Black Hair Culture

So recently I’ve been watching some videos on black hair and I am not pleased with the comments I see. People are talking about how black women shouldn’t be using wigs, weaves, and sew-ins. They call our hair nappy, nappy is a negative term if you don’t take care of your hair, whoever says this needs to educate themselves. Many black women these days take care of their hair and everything. If you don’t know anything about our hair then I suggest you stay out of our business.

And here’s something, wearing wigs, weaves, braids are called a protective style it protects our hair and helps it grow for those of you who don’t know. There is no person alive that can tell us what to do and not do with our hair.

May I also talk about the hypocrisy of other cultures and white people. Some of you love to talk down on black people but want our features. Such as fulled lips and curvy hips and butts. Not every black woman has this so don’t get off-topic talking about how you don’t have these features

My MAIN ISSUE is people talk about being deceived because we use extensions and weaves. Sounds more like a you problem :woman_shrugging: That seems like you only like a person because of the length of their hair which is shallow asf.

What’s wrong with a black women’s natural hair? Nothing we just like to switch it up.


Don’t forgot that they never have this same energy with women in any other race. :joy: When we wear weaves, its seen as ratchet but everyone else it’s “pretty.”


I mean it’s the same as a white person wearing extensions and wigs and many also do that too… They’re just jealous that black people have way cooler ways to protect their hair lol.
I mean look at that! It’s so pretty!


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I mean, where’s the lie :tipping_hand_woman:t5:

Black people can do whatever they want with their hair lmao, wearing protective styles doesn’t necessarily mean we’re ashamed of our natural hair. Like calm down chile lmao

Also what’s with some white people saying that straightening hair, wearing wigs and dying your hair blonde is appropriating their culture…? :neutral_face: Sis just 'cause some black people straighten their hair does not mean they want to be white lmao, especially since straight hair isn’t something that is exclusively white. Black people can have straight hair too.


Black hairs!!
My hair is in one big braid rn

bruh, they can do anything they Want.

I’m white, but my hair is like an African American’s.

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