Black Friday 2020

Well it’s that time of year again where shops will discount products, why? Because it’s the last Friday of November? Well that isn’t the only reason :sunglasses: it’s because it’s the Friday after Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving occurs on the fourth Thursday of November (from what I read online) it isn’t an official Holiday but obviously businesses use it as a chance to lower prices and sell alot

I guess this year it is different because of COVID :joy: Black Friday this year is going to be pretty much cyber Monday.

So have you bought anything discounted?
What do you think of Black Friday?


I’m not doing Black Friday for my sake and the sake of other people’s lives :eyes:

maybe online tho-

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I’m definitely going Black Friday shopping :star_struck: online tho. I’ve never been. I’m not going all out crazy tho. I’m getting a pair of high knee boots, a jacket, and a beanie. My grandma got herself a few shirts and some pants


Also, if anyone wants to go Black Friday shopping but is kinda broke, shop at SHEIN! Or ROMWE. They are not only cheap, but have super cute clothes. They’re also on sale for Black Friday. Make sure to check the reviews because not all the time is the quality amazing. It has a box of good and meh quality :eyes:

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The black friday deals in my country are just fake haha so no I ain’t shopping on black friday. :heart:

oooh those sound rad :eyes: did you get stuff on a good sale?

Yes!! I was able to get two parties of heels for less than 70 dollars bc of the sale :eyes: the knee boots and the booties :sunglasses:

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That’s so cheap :eyes:

Getting deals on stuff is always rad :sunglasses:

Yesss, I might do cyber Monday… maybe :eyes: I just want a few graphic tees tho

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This might be my favorite black friday of all time. Not because i went shopping because a new episode of the mandalorian came out :star_struck:

Black Friday is not celebrated where I live and I honestly don’t know what that is but the video game which I play offers some cheap BF deals so yes, I like it a lot :star_struck:

I do love shopping when black Friday is around because most things I want is cheap and also sells out quickly XDD… so i gotta make sure to get what I want early

i didn’t do much shopping this year due to the pandemic and we have a high number of covid cases here now but people were still able to move around and shop and also some places are safe zones as well…

hey @Discussions did any of you went shopping on black Friday, whether it be online or in your local stores?

It’s something I would definitely avoid if I’m ever in America during this time of year.

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Our sales on BF are nothing

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How so?

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