Best bands from your country

I adore most bands that we have, I mostly listen to them and not solo singers. Their music is always better and it’s fun to go to concerts… I always have fun and I miss that so much now :pleading_face:

Van Gogh and Buč Kesidi are my favourite bands!
I’ve seen Van Gogh live three times and I was supposed to see Buč Kesidi this summer but covid :sob:

@Music, best bands from your country? :eyes:


They’re not too popular but I actually like them quite a lot

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Here’s some New Zealand bands

Flight of the Conchords

Fast Crew

Crowded House


Split Enz

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Ah damn I didn’t know

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You a fan? Yeah, they’re a kiwi band, though class themselves as a kiwi/aussie band.

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Mostly 80s great French bands:

Indochine (+ English lyrics):

Telephone (couldn’t find an audio with the English lyrics but I highly recommend looking them up :)):

Partenaire particulier:

Bigflo et Oli (+ English lyrics):

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Wouldn’t say I’m a fan but they have some rad things

Good to know though!

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Asking Alexandria and BMTH are the only bands from England that I listen to and they’re pretty rad but I’m not a huge British metal fan, don’t get me wrong there are some rad bands out there from the UK it’s just that I don’t listen to them.

Marianas Trench is a Canadian pop band that I really like! Here are some of their songs!

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Love me some Fat Freddy’s Drop

What about you, @Ouijaloveletters?

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Hmmm…we have some pretty good ones.

Such as?

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Hollywood Undead is good. Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Train…

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—oooh wait, they’re just the country… I thought you were meaning your specific state. HAHA. Whoops.

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Oh, I thought you just meant America.

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Yeah, well, that’s the question. I just misread the answer. HAHAHA

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All good.

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So what about your state then?

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I’ll take a look.

Chris Daughtry, Clay Aikens, Eric Church…there are a lot.