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Good day residents of @BeverlyShores and welcome to the Interview Zone. Otherwise known as a general question thread! This thread is meant to serve as a place to ask questions for any and all characters during the span of the RP. It can be post specific (like a question based on a character post like an actual interview, like ‘why did you think this?’) or general like (are you excited for etc character dropping an album)

I would love for all of you to participate in this, as it will make the RPers have that celebrity vibe intended for it to have. There’s no rush on answering anything that someone asks you; it’s just more of a way to get into your character if someone does ask you a question.

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  1. damn so your younger brother is back, how are you feeling?
  2. Why do you think he disappeared?
  3. Does he seem different from before to you?

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Ok before I answer I have questions

@Caticorn Sunny

  1. I heard you were ending your hiatus from music, is that at all related to the reappearance of your brother?
  2. How do you feel about Emiliano’s return?
  3. You and Santiago have always been close, but why is it that you are releasing music again around Emilio’s return, and not Santiago’s rise as a rapper?
  4. Magazines have suggested that you and Santiago are not actually as close as you say you are, considering that your release features Saint, a known enemy to De La Cruz. Why did you do it?
  5. You arrived onto the yacht with your siblings, although you are known to be dating Nacho, the Latin music singer. Is there any trouble in paradise? We hear he’s a heart breaker.

@Madilnel Winslie Callan Saint

  1. Winslie, how do you feel about your husbands return? The people are wondering whether or not your marriage has expired, or aged just well enough that you may resurface as a couple.
  2. Callan, correct me if I’m wrong, but you have been reported to be working on a movie with Celeste Wallace, sister of your ex-wife. Do you care that this may bother Cameron? What might your daughter think of it when she’s older?
  3. Saint Scantling, do you feel better about yourself after making music with your rivals sister? If so, how much?

@novella Cameron

  1. How do you feel about coming back into the spotlight? We hear you have a new movie coming out :eyes:
  2. Your sister, Celeste, and your ex, Callan Prescott, have been working on a movie together as well, is that exciting? Or is it not?

@Kristi Emiliano

  1. You’ve come back to Beverly Shores, but the only person by your side was your bodyguard. Did your family know you were coming back?
  2. Were you working on your movie during the death of Mattias De La Cruz, or was that before you started your project? Because you did not attend the wake.
  3. Making a project called Thorns of the Thornfield, have you identified with your character at all, because your audience has said that you are quite thorny yourself, as in cruel.
  4. Do you worry that you may have lost a significant part of your fandom since your disappearance, or do you think it has not been affected?
  5. Have you yet noticed the hiatus your sister took from music? It really seemed to hurt her when they thought they lost you?
  6. Have you seen that your brother thinks he’s a rapper now? And truthfully, do you believe he’s lost? He had quite the flop after your movie was never finished
  7. Do you have any intention of finishing your movies as the paradox pair?

@Kristi Dejay

  1. We have not seen you for man years either. What were you doing while Emiliano was disappeared? Are you in the dark as well?
  2. It is said that you did not always intend to be a bodyguard, but you became one for your friend. Why do you care for him so much? Is it true that you wanted to be an actor too but lacked the talent?

Emilio forces out a small smile

“I wanted to surprise them, I’ve always been one for dramatic flairs. But my mama- Emiliana did know of my return to Beverly.”

“It was before, time sure is a funny thing is it not?”

“Is that so?” he chuckled, “Well, I wouldn’t say I identify much with the main character but I suppose we do have some similarities.”

“I am grateful for those who remained, and if that significant part had left, then they were not really my fans, where they?”

“What? Sunny couldn’t possibly have taken a hiatus from music, I mean it’s just-” he coughs adjusting his shirt. “No I have not heard.”

“I never heard Santi was a rapper, from what I’ve heard he is still a flourished actor but if he is indeed a rapper right now, then it would be interesting to see him and Sunny Collab, since it’s seem they are the music duo of the family now, similar to how me and Santi where the movie duo,”

“I mean, I have no opposition to it, if course Santi would like to do it.” He sighs, “The movies, I was particularly fond of them”

“I was in Beverly shores, with my daughter and sometimes with Cameron. I have not been seen because I do not go out much because I don’t have any reason to unless I plan to mingle with friends but yes, I was in the dark as well, though.” he hesitates, “I did know of his return, a year ago.”

“Emilio,” Dejay smiles, “has always been like a brother to me. I’m not very big on accepting help from others,” Dejay laughs. “But when my mother was very sick as a child and I had to work many jobs to be able to help pay for her hospital bill, Emiliano’ had gone behind my back to pay the bill himself and had taken my mother on a trip to Singapore to celebrate her wellness.” He continues, “I suppose we have always just looked out for each other and when Emilio said that his mothers think he should get a bodyguard and asked me to become his, I said yes without hesitation for many reasons; it was Emilio asking me, the pay was good and I saw this as a way of repaying Emiliio for helping my mom.”

DEJAY laughs at this

“Is that the rumors now?” He grins. “Well, I’ve always wanted to be a pilot truly, not an actor or a bodyguard but yes I did audition for a role once in Wilder Places but did not get the role as it went to my other close friend Wyatt, and in my opinion the casting was done quite well. I don’t think I would have been able to pull off the ‘bad boy’ look in the same Wyatt did in Wilder places.” He smiles. “So I suppose I did lack the talent.”


“Surprised, concerned, agitated. However you’re supposed to feel when your brother that you thought died four years ago comes back to life and reveals he’s been just fine. You can’t fathom it either, right? Yeah…
When I first found out, I was just glad he wasn’t dead. But now I’m mostly just angry that he kept us in the dark, and confused as to why he would even leave in the first place.”

“That’s a good question. I want to say that it sounds like his sort of drama to hide from the public to build momentum for the next project, but I just don’t know why he would hide from us. Leaving so abruptly, you would think that it was something fast, but it seems that his issue died down quickly as well, because he seems perfectly fine now.”

Nope. Exactly the same. And that’s probably the most disappointing part.


how are you sure he’s fine?
it’s kinda suspicious no that he disappeared for so long

have you thought that maybe he couldn’t?


Is your brother always this dramatic?

really like even physically wise? hmm

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“He looks fine, but I don’t know how he is. He hasn’t said anything.”

“Couldn’t keep us in the dark, or couldn’t tell us? It would be weird if he couldn’t tell us what was wrong, but could film a movie. I’ll keep an eye out, though.”


“He looks older, but that’s expected.”


beck Dawson, though you’ve already spoke about it in interviews, what exactly is the the miles Carter situation?

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“It was a situation where we had a bad collaboration. I just felt like he wasn’t very professional but if you really want to know the whole story, just watch my radio interviews.”

Stephanie Beatriz Nbc GIF by Brooklyn Nine-Nine

@ChayChay05 Lucy Smith

  1. How do you feel about your husband Steven Smith? Do you ever regret getting married?
  2. People saw you getting cozy with Blake Palamo. Would you throw away your entire marriage for him?
  3. What is one memory you have with your husband that makes you happy?
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“No, it’s not. I didn’t know Emilio was coming back.”

“I have a lot of mixed feelings, honestly. I’m relieved that he’s okay but seeing that he’s perfectly fine after what he put me and Santi, not to mention our moms, through is a little aggravating.”

“Nacho and I are fine.”

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See I told you they’re fine

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I feel fine about my husband. Only when I feel he married me because I was pregnant.

People see a lot of things. Friends flirt sometimes. That’s an answer only I know.

My kids. Having my kids. My kids make me happier than anything.

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@LunaticLeviTheSecond Dave Haas

  1. Sources report that you left your poor partner Hellen in the yacht party? What were you thinking??!!

  2. Do you still have feelings for your ex Eva?Sources reported seeing you both talking at the party.

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"I don’t think magazines can accurately judge the relationship between me and my brother. That’s all I’m going to say.”


What advice would you give to your fans who thinks their husbands only married them because they were pregnant?

So do you believe that it would be okay if your husband Steven flirted with someone?

So if you never had kids you wouldn’t be with Steven? Would you say that Blake Palamo who you were spotted with would be your partner or another man you are actually fond of?

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I would say talk with your husband. Communication is key in any relationship. Try to express how you feel and find out if that’s really what they did.

I’m sure he flirts with women. I’ve seen women throw themselves at him. He smiles and chuckles and seems oh so happy.

Honestly, I’m not sure if I didn’t get pregnant if Steven and I would be together or not. Honestly, I have kids and I’m married to Steven so I don’t think I can answer a what if question well.

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