Are You The One - Official RP Thread

Based on the MTV reality series of the same name, a group of 27 contestants are brought together to compete for not just a one million dollar prize, but a prize worth much more, love. Each contestant is paired with another, one who has been calculated to be their Perfect Match. None of them will have any idea who their match is and to win the cash prize, they must discover all of their Perfect Matches.

Each rp “week” will consist of 2 days in the rp. (Each rp day will be 2 irl weeks, but can be subject to change based on demand/activity as the rp progresses)

The first day each week will begin with a couple/pair of couples being chosen for a date. (This will be either through random selection, vote, or a challenge) Then while the date occurs, the remaining characters will have the remainder of the day free to mingle and get to know each other, as well as getting to vote a couple from the date into the Truth Booth. This is where everyone gets to receive confirmation if the chosen couple is a Perfect Match.

The second day each week will begin as a free day, but may include an event (such as a party, or a different, optional, activity that could potentially help gain more information) then having the Match Ceremony.

During the Match Ceremony, either the males or the females (it will alternate each week) will choose who they think could be their Perfect Match. Once all of the couples are paired up, the lights present at the ceremony will light up for the amount of pairs sitting together that are Perfect Matches.

Rules for RPers
  • Write at least 4-5 sentences per post please!
  • Please be active, at least 1 full conversation (or more) per character, each RP day.
  • If you can’t be active for some time, or need to drop out, please let me know!
  • If someone leaves the RP, their characters will go up for adoption.
  • Do not share details about your character outside of the RP. Everything anyone (aside from myself) knows about your character, should be from the faceclaims, or expressed in the RP before it is discussed orp.
  • Make sure to stay in character! This is most important. Keep in character to what you wrote in your signup, as that impacts the matches.
  • This signup thread will not be used for general chat once the RP begins. A separate chat thread will be created.
  • Your character can’t know any other RPer’s character from before the show. But I will allow for your characters to know each other. (Please let me know beforehand though, as it will require my approval, and I don’t want all pairs to necessarily know each other/know each other well.)
  • Sex is allowed in the RP, but explicit details are not, per forum rules. If your characters are doing something explicit, either skip or take it to pm!
  • Unlike in previous seasons of AYTO, if your character finds their Perfect Match in the Truth Booth, they will not leave the house. The pair will receive a private room and must sit together at all following Match Ceremonies, but will still have access to the house and their fellow contestants.
  • Drama. We love drama in this RP, so make it spicy! But only for the characters, Not with each other!
In-RP Rules for Characters
  • No technology/devices with internet access allowed.
  • No outside communication allowed unless otherwise authorized.
  • No movies, books, animals, etc. allowed. (Feel free to ask if something would/wouldn’t be allowed)
  • No leaving the house unless for a date.
  • If there is a Blackout (a match ceremony with no lights) the cash prize will decrease.

Extra Info for those with characters from previous seasons
  • For characters reused from s9, you may have them say they were on the show that season, and it was abruptly canceled after it started and everyone was sent home. (So that does mean they would have previously met other characters from s9) but please still keep most of your character’s info to yourself.
  • In my mind, there is a year in the RP timeline between each of the prior RPed seasons, regardless of time irl. So s9 would’ve been 1 year ago in the rp timeline, s8 would be 2 years ago, etc. So feel free to mention past seasons, and the time passing. This is whether your character knew a character from a past season, (like I have often done with mine) or just watched past seasons.

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Welcome to AYTO Season 11!


Arrival Day: Day 0

Welcome to Anchorage, Alaska, the winter wonderland that will host this season of Are You The One? Where 13 men and 14 women are to meet and get to know each other in hopes of finding their Perfect Match and winning a cash prize.

After a morning of being interviewed for the show, each contestant was transported individually to the resort and whether they travelled a long way, or were fortunate enough to be a local to the area, it’s finally time for each of the contestants to start settling in and meet each other for what should be the first time.

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{ arrival day / alone }

Clicking sounds of heels as they echo their presence on a hard stone floor was Amberleigh’s favorite sound. It reminded her of childhood and her mother, who she had a strange but good relationship with, no matter what they’ve been through. That was the exact sound you could hear as Amberleigh Weaver, a short girl in black stilettos, made her way through the front door, dragging a white suitcase behind her. Before she arrived, she’d gotten a little “makeover”. Not that she needed it. Amberleigh did enjoy that, it was a pleasant and exciting experience but she didn’t think it was necessary. Light makeup and natural waves was her signature look. While she loved experimenting with makeup at times, she preferred looking natural and showing her light freckles but she let the team do whatever they wanted. Amberleigh did want to look good showing up at that villa, after all. More than everything she wanted to see who she’d attract.

What Amber loved the most about this new experience in her life was the fact that everything was happening in her hometown; in a town she recently came back to after many years of living in New York. While the reasons why she came back and left her NY life still remain a secret, she was hoping she could find someone who she could fully trust one day. Someone she could share her life with.

Before walking in, she was greeted by the host. A half smile, almost forced, appeared on her lips when she finally locked eyes with them. Amberleigh straightened up and pushed her hair over her shoulder, simply listening to the person in front of her, not saying a thing. Thanking the host, she walked away, letting them talk to the person who was supposed to come in after her.

Stopping in the middle of the hallway, she looked down at the tight, beige dress she was wearing - her hands instantly moving to adjust it. Was she nervous? Was she happy? Well, it wasn’t that easy to tell. It never really was. You could never really know how Amberleigh was feeling unless she told you. Although she was genuinely impressed with the villa, she had a straight face as she was looking around. She’d seen some beautiful places and this was definitely one of them. As the clicking sounds continued, Amberleigh found the room she’d be sharing with strangers for a while and left her suitcase by the bed that was assigned to her. It was a very nice room but she wasn’t sure how she felt about sharing it with people she’d never met before. In fact, she wasn’t sure about this whole experience and “finding the one”. Her friends thought it was a good idea and she… she also had high hopes but she just wasn’t sure. After all, weren’t there more girls and boys this time? What if she was only wasting her precious time here?

Moving on, she walked around for a bit and when she reached the kitchen she realized she was the first one to arrive. To calm her nerves, not even realizing how much this was stressful so far, she snooped around for a glass and something she could drink while she waited for everyone else. Now do not be fooled - this did not mean she would welcome them with open arms. They are going to be lucky if they get greeted by her first.


the girl lives there, she doesn’t get cold



Copy of Silas

~arrival day~

It was indeed a dare – Chi-Chi’s presence in this unfamiliar town, in a state far from California, all for the sake of joining a reality TV show, was the result of a fan-driven challenge. Yet, honesty compels us to acknowledge that Chi-Chi had already entertained the idea of joining such a show long before her fans selected this particular destination.

Dear readers, it is understandable if you find it perplexing that Chi-Chi is narrating her own story in the third person, as though she were a character in a novel or whyy she had addressed you, the ‘readers’. See, Chi-Chi, of course, is well aware that she is not a fictional character, and her choice of narrative style is deliberate. Allow me to take you back to the beginning.

Chinyere Smalls – that’s her name, the social media influencer you’ve likely encountered while scrolling through your ‘for you’ page, maybe or maybe not… But anyways that was not the point of this, the point was that Chi-Chi was here on a fan driven dare. Typically,Chi-Chi didn’t indulge in fan-driven dares; her blogs covered a variety of topics, steering clear of such requests. However, she longed for a break from the routine, a desire to inject more daring, fun, and direct communication with her followers. Hence, the ‘choose a dare’ Google form became her innovative method of engagement.

Now, you might be wondering what this ‘choose a dare’ Google form entails. Chi-Chi aimed for dares that were fun and not excessively dangerous, ones that aligned with her desires and experiences. As she scrolled through her phone, memories flooded back of her dreams to join the “Are You The One?” reality TV show. The prospect of love in a dramatic setting, meeting new people, and just being on tv in general always appealed to her.

And so,

With a playful grin, Chi-Chi shared this idea with her followers through a video, explaining the ‘choose a dare’ Google form. The options included joining the reality TV show, a trip to Cape Verde, a trip to Belgium, or skydiving. Chi-Chi secretly hoped her fans would choose the reality TV show, envisioning it as her ticket to television stardom and a taste of the acting world.

Her prayers were answered, and she found herself standing in the bustling production studio, a mix of anxiety and excitement coursing through her veins. Chi-Chi took a moment to compose herself, masking any nerves behind her trademark smirk. As she clicked play on her phone, waving hello and goodbye to her fans, the reality of her decision settled in. There was no turning back now.

But what if she made the wrong mistake? What if all of this was going to be her doom? No, no, Chi-Chi should not and would not think of such things, she was better than that, she knew herself better than that but then again that was not entirely true.

Whatever, she would just enjoy her time here. Not to worry too much about the idea of ‘finding the one’ but hoping that she is picked so she could continue on to the show. Ok, that now that is decided what does she do now? Where does she go?

Roaming the hallways sound fun, yeah Chi-Chi would roam the hallways until she is called and see how things are like.




Day 0 | Arrival at the accommodation

Max Anderson breathed in the familiar, crisp mountain air as he made his way toward the recording location. The journey was, for Max, a mere five-minute venture from his current residence - an area he knew intimately, having called it home for the past few years.

Fate had a curious way of intervening in Max’s carefully crafted plans. When the notion of participating in the reality show first surfaced, he dismissed it without a second thought. Mid-skiing season, he was focused on making a mark that could potentially solidify his presence onto the international skiing stage. Something he had desired for the last years, gaining a “pro” label seemed within reach until a catastrophic event altered the course of his trajectory.

In the midst of an intense training session, Max experienced a fall that would completely change his upcoming months. The memory of that fateful fall lingered like a shadow in Max’s mind. The diagnosis - a Grade 2 MCL Sprain - echoed like a death knell for his aspirations. Goodbye, season. Goodbye, pro status. It had been a bitter pill to swallow, shattering his dreams in an instant.

The reality of his situation hit him harder than any slope he’d ever conquered. A season that was meant to be a stepping stone to greatness was replaced by the stark reality of recovery. AYTO, once dismissed as a mere distraction, now emerged as an unexpected opportunity - a unique adventure to fill the void left by the absence of skiing. At the very least, it couldn’t be worse than sitting at home, feeling pity about his injury.

Two weeks had passed since that fateful incident, and while Max could now walk unaided, his crutches had been cast aside, the prospect of resuming training still seemed far away. It would be at least one more week before he could resume, if not more

He entered the house and settled onto the window sill. Not encountering anyone upon his arrival, he assumed the house was empty. So, he decided it was the best thing to sit down and give his leg some rest while he could, until at least more people showed up.



⇢ ˗ˏˋ Approachable ⇢ ˗ˏˋApproachable


“Hello no, I’m not going.” That was what MJ had told Jalin when he suggested that she sould try a reality Tv show to find her ‘true love’ or at least to have fun.

“F*ck no, tell them i’m not going, cancel it,” That was what MJ had told Jalin when she found out he signed her up for the reality TV show ‘Are you the one’ without her consent mind you (really what’s up with that?) and that she had been accepted. She was furious, and rightfully so, you would be incredibly frustrated if you were in Mari’J’s position as well- getting signed up to something you have no interest in and know absolutely nothing about was not how MJ liked to live her life.

Unfortunately she had no sparkle of spontaneous energy, making her inclined to always be ready to jump into the next big thing and be at the spotlight 24/7. Ew, no, that was just not her, Mari J was perfectly comfortable being a tattoo artist living in a small humble apartment with her younger brother, watching romcoms here and there as she cried about how depressing her love life is or during weekends playing hockey with her younger brother Jalin. That was fun for MJ, somewhat. It was her lifestyle and she was used to it and sure sometimes she prayed for a different lifestyle, for something better, for more money but she was definitely not praying to go to a reality Tv show or for this big of a change.

And she had also definitely not prayed for Jalin to go behind her back and buy plane tickets. Yes! You read correctly, her brother not only went behind her back and signed her for a reality Tv show, he also spent her money to buy expensive tickets to Alaska because obliviously what Mari j wanted did not mean anything to him. But anyways, Mari J was not angry anymore, no, no angry? No she was scared sh*tlessly because now it meant she had to go because there was no way she was going to waste that much money. Her brother had already brought plain tickets (with her money!!) and thus Mari J was about to make a fool of herself on reality Tv, as if she doesn’t make a fool of herself enough in real life already.

The plane had landed and with that, Mari’s J anxiety only intensified. She tried to make herself look a little more confident, she wondered ‘how did the other contestants look?’ would she fit right into them? Probably not, well…It’s ok, it was not like she was here to be liked, well technically that is exactly what Are you the one is about, to be liked, so in a was she was indeed here to bee liked.

God, God, God just why did her brother have to be like this and why did Ayto have to take place in fckass Alaska? Why couldn’t it be some cool hot place like California where Mj was from. No, because She had underestimated just how drastically different the weather would be compared to California. The cold seeped through the layers of clothing she hastily threw together, realizing too late that she was ill-prepared for the freezing temperatures.

As Mari J reluctantly stepped off the plane onto the frost-covered ground, she couldn’t help but shiver. The landscape, though undoubtedly stunning, was an alien world to her. The snow-covered mountains and icy expanses were a far cry from the sunny streets of California. She stared in bewilderment at the white scenery, feeling a bit like a misplaced puzzle piece in this wintry paradise.

Before she could fully process her surroundings, a cheery host greeted her. The host’s overly enthusiastic demeanor clashed with Mari J’s apprehensive mood. She forced a smile and exchanged pleasantries, though her eyes flickered nervously toward the imposing villa that would be her home for the unforeseeable future.

The door opened, revealing a meticulously designed living space that seemed straight out of a dream. The camera crew captured her initial reactions, but Mari J’s mind was still caught between disbelief and the biting cold outside. She tried to maintain composure, but she was really feeling like biting her lips right now. She looked around the room as she took each step, forgetting to look directly where she was walking and thus she had bumped into a girl.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Mari J exclaimed, her heart racing as she stumbled into the girl. She quickly regained her balance and offered an apologetic smile. As she tried to help the girl get up.

The girl- she was striking, with a warm skin tone, piercing blue eyes, and full, wide lips. Mari J couldn’t help but notice how her blonde hair cascaded in perfectly styled waves, framing her face like a halo. She looked like she belonged on the cover of a magazine, definitely very opposite to how and who MJ was

“MJ,” Mari J introduced herself, trying to mask her nervousness with a friendly tone as she brought her hand out awkwardly for a shake. “My fault, i’m really sorry about that, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and is just me or is alaska really cold.”

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Mars was sitting in the back of the car, being escorted to the house for the show. It was cold outside, and she felt a memorable shiver that she tried to contain in her little black dress. Through the window, she could see that it was snowing, and there were sheets of white covering each tree. It was really beautiful, actually, and she had never seen anything quite like it back home.

In New Jersey, they have plenty of cold weather, but in the city, you don’t see a lot of the landscape. Here in Alaska, there was barely any inhabitants at all, so there were no skyscrapers, and Mars could already imagine the way the stars would look at night, their light unstolen by the city. In a way, it was beautiful, but it was not the reason why she came to this place. She likes to travel sometimes, but hes not done much of that, and that’s because most of the exploring she does is confined to her own city. In the clubs, and the fast cars, that was where she belonged. Mars tended to fit the general archetype of what you could call a party girl.


It was a weekend away from her university, and Mars’ friend group danced in a crowded room, where the lights on the ceiling were pink and the music was too loud to hear each other. Before this, they had toasted in the bathroom where it was quieter.

She looked to Samia as their shot glasses of pink Whitney’s lined up, then clinked. “A brindis!” She cheered in Spanglish before taking the shot and then swallowing.

flash forward

Arriving upon the scene, it became apparent that Mars had brought snacks for the trip, an open bag of funions in her hand. She walked with the cabin staff hired by the show, and they chatted about whatever before she thanked them profusely for taking her luggage. After that, she scanned the area for anyone willing to talk. The first person she saw was a maybe… korean man? She wanted to say, with a bowl cut looking hairstyle and a good vibe about him. She liked the metal shining on his earrings, and wondered if there were any tattoos under his winter layers. But before she could approach him, she had to think of an excuse. Think, Mars, think. Oh! “Hey, do you know what time it is?” She asked him casually, “Crazy they don’t let us have our phones here.” She also commented, thinking maybe he could relate.



Maya stood on the threshold of a new chapter in her life, a mixture of excitement and nerves running through her veins. The thought of what she was leaving behind cast a small shadow over the excitement.

While packing her bags, she couldn’t help but know she would miss the daily routines she would be leaving behind. The thought that she would be temporarily stepping away tugged at her heartstrings. What if something happened? She reassured herself that everything would be fine. She repeated it many times in her mind while on the long flight.

This experience gave Maya a reason to fall right into the world of winter fashion. Accustomed to the vibrant hues of summer and an array of swimsuits, she now had the thrilling task of finding a wardrobe fit for colder settings. Maya discovered the cozy embrace of sweaters and the allure of trench coats. The soft touch of scarves and the charm of beanies and gloves added layers of texture to her newfound collection. Maya found joy in details, from selecting the perfect winter hat to choosing a pair of knit socks.

From a young age, she found joy in the art of self-expression through clothing, seeing each outfit as a unique reflection of her personality and mood. she blieved that the right outfit had the power to transform not only her appearance but also her inner demeanor.

The moment Maya stepped off the plane, a gust of cold air greeted her, a contrast to the warmth she was accustomed to in Flordia. She wasn’t just dipping her toes into a weekend getaway, she was throwing herself into the full experience of a winter wonderland.

As she was driven to the studio to do some interviews before being taken to what she would call home she noticed the landscape, covered with a blanket of snow. The crunch of her boots on the snow-covered ground as she stepped out of the black car to the cabin, and the sight of frosted trees and snowflakes dancing in the air painted a new scene.

A shiver ran through her, a reminder that the winter chill was a different kind of embrace compared to the gentle warmth of sun. The rigid air against her skin sent a shiver down her spine, making her momentarily yearn for the familiar sun-kissed breezes. Despite the initial discomfort, Maya couldn’t help but appreciate the novelty of the experience.However, intertwined with the cold-induced shiver was the anticipation and nervous excitement. With each step into the cabin, she embraced the shiver, acknowledging it as a testament to her willingness to step outside her comfort zone.



As Tomer stepped into the winter wonderland of Anchorage, Alaska, he couldn’t shake the nervous excitement pulsing through him. The crisp air was a stark contrast to the memories of his past, a new chapter unfolding in these snow-laden landscapes.

Tomer reflected on the last conversation with his sister, the one who had pushed him into this experience in the first place. “Look at me,” she said, her eyes reflecting a mix of concern, pride and excitement, “life’s about taking chances. Embrace the unexpected, find someone who sees the real you. You deserve to be happy Tommy.

In the quiet moments of getting ready, Tomer meticulously chose an outfit that balanced casual charm with a touch of his adventurous spirit. His sister’s words echoed in his mind, urging him to embrace the unexpected. Adjusting the collar of his shirt, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of determination to make the most of this unique opportunity.

Dressed in his finest, Tomer approached the interviews with a sense of determination and discipline that guided his responses. Confidence was his armor during those probing conversations, a shield against the scrutiny of the camera lenses. Yet, beneath that outer assurance, a flicker of excitement and nerves danced in his eyes. The Alaskan landscape mirrored the unfamiliar territory he was stepping into, a metaphorical reflection of the uncharted path of the reality show and the possibilities that awaited him.

As the door swung open and he stepped into the house, the echo of his footsteps against the empty walls magnified the gravity of the situation, and revealing a space that felt surprisingly empty. Tomer, with a mix of anticipation and curiosity, surveyed the space that would soon be filled with the energy of other contestants. The prospect of meeting the other contestants, each harboring their own stories and aspirations, fueled Tom’s curiosity.

After the initial moments of exploration and anticipation, Tomer settled into the cozy yet expansive shared room, his belongings finding their place amidst the spacious accommodations. Tomer then stepped outside, greeted by a winter landscape he was truly not accustomed to. The vastness of the landscape was a stark departure from the hot, arid climate he was accustomed to back home.



{ arrival day / with Tomer }

The beginning of this was unusual… But at the same time very interesting. Never before did Kian get a “makeover”, but he did not mind it. If it meant that would make him look his best then you would not catch him complaining. Not to mention that the team helping him with that was mostly made of women and women… Well, a company of beautiful women was paradise to Kian. However, he needed to remind himself that he was taking this opportunity seriously; he would enter the villa and find the love of his life… He still had to wait for that moment so forgive him for chatting so much while getting a subtle makeover. It was easy for him to get to know someone, by the end of it he could tell you the whole backstory of the girl that was with him most of the time. ”You really think I needed to cut- Sorry, get my hair shaped a bit? And here I was walking around my whole life thinking I looked somewhat decent! Oh nonono… You tell me that now? You suggested this so that only means I did not look decent before coming here… Ahaha don’t worry, we’re all trying to be funny from time to time. Thank you, tho! This was very nice.“ It was even sad when he had to leave but it also made him excited because it was finally time to go to the villa and begin something he’d been looking forward to for a while now.

Kian actually wanted to be on the show.

It wasn’t just something he thought it would be fun to do - he wanted to be there. He was hoping he would find a nice girl that way and have another serious relationship, it was time for that. So after greeting the host and having a short chat, he entered the villa with a smile on his face. He could notice some people in the distance, two to be precise, so he was excited to see he was one of the first ones to arrive. That way he could make sure everyone else who came in after him would get the greeting and welcome they deserved.

Dragging a suitcase behind him, he wanted to find the bedroom first and leave that suitcase. When he finally found it, his gaze went towards the beds, looking for a free bed that he could take. ”I’m taking the best one, I was here first,“ with a cheeky smile on his lips, he pointed between the cameras he thought were placed in that room as if he was speaking to the future audience and his future friends who would watch this when it airs. ”I will switch only if someone promises me a good night out in New York, drinks on them.“ His chuckle echoed in the bedroom as he placed his things down and left, looking to find where the rest of the contestants were.

On his way to what he could assume was the common room where he previously noticed people standing, a door to the yard caught his attention. A guy was standing out there that he didn’t pay much attention to at first, his focus was on the scenery in front of them. He could only guess the other guy felt the same. While keeping his gaze on the snowy mountains Kian simply made a joke, chuckling to himself. “Of course someone beat me to it and already claimed the yard as their teritory, what did I expect?” With that he finally looked at the guy. “Oh, dope tattoos! Wish I could pull that off,” he threw in a little comment, before walking towards him with a bright smile on his lips and reaching his hand out for a handshake. “I’m Kian, by the way… But you can call me Kian if you want to. And you are?”


@CerealKiller cutie


{ arrival day / with Max }

How interesting, Amberleight though as she twirled the glass between her fingers. It seemed like people have already found someone to talk to and not a single person dared to come and say hi to her.

Is this how things are going to be around here? It’s not that she was mad she was just… Disappointed. She knew how those conversations might go but she was still disappointed. Leaving the, now, empty glass on the counter next to the bottle her attention shifted to two guys she could easily see from where she was standing. Ah, enjoying the view? It sure is beautiful, maybe she should start a count of how many times a person will say wow, it’s beautiful. It’s what she often hears when people visit her hometown. Those guys looked, well… They were good looking guys but obviously Amberleigh didn’t know anything about them - perhaps they were secretly creeps, we don’t want to deal with that.

Her next move was to walk down the hallways she came through but she was surprised and was not expecting to see a guy just sitting there. Sir, hello? Who are you and why are you here? “Are you… Are you okay?” Amberleigh asked, confusion written all over her face. “Wow, I did not know working for this show was this easy, you just… Sit around? Why are you not leading people to the gathering room?” More words came out of her mouth than she expected and yes, she did assume he was just someone who worked on the show. Why else would he be here, alone? Here! Out of all places. “Are you hurt, do I need to call someone?” Her voice became more quiet as she started to worry, looking between him and the cameras.

And another thing that crossed Amber’s mind - it’s a pity if I am right, he sure does look nice.

@jass cutie


Elliot, boy, what have you gotten yourself into?

His father’s voice lingered in Elliot’s mind, an echo amplifying the weight of his current situation. Admitting to the truth, Elliot found himself questioning the reason behind his choices that led him to this reality show.

As he replayed his father’s words, a sense of self-awareness crept in – his dad was right. How did he end up in this peculiar scenario? It was so far from the person he had become over the years. A self-reflection journey through his memories revealed a time when such decisions might have been characteristic of him, but that time felt distant. The years have created a new narrative, leaving him grappling with the stark contrast between his current reality and the person he once was.

Elliot realized that the path he found himself on was influenced by the girls he worked with at the bar. They, in a chorus of encouragement, insisted that this was his next journey. One of them, the crystal enthusiast, even gave him a pink crystal, a token of luck or some mystical significance to accompany him on this uncharted expedition of his heart.

With the girls being his constant companions, thanks to working all the time, and orchestrators of this journey, Elliot felt a need to trust them.

Entrusted with a pink crystal and guided by friends who were open-hearted enough to consistently share their own experiences and emotions, Elliot grappled with the thoight that perhaps placing trust in those willing to give their hearts away was a valid compass for this journey.

He remained cautious as he entered the large cabin. The sounds of other footsteps and distant conversations reached his ears, creating an atmosphere of mystery. Each echo added to his cautious nature, prompting Elliot to tread carefully, aware that every step held the potential to unravel more about the journey he had willingly embarked upon.

Clutching a folded napkin in his hand, Elliot had a realization as he hastily shoved it into his pocket. The words that had come to him on the way demanded preservation, and in the absence of proper paper, the napkin from the flight became an unconventional but essential repository for his thoughts, capturing the essence of the journey in its makeshift lines and corners. He let his mind stay on those words.




Dawson stepped through the front door, looking around at the place that would be home for the next few weeks. The place seemed nice as far as he could tell, though the bedroom accommodations were more summer camp than luxury resort, but it would have to suffice for time being. He set his stuff down on one of the beds by the window except for a brand new sketch pad and a pencil. One benefit of being among the first to arrive meant there was some time to be able to draw some quick sketches.

Dawson walked by the kitchen to see a girl looking out the window at the very view he was planning to sketch. Let me rephrase that, it was an absolutely gorgeous girl in front of him staring at a view that was not quite as impressive as she was. Dressed like a winter queen, in blues and white with a fur coat to keep her warm. Her hair, a platinum blonde with hints of blue like ice, and though his typical type was brunettes, he could admire the creative choice, expressing herself as though her body was art, and the hair was just the medium.

She had yet to notice him, but he looked at the way her hair framed her face, and how the lighting was just right with the view behind her. “Wait. Right there, don’t move.” he said as he approached her, pencil in hand, already trying to capture the moment on the paper before it was gone.

@raviola - Desiree


Day 0 | With Amberleigh

Max was lost in the scenic view outside the window when the sound of approaching footsteps pulled him back to the present moment. His gaze lifted, and his eyes fell upon the radiant presence of one of the most captivating girls he had ever encountered.

A bemused smile playing at the corners of his lips as he took in Amberleigh’s flurry of inquiries. It seemed she was mistaking him for a staff member rather than another participant in the show. He leaned back casually, his relaxed demeanor contrasting with her evident confusion. He found it more endearing and amusing than that her misjudgement bothered him.

“Whoa there, sweetheart, slow down,” Max replied, his voice laced with amusement and a soft chuckle. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not part of the staff here. I’m actually one of the lucky contestants on AYTO, just like you.” There was a hint of question in Max words, as if he’s inviting her to confirm whether his statement was correct.

“But hey, you weren’t too far off, I’ve been around these houses before as staff, and this always seemed like the best seating in the houses.” he explained why he was sitting there, not quite fully wanting to show his vulnerability of his injury. His eyes momentarily went back to the view outside rather than the girl. “Worked as a bartender in one, mixed up some mean cocktails, if I do say so myself. So, if you’re ever in need of a little liquid courage or just a good ol’ drink, I’ll whip up something special just for you.” Max’s words were accompanied by a sly grin, his eyes twinkling with mischief as he extended his offer to craft a personalized concoction for Amberleigh.

“Max is the name, by the way, and you are?” He said as he looked at the girl, this first conversation he had with someone of the show, he could already tell this would be an interesting show. While he might not have the excitement of the skiing season, this was sure to become an adventure of a lifetime. Especially if the girls all looked as good as this girl before him did.


Day 0 | Arrival at the house with Amari

This was the first time for Rafaela she was ever in such a cold climate, she was used to both the Miami and Brazil weather, so the Alaskan winter, it was a completely new experience for her. She had never in her life even seen snow before, so she looked her eyes out as she arrived at the house. It really was something special, the cold and snow, she thought to herself as she started shivering. She took a deep breath, before walking to the house. Ready for the warm embrace the house undoubtedly would offer.

As Rafaela approached the AYTO house however, her eyes catch sight of another girl arriving simultaneously. Excitement radiated from Rafaela, and she wasted no time in making the first move. Her heels clicked against the floor as she confidently strided towards the other newcomer, a wide and welcoming grin on her face.

Oi, gorgeous! You arrived at the perfect time,” Rafaela exclaimed, her Brazilian accent added a touch of warmth to her words. She extended a perfectly manicured hand for a friendly handshake, her eyes gleaming with genuine interest. “I’m Rafaela, but you can call me Rafa. I just got here too, and I’m already feeling the good vibes. What’s your name, linda?”

She was animated, and her hands gestured gracefully as if she’s already in the midst of a conversation. Rafaela’s boldness shined through as she made an effort to create an immediate connection, determined to break the ice and infuse the encounter with positive energy.


Rhett started to walk up the villa, could not believe that he made it onto the show. He was just a little guy from a big city, so he did not exactly think he would of been chosen for Are You The One. He was also happy that his work let him take the time off since they only have a certain amount of people, but he was career motivated before and now he is ready to actually find love and hopefully settle down. As he entered the house he looked around mesmerized it was a beautiful place plus the slopes being so close. He decided to go to the room and put stuff down then started to walk around the house and saw a few people in the house and they seemed like they were in conversations, once he saw the gym he saw no one was in there yet and he did need to keep in shape so he decided to go back to his room and quickly change then go to the gym.

Main Outfit

Gym Clothes

Brooklyn got the call that she made it on the show and she started to pack her clothes and when her younger siblings that were living with her came home she told them that she made it on the show and that she was going to leave. The next day she woke up and got on a plane and flew to Alaska and the car picked her up and brought her to the villa.

She started to walk up to the house and she was really excited. She wondered if this will really work and if she will actually meet someone that she can be with forever. If she does she hopes that they can survive her big family. She entered the house and found the girls bedroom and decided to just put her stuff on an empty bed and walk around the house first, and do the unpacking later.





Day 0 | Just arrived | With Elijah

Ava had just arrived at the house, she had walked around, seeing the different rooms when she decided that maybe it was time to mingle instead of separating herself from the group, unlike what the people who were scattered around talking to each other were doing already. She needed to get to know some people in the house. She was here after all on a show about love, where she needed to find her perfect match, and how else could she ever do that than getting to know all the guys, and see who catches her attention?

She noticed a guy standing alone in the kitchen, and she decided that he seemed approachable enough to go talk to him. He definitely wasn’t an unattractive guy, and Ava felt a little something in herself curious to get to know him a bit.

As she approached him, Ava couldn’t help but feel a touch awkward, unsure of how to break the ice. She cleared her throat softly, trying to muster up the courage to start a conversation. “Hey,” she began, her voice slightly tentative, “I’m Ava. It’s… um, nice to meet you.” She inwardly cringed at her own awkwardness, hoping he wouldn’t find her too weird. She felt like she had immediately messed up her first impression with the guy.

Despite her nerves, Ava pressed on hoping to make the best out of it either way, gesturing to the kitchen around them. “The kitchen seems like a good place to start, right? I mean, we’ve gotta eat at some point,” she added with a nervous chuckle, hoping to lighten the mood. “Have you had a chance to check out the rest of the house yet?”

As she waited for his response, Ava silently urged herself to relax and be open to whatever conversation might unfold. After all, she reminded herself, this was just the beginning of her journey on AYTO, and every interaction was an opportunity for connection and growth.


Coming up, he’s gotten used to accepting offers, doing whatever comes by to get his name to float around. Do this remix, take this gig, host this party. He couldn’t say anyone has ever suggested he auditioned for reality television. He was surprised when his friend recommended it to him.

“It fits you, man,” his friend said. “You got the charm for it, that typa TV personality, you know?”

He thought it was stupid. Stupid because he doesn’t need to go on some silly reality show to find “love.” He found himself offended at the thought. He can find love easily if he cared enough. It was ridiculous for his friend even to suggest it. He laughed the idea off and took the offer as just some funny joke to laugh at.

He rejected the idea for a while, though the suggestion was carefully tucked in the back of his mind. Shit happens. Life happens. Money rules the world. Sometimes, gigs get more challenging to come by. Rent gets harder to pay. Connections don’t seem to move the needle. He started to think that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to do the show, realized that he could gain more than he could lose. It was worth the risk.

So, that’s how he found himself here, Anchorage flippin’ Alaska, three thousand miles from home. The flight was shockingly easy. He’s never really been a plane guy, always enjoying finer things, like on-land travel. Maybe that’s just a cover-up for his fear of flying.

As soon as he landed, he could feel the chilling silence. The subtle ambiance and chilly fog that settles over Anchorage. Serene and hushed. Everything that Brooklyn isn’t. It was hard to get used to after nearly ten years of city life. He feels foreign, almost like he’s been ripped from his skin and placed into new flesh.

The ride from the airport to this house is easy, for the most part. He’s picked by a black vehicle, and he can’t help but notice the new car smell as he settles in his seat. It’s a quick ride. He takes in the scenery, the beauty of the snow resting upon the landscape.

The house is beautiful, grand, everything he expected it to be. The different rooms, the wooden hallways, the lodgey feel. He thinks that he’ll settle in fine here, that he’ll adjust nicely. It’ll be fine, he thinks to himself. It’s worth the risk.

He finds himself in the living room, seated on the couch, wondering if he’s really doing this. It’s settling in that he’s going to have cameras pushed in his face for the next few months. He thinks that he probably will end up looking like a douchebag. Scratch that. He definitely will. Is that really what he wants? To look like an asshole on TV? He didn’t care because it was worth the risk.



Arrival Day

Lainey was so excited to go be on the show. She couldn’t believe she was chosen for Are You The One? She was from a small town in Louisiana. Even though she had moved to Nashville Tennessee when she turned 18. It was a long flight to get to Alaska. She finally got there after a 9 hour and 33 minute flight. She waited at the luggage carousel. It felt like it took forever for her big suitcase to come through. She also had her carry on suitcase and her backpack. She grabbed her purple suitcase off the carousel. She went outside to the cab area.

She waited and watched everyone getting in cabs and being picked up by people they knew. She was cold since she wasn’t dressed for this cold weather at the moment. She flagged down a cab. She placed her suitcases in the trunk. She then got in the backseat with her backpack. The cab drive her to the house. She climbed at the cab and got her stuff from the trunk. She slowly walked into the house. She saw a good bit of people were already there. She went to find the ladies bedroom. She put her suitcases down.

She went on a tour of the house. She was amazed by how huge it was. Her house in Tennessee was big but not this big. She went outside. She saw the hot tub and pool out there. She saw the indoor pool. Then she noticed the gym. She smiled huge. She loved working out. She went back to the girls room. She looked through her suitcase. She found a pair of her gym clothes. She got dressed.

After she got dressed in her gym clothes. She went and filled her water bottle up in the kitchen. She then went into the gym. When she walked in she noticed a guy was in there. She smiled in his direction. “Well hello cutie.” She said as she eyed this guy up. He looked like he maybe Asian mixed with Hawaiian. He had this almost shag looking black hair. He looked pretty fit. She then went to the treadmill. She started jogging in the treadmill.

Main outfit

Gym clothes

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Day 0 | Arrival Day with Rafaela

⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ .* ⚘ ⋆⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ . ⚘ ⋆⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ . ⚘ ⋆*

As they approached the destination, Amari noticed more snow starting to gather outside her limousine window. Although she wasn’t very used to it, she was not a stranger to the snow. Though she preferred the scenery from back home a hundred times more, she made sure she had bought everything to prepare for this “vacation”. After giving the outside view one more glance, she went back to her seat and took out a small, tiny mirror from her purse. Amari carefully examined her reflection, making sure her makeup was still flawless despite the long journey. She adjusted a few stray strands of hair and applied a fresh coat of lipstick.

Amari made sure to present herself impeccably before her arrival. First impressions are always important. She thought to herself, and a few moments later, she noticed the driver slow down, indicating their arrival. With a wide smile and a burst of joy, she expressed her gratitude to the driver and gracefully stepped out of the luxurious limousine.

As she gazed upon the grand mansion before her, she was captivated by its breathtaking beauty. Lost in admiration, she failed to notice the approach of the red-headed girl. Amari’s demeanor momentarily shifted, but she swiftly regained her poise as she attentively absorbed the introduction of the captivating young woman before her. It was hard to ignore the girl’s Brazilian accent so as Rafaela spoke, Amari observed her intently, contemplating whether she would be a pleasant companion for the rest of her stay at her house.

Looking at her extended, perfectly manicured hand, Amari chuckled, ignoring her hand before bringing the girl into a big embrace. Without waiting for a reaction from the girl, she let go and grinned. “Well, hello there, lovely. I must say, I truly appreciate the presence of individuals who exude such confidence and radiate a certain charm like yourself.” Amari gently took hold of Rafaela’s arm, intertwining it with her own, and turned her attention back to the house. “Rafaela, I believe you and I will have a delightful time in this house.” As they began to walk inside, Amari paused and cast a glance at Rafaela. “Oh, by the way, my name is Amari, Amari Bellerose.” She said with a subtle wink, “Now shall we step inside and enjoy a drink? I am parched.”

⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ .* ⚘ ⋆⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ . ⚘ ⋆⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ . ⚘ ⋆*

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