Black Life Matters

BLM :fist:t4::fist:t5::fist:t6:
they have and always will, only because you dont see elm every time you open instagram or twitter doesn’t mean its “not trendy” black lives still matter so here are some petition for defunding the police and blm petitions: (plus its very low for someone to say “blm” or post it on their instagram story only because everyone else is doing it and they think its ‘trendy’)

DO NOT DONATE TO CHANGE.ORG (you should sign but not donate. Donate to other reliable sites

The donations they ask for do not go to the causes but to themselves! Your money could go to much better places like on the donate page. The petitions still make a difference so continue to sign! (the signs do so continue!)

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NO HATE OR YOU WILL BE REPORTED if you have another opinion, keep it to yourself. Thank you.

~if you have any other petitions comment them <3~

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