Are You The One? - General Chat

Based on the MTV reality series of the same name, a group of 27 contestants are brought together to compete for not just a one million dollar prize, but a prize worth much more, love. Each contestant is paired with another, one who has been calculated to be their Perfect Match. None of them will have any idea who their match is and to win the cash prize, they must discover all of their Perfect Matches.

Each rp “week” will consist of 2 days in the rp. (Each rp day will be 2 irl weeks, but can be subject to change based on demand/activity as the rp progresses)

The first day each week will begin with a couple/pair of couples being chosen for a date. (This will be either through random selection, vote, or a challenge) Then while the date occurs, the remaining characters will have the remainder of the day free to mingle and get to know each other, as well as getting to vote a couple from the date into the Truth Booth. This is where everyone gets to receive confirmation if the chosen couple is a Perfect Match.

The second day each week will begin as a free day, but may include an event (such as a party, or a different, optional, activity that could potentially help gain more information) then having the Match Ceremony.

During the Match Ceremony, either the males or the females (it will alternate each week) will choose who they think could be their Perfect Match. Once all of the couples are paired up, the lights present at the ceremony will light up for the amount of pairs sitting together that are Perfect Matches.

Rules for RPers
  • Write at least 4-5 sentences per post please!
  • Please be active, at least 1 full conversation (or more) per character, each RP day.
  • If you can’t be active for some time, or need to drop out, please let me know!
  • If someone leaves the RP, their characters will go up for adoption.
  • Do not share details about your character outside of the RP. Everything anyone (aside from myself) knows about your character, should be from the faceclaims, or expressed in the RP before it is discussed orp.
  • Make sure to stay in character! This is most important. Keep in character to what you wrote in your signup, as that impacts the matches.
  • This signup thread will not be used for general chat once the RP begins. A separate chat thread will be created.
  • Your character can’t know any other RPer’s character from before the show. But I will allow for your characters to know each other. (Please let me know beforehand though, as it will require my approval, and I don’t want all pairs to necessarily know each other/know each other well.)
  • Sex is allowed in the RP, but explicit details are not, per forum rules. If your characters are doing something explicit, either skip or take it to pm!
  • Unlike in previous seasons of AYTO, if your character finds their Perfect Match in the Truth Booth, they will not leave the house. The pair will receive a private room and must sit together at all following Match Ceremonies, but will still have access to the house and their fellow contestants.
  • Drama. We love drama in this RP, so make it spicy! But only for the characters, Not with each other!
In-RP Rules for Characters
  • No technology/devices with internet access allowed.
  • No outside communication allowed unless otherwise authorized.
  • No movies, books, animals, etc. allowed. (Feel free to ask if something would/wouldn’t be allowed)
  • No leaving the house unless for a date.

Extra Info for those with characters from previous seasons
  • You can reuse your characters submitted from s9 and s10. I have the character info from s9 (as well as s7 and s8) but not from s10 though.
  • For characters reused from s9, you may have them say they were on the show that season, and it was abruptly canceled after it started and everyone was sent home. (So that does mean they would have previously met other characters from s9) but please still keep most of your character’s info to yourself.
  • In my mind, there is a year in the RP timeline between each of the prior RPed seasons, regardless of time irl. So s9 would’ve been 1 year ago in the rp timeline, s8 would be 2 years ago, etc. So feel free to mention past seasons, and the time passing. This is whether your character knew a character from a past season, (like I have often done with mine) or just watched past seasons.

Faceclaims: Link
House Tour: Link
General Slides: Link
Official RP: Link
Announcements: Link


hellll yeahhhh gen chat !! let’s chat it up !! :white_heart:

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Alright y’all, just tagging everybody so I can make sure you all see the chat thread.

And please as a reminder, keep any chatting to this thread, not the other thread. The other thread will just be announcements/important stuff/important questions.

@sunflowerjm @raviola @Madilnel @DandelionKate @Caticorn @Jass @solitaire @Kristi @astxrism @CerealKiller @ChayChay05 @Kate

Also, start getting those first posts ready, and decide you your first interactions are going to be, because its almost time to start the RP!


Who wants my ppl
Mars Avery and Desiree are waiting

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This is for anybody, cause I can’t really pick who to have mine talk to so I don’t risk giving anything away, but Dawson, Katie, and Elijah are all available for anyone!

It can be a chat with one of the guys or one of the girls for any of them!

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You know, I will never understand why I typically post my RPs to start just before I plan on going to sleep :joy:

I always do that though :joy:

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Hahaha cause you just want to start it and are excited lol

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I also got Rhett and Brooklyn if anyone wants to approach them. Just like Brooke I can’t pick as well so I don’t risk or give anything away either

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If anyone wants Phoebe or Tobias, let me know

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If anyone wants Ava, Rafaela or Max, let me know too!

I probably won’t be able to post today, tonight is my test and tomorrow my bf is visiting and staying for a week so I won’t have much time
Anyway feel free to approach mine and I’ll get to writing eventually


Or who doesn’t mind waiting for a while I could probably do intro today
what I’d like to mention is that maybe I’d first go with guyxguy, girlxgirl
But Amber would just be there kinda of cautious while Kian doesn’t care, give me the first guy he sees and convo can start


I don’t mind taking Kian if you want

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Also I’m loving the house it’s so pretty



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don’t judge me if I use my old intro posts okay it will save me time that I don’t have rn





Gah I was so excited for this to finally start I needed it fr


On that note my post is almost fully written I just don’t have a banner yet