Beach road flooding

While I’m at the beach here in North Carolina, I know that most road are flooding like really badly. And even though it hasn’t thunderstorms really bad but just be careful if it you get wet… some of the story required you to wear a mask and stay in a line.

Lucky I did get a cute sweatshirt for winter.



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Yes, it rain here where I’m at for the last five days, mostly the road are flooded to the lighthouse and some of garage where you put your car as a 5 inch of water.

Oh no!

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But it not too bad right now, sunny weather. It is crowded at the beach but for me, I took a break due to get really bad sunburn.

Oof, sunburn

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Yep, my is third degree burn. But I do have a water shirt to wear and it from banana boat.

Now heading home now yeah.

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Have a safe trip back home :house_with_garden:


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