Best and Worst Group Project Experiences

Pretty much everyone has had a few experiences in which they had to be partnered with another student to complete an assignment. Yes, the famed :sparkles: group projects :sparkles:
So apparently people have good group project experiences? Idk wouldn’t know :sneezing_face: but share those and your worst ones 'cause I want to hear it :star_struck:

As I’ve said, I have no (memory of) good group project experiences because I’m always taken advantage of (:pensive::v:t5: it’s a hard knock life) no matter who I’m with lmaoooooooo :')

Anyway bad I’ve had many :grinning:
The one that really sticks out in my mind is when I was partnered with this dude (um Blondie) and this other girl (Curly sure), and the project was that we had to do this puppet show in a box for drama. The puppets had to be hand-made and the box had to be painted and stuff. In ours, the show was space-themed, so the box had to be painted galaxy themed ya know. So we all took parts of the project home to do over the Christmas break 'cause we were so fudgin behind because ALL BLONDIE AND CURLY WOULD DO WAS FRIGGIN ARGUE WITH EACH OTHER SO DAMN ANNOYING literally they would yell over me to yell at each other :roll_eyes: get a grip and be cooperative lord Jesus
ANYWAY so when we came back from the Christmas break, Curly came back with the box she was supposed to have painted AND SHE DID LITERALLY NOTHING OMG she comes and hands it to me and is like “oh yeah sorry chidimma didn’t do it mwah” LIKENIOEWFNCWAEKCNA
AND OF COURSE BLONDIE is just like “Well tough but told you she wasn’t gonna do it” and thanks dude but how is that helpful to me :neutral_face: I ask him to take it home and finish please and he says no so there I am last-minute painting it with last-minute bought paint trying not to cry from the stress of it all and my mother taking pity on me and sending my sister to assist (that woman has seen me in tears for so many school things lmaooo)
so that was fun :grinning:

@Students @Discussions share :sneezing_face:


I don’t really care for group projects. As an introvert I say what I need to while calculating everything I gotta in my head. Lol but people are hyper and talk excessively sometimes which I see as a waste of breath.

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So there was this girl at my school. She’s nice actually, she might have had something going on, who knows. But we were assigned to do this project together. We had to do slides. I knew that we had to have a lot of slides to reach a certain time limit. Cuz I’m not good at talking/improvising. Anyway… So I do like 80% of the slides and she does two… Now, I was kinda in the wrong for not pushing her to do more but I’m not confrontational lol. I think there were around 30 something slides and she did two. She read her slides but we switched out reading between slides so it wouldn’t look like I did all the work lmao (which was my idea XD- I didn’t want her to get in trouble).
I should have actually brought up the problem with her instead of silently suffering to myself… But I think I did tell her to add more slides at one part.
So ig what I’m saying is- kinda both our faults and poor communication that caused this. But I’m still not confrontational so it’ll probably happen again oof.

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i hate working in group projects, unless it’s with my close knit of friends who I must know work hard because I am quite a perfectionist when it comes to work.
It was chem class and my group project was the people who I sit with at my table. Not everyone at my table was a hard worker, so I took the wheel and did most of the work bc they barely did anything. However, there was this one person and he did absolutely nothing. I was so angry I didn’t want to share the powerpoint slide with him. I spoke to him about his lack of effifiency and then he “tried” to do the work, but all he did was further mess up the slides. He continued to do little to nothing, so I removed his access and kicked him out of the group. I told him he is no longer in the group because he doesnt do any work so he spoke to the teacher and the teacher tried to get me to accept him back and i firmly said no and told my reasons why. He got angry and told me: “go f*ck yourself with a chainsaw.” i gave him a smile and he walked away


That’s rough.
It’s hard to work with a large group like that cuz sometimes you don’t end up balancing it well or one person is passionate about the project and the rest aren’t or they argue and stuff…

But like also idk how I’d do with someone who takes a ton of initiative cuz I’m kind of like that- I like to lead even tho I’m introverted lol.


he also yelled at me in front of everyone and caused a whole scene because i kicked him out, but not even that changed anything. it was ridiculous


haha, same. we prob wouldn’t wanan be in a group together. but i like working independently, I really dislike group projects


I think I can handle a group like that if everyone is open about what their thoughts are and like what their intentions are and how much they want to do. How I like to do that is splitting up the work so they get one section, you get the other. Then look at eachother’s stuff and correct it together. But like, if someone’s not communicating it’s gonna turn out bad. Cuz if there’s a problem I’m too shy to try to bring it up with them unless they’re open about it…


yeah, i don’t mind working in a group like that. it’s okay for me, but if i had to choose, i’d choose independent work because sometimes i don’t like having the idea of someone else not doing the project how i hoped it would be in my head. i usually always preplan projects before i know who my group is or get my hands on the project


Wonderful…I hate group projects. Also another reason why I hate multiplayer games. I do remember this one project I hated. It was in college when I was going to live classes. We had to do this project where we talked about the book The Color of Purple. I don’t do well in live classes because it’s hard for me to concentrate. Well we had to go to the front of the class to go over our presentation. Grant it, I forgot most of what I read because I out of focus trying to go to work and school. It doesn’t help that public speaking is no way a forte of mine. So, when I would try to answer a question the others would cut in before I could making it seem like I was participating in the presentation. I really hated it because they kept cutting in then we got a C because it counted against me not able to get a word in. I was done at that point. Even if I didn’t remember much I did want to try my best to answer. This is another reason I’m not a social person. Heck, I can’t even remember what the presentation was going over in the book now. I blocked that class I think.


I have to do a group project with a friend and a stranger. My friend and I have no issues with doing those projects together but the other girl just doesn’t do anything :woman_facepalming: At the beginning, she said she’s so excited for this and already knows how parts of the project need to be done because she already did something similar. Then she didn’t answer any of your messages for a month and now she always tells us that she’ll help out at the end of the project but she’s too busy right now and I just don’t believe her :woman_facepalming:

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