Best Advice you could give Gamers!

Each gamer usually follows rules of their own when playing games. These rules can differ between gamers, games, and forums that gamers are on. Most important thing to do is make sure you abide by the guidelines given. Here are 10 tips for Gamers:

  1. Check the controls of a game first!
  • This rule is so important because it could mess with your gameplay if you just enter blindly. Luckily, most video games come with a tutorial that you play or skip. I recommend playing the tutorial all the way through since just because it’s another shooter game doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be the same as every other shooter game out there.
  1. Look up walkthroughs of the game if you are stuck!
  • It’s not cowardly to look up walkthroughs that’s what they are there for. So, if you get stuck on the same dungeon/mission then look it up. There is no point to get frustrated about a game if you do not even try to look up walkthroughs.
  1. Stay calm when playing games!
  • This is a thing you really have to keep in mind since not staying calm leads to gamer’s rage. Gamers Rage is stupid childish reaction to have. I’m meaning the extreme gamers rage as seen in youtube videos. Staying calm actually helps you get through the game better because you will have a clear understanding of what to do plus you will be more observative of what is going on in the game. Gamer’s rage will blind you to whatever mistake you are actually having which can ruin gameplays for you if you are not careful.
  1. Multiplayer games can be played Solo or Group Gameplay.
  • If you want to play an MMORPG or even an MMO but you would rather do the game solo then it is possible. Yes, the game will be harder since you are your own but it will give you the feeling of accomplishment when you do finish the game on your own. Also, if you do not play well with others then play solo, what is the point of getting in a group if you don’t do well with a group gameplay. Be smart about what you are going to do. If you prefer playing with groups then by all means do so but note you are in a team who count on each other to get through the game. Play well with your team and you will succeed.
  1. If you run into a glitch look up the necessary fixes.
  • This is something that all gamers deal with when it comes to playing video games. The cd might get scratched so you have to clean the disk. There is a minor graphics problem look up to see if you need to update your drivers or download a fix that has been found by the gaming company. Don’t give up on finding a fix if there is one out there.
  1. Don’t screw with other players when playing MMOs!
  • This is something I would notice a lot in online games I would play. Such as, Wizard101 which has a group wizard dueling setup. Though there is an option to flee if something is wrong which is causing you not to be able to play. This is totally understandable but what is not acceptable is when a player joins your group then leaves the fight leaving you to duel with the extra opponents added to the duel for no reason. It’s a known issue I have dealt with many times. I hate it when it does happen each time. Also, don’t just sit there in a fight if you accidentally got pulled into it. It just causes a bigger headache for those who are in the duel. The same goes for WoW, Alliance players will stay in a certain place just to take out horde players. This is also why I do not play that game anymore plus it was expensive and I like playing Star Wars: The Old Republic better anyway.
  1. Find your own style of Gameplay when playing a game.
  • You can look at guides, videos, or even walkthrough books to figure out what type of gameplay you like the most. You can even take advice from other players you play with but do not forget that it’s your gameplaying style that you will use. This is a crucial step when it comes to playing video games. Once you get a hang of the game with the gameplay you like then you breeze through that game pretty quickly.
  1. Always make sure you know the map button.
  • There are certain games that do not have their maps at the corner of the screen. You will have to access the map by hitting a button. Some games that do not have the map at the bottom right-hand/left-hand corner might have a pointer icon that points you in the right direction. There are also many games that do not have a pointer on the screen but only on the map itself which is why it’s best to know the key for that part of the game. Most times, the map key on a computer will most likely be the “m” key but some map buttons can be another key or button altogether. You don’t want to get lost in a game especially an MMORPG.
  1. Always keep an eye on skills, gear, and weapons that your characters need to level up.
  • Most games will have this on the character tab in your game. Leveling up your skills is crucial as gamers because it will affect your gameplay in the end. There will always be better gear and weapons to get in a game but make sure they are the right items for your character. Leveling up skill levels can you fight in games plus make you more money on the side if you craft items in the game. Always check the little stuff because it can help you out in the end.
  1. Achievements can be ignored or played. The choice is yours to make.
  • Sometimes games will have achievements that can help you in the game which I recommend playing these achievements because you can get rewards from them plus lore in the game that you might never have found if you didn’t go looking for them. Now, there are some achievements that are useless in the game which you can choose to ignore them. Most times if you do get all of the achievements then you might get a big surprise at the end of the chapter or even the game because you completed them all. The choice is up to you if you want to search for them in the game.



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Don’t give up even though the game is too hard, you will eventually get to your destination :joy:

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Bumping this up!

@Gamers share thy wisdom

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Play the game regardless of what rating it’s under. I meaning like if you play games that younger games then play them. Don’t let people judge you based on what you play to get under your skin. It’s your life so play what you want to play.

Just keep practicing even when its tough! The more you practice when playing a difficult game, the easier it will become, and don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t played a certain game in a while and your skills are rusty. Go back to practicing more, and you’ll get back into a groove with it. Its all a matter of getting into that zone where it all simply flows right even when you struggle.

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That’s great advice!

There’s some really rad advice here!

Especially the one about Walkthroughs! Quite a few of the games I play are older so in game there isn’t really much pointing in the right direction and it’s easy to miss things that will bite you in the butt later :joy: it can also mean you’re just wondering around for a while. So it’s easier to use a guide.

Now for some of my advice:

  1. Don’t be ashamed to change difficulty levels if you’re struggling

  2. If a game’s combat centres around grinding then make sure you don’t fall behind on that or things can get difficult

  3. If you’re frustrated, put it down and go back later, you probably won’t do well if you aren’t in the right headspace

  4. Don’t be an elitist and be rude to newer players, you were new once too, remember that

@Gamers do you guys have any advice too?

Play conditioning is a real thing! It’s something that I learnt through Hbomberguy, who was introduced to me by @ChaoticDeluge

If you’re struggling with one game, try another, similar game. It could teach you a few tips and tricks for that game that will help you!

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I really like this advice because it is so true! Most of the time when I’m stuck on a game I go to a different game to help me get past the other game. For instance, I recently downloaded the original Star Wars Battlefront games. I was struggling to get past the second battle instances in the first game. I switched to the second game which then helped me figure out what I was doing wrong.

If you are having a hard time playing one of your core games then I would suggest playing the game on mute for a little bit during the gameplay parts. Then turn the volume back on when it comes to conversations. Sometimes not hearing the same music over and over again helps with getting back into a game. I would suggest doing this by making a new character in the same class as your main character. This way you won’t miss too much of the actual game.

If you are stuck in a dungeon in an online game then I would suggest taking a break from that dungeon then start another dungeon to help you out. Usually coming back to a dungeon after playing another one helps you rethink the choices you need to make in the first dungeon.

These are the two biggest tips that come to mind right now!

Do you have any advice for gamers?



I switch between Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga :eyes::sparkles:

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Yeah, very true.

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I recently started playing FF14 and I’m not in a position to advise people :joy: but I can say one thing

Don’t start a fight if someone is in a cutscene, it’s bad etiquette, you can wait :eyes: (I haven’t done this, I’ve just had it done to me and I was told that it’s not a good thing to do) so just something to keep in mind :sunglasses:

My advice to gamers is to practice make perfect.

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It does not matter what difficulty you play a game, gaming isn’t meant to be taken seriously.

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