Beverages inspired by anime

I looked around on the internet, and I found these.

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I think it’s really fun to make anime character inspired drinks lol! It’s super cute and fun. I like when they do the whole colored drinks by the character’s palette.

@AnimeNerds have you actually had a drink specifically designed to be an inspiration from an anime?

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Sadly, no. I want to find some. Maybe a coffee drink inspired by Tokyo Ghoul? Antiku’s coffee looks delicious.

Omg a dark red boba tea with yummy black “bubbles” would look so dope as Ken Kaneki type drink.

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Oohh, yes! I actually learned how to make my own boba. I use fruit tea and lemonade, then add boba. The tea right now is red. I’ll take a picture next time I make it. Probably tomorrow.

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Ooooo. OK. Sounds good.

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Bean Jam bun from Doraemon

Of course this

Apple (I love fruit already but…) From Death Note

Sakuna’s finger

lol jk

I really wanna eat rice cake

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These are drinks?

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No because that’s so cute wtf. :tired_face: Like the boba looks like mini apples or something and like the colors are the opening palette in the drink.


No problem! Just try to read the thread title.

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I did just my English… Sorry

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For some reason, I think pop rocks and orange boba tea would work for Bakugo…but pop rocks in a drink sounds weird.

And it has a little stirrer in it that looks like a pen!

Oohh, or a pink Yuno Gasai drink with red popping boba!

That looks yummy. Is it?

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Yep. It sure is. If you like raspberries, that is. It’s basically a fruity Arnold Palmer with boba.

I found this Starbucks drink inspired by Todoroki, but it uses an ingredient they don’t have anymoreeee!!!

@AnimeNerds, let me know if you’ve heard of an anime inspired drink and how to make it!