Black Poetry Day🦋

As you man guess, black poetry day is a rad date to celebrate…

Black poetry! :black_heart:


Black Poetry Day is celebrated on October 17 (which is now),
The birthday of Jupiter Hammon, who is the first black poet published in the United States.

The day recognizes not only Hammon but also the contributions of other black poets who are commemorated in elementary and secondary schools, colleges, and libraries across the United States.

:black_heart: Here’s a link with some rad poem stuff :black_heart:

  • Have you ever heard of black poetry day?
  • Do you know any poems by black poets?
  • Share your favorite one if you have one!!



No, I hadn’t. It’s pretty cool that it exists though!

My drama class used And Still I Rise by Maya Angelou in a performance during our grade nine year


I prolly haven’t but I feel like I have

Yes but I can’t think of one at the top of my head lol omg so disappointing I should know more considering how often I see it


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Langston Hughes

Closed due to inactivity! :white_heart:

Happy belated black poetry day!