Black Lives Matter!

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I’m literally done with our society. Ever since this whole pandemic started the mortality rates have increased- not only by COVID-19 but by the U.S. police. No, I don’t need anybody telling me that it’s the action of people who don’t know what their civic duty is. With all due respect, they were hired by the police department, so by a stretch it’s the whole police force.

On a daily basis, innocent people are being killed by the police and proper action isn’t taken against them, which acts as an incentive for others. Policemen/women get away with murder on a daily basis but the moment a petty thief steals, he or she is thrown into jail for about six months.

What I’m trying to say is that a thief gets jail time but a policeman/woman who commits murder doesn’t get anything more than being fired or nothing at all.

Several cases have risen since the beginning of the pandemic, cases like the Ahmadu Arbery, George Floyd, etc. These cases have gotten all the traction and people are speaking up for them but in the midst of everything, one was forgotten, the case of Breonna Taylor.

This woman was a working EMT who was risking her life everyday to help fight the coronavirus. She was shot about 8 times by a louisville police officer who’s officials said they had a drug warrant. The criminal who they were after was already detained in the station. After all this, this police officer wasn’t arrested and he kept his job.

This kind of thing is what we need to purge out of our society. Her case wasn’t given the public view it deserved because she was a black woman.

The racism and female discrimination have increased during this period. I don’t understand why this is still a thing, its 2020 for goodness sake.



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Is it ok if I link your thread on mine? We need to do whatever we can.


Please do. Anyway we can spread awareness


As a mixed female, I can’t stress this enough. It’s so sad that we are still living like this, in constant fear that we’ll just end up with the wrong person at the wrong time and getting hurt. Not even that, the justice system is sooooo broken in the U.S (and other countries too I’m sure), someone could get killed due to the colour of their skin and yet they won’t even get the justice they deserve. :woman_facepalming:t4:


This whole entire situation is so exhausting and the fact that they get away with it and this continues to happen is too much. Black lives matter and all lives cannot matter if black lives don’t.


All Liver Matter was always a movement to dehumanize the purpose of Black Lives Matter. I’m tired of people using it without knowing it’s true intentions on how it started.


I honestly believe people know, they just don’t care


All Lives Matter is a protest to a protest :woman_shrugging:t5:


All Lives Matter is never talked about until people start mentioning Black Lives Matter. People were dying during the pandemic and when the people were protesting the stay-at-home order, nobody was using All Lives Matter. Then George Floyd is murdered and oh ho ho All Lives Matter is everywhere like Jesus




And I hate with everything inside me on them telling us how we should protest and how we should react. The absolute nerve.


This was bound to happen. We’ve been ignored and silenced for so long, of course the anger would come out soon. :woman_shrugging:t4: Plus, most of then fires were started by the police so people would believe it was blacks protesting that did it.


Mannnn I do not like it. Why we still living like this?

The fact that they be gettin away with murdering just irks me sooo much. After she risking her life tryna protect you from the rona.


Ugh yes I saw that. Then the police said they done a full investigation (in a very short time may I add) and said it was not the police who started the fire. Because they are so trustworthy and never lie :unamused:



People can say whatever they’d like but police officers have always been abusing their power and have the mentality that they’re higher than the law. There being “”"“some good ones”""" doesn’t minimize the bad ones. And where are the “good ones” now? I haven’t heard any speak up. I didn’t see them stopping that cop from putting his knee on that mans neck.


Not even the fellow POC cop, he just stood there and watched as this man pleaded for his life. And from the new video, there were actually two other cops who were also kneeling on him. Where were the good ones then?


The fact that racism and prejudice are still here, it’s beyond my mind. So awful, so sad. Why are people so full of hate?

Also, I wanted to ask people who are aware of how concerning those situations are. I wanted to ask for an opinion on my idea. And I’ve already PMed four people but I think it’s not enough. This idea is for a movie that would be a protest against racism.




This why “POC solidarity” needs to be reevaluated


I forgot to add that I’m scared it might not be executed well. That’s why I’m asking others and that’s why I’m scared of posting it for everyone to see. Because even if I have good intentions… I might show them badly… And that’s the last thing I want

So can I PM some of you? Or just post it on here?
Because I’m kinda scared, not gonna lie…