Are You The One - Official RP Thread

As Rhett was lifting some of the weights he heard a girl walk in and call him sexy. He looked at her and she had multi color hair and he could see a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder near where her arm starts. “Hey girl hey” he chuckles a little since he never says that but the way he said it was funny to him as well. “I’m Rhett by the way, what’s your pretty lady?” He kept lifting his waits as she got on the treadmill and he was waiting for her to answer.

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Arrival Day

Tate was at work when he got the call saying he was accepted to go on Are You The One tv show. Luckily he was his own boss. So he could take off of work whenever he wanted. He referred his patients to a friend of his for while he was away. He was ready to meet all the new people. He went home after work and packed his bags. He had packed his big duffel bag, and his little carry on suitcase. He also had a backpack with some important things that he would need in case he had a layover. He was actually leaving soon. It was like three days later that he left to make the long journey to Alaska. His flight departed at 6:40AM. He landed in Dallas, Tx at 9:07AM. It was an hour and fourteen minute layover. So he ate some breakfast at the airport in Dallas. He also played games on his phone and read some of a book. His next flight boarded at 10:21Am. He flew from Dallas to Seattle.

He arrived in Seattle at 1:03PM. Where he had an hour and thirty-two minute layover. He ate some lunch while waiting for his final flight to board. He also had a few beers while waiting. Finally the time had came. He boarded the flight at 2:35PM to head to Anchorage. When he landed in Anchorage he went to the luggage claim. He grabbed his duffel bag and walked out the airport. The cold air hit him hard. He is so used of the sunny beaches and hot weather in Florida that it was a little more colder than he expected. He grabbed a taxi and went to the house. He couldn’t believe he had been traveling for thirteen hours and thirty-four minutes just to get here. even though it was almost three hours in delays. He was feeling good from his drinks though.

He arrived at the house. He got out the taxi and got his things out. He walked into the house. He looked around amazed at how big it is. He walked upstairs and went to the guys room. He placed his stuff down and walked around. He went into the gameroom. He saw a girl there with Pink hair. He smiled at her. “Well Hello there? How are you? I’m Tate. Wanna play some air hockey and get to know each other?” He said with a smile and a wink. He waited her response with anticipation.

@Littlefeets Katie

Lainey was smiling as she worked out. She giggled as she heard him say “Hey girl hey” He then said “I’m Rhett by the way, what’s your pretty lady?” She didn’t stop going as she said “I’m Lainey. Nice to meet you.” She had thought about possibly getting off the treadmill to have a proper convo. However she figured they could both workout and talk. Then maybe help each other or something.

@Kate Rhett


Day 0 | Arrival at the house | With Amari

Rafaela’s eyes widen in surprise as Amari chuckles and bypasses her extended hand for a warm embrace. Despite the initial unexpectedness of the gesture, Rafaela couldn’t help but be drawn in by Amari’s confident and charismatic demeanor.

She would have pulled Amari in for a hug herself. In Brazilian culture, it was very common to have this level of physical contact, even with acquaintances. It was therefore at the core of Rafaela, in her nature. However, over the years Rafaela had been in the states, she had learned to be a bit more subdued, especially with people she didn’t know yet. However, Amari being so big on these physical gestures right away, it made Rafaela feel comfortable, it made her feel at home.

Returning Amari’s grin with one of her own, Rafaela found herself captivated by the other girl’s charm. As Amari intertwines their arms and leads them towards the house and introduced herself with a subtle wink, Rafaela’s curiosity is piqued.

“Well, Amari, it’s a pleasure to meet someone as charming as yourself,” Rafaela replied with a hint of admiration in her voice. She appreciated Amari’s directness and the genuine warmth in her approach.

Feeling a sense of friendship already forming between them, Rafaela nodded eagerly. “I couldn’t agree more. Let’s make the most of our time here, it will be so much fun!” she said, matching Amari’s enthusiasm.

As they step inside, Rafaela’s wouldn’t agree more with Amari’s desire for a drink. “A drink sounds perfect,” Rafaela agreed, her excitement bubbling over as she looked forward to getting to know Amari better.

“So, Amari, dire me, what are you most excited about about being here?” As Rafaela posed her question to Amari, her eyes sparkle with genuine curiosity, and a playful smile graced her lips.


Elijah entered the house, unsure of what to expect. He had never really watched the show before, just few minutes here and there if Sasha was watching it. A dating show, Elijah never imagined that for himself, but one thing led to another and he not only applied, but made it onto the show. Maybe this would work as a way to find love, to find someone he could build a life with, and even if he wouldn’t be fortunate enough to be in love at the end of this, he could still return home with the prize money at the end instead of going home empty handed.

After dropping off some of his things in the bedroom, Elijah made his way into one of the most important rooms, the kitchen. The kitchen was nice, and would definitely be nice for cooking while he was there. He considered taking the time to go ahead make something to eat, or to continue checking out the house when he noticed someone walking towards him. He turned towards the girl as she began to speak.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Ava.” he said with a smile, holding out his hand to shake hers. “I can agree with that. I thought it would be a good idea to see what I’ve got to work with in here, but no, I haven’t had the opportunity to explore the rest of the house yet. Have you?”

@Jass - Ava



Are you the one. This is it. Katie was finally there. It was hard to believe after watching the show for years. Not only was there the challenge of trying to find all the matches, which they better cause Katie would not stand for them losing, but also a chance to find herself. Perhaps her perfect match really was there, waiting to meet her, or perhaps when the end of the show comes around, she’ll walk away alone, knowing what she really wants. For Katie, that was the true goal. Alone or with someone, she needed to finally be sure what and who she truly wanted.

After the welcome interviews of the morning, and being dropped off at the house, Katie knew she had to explore. Once she claimed an upper bunk, and checked out the upper floors, she went down to the basement. First amazed by the pool, which she knew Cora would love if she was there, she made her way into the game room, which doubled as a bar of course.

She had only been in there a few minutes when a man approached her. He was tall, clearly with a lot of tattoos, even just from what she could see with his hands and head. Which she liked tattoos but there comes a point where it’s just too much and no longer attractive. And a nose ring? Not making things any better. But what does she really know? Maybe she’s wrong and she shouldn’t rush to form an opinion. She should explore her options, be open to more, and that should hopefully give her more clarity.

She listened to the guy, who introduced himself as Tate, and his possible attempt at a pickup line, suggest air hockey. At the suggestion, she couldn’t hide a smirk. “The name’s Katie, and only if you’re ready to lose at air hockey.” One thing was for certain, Tate had no idea what he was getting into by suggesting something competitive at first meeting.

@ChayChay05 - Tate


Day 0 | Just arrived | With Elijah

Ava felt a sense of relief wash over her as the guy reciprocated her greeting with a warm smile, his friendly demeanor putting her at ease. She returned his smile, feeling a flicker of reassurance in the fact he did not seem to judge her too harshly for her prior awkwardness. “Likewise,” she replied, her voice somewhat steadier now, yet still friendly, as she accepted his outstretched hand in a shake. The simple gesture felt grounding. However, in that moment she realised the guy hadn’t said what his name was. “It’s been great chatting with you so far. By the way,” she continued casually, a gentle smile playing at the corners of her lips, “I realized I don’t think I caught your name yet, did I?”

As the guy spoke Ava listened closely, taking in his words. What I’ve got to work with in here, it was quite an interesting way of phrasing it. It made her wonder, it seemed he was a guy who enjoyed being in the kitchen. “Ah, so you’re a bit of a chef?” she asked, her tone genuine as she was trying to figure out what he had meant exactly with that. When he said he hadn’t explored the house she nodded in understanding, and answered the question he had returned, “I’ve been trying to get a feel for the place myself. It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it?” she spoke softly with a soft chuckle, her nerves beginning to fade in the comfort of their conversation.



Day 0 | With Rafaela and Elliot

⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ .* ⚘ ⋆⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ . ⚘ ⋆⋆⸜ ⚘ ⸝⋆ . ⚘ ⋆*

"So, Amari, dire me, what are you most excited about being here?”

Amari drifted off to think about Rafaela’s question. There were many reasons why Amari was excited about being there: the new connections, the captivating gentlemen but overall, just having a reason to not be out there in the real world. Smiling at Rafaela, she decided on her final response, “I must say I am mostly excited to meet all the wonderful gentlemen here. I doubt I will find my prince charming but I believe the journey will sure be thrilling.”

Upon entering the cabin, Amari carefully observed each person in front of her, eager to understand the circumstances she was about to put herself in. She had to know who the mean girls or the pick-me’s were. As well as which men were the players or the mysterious souls. Amari was determined to be prepared, as she detested being caught off guard.

Nearly every gentleman appeared immersed in conversation with someone already, making it impolite to interrupt. She didn’t particularly mind, but she desired a calm arrival at the house, so she chose to look for other men with whom she and Rafaela could enjoy the rest of the day.

Finally catching sight of a stunning man from the corner of her eye, Amari couldn’t help but smile. “Come with me, my dear.” She addressed Rafaela before approaching the man she had just spotted, turning back to make sure Rafaela followed behind.

“Hello, darling. What is a handsome man like yourself standing here all alone? I am Amari and my stunning friend here is Rafaela.” As Amari introduced herself, she extended her hand gracefully towards the man, presenting it slightly turned with her palm facing downward, offering her hand for a kiss.

“I was wondering if you would be so kind as to help us look for the bar and help us make some drinks.” As Amari spoke to the stranger, she couldn’t help but feel her gaze drawn to his eyes, shifting from his right to his left and then lingering on his lips. “You seem like the type to have some expertise in that area,” she grinned, instantly returning her focus to his eyes

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Day 0 | Arrival at the house | With Amari & Elliot

Rafaela’s eyes sparkle with intrigue as she listens to Amari’s response, her lips curving into a playful smile. She appreciates Amari’s honesty and can’t help but feel a sense of camaraderie with her newfound companion.

“Ah, the thrill of meeting new people,” Rafaela mused, her voice carrying a hint of excitement. “I’m right there with you, Amari. Who knows what adventures await us in this house?” She said as she thought a bit about all the guys in the house. She chuckled a bit as she said, “Ooh, I bet there’ll be some super attractive people here!” Rafaela said with a playful grin, her eyes glinting mischievously. “The eye candy alone will make this journey interesting, don’t you think?”

When Amari spotted a guy and invited Rafaela to join her, the smile on Amari’s face spoke enough. Rafeala could tell he was someone Amari was attracted to. Rafaela had a look over at the guy, he surely wasn’t unattractive, but she wasn’t sure if he was exactly her type, nevertheless, she was always down to socialise and get to know everyone. With a grin and small wink, Rafaela nodded in agreement, “Lead the way, Amari! Let’s make this introduction unforgettable.”

She then first observed how Amari introduced herself. When her name was mentioned, Rafaela gave the guy an enthusiastic smile while slightly tilting her head, “Ay, the one and only!” she exclaimed. Amari was so bold, yet so proper in how she interacted with the guy. She couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle as Amari extended her hand to the guy for a kiss. Everything about seeing this interaction just made Rafaela feel like while she really appreciated certain qualities in Amari, her boldness, her charm, they were also quite different in their approach.

When Amari mentioned the idea of hitting the bar and mixing drinks, Rafaela’s enthusiasm surged. “Oh, absolutely!” she exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with excitement. With a playful yet confident demeanor, Rafaela leaned in a bit, adding, “Amari’s onto something here. So, about that bar… We’re on a mission to find the best drinks in the house. Think you’re up for the challenge?” Her gaze met the guy’s with a blend of curiosity and anticipation, showing her readiness and excitement to head on this adventure with Amari and their new acquaintance.


Rhett kept working out and lifting weights but he was almost done then he figured he will get on the treadmill next to her. “Well a beautiful name for a beautiful girl” After a minute or two he was done lifting weights and goes over to another Treadmill. “So where ya from Lainey? It sounds like somewhere down south maybe I hear a hint of a southern accent?”

As he was running on the treadmill he noticed how Lainey seemed to be fit and in shape . Maybe he could get a gym partner and hopefully he will find more as well. He knows he will need to make some friends with some of the guys.

@ChayChay05 - Lainey


Tate smirked as she talked. He knew he was hot even with all his tattoos. He knew tattoos wasn’t for everyone but that didn’t bother him. “Want a drink first before we start?” He asked as he gestured to the bar near them. “Who says I’m gonna lose? I’m pretty good at air hockey actually.” He chuckled as he stood and leaned on the table. He slowly ran his hand through his hair. He was filled with anticipation as he waited for her response.

@Littlefeets Katie

Lainey was slowly jogging on the treadmill. She then noticed that Rhett came to the treadmill beside her. She smiled at him. When he complimented her name she smiled a little. “Well thank you.” She giggled. He then asked the question about where she is from. He said she had a southern accent. She knew this was true. “I came here from Nashville Tennessee. Where are you from?” She asked in return. She knew she didn’t have the Tennessee accent. However she wasn’t getting more into it unless someone asked her about it.

@Kate Rhett


Rhett turned his head and smiled at her when she was told him she was from Nashville Tennessee. He knew Illinois and Tennessee where very close to each other but he was in Chicago near the top of Illinois so from Chicago to Tennessee it was a little distance. “Nashville huh? It is a very beautiful place there and our states aren’t too far. I’m from Chicago, Illinois” Once he was finished with what he was saying he started to turn on the treadmill to a fast speed and started to run. He figured while he was on the show he should see why people are here like if they are here for actually trying to find love or here on a dare or something like that. He knew he was here for love and hopefully to introduce someone to his sister one day but not for awhile.

“So Lainey why are you on this show? Are you here to hopefully find love?” He was not really sure how to say the other part without sounding like a complete jerk so he figured he would just end the question like that. Rhett still could not believe that he was here and was loving it so far, plus the views were like no other and never got this type of view from his apartment in the city.

@ChayChay05 - Lainey


Outside || With Kian

Tomer couldn’t help but crack a smile at Kian’s lighthearted comment about the claimed yard. First of all, claiming a good spot is key, second of all, the view. The view man.

As Kian’s gaze shifted from the mountains to Tomer’s tattoos, a light sense of warmth filled the air. “Thanks, man.” Tomer replied with a nod, his tattoos hitting a conversation start. He was quite used to people commenting on his tattoos considering he had a whole bunch of them, but compliments never hurt. One up for a good head start am I right?

As Kian extended his hand for a handshake, Tomer reciprocated with a firm grip. "I’m Tomer, but Tom works just fine. How’s it going, Kian?” He asked, shifting his gaze back to the mountains “The view though…” he added low-key, appreciating the view in front of him

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Lainey sped her treadmill up as they continued to talk. She was really enjoying herself so far. It would be nice to have a workout buddy. She listened to what Rhett said. She smiled as he talked about how their states weren’t that far. “Oh, Chicago. That sounds wonderful. I’ve never been there before.” She giggled to herself. “Before a few years ago, I hadn’t been anywhere but Louisiana and Tennessee. Now I travel a lot.” She said as she thought about her job. She loved it so much.

He then asked her “So Lainey why are you on this show? Are you here to hopefully find love?” She let the question sink in for a minute. She then slowly replied “Well honestly… I’m here to find love and hopefully finally be good at a relationship. And hey if I don’t find love it’s still an experience of a lifetime.” She said with a smile as she ran un the treadmill. She then thought of a question so she decided to ask. “What do you do for a job?” She knew she needed to get to know people in order to find someone. She had watched the show for years. She knew they had to dig deep to really get to know one another.



They both kept running and talking and he was starting to sweat a little bit. He listened to her as he ran and he was looking outside at the mountains as well. Lainey told him that she never been to Chicago before and that she didn’t do much traveling outside Louisiana and Tennessee but now she travels a lot which peaked his interest in what she does. She then answered his question about why she was on the show and she asked him a question. “Oh Chicago is really nice I like it but it can be a bit windy, maybe if you come to Chicago sometime I can show you around. As for the being on the show hoping to find love but if not it was an experience I honestly feel the dame way. I would love to find someone but if not I will figure it out and it was a great experience.”

He paused for a moment and took a breath before he answered her question about what he does for a job. He could tell she was trying to get to know him but not go too personal with the questions which was perfectly fine. “oh I am a Firefighter. What about you? You said that you travel a lot now. Also What’s something about yourself or your life that might surprise others to learn?”

@ChayChay05 - Lainey



@kristi ChiChi

Last night, Avrey had arrived to Anchorage. It was a very long flight from London. Just a few hours before that, it felt like, he had been watching the sun rise on the isle horizon, hearing the roar of the plane engine revving on. But now, he had arrived, claimed his baggage clad in sweatpants and his headphones, and slept at the hotel provided by the show.

In the morning, he had woken up ready for his first interviews, looking calm on the outside, but on the inside he was a bit nervous. He shaved his stubble in the mirror, too, looking down at his stomach as he went on. Avery had a tendency to body-check himself, as he was admittedly quite insecure.

Then, our man ended up going to the interviews, and answering a few semi-scripted questions about how excited he was and all!! Was he excited? No!! He was actually very scared of talking to girls but whateverrrrr he was gonna be fine right? Yes? Say yes. yes? okay.

You’re probably wondering what a guy who LOOKS like Avrey, and is on a dating show, is doing acting like that. Especially considering that he’s a personal trainer too, like, what’s up with him being scared of girls? And scratching the back of his neck before answering any interview question?

The answer was very simple, Avrey obviously joined Are You The One because he wanted to gain a little bit of confidence, and get hyped for his new look. Yes, new look. After being the ugly fat kid his whole life, he had finally gotten the inspiration necessary to become as attractive as he always hoped to be. But the washboard abs are new, don’t worry, they havent gotten to his head yet.

That’s also a part of why he’s so awkward. Right now, you could easily picture him entering the grand space where everyone awaited, awkwardly applying chapstick because he worried the cold was making him look bad. The first person saw him, and he gave them a nervous, but friendly expression, then put the chapstick away in his pocket, trying to get it together and lowk for a person to approach.

He saw lots of beautiful girls all around. NO! not guys! because people loveeeee to think he’s gay like what if he just embraces his feminine side? Anyway, there were many different and gorgeous women on the show considering how crappy the production had been in previous seasons… And he liked the opportunity to examine the ladies based on their style. In a summer dating show, everyone would most likely be in swimsuits with only their body types to speak for them, but here, Avrey could just look at someone and have a gauge for their personality.

One person who stood out to him in particular was a particular girl with a very cohesive look, like she was not too basic, but still rational. Like she had a personality, but not a complex that she was obnoxiously unique. Like she had an ego, but she would use it to tease him, which he adored secretly.

Usually, Avrey did not like making the first move, because he usually preferred women who were the type to make the first move. But, one thing he did like to do was offer help. Not to get anything in return, but out of the goodness of his heart. So he approached this very gorgeous woman and acknowledged that she looked a bit lost. “Are you looking for the confessions booth?” He asked, assuming she may still have to film some tapes. “I just came from there, so if you want I can walk you to where it is.” He smiled softly, and very subtly.



“Hello, darling. What is a handsome man like yourself standing here all alone? I am Amari, and my stunning friend here is Rafaela,” a confident voice rang out, catching Elliot off guard. He was a bit taken aback, not by the confidence itself, but by the unexpected nature of the encounter. Both women, Amari and Rafaela, stood tall, with the one extending her hand to him appearing a few inches taller than the other. The aura of self-assurance left Elliot momentarily surprised but intrigued.

His eyes instinctively glanced at her outstretched hand. The thought crossed his mind – was she expecting him to kiss it? However, Elliot wasn’t one to engage in the traditional hand-kissing gesture, citing both germ concerns and a sense that it felt a bit old-fashioned for his taste.

Opting for a more contemporary approach, Elliot gently gripped her fingers and gave her hand a subtle shake, hoping to smoothly navigate the interaction as a casual and customary greeting, like youd do when meeting someone new. His intention was to downplay the formality, steering clear of any potential awkwardness associated with the more traditional gesture.

“Ay, the one and only!” chimed in the other woman, prompting Elliot to shift his attention to her. Slowly releasing Amari’s hand. Confident in her own right, the second woman displayed a distinct brand of self-assuredness, revealing differences in their personalities.

“You seem like the type to have some expertise in that area,” Elliot remarked with a small chuckle, acknowledging the woman’s confidence. “Well, either you’re a great guesser or you somehow got one of the producers to give you some tips, but you came to the right place. I actually am sort of a bartender.” With a casual demeanor, he confirmed her assumption, allowing a hint of amusement to color his words as he told them a bit about his background. sort of. Well, that was true. He did the bartending part-time. Well he worked at the bar full-time it, but he wasn’t always the bartender.

“Well, give me some insight into your drinks of choice?” Elliot was asked, a playful curiosity lighting up the conversation. Elliot contemplated the array of patrons at his bar. The guys, gravitating towards the trend of IPA beers; the girls on spring break opting for the vibrant kick of vodka Red Bull, a choice he secretly enjoyed; couples on trips staying true to their wine and classic old fashioneds; and, of course, the bachelorette parties, where shots ruled the night. Each group brought its own flavor to the bar, and Elliot found satisfaction in crafting the perfect concoction for each unique taste.

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Copy of Silas

~arrival day~


Dear readers (or mind readers if those exist, though hopefully mind readers were just fictional for her sake)

Allow Chi-Chi to share that her experience thus far has been nothing short of delightful(except for the fact that they could not have their phones with them, a little detail Chi chi had forgotten) Of course, she understands that her initial impressions may evolve over time, but for now, she can confidently say it’s been wonderful. Right from the moment she stepped foot into the cabin, things started to unfold in an unexpectedly positive manner.

Without even a moment to catch her breath, a staff member whisked her away to her room, where she could settle in before diving into the whirlwind of activities. Given her slightly delayed arrival compared to the others, Chichi found herself preparing for her makeover later than the others, after stowing her suitcase away.

The makeover embraced a soft glam style, a signature for Chi-Chi that regular viewers or those familiar with her videos—seriously, if you haven’t checked them out, give it a shot, she guarantees you’ll enjoy them (because come on no one can have enough of this face- ok ok, Chi Chi will get straight to the point but like she didn’t lie right?)—would readily recognize. Chi-Chi’s makeup style leans towards the subtlety of soft glam, a delightful balance between bold and natural. It’s her playful way of experimenting with makeup, but still at the same time looks natural and not conceal her futures much. Chi-Chi always loved playing around with makeup but she always made sure the makeup worked best with all of her features because you can’t fix what’s not broken.

“I look amazing, thank you.” Chi-Chi said turning to talk to the staff, it was always a good thing to pander to the staff, to get them to like you because if there’s one thing Chi-chi knows is that being liked by everyone and building a reputation as the ‘nice down-to earth girl’ will do one favors. During the interviews, she had made sure to smile all the time, and say everything that the script had told her to say, with a little improvisions of course, give it her own feel, her own touch that the staff seemed to like as they did not say much of it. “But of course not as amazing as you, are you sure you’re a staff member?” Chi-Chi questioned the makeup artist as the staff laughed, “No really because you’re definitely giving contestants” Chi-Chi added to the compliment, noting how the staff seemed to be smiling hard at the compliment. Well, now that Chi-Chi already had the makeup artist slight gratitude, she wondered if she could ask her a question regarding the other contestants, but she thought against it, after all where was the fun without surprises? Besides, it would look a little too fake wouldn’t you say, for her to drown the makeup artist in compliments then turn around and ask questions regarding the other contestants. So instead Chinyere just smiled and waved goodbye at the stylists as she ventured back lively atmosphere of the villa, Chi-Chi couldn’t help but wonder about the upcoming interactions with the other contestants. Most of all Chi-Chi wondered who she was paired with, who was her ‘perfect’ match and did he actually fit her? Considering that a lot of people always considered Chi-chi to be a little too much but in the best way possible she would have you know. Still she hoped her match was nice to look at

She could already imagine her match; tall,nice hair, who was fun to be around. All that Chi-Chi had to do was done and thus she had time to interact with the rest of the participants but everyone already seemed to be talking with someone and Chi-Chi was alone. She pouted, but then shrug- there was always more time to socialize or she could always join a two way conversation and make it a three-way. Well yes, that could work, Chi-Chi was never really an awkward person, especially because she tended to know what to say.

But whose convo should she join? Her eyes scanned the room, as she tried to think of whose conversation to join when a man began to approach her. So hahah! She had not been the only person without a person currently. As the man came closer, Chi-Chi took the chance to truly get a look at him. He was handsome, she could not really tell how he looked under those baggy clothes but she could tell he was extremely muscular, more so than the men she usually preferred but still he was handsome.

“Are you looking for the confession booth?”

He asked, his voice quite gentle. Chi-Chi’s lips curved into a small smile as she said, “No, but I do wish to confess you have quite a handsome face.” Her eyes glistened with a foxy smile, “And I was almost about to approach you,” Chi-Chi blinked at her words, “I mean, I am glad you approached me and talking about what I was looking for… I was actually looking to get drinks so how about we go together Mr.Helper.” Without waiting for an answer, she began to walk, hoping that he would follow.




{ arrival day / with Max }

How embarrassing? No, let’s be real - how embarrassing?
Out of everything Amberleigh could’ve said she picked the wrong thing. But could anyone really blame her? The guy was just sitting there almost with no purpose. The moment she heard his words she looked away from him, hiding that hint of embarrassment she was hoping she was hiding well. If there was one thing, one goal Amber had it was to hide what she was feeling all the time and not let anything affect her. Would we say she was doing a good job? It might be a little early to tell.

A chuckle escaped her mouth, almost a sarcastic one as her interest drifted to anything else but him. She was just trying to help at first, and now that he obviously doesn’t need her help she could just move on. “Lucky,” she murmured, repeating his words. If this is how her upcoming days are going to look like maybe she made a mistake by coming here. “And I highly doubt that this is the best seating in the house,” Amber finally looked back at him, a confused look on her face. Has he not seen the rest of the villa? If he claims he was staff on such shows before maybe she should trust his judgment but… HAS he not seen the rest of the villa? While we are at that thought she tried to remember his words and keep notes on everyone; what they are like and what they do in hopes to find the right person.

Fortunately Amberleigh did not need to try hard and keep cool when someone was flirting with her or trying to show off, you see… Over the years she learned how not to react and how not to show any feelings simply to protect herself. Sweet words would not work on this girl, that someone special would just have to try harder but when did a girl ever turn down a drink? “Oh…” She started, almost a whisper as her eyes slightly closed; as she looked through her eyelashes, a sign she was thinking. “I suppose I could use another drink. My advice, maybe don’t offer it to everyone. They will all eventually start going to you when they want to drink and that can get quite… Draining? Don’t you think?” Something that resembled a smile for a short moment crossed her face.

“I’m Amberleigh,” was all she offered back. “And maybe I could use that drink now. Not necessarily because I want it but because someone else might get the wrong impression… Like I did.” With that she referred to the way she met the first person in this villa. “And since you worked on something like this before I am sure I don’t need to show you the way, you can figure it out? Huh?”



{ arrival day / with Tomer }

If there is a competition in who could make more friends fastest Kian would be in the lead, or that’s what he likes to believe. Reaching out to old friends, making new, talking to someone first was never and will never be a problem for this guy. You don’t know what to say? Well, you bet this guy does not know how to stop talking, his brain always working. “Pleasure meeting you,” he was thought to have a good, firm handshake and he could not deliver anything less than that. When you work as an assistant professor you need to act and present yourself in a certain way and no matter where Kian finds himself at he can’t go against that habit.

“The view though…” Almost in the exact voice he repeated Tom’s words, his gaze drifting off. This truly was a contrast to New York and huge buildings where you don’t even know what the sky means. He didn’t… Okay, not true, of course. But no, that’s not where he grew up and his childhood was not as great as one might think. “Can you imagine- No, you don’t have to imagine it, we will see it tomorrow but how good would it look like in the morning when the sun rises from-” He stopped, taking a moment to hectically look around for some sign on where does the sun set and where does it rise. “RIGHT there,” he pointed in the direction he knew was right. You don’t go through school for nothing. “I have to admit I’d take this any day over something tropical. Kind of an unpopular opinion really but…” A huge smile spread across Kian’s lips as he looked back at Tom, jokingly raising his hands in defense. “Don’t come at me for it, okay?”

“And what brings you here, if I can ask?” The smile he had on was still there but this time curiosity was visible in his eyes. “It surely isn’t the view.”


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Day 0 | Arrival at the House | With Mari


“Azure, I’m not–”

“Yes, you are. It was your idea to sign up for it.” Azure interrupted her protest, pushing her toward her bedroom where Lyra was already packing her clothes into a suitcase. Phoebe continued to protest, insisting that she had been drunk when she filled out the application to appear on a reality dating show and that Azure was a bad friend for encouraging her sad loneliness and allowing her to actually submit it. She reminded her that she had Lyra to take care of as well as her work. To which she was promptly reminded, much to her annoyance, that she had just finished her last contract. Having run out of excuses, she reluctantly accepted her fate.

What Phoebe was thoroughly unprepared for was the show being filmed in Alaska. She had only ever lived in California and Beijing, neither of which were remotely close temperature-wise to Alaska in the winter. Once again, she cursed out her drunk self for making this decision and Azure for enabling her. She had tried to convince her to let her back out one last time on the way to the airport but of course, Azure’s stubborn ass would not budge and eventually they had reached the point in which Phoebe had to separate from her family. Phoebe hugged Lyra tightly.

“Make sure Azure doesn’t do anything stupid.” She instructed her little sister, causing everyone to laugh. “Also, I expect both Void and Slinky to be alive when I get back.” She added, making another lighthearted comment, this time referencing the sisters’ pets, because she knew that if she was serious, she would start crying and very likely not get on the plane.

“Well, I can assure you I’ll take care of Void and Slinky. I make no promises about Azure though.” Lyra quipped, prompting Phoebe to lightly chuckle as Azure rolled her eyes. She said her final goodbyes to both her sister and her best friend before walking away. She grew more and more anxious as she went through the airport. On the plane, an environment she usually found relaxing, she could not stop adjusting her clothing, nervous about both being away from her sister for a long period of time and what the other contestants on the show would be like.

After she got off the plane, she immediately hated how cold it was but there was nothing she could do about it now. She met up with the people who her picking her up and was taken to a hotel. There, she was given a makeover and a quick interview. The makeover was strange as Phoebe was used to being the one doing the makeup, not the one in the chair. She was given one last chance to call Lyra, which she tried to do with excitement and enthusiasm instead of the dread and nerves which were consuming her being. When that time was up, she was taken to the cabin the show was being filmed at.

The house was everything she had dreamed and more. Her amazement at seeing it was enough to dissipate her nerves from the time being and she walked in with a smile on her face. She was greeted by the host, who she cheerfully greeted in return before starting to explore the rest of the house. After a few minutes, she found herself colliding with someone else and being knocked onto the floor.

The girl who had bumped into her apologized almost instantly and offered to help Phoebe off of the floor. Phoebe accepted and as she was getting up, took the chance to examine who it was who had bumped into her. She was very beautiful, with bronze skin and long, dark curls. When they stood up, she noticed the height difference between them, with the other girl standing much taller than Phoebe.

“Phoebe” She responded when the girl introduced herself as MJ, shaking her outstretched hand. She couldn’t help but lightly chuckle when MJ commented on the temperature. “Don’t even worry about it. We can pretend that never happened. And yes, Alaska really cold. I’m from LA so this is like polar opposite for me. I’m not sure I like it.” She added, with another small giggle.

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