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On the continent of Kentara there resides 7 kingdoms – of course that wasn’t always the case. There used to be near a hundred tiny kingdoms until the need for manifest destiny spurred itself in Kentara. Eventually, we ended up with 7 kingdoms that seem to be at a standstill – countless times they’ve attempted to conquer one another through deceit, poison, lies, marriage and more but all it succeeded in doing was cause bloodshed.

3 years ago the Queen of Unama called for a ceasefire and managed to make all the kingdoms come to an agreement to keep the peace and care for their own kingdoms and empires.

To celebrate the 3rd year, the country of Unama has come together with Crowria to host a celebration in the heart of Crowria. Will the kingdoms and empires be celebrating another happy year and many more of peace or will they succumb to a time of bloodlust and conquering once more?

Purpose of the RP

You want to either avoid being taken over or take over all the kingdoms. Which can be done in many and various ways – but it has to make sense. Not, “And the surprise attack startled everyone and Dothbraken now rules the world.”

More drama and such can and will be vital and add interest to the role-play, love triangles, broken promises, and gasp assasination are all amazing things for this RP. *

Even other noble houses vying for the crown would be a great thing to add to the RP.

Conquering a Kingdom

All of the Kingdoms have advantages, drawbacks and stats. One kingdom may be weak in army but attacking it without proper political preperations may result in the largest empire setting your kingdom afire.

Advantages should be in the forefront of your mind as you plan your attacks with me via DM. If your country’s army is very weak you might want to consider an alliance, perhaps offering your child to a royal family with a larger army or one with high status in another kingdom? No one wants to kill family, isn’t that right :wink:

Battles, Conquering and such take time and have a lot of factors and no matter who’s bigger there will be losses on both sides. Since this does take time, timeskips will be a frequent occurence in the roleplay.

And another thing, if you’ve conquered a kingdom, who’s to say they won’t rebel or declare independence under a new leader once more?

This is partly SG

There will be SG parts of this roleplay. Includes but not limited to battles, declarations of war, weather, sickness, events etc. If you want to murder someone or arrange a marriage with someone you would DM me and I’d make an SG where your character offers their child’s hand in marriage.

If you declare war or attempt to try to begin to a takeover you will need to DM me and I’ll SG the battles and declarations, although I’ll be working with you to let you know your military stats and for you to tell me your strategies.

You must read through signups and rules

s i g n - u p s

First things you have to do is reserve – You can choose to reserve a commoner, slave, servant, noble or royal. If you reserve a noble or a royal you have to reserve a commoner, slave or servant as well. AT MAX you can reserve one child royal and one parent royal.

Slaves work under a noble or royal house and do whatever they’d like without pay and they’re treated as property. Some countries don’t accept slaves such as Dothbraken, Lasin, Crowia and Unama. The rest do… which could always be cause of conflict.

Commoners are the backbones – the fishermen, the farmers, the miners, etc. etc. If you don’t have some of them your country will be severely disadvantaged because I’m fair like that :wink:

Servants work for pay under noble or royal house and are allowed to have their own lives outside of the palace.

Nobles are the aristocrats, and there are a limited amount currently. We will need people to not only fill in the children but the parents and adults! If you reserve a noble before you can reserve another one you must reserve a commoner or slave/servant. You can find the open spaces for noble houses and royals here!

Royals control the kingdom or country! One of the children is an heir and I will choose the heirs as I get all the children of the royal houses. Right now everyone is restricted to make one child royal and one parent royal at MAX. You can find the open spaces for noble houses and royals here!

When reserving a commoner you need to choose a province the character is from, the list of provinces (ordered by kingdom) can be found here! There are plenty to choose from with a lot of interesting stats for you to do with as you please! Supposedly your character comes from a highly-populated and city and that contributed to their charisma and people skills? Interpret the numbers however you’d like :wink: You don’t need to mention the province the character is in the reserve! It’s just good to think about it.

The royals will always live in the capital and the owners of the noble houses will decide as a group which province they’ll belong too.

Before deciding on a country and making any noble or royal please read the following slides that tells you basic information on the kingdoms/empires: Click me!

Password: snickers bars :old_key: type it exactly like that (for the forms)

Reserving should go like this:

Commoners: "Reserve a [gender] commoner from [Country]

Nobles: “Reserve a [Daughter/son/father/mother] from [House Name].”

Royalty: “Reserve a [Daughter/son/father/mother] from [Ruling House Name].”

Slave/Servant: “Reserve a [gender] [servant/slave] under [House Name]”

When I accept your reserve you are free to sign up whenever you’re ready!

Sign-Ups Form: Click one of the following emojis: :crown::ear_of_rice::sunny:

r u l e s
  1. Each post must be 5 sentences at the minimum: This is an advanced RP although anyone is allowed to join and I would like everyone to not post one or two-liners on the thread.

  2. Post lone ORPs in the Chat: Please keep the thread clean by posting lone orps on the chat.

  3. Keep it age-appropriate: Even though this is Game of Thrones based, we want to keep it nice and appropriate :blush: Timeskip once it goes further than kissing, although you may imply that something has happened no descriptions are allowed on the thread and make sure to keep gore to the PG-13 guidelines

  4. No god modding without permission. God modding is controlling someone else’s character or killing them off without the other person’s permission.

  5. Make use of trigger warnings. Put a trigger warning and blur anything that covers a topic that may be sensitive. Make sure to keep topics that are too sensitive out of the roleplay, and if you are including something that may be slightly sensitive, research it properly and keep the scenes minimal.

  6. If you have cloned a character, add their location. Just so that no one gets confused.

  7. Activity levels. You should try to post once a week, but let me know if this does not work for you, or you will be absent for a while. Posting more often is encouraged.

  8. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus! These characters are characters with no flaws and a perfect personality. They usually are all-powerful and cannot be injured. Make sure your character is detailed and interesting!

  9. No two characters can share the same first name or faceclaim. Unless two characters are identical twins, they cannot have the same faceclaim. Only one character per first name (this includes different spellings of the same name).

  10. Have fun and be respectful! I love this RP with all of my heart and I want you to enjoy it as much as you can! Make sure to be respectful of others and their opinions, and if there is a disagreement, take it to a private chat or let me know.

l i n k s

Information on the Kingdoms: :fish:
Royal and Noble Houses Listing: :crown:
Sign-Ups: :pen:
Faceclaims: Coming soon
Kentara’s Provinces: :cloud:

t a g s

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Reserve a daughter from Salutem
Reserve a male servant from Arun

~Exited vibes~

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:+1: Accepted

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the house names lowkey remind me of the Survivor tribe names-

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They’re Latin :wink: They each mean something about the countries values. although I may have mispelled Arum :grimacing:

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House of Health.
Unama is known for it’s medical advances :wink:

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reserve a parent from House Victoria and a female slave under Salutem

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Thanks for reserving a parent! I feared I’d have to make a bunch of NPCs or something :sweat_smile:

Accepted! :star2:

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Aha of course I want to take over the world so :full_moon_with_face:

Also, you have a due date yet?

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:rofl: :clap: Love that!

I’m thinking sometimes around or before Mid-August…definitely at least two weeks from now though.

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Heheh :smiling_imp:

Ooh, sweet, looks like I’m not overbooking myself …yet

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Reserve a female commoner from Evranofe and a daughter from whatever Lasin’s ruling house is going to be~

Aaa this’ll be so cool! As long as we can come up with a better ending…

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House Fiducia. The slides to the noble houses and their names are linked in the OP :wink:


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AHA! I have found you!
I was looking for so long lol-

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XDD I’m glad you found them!!
they’re also linked in important links for quick access :wink:

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Reserve a daughter from house Victoria (ruling house of kennetra right?)
Reserve a male commoner from Evranofe

I’ll reserve more characters as well, but here’s a couple to start me off

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Yes ma’am :wink:
:star_struck: Accepted!

Haha, :laughing: I felt that


Is there an age minimum?

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We both have an addiction to making characters.

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:thinking: Nope.

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