Best/worst film trailers

I can’t specifically think of any off the top of my head but I dislike film trailers that give away far too much, I once watched one that seemed more like a plot summary than a trailer :joy:

What do you guys think?


Captain Marvel and Cats lol

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Yes, Cats is definitely the worst.


The PJO movies. Omg, how much they’ve gotten so wrong.

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Oh god…I mean, I don’t think the movies themselves were bad, they were just highly inaccurate

I just hate trailers that are either way too long or just give out the whole story
They ruin the movie :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Ooooh… Yeah. HA

Deadpool! Good trailer and movie. Or maybe it’s just me fangirling over Ryan
But the first movie that came to my mind was Parasite, I just don’t know if it’s good or bad… It doesn’t really show what the whole story is about and it left me confused but I kinda like it because of that?

@ScreenSloths, what do you think?

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I agree with both of these films. Deadpool trailers/films are brilliant and I’ve seen Parasite too, GREAT film. Totally deserved to win best film!!!

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Yes!! I made my parents watch Parasite a few days ago, they just had to

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Yes, they did. What did they think?

I still think the trailer of Collateral Beauty was beautiful but made de movie look so much better than the actual movie (misleading a little bit).

What I thought the movie was about:
Him meeting Time, Love and Death like the spirits of ‘A Christmas Carol’. That would show him the beauty of living with a timeframe, loving someone, and the beauty that comes with death

Watch the movie first because I am going to give spoilers

But it turns out they are actors, hired by his friends to make him believe he’s crazy!

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My dad easilyyyy gets bored so I had to keep telling him just wait! But they loved it

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HAHAHA! That’s funny.

Oh, yeah, I loved this film.

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I liked it, but would’ve wished the confrontation between Howard and Time, Love and Death were created from something else. Not his friends betraying him and just doing the most discussing thing you could ever do to a grieving FRIEND.

Its his way if coping. Its HIS WAY of dealing with it, and as friends, they should respect this… Heck as decent human beings you should respect the way someone is coping.

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Well, yeah, true true

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