Best and worst birthday parties you have had or have been to

The best birthday party I’ve had was probably my own 19th since it was fun to have a big VC with all my friends and come onto the forums to see everybody had changed their pfp to mine

The worst birthday party I went to was a swimming party, I can’t swim so I just hung out with myself in the shallow end.

What about you guys?


That was one rad party


Mine was probably my 18th because we went to a bar and it was a rad night when I actually had friends that don’t live in different continents :star_struck:

Worst would probably be my 10th one because I threw up in the middle of the party :grinning:


Lol the last time I celebrated my birthday was back in 2013 when people cared so I’ll go with that I guess

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Omg the WORST was a kickball party for this boy in my third grade class
I didn’t know how to play kickball :sob:
I just wanted to support him

I ended up crying on the sidelines

that’s so weird tbh
I feel like I’ve known u longer

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The best birthday party I’ve been to was probably my 13th cause we went to Hawaii :star_struck:

The worst was my friends 10th birthday party. Gosh it was so sad. The clown was making a fool out of himself, and after awhile someone through cake at him and he started crying, which was hilarious but sad. The food tasted bad, like two days old or something. The cake made me vomit, and the “bouncy castle” deflated almost immediately. And out of our whole class (about 35 people) that he invited, only 4 showed up. Me, him (yes, he invited himself, as a ‘joke’), this weird random girl and some boy whos name idk. That party was so sad when I got home I cried from second hand embarrassment

The best, I really don’t know. Maybe a couple years ago for my friend’s birthday her party was at a trampoline park. So that was pretty fun.

The worst, in second grade one of my classmates had his party at a roller rink. It was fun at first, there were some arcade games, but when I tried to roller skate, I fell and broke my arm.

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well obviously i wasn’t just not gonna make sure people were clones of you for your birthday :star_struck:

Best birthday party would probably just be one of the ones where I was hanging out with my friends :pleading_face: We used to go ice skating and then hang out and play video games and eat pizza but we can’t do that because of the stupid lockdown :sob:

And the worst birthday parties I’ve ever had/been to are probably just the ones where I end up making a fool out of myself by being awkward, I can’t really think of any particularly bad ones

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The worst one for me was probably the one my boss from five years ago invited me to. I don’t even know why I went, to be honest.
It started at 9:00 pm, or later, and I hate parties that start super late because you know that it’s going to be an all-nighter.
It was all the way on the other side of town. I got lost and hit my car against some speedbump I didn’t see.
The music sucked, there was no food, and all everyone cared about was alcohol.
I wasn’t friends with anyone at the party, either.
Needless to say, I left early.

The best?
I’ll have to come back to this question, as I’ve been to some pretty nice ones but can’t recall one i particular that was better than all of them. :yellow_heart:

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Best birthday party

Is when my whole family surprised me for my 7th birthday.

Worst birthday party

I went to my friends star wars themed party.
Only 6 kids showed up.
They said they had cats, but the whole house smelled like pee. We all sat on these chairs around a tv where we watched star wars for about 30 mins.
They handed out goody bags, but someone called my mom so we had to leave.

Best birthday party was when I was 8 years old and I invited an ex-friend and her family to come over my house. It was pretty fun and chill.

Worst b-day party
When I was 7, I was invited to another ex-friend’s bday party and um I cried when I went there because i didn’t want my parents to leave me, um…I really despised that I embarrassed myself by crying and just ruining the vibe in the bday party…this doesn’t happen to me anymore. I actually prefer going alone than be with my parents since I’ve changed a lot now lol.

I think the best birthday party I’ve ever had was my 18th Birthday Party. The food was nice, my friends and family were there, there was a live band, disco lights, rad music, alcohol, and of course - a lot of GIFTS.

As for the worst one, I’m not so sure because I’ve been to a lot of terrible parties before (for me, at least).

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The worst birthday party I went to was my kindergarten best friend’s. The party was held at a trampoline park and was super fun until I threw up after eating too much pizza

The worst one was this year tbh :star_struck:
Half my friends forgot about it and I couldn’t really celebrate with my family either, so it was even below my usual expectations :exploding_head:

Hmmm @BirthdaysAreAwesome do you think you can answer this?

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The best for me was my 18th birthday “party”
Me and a few friends (including the guy I had a crush on) went to the zoo, got my favourite meal there and then went back to my place, ate cake. Two friends stayed overnight and we watched movies and made breakfast together in the morning.

My worst birthday party came the next year, I went to a museum in a different city with three friends who lived there, ended up alone until we went to get food and I just don’t like that city because there are so many people.

@Discussions What were your best and worst birthday parties?