Best and worst multiplayer games

I’m curious what you all think :eyes:

I have no idea about the worst, but I think that Minecraft is one of the best multiplayer games because there are so many ways to play it. Among Us has also been a super fun multiplayer game cause it really encourages people to work together and talk to each other.



All are good in their own way. :slight_smile:


I’m going to come back to this later today.

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Best minecraft. Because so many different servers to play.
Worst - Literally any battle royale game.


Best is among us because it’s the only one I didn’t get frustrated with after a few days :eyes::sparkles:

Worst is any game where you can’t actually interact with other players :eyes::eyes::green_heart:


Yessss :star_struck:


Roblox is the best and the worst, lol.
Like, the games are pretty cool but the people… ugh.
So toxic.


misses phantom forces


I have my favorite is call of duty on mobile because you get to unlock weapon and wallpaper for your weapons. Has well add a charm. Plus there different map. Also they have a battle against blue team vs red team.

Here are some of the map that are on right now. In case you didn’t know.

The worse game is warpath because when you get on another player attack your base. When I was playing it I got attacked twice in one week.

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Okay best

Final Fantasy 14: It’s an MMORPG and the community are mostly extremely lovely, they don’t give spoilers and they’re patient with new players in general. There are only a few exceptions to this and they get chewed out pretty fast.


World of Warcraft: It’s infamous for that gamerbro stereotype, the community are literally well known for being awful and the creators of the game do not care about them.

@WolfGamerGirl37 I saw you said you’d come back to this later so I thought I’d tag you :wink:


Thanks for reminding me!

Hmm, I would have to say these are the ones that are the best and worst MMORPGs I have played. I can’t just choose one so I’m going to list two of each.


  • Star Wars: The Old Republic - I seriously love this MMORPG for all the lore and wonderful content they have made. They brought life to one of the biggest MMORPG that surrounds Star Wars. They also brought the old lore of The Old Republic to the surface. The community can be great or toxic depending on how you play. I usually play solo when it comes to most games. For being a 10-year-old MMORPG their graphics are amazing! This month marks their 10 year anniversary which they will be releasing the delayed expansion to celebrate it in February.

  • Wizard101 & Pirate101 - It’s a fun game with a great storyline. It does cater to families and kids due to the fact you can connect accounts together if you are playing together. The characters are cheesy but it’s in a good way since there are younger players. You can create your character’s deck and color scheme throughout the game. Same goes for Pirate101as storyline and characters. They are great games which are finally getting the attention they need by their new creators.


  • League of Legends - Oof there is so much toxic behavior in this community that it’s a shame. The game is actually really good but the community taints it so much. They will basically tear apart newbies if they are not playing right. They will not help you at all either. I played for a little bit but got annoyed with the other players.

  • Technically @anon68003072 picked my other worst game which is WoW. Great game an everything but they screwed up their own quest chains by removing quests. Then there is the community who is even worse than League of Legends. I liked the Horde side of the game but there was the one incident that ended the game for me. I was trying to get to a certain location but an alliance player kept killing my character it was basically the only way to get where I needed to go without having to trek in a giant circle to get there. This on top of the whole quest chain debacle just killed all my love for the game. If they make it free to play I might return but as of now the answer is a no.

  • Basically any game that uses third person point of view is a bad game for me. I can’t stand that type of gameplay since it makes it hard to feel immersed into the storyline. Also, I hate grind games because they use the third person point of view as well.

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The only multiplayer game I play is Genshin Impact. I’d say this is both the best and the worst. The best, because you can get help from other people if you need it. The worst, because this fandom is EXTREMELY toxic, but luckily, there still are nice players. Hopefully I’m one of those nice players. I think I am. @gamers, what about you guys?