Are You The One - Official RP Thread

Lainey giggled at her comment about them stealing hearts. Lainey kept lifting weights as they talked. Lainey was actually enjoying getting to know a girl. Hell, maybe she even made a friend. Lainey giggled more. “Got it, Mars, Now I won’t forget it.” Luckily for Lainey she had a good memory most of the time. Lainey didn’t usually make friends with many females.

Lainey smiled. “Gotcha, I like tattoos too.” Lainey offered a smile. She was so excited about connecting with people in general. Lainey looked at Mar’s tattoos. As she took in her own as well. “Your tattoos are nice. I only have 3 so far. I want more though.” She said with a huge grin on her face. She couldn’t wait to get more.

Lainey listened to Mars speak. She smiled as Mars talked about being here for the adventure. Then mars asked about her thoughts on the guys. Well, if she had her eyes on anyone. “Well, I have only talked to one guy really.” She paused and smiled at little thinking about Rhett and how cool he was. “So still have some work to do before I can really say who I have my eyes on. ya know?” Lainey almost forgot that today was light ceremony day. Since she hadn’t really talked to any of the guys, she was nervous about tonight. “What about you? How many of the guys have you met? You got your eye on any of them?” Lainey was so glad the convo wasn’t boring.

@Jass Mars

Tate listened to her talk. He ate while she talked. He took in everything she said. When she said that tattoos were a turn off. I figured no way we could be a match. However, she is awesome to talk to. So, he could at least have some fun. He finished chewing his food. “I like a lady who has longer hair, who is confident, and patient. For dislikes it’s short ladies with short hair and who are petty. I’m not really a complicated guy. I mean there are a few more. However, I can’t give it all away.” He smirks at her.

@Kate Brooklyn


Brooklyn looked at him as she talked and listened to him talk about what he wants in a girl physical and personally. So he described some of what I have which is cool. “oh okay so that kind of describes me a little bit then. But I get the personality part. So tell me a little about your family” she was generally curious and she figured they needed to get to know each other better. As she waited for him to answer she kept eating the d h shed and then finished her coffee to.

@ChayChay05 - Tate

Day 2 | With Lainey | Gym | Morning

Mars appreciated the giggle on her comment. She smirked as she continued her joke about the guys stealing hearts. “Yeah, well, we’ll see if any of them dares to steal mine,” she said nonchalantly, a playful glint in her eyes. She continued her run on the treadmill, her rhythm steady as she listened to Lainey.

When Lainey said she wouldn’t forget her name, Mars let out a chuckle. “Damn right you won’t. It’s a name worth remembering,” she said with a confident grin, her tone half-joking, half-serious. She liked that Lainey was making an effort, and it felt good to start connecting with someone in the house, even if it was just another girl.

She nodded appreciatively at Lainey’s compliment about her tattoos. “Thanks, girl. Tattoos are kinda my thing,” she said, as she showed Lainey another tattoo. “Three, huh? That’s a good start. But be careful, they’re more addictive than beep" she joked. She paused, considering her next piece of ink. “I’m planning my next one already," she added with a slight smirk, "Got any ideas for yours?”

She slowed down the treadmill slightly as they talked about who they were interested in, smirking at Lainey’s words. “Only one guy so far in 2 days? That’s practically a committed relationship in this place,” she joked, her tone teasing seeing the slightest hint of a smile as she assumed Lainey was thinking of the guy. “But hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? Just make sure whoever you talk to, he’s is worth your time, or I’ll help you kick him to the curb.” She chuckled, but she felt a sense of loyalty to Lainey, and Mars knew she would have her back if one of these guys dared to not treat Lainey right. “But yeah, it’s still early. Gotta play it smart and see who’s worth it”

Mars got off the treadmill, and went to sit down on a bench for a little bit, taking a sip of water before answering the question Lainey had returned. “I’ve talked to a few of them. No one’s really stood out yet, though. But hey, it’s only day two. Plenty of time for someone to impress me,” she said with a smirk. She glanced around the gym, her mind briefly wandering to the light ceremony. “Tonight should be interesting though. See who pairs up with who and all that.”

Mars wasn’t one to get nervous easily, but she couldn’t deny feeling a touch of nerves about the upcoming ceremony. Mostly, she was anxious about whether it would be the guys’ choice and the possibility of not getting picked. She took another sip of water, pushing the thought aside for now.

Living Room || with Rafaela

Tomer couldn’t help but smile at Rafaela’s lively energy and enthusiasm. Her laughter was infectious, and he found himself genuinely enjoying their conversation. “Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories,” Tomer replied with a charming smile, trying to maintain his cool demeanor. “It’s all about seizing the moment, you know? Life’s too short to hold back.” He chuckled softly, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

He noticed the way Rafaela leaned in, her warm gaze meeting his with a playful spark. There was something compelling about the way she engaged with him, her words carrying a mixture of excitement and curiosity. He appreciated her willingness to connect on a deeper level, to imagine herself in his stories and share that excitement. “You have a way with words yourself,” he complimented with a slight tilt of his head. “Listening to you talk about it, I almost want to relive those moments again.” His voice held a touch of admiration as he met her gaze, a light smile playing on his lips “Who knows, maybe you’ll get to come with”

Tomer listened intently to Rafaela’s enthusiastic response, her eyes widening with intrigue and her voice vibrant with curiosity. Her genuine interest in his experiences abroad touched him, though he chose his words carefully, wanting to share without delving too deeply into the personal struggles that led to his move.
“Yeah, it was definitely a big change,” Tomer replied with a soft smile, his tone carrying a hint of nostalgia tinged with resilience. “We moved after… some challenging times back home.” He paused briefly, choosing his words carefully as he decided how much to reveal. “It was a mix of excitement and uncertainty, you know? Starting fresh in a new place, trying to build something better.”
“Sometimes life throws unexpected challenges at you, and you have to make the best of it.” He shifted slightly, his demeanor remaining composed yet warm as he continued. “But through it all, my sister and I became each other’s rock. We leaned on each other during the tough moments, and we celebrated every little victory together.” Tomer’s eyes softened as he reflected on the bond he shared with his sister, appreciating how their journey had strengthened their relationship.

Tomer found himself captivated by Rafaela’s animated storytelling and infectious enthusiasm for life. Her vibrant personality shone through in every word she spoke, painting vivid pictures of her adventures and experiences. As she recounted camping on secluded beaches and reveling in street parties, Tomer couldn’t help but admire her zest for life and her ability to find joy in every moment. He sensed a depth in Rafaela that mirrored his own desire for genuine connections and meaningful experiences.

“That sounds incredible,” Tomer replied with a warm smile, his voice carrying a genuine appreciation for Rafaela’s tales. “The beaches and the street parties… It sounds amazing hoestly.” He nodded in agreement, genuinely interested in learning more about her background and the places that shaped her spirit.
“You have such a zest for life,” Tomer continued, his voice sincere as he acknowledged Rafaela’s exuberance. “It’s kind of refreshing” He added with a smile, his gaze set on her as he spoke, appreciating Rafaela’s ability to find beauty and excitement in the simplest of experiences.

“You know,” Tomer said with a charming grin, his voice carrying a hint of playful intrigue, “I have a feeling there’s still a lot more to discover about you, Rafaela.” He met her gaze with a gentle confidence, eager to continue their conversation and explore the layers of her vibrant personality. “And I was actually planning of going for a little swim before I saw you, but now im thinking you could join me” He grinned casually, his eyes meeting hers with a subtle invitation. “What do you say? It could be a great way to start the day.” His tone was inviting, leaving room for her to decide, yet hoping she would share another moment with him.

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