Autism awareness month

Hey, so it’s April, and it’s autism awareness month. Today is also World Autism Awareness Day. This month (as someone with ASD) I’d like to bring awareness to autism, and if I can, educate others as well. You can ask questions, have discussions, and share stories relating to autism.


So so so happy you made this thread!!!
I am going to school to be a special education teacher for elementary aged kids so I am super passionate about this!!


Really? That’s amazing!

Seriously, thank you. That made me smile.


I’m a sophomore in college so I still have 2.5 more years but I am so very excited! I student taught this year in a second grade classroom and there were 3 students with different disabilities and I loved them with all my heart!!! I miss them lol


I wouldn’t support Autism Speaks. And I don’t because they… demonize autism. They don’t really speak for autistic people and act like it’s a terrible thing. Which it isn’t.
(this is more opinion-based but still has info)

And many, many more examples of how they let autistic people down.



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autism speaks is the PETA of autism. what they do to autism, is what homophobies did to gay people. trying to cure with. when it dosent need a cure

they threat autism like a disease. wanna cure us. they tried to cure it with electroshoc therapy. well not them itself but they supported it. many of there ideas and way to help are child abusive. they spread fear, honestly of the bad things people know about autism is because of them and a lot of it is not even true. you should not support them. they are abselout garbage. a hate group. htye are not helping.

this is a real commercial they made. do you wanna support this


I don’t get it.


okay your are a woman I asume

this is a bit old from 2010
4% help actual of the chairty went to help actual autistic people

44% went to research for a cure ( maybe they can cure gay people too) you can not remove autism its how we are devolpet

lets say instead autism. it was womans right orgnisation. they tried to help with the cure

there is no womans in the orgnasation talking on behalf of woman in the orgnisation.

they see woman as a disiease. saying they want to help by removeing feminity and make them more masculin

or just abort them before they are born

ignoring the fact most is fine with been woman.

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Well I have seen for my own eyes what that 4% actually does then I’m schools and it’s a hell of a lot

Why does that matter??

I’ve never seen it as a disease. Don’t assume. Also they aren’t trying to cure anything. That’s not the thing they are looking for. All they are looking for is the right types of treatments to get people the services they need. Especially for those who can’t pay for it on their own!

that is extually what they are doing. you dont know anything about autism speaks. they send kids to shocktheropy back in 2007. There is a reason we call Autism Speaks “Autism $peaks”

I really recomand watching the videos I posted

if you wanna support autism groups support something like ASAN its run by actual autistic people.

Okay. I have first hand experience working with directors of autism speaks and teachers I schools who also do too but go off.

I know what I’m doing. I have a lot of experience on both sides of the disability so yeah. I’m actually very educated also so. Thanks. I’m not in the mood to argue.

they may do a bit good stuff
Al Capone set up soup kithens. and hilter let the first anti smoking campaign.

doing a few good things dosent change all the bad things they have done.

Lol you are taking things way to far comparing it to hitler? Really??

Keep going!!! Go off!!! Want me to send you all my notes from schooling and my interviews with many doctors, teachers, counselors, and first hand experience with kids who are affected? Then sure I can!!

it was not comparing it was an example. of some really bad people. doing good stuff.

but get back to me when you have seen the videos

especially the commercial. by autism speaks seen that alone is enough to nope out.

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Okay. Thanks!!

I’m going to update this thread, it may not be April anymore but Autism awareness is something to remain aware of, in my town they light the tower up blue. Infact whenever it’s an awareness day they will change the colour of the tower to suit it and there are usually meet ups and stuff, it’s quite nice. I don’t go to the meet ups but a friend of mine say’s they’re rad.


I am always aware of autism :eyes:


Me too! (wink)