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Yello! Basically I have a whole pin of PFP’s I want to use so I decided to link some of my favorites that you can use for yourself. I don’t make any of them I just find them on Pinterest. If you have any requests I can try to find a few for you.

Yeah so that’s basically it.

Here are a few I have already.

PFP 1 - Available

PFP 2 - Available

PFP 3 - Available

nice pfp 3

PFP 4 - Available

PFP 5 - Available

PFP 6 - Available

PFP 7 - Available

PFP 8 -Available

PFP 9 - Available

PFP 10 - Available

PFP 11 - Available

Here are a few websites you can even go to for some aesthetically pleasing PFP’s


1000+ images about 🌸🍭SKIN💐🦄 on We Heart It | See more about aesthetic, grunge and art - 2-3 funny leo pics

Let me know which one your taking. All you have to do is click on it and click download.

Enjoy and if you have any PFP’s that are cool, link them below and I’ll add them

Inspired By: @euphoriaa


I don’t mean to brag but, if you couldn’t tell, aesthetically pleasing pfps are kinda my thing.

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This is a nice idea! I hope this helps out some users find a pfp! :grin::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

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Bump! Added art tag!

Can you close this thread? @ForumStaff

Closed as requested by OP :eyes::sparkles::green_heart: