Best street foods (In your country)

In various countries around the world street foods have become popular and people tend to buy them regularly once they see these street food vendors selling them, especially in my country since a street food called Doubles are sold here a lot, at a cheap price and people tend to buy it frequently.

What are some of the best street foods in your country?
Do you like it? if not,why?


specifically “Arepa de queso”

pic + mini description

these are some really yummy corn flour “cakes”, filled with cheese on the inside

they can be found in a lot of places! a lot of people sell them at small food carts around the streets and you can see them cook your arepas when you get one
there was a cart next to my uni and man i had breakfast there at least once a week, since aside from the arepa they also accompanied it with eggs or chorizo if you wanted to (for like 1 dollar or something)
it was so good, remembering that is making my mouth water


Potato snacks are popular street food across North India

Aloo tikki

And pani puri of course all time favorite street food :yum:


They taste really good


those look so good i’m


My favourite Canadian street food is poutine. It tastes really good



Ikr do you also like spicy food ?

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i love it


I’m not sure if you mean market street food or everyday food you get on the street so I included both from my childhood

Many of these foods are either found in town (I recall getting some after school with my mother) or commonly found at our open-air night markets aka Bazaar Labrin.

Moutai | Rice Snack

This is a personal favourite of mine. Moutai is a fried snack and although the outside is crispy and looks like flour, this a sweet snack made of rice. When you bite into it there is a soft and sweet white rice filling. I wish I could show a picture of the inside to illustrate but I don’t have any pictures of it as I am not in my home country. You can find this in local bakeries scattered across town.

Salad Mang | Mango Salad

Is it really a creole market if you don’t see someone selling mango salad? It’s a simple yet classic dish. Rather than being very sweet it’s a little bit of salt and savoury because we do not use overly ripe mangoes for this. There are different ways to make this, some having onion in it and such but it’s a light snack to enjoy eating while walking about.

This image is from a local fb page my parents are part of and not mine.

Feyte | Sweet Bread


This another personal favourite of mine which you can find in nearly every bakery. I used to buy them with my mother and I’d start eating them instantly. I believe it is made slightly different by each baker as I have seen different variations of it. This picture is from an fb group my parents are in (this image is not ours) and the ones I used to eat had a brighter pink filling/colouring. I would say it’s sweeter than it appears and is usually eaten without any added filling or some butter.

This image is from a local fb page my parents are part of and not mine.

Friyapin Chips | Fried Breadfruit

This fried dish can be prepared by every household but you can also find it in our night market (Bazaar Labrin) sometimes. (The one in the image was fried by my sister). You just cut breadfruit, fry it and add some salt! A simple yet delicious treat.

Moulouk Tresse | Crispy Spiced Snack

Another classic creole snack and a personal favourite of mine. It’s crispy, crunchy and light with a dominant cumin flavour. You can find it nearly in every corner in town or you can make it at home. The name comes from Murukku, the Tamil word for “twisted”, but our moulouk is twisted differently from the murukku. I think in India theirs twist to form concentric circles but ours twist to form of a short piece of ‘two-strand rope’. There are many varieties but it is usually made with flour and spice.

Gato Piment | Chili cakes

I used to dislike this when I couldn’t handle spice but as I grew up this slowly became one of my personal favourites. They are deep-fried and often served at food stalls but can easily be made at home. The ingredients vary but most are often made of grounded yellow dal split peas and curry leaves.

Gato Coco | Coconut Cake

This is coconut cake but rather than being soft like a sponge cake it is harder (not biscuit hard) but still more firm rather than spongy. This one’s pretty self-explanatory and quite delicious. It can be found in town but is often made at home.

This image is from a local fb page my parents are part of and not mine.

Gato Bannann | Banana Fritter

This is one of my favourite banana-based dishes which is made by frying a banana batter (made up of ripe banana, flour and milk). It’s crispy on the outside but softer on the inside.

Chips Mayok | Cassava Chips

This is often sold in town or in most convenience stores but you can also make it at home. This is thin fried slices of cassava with salt. We usually get them in simple plastic bags when we buy them.

Chips Bannan | Banana Chips

This savoury street snack can also be made at home. It’s fried banana but there is a certain type of banana that is used to make this (although I forgot). Some shops sell the drier/crispy version in shops but when the slices are thicker they are not as crispy and are often just referred to as bannan fri which means fried banana.

Nougat Koko | Coconut Nougat

This is a coconut confection made with freshly coarsely-grated coconut, flavoured with vanilla and nutmeg. It is sweet, often colourful and slightly different to other forms of nougat. I don’t enjoy many sweets or nougat but this is my favourite variation. I recall eating this after school often with my friends.

Trout | Custard Bread

This is another type of bread I used to buy after school with my mother. You’ll find it in bakeries just as you would feyte. It is less sweet than the latter and has custard in the middle so you usually eat it plain or with butter. My family prefers it as an afternoon snack, usually with tea or we go into town to buy some after school.

This image is from a local fb page my parents are part of and not mine.

  • Jalebis
  • Pani puri
  • Chole Bhature
  • Kachodi Subzi
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Masala Dosa
  • Matar Kulcha
  • Samosa
  • Hakka Noodles
  • Chow mein
  • Idli Sambhar
  • Pitthi Kachodi
  • Choley Kulche
  • Maggi



those all look and sound so good bro

also! we have treats similar to coconut nougat!

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owo that’s so cool bro! a lot of our cuisine is inspired by other cultures which influenced ours, especially Indian cuisine c:

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ooooh that’s great!

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That looks so delicious!
‘Gato’ means cake in your language? In Spanish, it means ‘cat’. :heart_eyes_cat:

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Thank you so much! Ehe yep it comes from French (gateaux) c:

AWWWW that’s so cool! I never knew that o: I do adore cats and cake

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One of the most popular (and one of the most delicious) street foods in my country is:

Tacos al pastor

It’s cooked on this vertical structure called a ‘trompo’. I believe that this was the influence of the many Arab/Lebanese immigrants that came to Mexico.

Basically, the pork meat is seasoned and cooked on this trompo, sliced very thinly (sometimes chopped finely but the best kind, in my opinion, is when they thinly slice the cooked meat), and served in a corn tortilla with chopped white onion, cilantro, and pineapple. Most taquerías, or taco stands, give you a sliced lime and some delicious, spicy salsa to put in it.


I love cats, and I like cake… not all cake, but I love cheesecake and carrot cake the most.


That looks delicious! I don’t know if I’ve ever tried pork with that the seasoning but I’ve had meat served like that (shredded if that’s how to describe it) and so good

Same! Cheesecake and carrot cake are really nice I don’t really like icing on cake / overly sweet cakes but I’m willing to try different flavours

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Basically anything to be honest, except a few :yum: they’re all mostly grilled so that’s a point to add-

They come mostly in sticks, and the sauce that comes with it is also delicious. We call it “alakart” from exactly where I am (I don’t know about other regions), which I believe is actually “a la carte” lol and I don’t even know why

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ok I don’t know what that black one is omg


A lot of people here love gyros. It’s a go-to 3 am afterparty food (I don’t like it tho)

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