be both, but I’m usually more sympathetic than empathetic. The only ones I can easily empathize with are people I personally know. Other than that, it can be difficult for me unless I’ve witnessed or had the same experience as theirs before.


Uhh really depends, so idk

Not really, I’m not caring about it anymore and laugh it like it’s funny lmao cuz I probably take it as a joke. I may get annoyed by the remarks at times tho cuz it’s repetitive or I’m just stressed and anxious.

I don’t put much thought and consideration into it ig? But I guess it depends, but I try to see from other perspectives as well.

Don’t know

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Yes but I try not to show my weakness :star_struck:

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yes omg because like- I dont wanna make them upset or offended over something i said so im ig i try to be careful with my words


No not really but i think it depends on the situation


I balance it with truth and try to get my message across without too much sugarcoating, because I believe to get your message across with a good condition, you have to consider your audience :thinking:

Not really

Everything is relevant, my dear child

empathetic; I never know how to sympathize-

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uh- sometimes…but sometimes I slack :pleading_face:



Im more sympathetic than empathetic but I’m trying to be better

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Sometimes it is other times it’s not (really it depends)

NEVER! Ever one’s feelings are relevant and important


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  • do you consider people’s feelings a lot?

Ans: Yes.

  • Is it easy to hurt your feelings?

Ans: Yes, but it depends.

  • do you feel as if other people’s feelings are irrelevant?

Ans: Hm, not really.

  • are you empathetic and/ or sympathetic?

Ans: Both, I guess.

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Yes, I’m always afraid I’m going to offend someone :sweat_smile:

My feelings used to be hurt very easily. Today, I am so used to being hated on that you’d have to say or do something really offensive to get on my last nerve.

Nope. Feelings matter to me, unless the other person is problematic.

I’m only empathetic with people who’ve gone through something I did, but I’m sympathetic with everyone.