Are you supposed to like your own characters?

I think in most cases, people tend to make characters likeable to them, and so that they like the character. And that may make it a lot easier to roleplay with. But do you ever make characters that you genuinely hate? Not because of the lack of detail put into them, but because of their personality. Do you think you’re supposed to like your own characters?


I don’t think that you need to like all of your characters, although I tend not to make characters that I strongly dislike


Same :eyes:


I make sure I like all my characters, otherwise I won’t have the motivation to RP as them.


This was my goal with my Levi character from CHB.
An egotistical that thinks money fixes all problems and everyone is below him.
I made him to intentionally aggravate people, not in a ‘I’m gonna make my character argue with yours because I hate you’ no, but because it’s unrealistic for everyone to be angels.

Definitely not!
It’s okay to make characters you don’t agree with, and you shouldn’t think that ones character’s opinions, defines the owners opinions.

Characters that you don’t like are cool to RP with, because there’s a lot of room for character development.
And hey, every story needs a villain. :woman_shrugging:


I think if I had a character that I really strongly disliked but in that you love to hate them kind of way, that could be a lot of fun

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I make characters I’d normally dislike irl, but I try to make even the worst characters likeable, at least a little.

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Genuinely or not, I don’t think I’ve hated a character of mine. I always love them, even though they’re supposed to be disliked because of their characteristics. If ever I do, then it means I succeeded in making a great character!

I think you are, but it actually depends. To me, you can hate or love them differently as a character or person (sorry, I’m lacking terms lmao)

The former, I meant as the shallow part—how you built them or how detailed they are. Here, you are supposed to like your character or else you won’t have a good handle of them.

The latter, if what’s focused on this question. The deeper, more realistic part. Here, you can feel whatever you might feel, especially seeing your character as a person.

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To me it depends on your definition of liking a character. Should your character necessarily be someone that if you met them in real life, you would like them as a person? No. You can Hate them as a person, but you really do need to like them as a character. The best villains are very likable as a character, we love to hate them. You don’t have to agree with anything your own character does, as they are not you, but you have to be able to like the character in some way. If you truly hate your character as a person, you can still appreciate the thought you put into them to be able to make them that way.

I’ve had characters I like and some that I ended up not liking. The one character I really HATE was Cade from Stranded. I made him so hatable, that I hated him the most out of everyone.
If I notice I don’t like them I just drop my characters :joy:.

@RPers, do you think you’re ‘suppose to’ like your characters?


Uh… I love all my characters but I just don’t like them as people a lot of the time.

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I love all my babies :heart_eyes: But kinda hate Luigi


Oh right if we’re adding those then I hate a bunch obviously.

Still I hte Cade more than Philip or Bryson. (Juan I’m still debating to have him slightly avove, share the first place woth Cade or slightly under it).

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I think you are supposed to as a writer; in that sense then, you know they are a good character to play as. But if they were a real person and they are bad I think I’d dislike them a lot haha