Best workout videos

Thanks to some great channels and videos you can get a great workout wherever you are! All you need is some free time and a little room space!
As someone that is passionate about working out, I watch a lot of videos and can share some of my favorite channels. The videos I watch are mainly focused on exercises you can do at the gym but these creators have some amazing home workouts you can easily follow.

When I first started working out my favorite channel was Blogilates ! Cassey Ho is an amazing certified fitness instructor and here are some of her videos:
Cardio workout
Arm toning workout

Other great channels and videos:
Pilates Workout by FitnessBlender
10 Minute Abs Workout by FitnessBlender
Full body cardio workout by XHIT Daily

My favorite channels:
Whitney Simmons ( 25 minute home workout )
Robin Gallant
Natacha Océane ( 15 minute home HIIT workout )

If you’re not really into that kind of working out you can always turn to some dance or yoga workouts!
Yoga With Adriene
The Fitness Marshall

  • Do you watch workout videos?
  • What videos would you recommend?
  • What are some of the best workout videos?

I love Pamela Reif’s workouts

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Seeing I’m not that keen on going to the gym with the current Corona measures. I have been looking more into it again.

Emi Wong and Chloe Ting make some great work-out videos ! Emi is very beginner friendly Chloe her work-outs are a bit tougher,but she does have has some free work-out programs you can check-out on her website. :smiley:

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