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Dorian DeLoughrey
{ Farmers’ market trip | 2037 }

”Ready?” Dorian asked with a goofy smile, looking at his little girls through a rear-view mirror of his car as they were safely buckled in. Every Sunday he would go to the farmers’ market for some fresh veggies and fruit being, as we all know, completely different than Jessica when it came to food. It was a day when he wouldn’t wake up and pick up some burgers or nuggets on his way back home from the gym but go and buy something healthy they could all eat for one day at least. Well… those were some nice dreams. No matter how much he hoped Jessica wouldn’t be disappointed if he came back home with “nothing good for her” he knew that would happen every time so that’s what he’d do after. First stop farmer’s market, second stop whatever he thinks Jessica would want that morning, or girls. Recently the two of them expressed their wish to go with dad and help him, wanting to have their own little baskets which he happily got for them. But he always thought the real reason why they wanted to go with him was because they wanted to see alpacas he showed them when he took them the first time. Proven with their first words whenever he would asked them if they were ready, ”Will we see alpacas?”

”That’s why you want to go, isn’t it?” Turning to face the girls, Dorian jokingly asked putting on a fake pout. ”Nooo,” with a smile that matched Dorian’s from earlier, Shay immediately replied, playing with a little basket in her lap. An answer that wasn’t very convinced, that’s why Dorian turned to his other little girl. ”Do you just want to see alpacas?” Looking between the two rather confused, Zoe slowly nodded.”Mhm…” ”No Zoe… You have to say no…” Her sister jumped in, leaning towards the little girl in an attempt to whisper those words, only making Dorian laugh lightly to himself. But Shay was always a cheeky little girl, before Dorian had a chance to say anything she leaned back in her seat and with a grin asked, ”Will we get ice cream?” ”We’ll get ice cream after and you’ll pick something for mommy, deal?” It was a deal they made every time and with that Dorian started the car, driving them to the market.

Two little girls with baskets holding hands as they follow their dad around - it was the cutest scene. Almost strange to see them excited about strawberries, mangos and other fruit they don’t usually care much about, but it was also adorable. Adorable seeing them picking apples they like the most and then putting them in their little baskets but Dorian didn’t let them carry so many things, just enough to make them feel helpful. ”DADDY, cinnamon rolls! Can we get cinnamon rolls, pleaseee,” Shay tugged on his shirt, pointing toward the stand with different homemade cookies and muffins. ”Go on, pick what you want,” with a sweet smile he told the girl before following her as he picked up Zoe. That’s how it usually went, they’d start with healthy food but girls would always get distracted with cookies and candy, getting different kinds and of course not forgetting about their mom or little brother. ”Can we see… Pacas now?” Zoe asked excitedly, looking around the place hoping to see them or hear her dad say yes. Which he did, as he always did. And that’s how their Sunday would start and how their farmers’ market visit would end.



Shorts Series: The Friday Night Fright 2034

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Rain. Honestly - Jess loved it. Loved the feeling of it hitting her bare skin as her body became soaked from head to toe. There was something about it - the feeling of the freezing droplets setting onto her body mixed with the brisk winter air. Perhaps it was just habit. For the longest time, waking up at 3 am and going out for a walk - no matter the weather - was a comfort mechanism. A way to keep running - hiding. Though over the years she had gotten out of that habit… partially thanks to Dorian and finally having some sort of stability in her life - her nightmares mostly subsiding away. Though… sometimes… rare times it returned. Like today - Ironically the anniversary of her death.

Jess had woken up from her dream with a gasp - the memory of the shock setting into her skin as she looked around her body, her friends… and family surrounding her with tears in their eyes. As she jolted awake, it took a few seconds for her to realize what had happened… where she was. That she was still alive. Dorian was asleep next to her - not waking up as he, himself, had a busy day the day before and looked exhausted. Looking at the man with loving eyes, Jess placed a kiss on his cheek before moving out of the bed and through the darkness of their bedroom to the hallway outside. Their kid’s room was a few doors down though Jess stood still for a moment to make sure they were still asleep before making her way towards the living room - turning off the alarm system that was in place when they slept. Years earlier Jess would have just gone for a walk. Rain or not - that was her instinct. But she was far past that point in her life… if not for her, for her kids. So instead, she found herself walking barefoot to the backyard - entering the patio and just standing there - in the middle of the rain as the water ran over her body. Jess closed her eyes as the water surrounded her - listening to the calming sounds of the rain surrounding her, mixed in with thunder.

Over the years - she could still remember the good times… and the bad - the memories that rain brought within her mind. The way she laid on the floor years earlier contemplating the day she left school for four years. Or maybe even the time Dorian drove her home and they ended up sitting together and later dancing… and kissing in the rain. Part of her didn’t even realize how long she had been out there before hearing a scared little voice behind her. “Mommy…” Opening her eyes, Jess moved her head up to see her two girls huddled together jumping at the sound of thunder. Zoe was holding on to her little bear dressed in a soccer uniform that Dorian had brought back for her with one hand and was tightly holding onto her sister while Shay was wrapped around her blanket shivering.

Jessica didn’t hesitate before immediately making her way back to the two and bending down to their level, frowning as both her daughters tightly wrapped their arms around her the moment she had gotten close to them. She felt Zoe jumping at another sound of thunder and starting to cry muttering “mama” between her sobs and Jess softly kissed her on the forehead. “Hey shh, you don’t need to cry my love, there’s nothing to be scared of,” Jess whispered to the two, watching as Shay poked her head into her arms as well. “mama why were you… outside?” Shay asked in Jess’ arms and Jessica kissed her other daughter. “Just thinking…come on you two, come here,” Jess stated, picking Zoe up and holding onto Shay’s arm as she brought the two to the kitchen - turning the electric fireplace on so there would be some light and warmth as she turned the stove on to make some hot chocolate for the girls. "Do you want to know a little secret? Rain is good luck, Jess told her daughters, one of which was hugging her leg and the other sitting on the stool. “Give me one-second baby,” Jess smiled, picking Zoe up and putting her on the counter as she walked over to the laundry room nearby to grab a towel for herself so she wouldn’t get her kids wet. She returned just as the water had heated up and adding hot chocolate in a cup for Shay and a sippy cup for Zoe once the temperature was cool enough that the two wouldn’t burn themselves.

“How is… rain good luck mommy?” Jess grinned, picking Zoe up off the counter and walking towards the Sofa with their drinks as Shay followed suit, cuddling with Jess once she was seated. Well, Shay. I metyour dad when it was raining like this for the first time do you want to hear the story? she asked her kids, feeling a nod from Zoe who had stuffed her head in Jess’ shoulder as another boom echoed in the night, making both girls hold tighter on to theirs mother. “Well… once upon a time when your mom was just a little bit older than you… she met your dad for the first time due to the rain”


Many people believe that Jessica had fallen in love with Dorian the day they kissed during one fated game of spin the bottle. But the honest truth of that situation is that love doesn’t work that way. It isn’t instantaneous where you see someone as your best friend and then boom you’re in love with them. Rather, it’s a series of small things. Things that indicate it could be more… it could always be more. But that all started somewhere. The day that Jessica Pierce met Dorian DeLoughrey was not an event that anyone would have expected.

And that event… well… it was a freak storm that no one had bloody expected. Jess had only just arrived to Beryl a few days earlier and Dan was being a party pooper in his bed. Though… .granted… he was still upset about the move… and his little sister… well let’s not talk about that. Either way, Jess had decided to go somewhere to get some food for the idiot. So that’ show she found herself in a place called “whole foods” by herself. After all - they called it whole foods. There must be… a whole ton of food right? Perhaps it was strange for an 9 year old to be alone in the streets - but the alternative was a 64 year old butler taking her around and honestly, Jess preferred the former. So here she was - an 8-year-old who had never been on the streets of America casually going to a random store to buy food. Not to mention while it was raining cat and dogs - and Jess says that coming from the city of rain.

To anyone else it must have been an interesting sight to see a little girl alone with a large cart putting random foods into her cart. And by random - she meant random. Sure there were a few things that were actually meant to make food but most of it was junk - cookies, cinnamon buns, cake - really anything she could get her little hands on.

Jess had gotten all her things in her cart and was waiting in line - her eyes going to the picture perfect American family in front of her. Two blonde boys and a blonde girl arguing - around her age - and then their mother who was putting things from the cart to the cashier so that her items could get checked out. Was it bad for Jess to be listening in on the conversation in front of her? Mayybee. But she couldn’t help it. The little girl had seemingly asked her mom for some candy and the younger boy was telling her how it wasn’t even good candy. First of all - rude. Let the girl have what she wanted. Jess found herself walking towards them, puffing her chest out as she looked at the boy. “Hey don’t be mean,” Jess huffed before looking at the girl. “Don’t listen to him. I love that candy,” Jess told the girl who beamed at her words.

Perhaps that would have been the end of it - until of course the lights instantly turned off with a rage of thunder making everyone jump out of their skin. In the darkness, Jess found herself gravitating towards the person closest to her and instantaneously holding his hand. The lights didn’t come back on, rather, instead Jess heard a voice on the intercom. “Hello guests. we apologize for the power outage but due to a surge it seems that the power in Beryl has gone out for every business and home. The city has called an emergency notice to stay inside for the next 3 hours as the storm passes and we would like to request that all guests stay inside and only leave at their own risk. Whole foods has generators so please stay with your family and hold tight.”

Jess watched as a few emergency lights came back on and realized that she was still holding on to the mean boy’s arm and let go after a few seconds. She watched as the mother of the three bent down asking if her kids were okay. It was interesting… to see a mom who cared so much about her kids. It was… something Jess never had. Her own parents barely cared about her asking to come to Beryl in the first place. As long as she was out of trouble. Though what surprised her was when the woman looked over at her and asked if she was okay too and where her parents were. “Me? Oh I’m good. I’m here alone,” Apparently that wasn’t a normal thing because the minute she said that, the woman, who she later learned was named Davina just said that Jess could stay with them until it was safe again. And that was the start. The four of them sat down and talked and for the first time - Jess felt like she was part of a family… even if it wasn’t her own.

End of Flashback

"So you met daddy because of the rain? Jess smiled as Shay wrapped her arm around Jess’ stomach, her eyes drifting between opening and closing. “I did, the first time I met your dad and his family was because of the rain and then we all became friends,” Jess told the girl - smiling as a soft smile met her lips and the girl fell asleep on top of Jess. Zoe was also wrapped around Jess, her eyes closed seemingly having fallen asleep during the story."

“You still remember that?”

Jess found herself slightly startled as she looked behind her to find Dorian standing their leaning against the kitchen counter. “Are we forgetting that I remember everything Dorian?” Jess asked cheekily as he walked closer to her, kissing her on the lips when he reached her. “I also remember you asking me ‘who even are you’ after I yelled at you for being mean to Elo…so Dorian… who even am I?” Jess laughed slightly as he helped pick Zoe’s sleeping body up and Jess picked Shay up - ready to put the two into a peaceful sleep despite the thundering storm.

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What do you do when you feel like your world is falling apart? No really - what do you do? Because Riker Taylor has ABSOLUTELY no idea. And at the moment… well… that was exactly what was happening. Anyone who ever met Riker would say that he had the perfect life. While perfect wasn’t truly quantifiable… Riker did think he had it. A beautiful wife he loved with his entire being, kids that he loved more than anything in the world - currently who were on summer vacation except for Amelia who had one last summer mini class - and a new bubbly baby girl. And Lexie Jane, though unexpected (yes there were jokes between Riker and Dorian but nothing ever came to fruition with that), Riker loved.

Everything was… as close to perfect as it could get until… well… until Riker came home and found Elodie with her suitcase staring back at him.

“Elodie… I don’t… I don’t understand what… where are you going…?”

Riker didn’t get a direct answer to that question before Elodie disappeared, leaving Riker alone with a crying baby girl who wanted her mom. Trust him kid, Riker wanted the baby’s mom too. So here he was - sitting alone on a couch having dropped the baby off at his mothers who was babysitting drunk out of his mind. Amelia had left later that night to join Phoebe on their trip and so here he was. Alone. Drunk. Confused. All of the FREAKING above.

He wanted to talk to someone… needed to talk to someone and currently Riker was still p^ssed at Jordan so what happened was contacting another friend… someone he had only grown closer to over the years: Sadie Monroe. After a few text messages exchanged, Riker found himself calling the girl.

“Saddddieieeeeeeeeee you said you were goingggg to drinkkkk with meeeee. I know you can’t see me but I’m frowning VERY big right now because yourreeee nott hereeee and imm sadddd. OHHH bring tacos if you’re coming. Tacos and Margaritas sounds like soooo much funnnn”

So yes… drunk may not even begin to describe Riker’s current state, but what could he say. His wife had left him with little to no explanation and he had no idea where she was. Not to mention the fact that she wouldn’t pick up his calls so drinking away his troubles seemed like the only viable think to do.



What If? - Soccer Game Day Stabbing

Alternate World - Pain


Note: The playlist above is for this Alternate Universe, and the previous Alternate Universe for the stabbing.

Pain. Exhaustion. That didn’t begin to describe what Kai felt as he woke up in a hospital bed, how long he had been there, he didn’t know, but that was far from his concern. Elettra. Knife. Jess. Jess, where was Jess. That was all he cared about when he came to. Elettra stabbed him, but that was nothing. What mattered to him was Jess. She was dying. No, she couldn’t be gone. Kai wouldn’t be able to live with himself knowing Jess died because of him. Because his sister killed her. As soon as he saw the first nurse to come by his room, all he wanted to know was where Jess was. “Pierce. Jessica Pierce. Is she alright? Where is she?” It wasn’t easy to get word on where Jess was, but he did manage to find a room number. Of course, he wasn’t allowed to go visit her, but that didn’t matter. He needed to know she would be alright. That’s how he found himself face to face with Anna Pierce herself. “Let me see her.” As expected, Anna tried to keep him out, even by saying Jess wouldn’t want to see him after what his sister had done, and Kai nearly left, not strong enough to put up much of a fight, but then he saw her. Just a glimpse through the cracked door, but enough to give him the strength to push just a bit further.

“Hey stranger. How are you holding up?”
Kai was exhausted, not enough energy in him to even try to fight back against Daniel if he saw the pair together, but that didn’t matter. Kai was there with Jess. Sitting down beside her, no matter how he felt, he couldn’t hide a smile. “Holding up fine now, but I thought I lost you.”

Even as Kai spoke to Jess, the relief he felt emotionally, couldn’t counter the worsening situation physically. His mind was fuzzy, he had already been in pain from the wound itself, as well as weak and exhausted, but over time it only increased, especially when the time came that Kai had to leave and return to his own room. He had barely made it out the door and into the hall when he hit the floor. The wound was still stitched and bandaged, but if the bruising of his abdomen was any indication, there was a bleed. By the time Kai was rushed into an operating room, it was clear that there was severe internal hemorrhaging.

With the ongoing surgery to save his life, there was one place left Kai’s mind could go, what the future could be. His mind didn’t go to the wedding his parents had arranged, not even to New York, but to Jess. To Jess and a life they could one day have together.

Waking up each morning right next to Jess, laying there for a while, for no reason other than to feel at ease next to her. Then eventually getting up to make coffee and read the newspaper before returning to Jess’s side to finally wake her for breakfast. One day, even marrying her and having a child together. A little one that they would both love with their entire heart, even after that child was followed behind by siblings they loved just as much. They would be somewhere near the city, but far enough away at the same time, somewhere the kids could play without worry. Then, each night he could fall asleep with the person he loved most in his arms. It would be the life he wanted. None of the pressures put on him by his parents, a life away from the spotlight. He would have the people that mattered most to him, he would be completely himself, and he would be happy.

“Malachi Azure. Where is he? Tell me. I’m his sister.” It didn’t matter if nobody was going to take her seriously as just a young teen. It was clear to anyone that could see her there. She didn’t care, and nothing would stop Akielah Azure from finding out what was going on with her older brother. Though the words that came from the doctor’s mouth hurt the girl in a way that nothing ever had before. “You’re lying. You’re F**king lying.” Though all it took was a look on the doctor’s face to confirm that it was indeed true, and she couldn’t lie to herself. She was the little sister, but since she was 8 years old, she did everything she possibly could to look out for and even protect Kai. Now, there she was, standing in the hall of a hospital feeling more alone than she had imagined was even possible. That’s when the girl who kept her fears hidden from everyone, crumpled to the floor as she broke down and watched her own tears fall. Her brother was gone…

The odds were not in the favor of Malachi Azure that day, but Jessica Pierce, despite what she went through, the universe let her go on. As Kai would say, Jess must be like a cat with 9 lives. She’ll reach the end of her last life at some point, but this was not that time. It seems that she had enough lives remaining to spare one for herself to live after the 3 minutes and 13 seconds that she had been dead, as well as one for the growing child inside of her, one final piece of Kai.

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Dorian DeLoughrey
{ Some Rainy Dancy | 2034 }

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tune in

A loud thunder woke Dorian up in the middle of the night, an absence he felt making him reach his arm out to the other side of the bed and pull Jessica closer to him. But he was indeed met with an empty bed, she wasn’t next to him. There were times, back when they first started dating, when Jessica would be awake at night or wake up Dorian after having one of her nightmares, something she hasn’t done in a while so not seeing her in their room did worry him. At this point fully awake, he got out of bed picking up his t-shirt that was right next to it and throwing it on before walking out of the room. Through the tapping of raindrops on windows around him, he could hear a faint voice down in the living room, a sign that everything was alright. Their little girls being with Jessica, a guess seeing their bedroom door was open and they weren’t there. He was expecting to find them scared because of the storm, cuddled up with their mom as she was comforting them and in a way he did, but there was so much more to it. A smile met his lips once he heard a story Jessica was telling them, being reminded of that day he couldn’t remember as clearly as she did.

A simple day that ended with a little stranger in their house. He was no older than 8 and there weren’t many things he remembered from that time but parts of Jessica’s story stuck with him. Simply because that girl basically became part of their family with how much time she was spending in the house with Elodie, even Dylan and his mother, and because later she became important even to him. His arguments with Elodie in the grocery store were a normal thing, Dorian just loved voicing his opinion when he was younger but never did he expect a little girl to stand up for his sister. That’s what he does remember - little Jessica trying to act tough and be nice to a girl she’d never seen before. He also remembers his reaction, his confusion, even annoyance as he asked the girl who she was. Remembers a little boy who had no idea that one day, that strange girl would mean the world to him.

”You still remember that?” Truly a silly thing to ask knowing she’d say how she remembers everything but it was just a moment of reminiscing, not expecting to hear that story now. And once she did say that, he smiled cheekily walking over to her from the kitchen, kissing her softly once he reached her. His gaze then falling on their little girls sleeping while cuddled up with their mom. And what he could guess hot chocolate on the table but we’re not going to comment on that now. ”You are…” gently picking up Zoe, he laughed to himself before turning to his wife. ”Do you want a sweet or honest answer?” Dorian joked about her question, his cheeky smile only growing hearing her calling him an idiot when he turned to carry Zoe to her bed and tuck her in. But besides hot chocolate there was something else he noticed - a towel she had wrapped around her previously, indicating that maybe, just maybe she wasn’t awake because of their girls. But he didn’t say anything about it at first, he just helped Jess carry girls back to their bedroom and make sure they were asleep before walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her. ”Everything okay?” Whispering, he placed a kiss on top of her shoulder, his arms still wrapped around her slightly cold body, damp clothes. ”Come here…” Soon letting his hand slide down to her hand, intertwining their fingers as he led her out of the room to let the girls sleep. Then with a sweet smile picking her up and wrapping her legs around his waist. ”Wow, you were really out without me, huh?”

That was almost their thing - being out in the rain together. Not something he ever imagined himself doing but there he was. Back when he saw Jessica again after 4 years, back when they were dating for the first time and she’d often drag him out to dance and now. Holding her tightly and kissing the moment they got out in the rain. Not pulling back as he slowly put her down, resting his hands on her hips. ”What song are we imagining this time?” Quietly asking with a grin, he took her hand in his, twirling her around for the first time that night.



Raphael & Eve

Talking With The Parents - 2030

“Si, mama. I’ll be right back.” The girl called out as she walked out of the kitchen in her family’s home, stepping over towards her boyfriend and kissing him on the cheek. “I’m heading out to get a few things my parents didn’t realize we were out of so they can finish dessert. Do you want to come with me?”

Raphael smiled at her before giving a slight shake of his head. “I’ll stay here, I was just talking with your grandpa.”

“Perfectly fine Raph. I’ll be back soon.” Eve said with a bright smile before walking out the door.

It’s true, Raphael had been talking with Eve’s grandfather, but that wasn’t why he chose not to go with Eve, even if he had wanted to. With Eve out the door, he walked into the kitchen where Eve’s parents were. “Sir?” Raphael took a deep breath, wiping his sweaty palms off on his pants, as Eve’s father turned towards him.

“Raphael? Is something wrong?”

“No sir. There was just… I wanted to speak with you, and your wife, about something.” It was at that point that Eve’s mother turned to join the conversation. “I love your daughter, I’ve loved her for a long time now, and I know how much your approval would mean to her, so if you approve, I would like to marry her.”

By that moment, Raphael’s nervousness was clear, more clear than ever, but it wasn’t for long as he soon found himself in the arms of Eve’s mother, who was smiling from ear to ear. “It’s about time.”

Eve’s father stepped closer, placing a hand on Raphael’s shoulder. “I couldn’t ask for someone better for my daughter. You’re already family, son.”


Zion Pestana

Random day in 2036 - in the bakery

Zion walked into the kitchen, playfully rolling their eyes. “What?” Emily asked, looking up from the recipe she was making. “Your son, that’s what.” They responded, pulling out the ingredients they needed for the next recipe they had to make. “My son? Last time I checked, Zion, he has your last name.” Their wife quipped, flicking flour at them. “Anyways, what has our son done now?”

They began to measure out their ingredients. “Well, I went into the front to see how Xavier was doing with his homework, but when I got there, he wasn’t there.” They begin to tell her as they start combining the ingredients. “I waited for a bit, just in case he’d gone to the washroom or something, but I started to get worried when several minutes had passed and he still hadn’t come back. As I’m sitting there, contemplating whether to call my brother or the police, doesn’t the little f-cker come waltzing in with Athena.” Emily giggles as they finish their story. They shoot her a look, wondering why she found the concept of their son disappearing so funny. “Apparently he’d finished his homework and went home to walk Dante, without telling us. On his way back, he stopped at my brother’s and somehow convinced Athena to come along with him.”

“So, where is he now?” Their wife asks, pouring her batter into its pan and then putting oven mitts on before sliding the pan into the oven and setting a timer. After she’d finished, she walked over to them and put her arm around their shoulders. “I gave the pair of them some cookies and told them to sit at a table where they couldn’t cause any trouble.”

”You know they’re fourteen, right? Not five?” Emily said in response to their last statement, smiling and trying not to laugh. ”Also, Athena is the only person he’ll talk to outside of his soccer team. Shouldn’t we be encouraging him to hang out with her?” She points out, starting on the next recipe in their list. They didn’t say anything in response, knowing that they couldn’t deny the fact that their wife was right.

A/N - Zion and Emily are using she/her pronouns for Athena because they haven’t come out as enby yet


Years had passed since her divorce from Jordan Williams, and Sadie was at her peak, career-wise. Releasing singles until soon assembling albums, guest-starring in shows into becoming lead roles in blockbuster movies, hosting award shows before actually winning awards; her career had really gone from strength to strength as the years went on. Maybe gradually this successful career and single life had begun to heal her once deteriorating self-esteem. Though she had thought she would never see the day, Sadie had found self-sufficiency and, even, confidence post-Jordan. Had it overtaken the happiness she had when being with the love of her life?

The day Sadie had spent shooting the music video for her latest single ‘Skin’. As the evening crept up on her, Sadie arrived in the silent, empty house, that had undeniably felt like it was missing something for the last four years. The kids, that would usually fill the space, were at Jordan’s house again, and so Sadie turned to Instagram to fill time, doing what she continuously tries to avoid: reading the comments of her recent on-a-whim post. It was the same with every post, for every general compliment there were three Jordan Williams stans sending hate or ‘Jordie’ shippers telling them… well, the clue’s in the name.

That was when her seemingly mundane evening took a turn, the scrolling of the comments on the phone screen coming to a pause from the banner that had popped up on the top of her screen, making her sit up and turn all her attention to it. A message- an… extremely not sober message- from Riker Taylor. Her growing concern took her to hover over the call icon, though it seemed Riker beat her to it. Sadie was already out the door when she answered, driving the route to his house becoming like second nature to her, though slightly delayed by his specific request on the phone. Minus the part about Margaritas, from what it sounded like, the last thing he needed was more alcohol.

Her bag fell to the ground as Sadie stood at the doorstep of his home. “Riker?” She called out, cautiously, her growing anxieties worrying she wouldn’t get an answer for whatever reason. Closing the front door, Sadie followed the trail of empty bottles he had created, leading her soon to the broken man sat before her. While Riker had unintentionally given her a prewarning through the DMs, it didn’t at all lessen the panic and concern she felt when she saw him. “What happe- Riker, are you- how many have you-?”" She started, struggling to compose a sentence as she rushed across the room to take the half-empty bottle out of his hand, pulling it out of his grasp, not that it would make much of a difference clearly.

@.benitz786 Riker Taylor & Jordan Williams


Just another day in the life - 2036

Kindergarten. That’s where Shay was right now, sitting in the middle of class bored out of her mind as the students around her finished their times’ tables. Shay finished them within the first few minutes and her teacher just told her to sit with her head in her hands but she was Booooreeeed. Why was it so hard for everyone? Shay just remembered it. Her teacher showed her once and there it was the answer in the back of her mind. Her mommy told her that her mind worked differently than other people but Shay didn’t get why. Don’t get her wrong - Shay loved learning new things. She just got bored when her teacher wanted to repeat the same thing oveeerr and oveeer and oveeer again. A soft sigh left her lips as the girl looked around the room at the kid next to her chewing his pencil and the girl beside her, Ally who Shay was friends with, seemed to be on only the third question. Whhheeeen would this end??

It was a few moments of doing this - of sheer boredom and making stories up in her mind about what her classmates were thinking when her teacher came over to her table and bent down. “Shay, your mom is in the principal’s office. Do you want me to walk you there or do you think you can get there by yourself?” Shay instantly perked up hearing her mom was here and shook her head at the teacher.

“No, I know where it is Miss Robin,” Shay yelled, instantly hearing a shh by someone next to her to which she simply put her tongue out. Soon she was skipping all the way to the office where her momma was waiting. Running to her mom, Shay hugged her mother’s legs tightly, smiling as her mom bent to pick her up. “Hello baby girl, what do you say you and me sneak out of school a little early?” Pure excitement filled her being as she tightly hugged her mom, jumping up and down her arms. Shay and her mom often had days like this where she’d come to pick her out of school early and they’d just hang out for the rest of the day with Zoe. Maybe it was because Shay told her mom that school was boring because it was so easy that her mom did that but either way, it was some of her favorite days.

Soon enough, Shay found herself strapped into her car seat next to her little sister. “Where are we going mama?” Shay asked as her mom who was driving. “I wa-want Ice cweam,” her sister added making her mom laugh. “How about something better than Ice cream? You two miss your dad right? What do you say we give him a little visit in Italy?”

Instantly Zoe started bouncing at the mention of their dad and Shay also found herself excited. The two called him every day after school and talked for hours but they still missed him. Shay knew her mommy missed him too… usually mommy would go to sleep with him but when he left she stayed awake at night and Shay had seen her various times early in the morning when Shay needed to go to the bathroom. In any case, both Shay and Zoe screamed “daddyyyy” out of genuine excitement at those words as their mommy drove to the big airport with all the planes.

Both Shay and Zoe had fallen asleep on the plane a few hours after eating ice cream like Zoe had wanted. When they woke up they still had a few hours and found themselves watching Spongebob on the tv in mommy’s plane that they had been on a few times to go to Disney World or visit family in Beryl. But soon enough the two had arrived and both Zoe and Shay only became more excited. After all, what could anyone expect? The two girls missed their dad who they hadn’t seen in a month because he was in the championship games.

As they walked through the airport, Shay ran to a magazine stand near them and immediately grabbed one off the rack before running back to her mom. “Mommy mommy mommy it’s daddy,” Shay jumped looking at her dad on the cover before Zoe reached for it and hugged the cover the moment she got it in her little hands “I loveee daddy.” Mom smiled at Zoe before walking over to the stand and paying for the magazine before holding both of their hands and walking toward a taxi speaking in funny language to the driver.

It was strange to be in a new city, but at the same time, Shay loved it. She found it so much fun to look out of the window - whether it be on a plane or a car - and just enjoy the new surroundings. In all honestly, it felt so much more engaging than school. And soon enough - Shay’s eyes widened as she found herself at the biggest field she had ever seen. "Daddy’s playing… here? . Shay had often seen it on TV when he played out of the country, but she had never seen him play in different country in person and nothing could hide the grin on her face as she looked outside the window to the stadium. “Alright babes. Your dad doesn’t know we’re here today so we’re going to surprise him okay?” Shay instantly nodded, almost simultaneously running out of the taxi as the hustle and bustle made her want to run around with excitement.

Grabbing a hold of mommy’s hand once again while Zoe was in her arms, Shay practically pulled her mom forward so they could get there sooner. The three were brought to the front row where they were eye level with the field. Immediately, Shay looked around for her father though couldn’t find him. That was until there was a loud announcement on the field to start cheering for the American team and the team started exiting a little door near where Shay and Zoe were looking. Fans had started putting their hands down the side trying to get high fives from the team and Shay started doing the same, looking for her dad in the midst. There was no hiding the grin on her face when she saw her dad come out smiling and high-fiving a few kids. “DADDY” Shay screamed, though soon frowned when her voice was drowned out by other fans. “Dadddyyyyyy” Shay screamed at the top of her lungs again as the man got closer to her - soon joined by her little sister when she saw the man as well. It was at her third scream alongside her mom and Zoe that Dorian turned towards them with confusion. Though, he soon seemed to realize what was going on and ran towards where the three of them were and jumped on the stands so he could talk to them. He immediately gave her and Zoe a kiss before saying something to mommy, giving her a kiss as well before telling the girls to wish him good luck. And with that, he was soon running back on the field with the rest of his team.

For the duration of the game, Shay and Zoe watched their dad - pressed up against the glass screaming when he got a goal. Or… Shay screaming and Zoe mimicking either her or their mom who often screamed at the referee as the girl had no clue when to cheer when dad’s team was winning - rather, she was too busy holding onto her bear that daddy had gotten her and the magazine mommy bought in her hands. After a 90 minute game that daddy’s team won, mommy led the two towards where the players were coming back and Shay squealed when she found her dad running towards her and picking both her and Zoe up, and spinning them around. Shay kissed her dad on the check before scrunching her nose and saying “ewwww you’re sweattyyyy” which only made her dad kiss her more to mess with her. After a few moments of hugging dad, he let Shay down, though Zoe clearly wouldn’t let go, and made his way to mommy to give her another kiss.

Shay listened to her parents as the two talked about what they were all doing there and Shay found herself jumping up and down pulling on her dad’s arm as she pointed at Zoe’s magazine. “Daddy, daddy look what we found,” Shay yelled, pointing at what Zoe was still holding and smiled as her dad took it out of her sister’s hands with the words “What do we have here?” Though before Shay could say anything, her mom gave her dad a cheeky smile.

“Apparently a riveting piece trying to teach me how to maintain my 6-pack-abs but I think it’s absolute bloody bull since I saw nothing about eating chicken nuggets and fast food on the daily. I say fake news.”

“Obviously fake - I mean, first of all, I have an eight pack,”

Shay watched as her mom rolled her eyes before continuing with “Right - how about we help maintain that eight pack by going out for some Gelato?” leading her dad to laugh and put his hand out for Shay to hold. "Wouldn’t have it any other way Jess.

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“And where do you think you’re going to go, child? Nobody fcking wants you. Even your mom didn’t want you. You really think you can survive out there? Well go ahead, do it. But don’t fcking come back crying when you realize I’ve given you the best damn home anyone will give a black btch.” There was a sickening laugh coming from his father’s voice as 13-year-old Jordan looked back from the open door. He had enough… Jordan Williams simply couldn’t do it anymore. He couldn’t live in this household with this… abuse. He couldn’t. Lost in his thoughts, Jordan jumped out of his skin as a bottle smashed beside him. “Get the fck out of my house child.”

And that’s exactly what Jordan did. No words were exchanged as Jordan left that day - one small backpack around his shoulders with minuscule amount of money. This wasn’t the first time Jordan had run away from home - the last time being when he was 9-years-old and using a small back space in a dance studio to sleep. However… they had caught him last time and locked the doors so now… Jordan really didn’t have anywhere to go. The only family Jordan had was Yara and he couldn’t… let her see him like this. Bruises filled Jordan’s body from a black eye to a sore back from all the times his father had hit him with a belt. Now… well… Jordan was alone. The time was 2:42 AM and Jordan simply walked. He didn’t know where to go so he ended up navigating towards an empty park near his school, falling asleep on the bench with his bag tightly secured on him. Or… well… sleep was relative. All the sounds in the night kept him awake until the bright morning when Jordan was scared off as a police officer tried to ask him what he was doing there.

So Jordan ran… for 5 days, Jordan spent the time sleeping in odd nooks and crannies. He had disappeared from school and used what money he had to buy food… until of course his back pack was stolen and he was left scared, cold, and alone. Jordan was defeated… if that was a possibility after years of torment. He truly found himself at the lowest point in his life. There were times he used to walk past school, hiding in the trees just wishing… that he could be one of to the other kids. Be… happy. With a family that cared about him.

It was a Friday afternoon and Jordan found himself in a park, laying against a tree with his eyes half closed. Jordan hadn’t had sleep for a few days and he found that the best sleep was when the sun was out… the safest sleep at least. Though it was difficult after four days of having no food in his stomach.


He heard the soft angelic voice wake him from his slumber and for a second… Jordan almost thought he was dreaming. Dreaming or… well… dead. And maybe when he saw Jezebel he almost wished that was true because… the one thing he never wanted was his crush to see him like that… see him so… broken. Jordan was aware he probably looked… horrible.

“I… hi… Jez” It was the only words he could get out as she took a seat next to him, worry in her eyes and he didn’t… he could barely face her. But he didn’t have to… it was almost as if she knew what was happening and she didn’t question it further. Rather, she stood up and put his her hand out. Jordan was confused about what was happening but there was something… so inviting about her. So, without another word, he took her hand and started to follow her as she walked. Neither of them spoke about anything, but when Jez got to her house - she made an indication to wait as she went inside and after a few seconds, she pulled him in and lead him upstairs quickly, all the way to the… attic. “I know it’s not the coziest but there are some blankets and pillows in that box and an old mattress in the corner. My grandparents and mom aren’t home right now but you can make yourself at home just… don’t make too much noise… Go ahead and get settled in and I’ll bring you some food and clothes”

There were no words to describe how Jordan felt at the moment it was… there was just this kindness in her voice and he couldn’t… he didn’t know what to say. He started to argue but she didn’t give him a chance as she descended the staircase and disappeared.

End of Flashback

For the last three weeks… that’s exactly what Jordan had been doing. Hiding in Jezebel Slone’s attic. Sleeping… eating… going to school by sneaking out early in the morning with Jez it was… strange. But for the first time… Jordan felt so much gratitude towards another person. Not to mention that person was Jezebel Sloane who… well… he had the biggest crush on since he was 8. And staying over at her house just… made the two grow closer… to the point where Jordan told her what happened… despite her never asking or pressing the matter herself.

Jordan honestly didn’t know how he got so lucky… lucky to have a friend like Jezebel in his life. Currently, he laid in his room staring at the ceiling. It was a Saturday meaning no school and for him that usually meant either staying quiet all day or sneaking out with Jezebel to go to a coffee shop or something to catch up on homework.

Jordan lifted his head up hearing the sound of the door opening and smiling when he saw Jezebel enter… god there was something about her smile. Remember that crush? Yeah… let’s just say that didn’t diminish with time as he spent the last few weeks at her house… if anything… it grew.

“Hey dummy. My mom and grandparents left a little early today so feel free to take a shower and then we can go,”

Jordan nodded, following the girl downstairs and going into the bathroom as she left him. Hot shower… now that was another luxury he never had before. Oftentimes his dad didn’t pay the water bill which meant mostly no water. Stripping down, Jordan entered the shower closing his eyes as the water hit his skin. The bruises on his back had started to heal slowly but the water still slightly burned. After a few moments, Jordan opened his eyes as he heard a sound on the other end.

He heard a small curse as Jezebel walked into the bathroom that he left unlocked and after a few seconds he heard Jezebel whispering “I’m sorry” before entering the shower fully clothed and closing the curtains. “Wh-wha” Jordan was about to say something, the shock too high for him to even have time to cover anything but instead, he found Jezebel putting her hand over his mouth - the other holding onto his clothes.

And then he heard it, a female voice on the other end. “Jezebel, are you in there? I left my phone inside to charge…”

The women didn’t even ask before coming into the bathroom, and immediately, Jordan stayed as still and quiet as possible - letting Jezebel talk in this very… very uncomfortable situation. "By the way - did you look into that internship I told you about Jezebel? You need to start working with influential people now if you want to make it anywhere.

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Alcohol. Was there any better substance that numbed the pain that Riker Taylor-DeLoughrey was feeling? Oh wait… haha… was he even “DeLoughrey” anymore? Who even knew. Anyways… back to numbing pain… Well… okay fine there were MANY substances that Riker could take that would numb pain but it was something Riker usually avoided. Drugs were just something that Riker didn’t want to ever get into… mostly because of his mentor, Jordan’s mom, teaching him better. Teaching him what her husband had done to her… But Alcohol… well… you know what screw it. Riker was sad enough what was another drink or two. Who cared anymore. Not him, let me tell you. That could easily be seen with his drunken state as he blasted music and danced around his house and, of course,, drank. Drank until he couldn’t feel his fingers… didn’t know where he was… didn’t know why he was. Honestly, he had even forgotten that he had texted/called Sadie after about half an hour of dancing… maybe a little crying.

The music was so loud that he had not even heard Sadie enter the house when she finally did arrive. He heard her ask… or start to ask a stream of questions but he ignored them as he spotted the tacos in her hand. “OHMAHGAWD” Riker exclaimed, running to the girl and picking her up and sipping her around. YOU are SUCHHhhhHH a lifesaver. I’ve beeennn starrrvinggg, Riker smiled, though it soon turned into a frown as she took his drink out of his hand. “Heyyyy” he pouted at her movement - also noticing she didn’t bring his margaritas. Sure… he couldn’t remember his own name but he did remember that tacos with margaritas were amazing. “I thought we had a deal. Tacos AND margs. How else are we supposed to have a partahhhhyyyy,”

His words didn’t matter - honestly, at this point, they were jumbling together anyways. Putting the tacos down, he looked at her with curiosity. “You know what, screw food, let’s dance,” Riker muttered, putting everything down as he grabbed her waist and started doing the salsa. Though after a few seconds, a pout met his lips. The last time he had done the salsa was when he took Elodie on a date to a salsa dancing class and the two learned together and now he was just sad which… well… ended up with him sitting on his couch with a frown. "Why’d she leave Sadie? What did I do? I thought… I tried my best to be the best husband and father I could… I just don’t… where did I go wrong? Does she not care about me? Maybe she wants someone different… someone, better… I can’t… Who can blame her… I was never good enough for her and she finally realized it and now I’m all alone and I just… I don’t know what to do .

There was honestly in Riker’s words that he would likely have kept hidden if he was sober… but he couldn’t. Confusion revealed in his entire being and he just… didn’t know what had happened. "Why did you… you left Jordan. Was it because you didn’t love him anymore? Is that why she left me?




Shorts Series: Gotta win them bets - 2033

“Jess I’m going to head to the gym and I’ll stop by the grocery store afterwards, do you want anything?”

It was a Saturday morning and Jess was laying on the sofa watching TV with her two-and-a-half-year-old, Shay. Zoe, who was about 5 months old, was peacefully sleeping in her crib and Jess was honestly just waiting for the girl to wake up because she knew she’d be hungry soon, and Dorian wasn’t about to breastfeed her so Jess assumed it would be her… yet again. sigh. Siri - search how to train a man to breastfeed. Thanks. Anyways, Jess was about to say something before she saw Shay walk up to her dad with the words “Me too meee toooo,” leaving her mouth and Jess let out a small laugh. "I’m fine love… I’ll text you if I remember anything but it seems like that one wants to come with, Jess stated, pointing at Shay and Dori picked her up talking to the girl. After a few minutes of Shay begging, Dorian decided to take her with him - going to the grocery store first before the gym so he could drop her off in the middle. In any case, it seemed as if a few moments after he left Zoe wanted attention which is how Jess ended up walking to her baby’s room.

Zoe was always a playful baby - always wanting to be active and do something. The girl easily made Jess smile as she bounced up and down against the crib as she saw her mom. Though… honestly… Jess wasn’t sure if it was for her or if it was for the fact that Jess coming to the room = food. In any case, Jess had one bubbly babby waiting for her.

“Hi Zooeeee,” Jess laughed, picking her baby up and giving her a soft kiss on her cheek. "So how’s sleeping going? I’m 99% sure you’re an undercover spy and you just pretend to sleep and sneak out at night huh? Honestly the number of random conversations Jessica had with her kids was phenomenal but what could she say, it was adorable when her baby would make noises - seemingly “understanding” what she was saying and respond. Currently, Zoe had yet to say her first words but talking to her was still fun.

Though… well… she had yet to say her first words until that moment. When Jess walked the girl downstairs to the living room, she said the most OFFENSIVE thing that one could say. “Daaddaa” Hearing the word, Jess stopped in her tracks. At first, thinking it was just a fluke of sounds mushed together. "What did you say baby girl? Jess looked at her child with a soft smile, honestly thinking nothing of it until she said it again…and again… and again. “dadadadada” . How. Dare. She. Okay look - Jess was excited that her baby had said her first words. BUT DADA? REALLY? OH HELLL NAW. Did that man hold this kid in their uterus for 9 months? Not to mention Jess and Dori had a bet about what would be the baby’s first words and of course, “dada” was on Dori’s list of five words he thought it would be. So what did Jess do? Jess had an ETA of about 20 to 40 minutes before Dori came home so it was crunch time. First, Jess sent Dori a… well… kind of long list of things to get from the store to keep him distracted. And second? Jess BRIBED the hell out of that kid.

First, grabbing the girl’s favorite toy, Jess danced it around Zoe’s face as she said “Okay Zoe, say ‘mama’” . What did Jess get in response? Well… you have one guess. The extent to what Jess did to try to get that girl to say anything but “dada” was extraordinary. Jess almost considered just waving her breasts around and saying mama until the girl said it before feeding her but that probably went under cruel and unusual punishments and Jess wasn’t that mean. Suffice to say, Jess was exhausted. 2 hours. TWO HOURS of saying “mama” later and no progress was made.

Jess was laying on the floor, her daughter crawling on her laughing periodically - though it really felt like the girl was laughing at Jess pain at this point. “That’s funny to you huh?” Jess asked with a soft smile, kissing her daughter again and ticking her softly. Hearing the door being unlocked, Jess looked at the girl one last time. "Fine you lil traitor. Say dada all you want but just wait a few minutes so I can get your dad out of the house and have a few more hours to convince you to switch sides okay? deal? Jess asked the little girl, putting her hand out and shaking her daughter’s hand.

Jess smiled at Dori as the man entered with his arms full of bags and Shay next to him holding an ice cream cone with a big smile on her face. “How did we end up with 'I don’t need anything to 'please bring me half the store home please?” Jess shot him a soft smile as he disappeared to the kitchen for a second before heading back towards her and Zoe who was still sprawled on the floor. “I love youuu,” Jess smiled as he approached the two, bending down alongside them as he picked Zoe up. "Tell me Zoe, why is your mom such a weirdo? he asked the girl and with a soft laugh, the girl did the ONE thing Jess told her not to. “Dada”

“OH FOR GODS SAKE we had a deal Zoe,” Jess sighed, placing her head in Dorian’s shoulder as he was surprised to hear his daughters first… was it even first at this point? She said it like a hundred times. Anyways, her first word. And then - well, of course Dorian skipped going to the gym just to hear Zoe say it again, and again - which she did. Not to mention, gloat about winning the bet. Touché DeLoughrey…To-fcking-ché.



Shorts Series: The Pudding Incident- 2013

Okay Look. LOOK. Over the years Daniel Parker has done some really… really… really…really, really, really, Re - Al - Ly, réally, realllllllyy stupid things. I mean… who hasn’t right? Okay fine. Daniels done MORE than his fair share. MOREEEE wayyyyy more. But look. At certain points in his life - he really thought he had a reason for them. Take 6th grade. Daniel had been going to Cerulean Middle school for a year. Elementary was… interesting… but now was the time for Daniel to take over the school with his best friend and cousin by his side. And honestly, Dan was quickly becoming feared. By his teachers and students who all underestimated him in elementary school. But now? Now he had power. So much power that Daniel had convinced the principal of the school to give Dan SIX lockers and refit them so it could be his hangout with a tech set up. How did he convince the principal to let him practically destroy 6 lockers? Well… let’s just say… the principal was married to a woman named Leslie and she was not the person Dan had found explicit text messages sent to during the first week.

In any case - Dan had found his thing. Being nice didn’t work and honestly, he didn’t want to be nice. He was angry… at himself, at the world. So he was… him. It had been two weeks into school and Dan was revealed by even the eighth graders who he heard were excited to go to high school to get away from him. In any case, do you want to know what he did love? Well - he loved his cousin Jess, and his best friend Jezebel. And another thing? He also loved pudding Tuesday. There was something about a chocolate pudding that could melt any iced soul and Dan’s was one of them.

So someone could imagine the frustration when Dan go to the cafeteria and all the chocolate puddings were TAKEN. "Who took the last one? Dan asked the lunch lady, annoyed at his luck and even more annoyed at the person who dare take his pudding. Dan had done a favor for the lunch lady in the past so without a second, she simply pointed at a girl and moved on to the next student.

With a huff, Dan walked to the girl surrounded by her friends and looked her in the eye. Valerie Wood was…albeit a cute girl, definitely not his type. Do you know what his type was? NON PUDDING STEALERS. In any case, meeting her at eye level, he pointed to her untouched pudding and said "Hey that was mine,

Distracted from her friends, Val looked at Daniel with confusion. "You know, Daniel, there’s something called waiting in line and just getting your own pudding right?

Dan huffed once again, rolling his eyes. "You know that’s my pudding right?

"You know you’re off your rocker right? she retorted, her friends saying “OHHHhhhhHh” Like, god, shut up friends.

“Am not” Dan groaned.

“Wow great comeback.” she stated in a similar fashion.

“Just give me my bloody pudding” he added.

Though what he didn’t expect was for her to give him a challenging look, open said pudding and take a large bite out of it. "So now what?

Balls - Dan would admit she had that. But what she also had was a new enemy. Giving her a frustrated look, Dan told her she’d forever regret this day before moving towards his table where Jez, Mikel, Dorian, Elodie, Andy, and Jess were waiting for him. Currently Dorian and Jess were arguing about something or another as Elo tried to break it up. Andy was messing around with Mikel. And Jez was giving him a ‘stop being stupid’ look after seeing what went down at the other table. Did he get pudding? Yes, Jez gave him hers - Jess said she loved her pudding too much to give it up. But either way, Valerie Wood would rue the day she decided to take Daniel parker’s pudding.

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Jezebel Mallory Sloane

The day Jezebel found Jordan in the park, she couldn’t say that she knew what she was supposed to think, or say, because she really didn’t. What she did know, was that she couldn’t just stand by and let Jordan stay there the way he was. She sat down next to him, looking at his bruised face, and it wasn’t long before she stood up to take his hand. It was as if her actions were by instinct. There was no thought behind the decision, she just did it. She led Jordan to her home, knowing if her grandparents or mom found him there, they would flip out. It was better to ask for forgiveness than permission, especially knowing they would never say yes. Knowing how they would feel about the situation didn’t change a thing in Jezebel’s mind. Helping Jordan was the right thing to do, there was no question about it.

She didn’t need to know what happened to lead to her finding him in the park, but over time they became closer as he stayed in her attic, and eventually told her what happened. Something which made her more sure than ever that bringing him home with her was the right thing to do.

It was a Saturday morning, her grandparents had surgeries scheduled that morning, and her mom had left early, so how could Jezebel have expected for her mom to suddenly come back home looking for her phone? Normally, this wouldn’t have been too hard to manage, but Jordan was in the shower. Not only was he in the shower, but her mom was heading for that very same bathroom. Luckily, Jordan had left the bathroom door unlocked, but her mother would be right outside the door herself any second. That left the panicking Jezebel only one option. Fully dressed herself, holding Jordan’s clothes so her mother wouldn’t see them, she had to get in the shower with Jordan, with only the time to whisper a quick apology beforehand. Jezebel was still surprised by the situation herself, so she had to put her hand over Jordan’s mouth to keep him from saying anything from being caught completely off guard.

As expected, Jezebel’s mother came right into the bathroom, not even waiting for a response from Jezebel. “I know mom. I’m looking into it.”

“If you don’t do anything soon Jezebel, there won’t be any opportunities left. These internships don’t grow on trees, and won’t be around forever. You wouldn’t want to miss out, would you?”

Jezebel bit her lip as she listened to her mom’s words as she grabbed her phone. “No mom… I wouldn’t want to miss out on a connection to set me up for my future…” It didn’t matter what Jezebel wanted, if she even liked the internship her mother encouraged. Her mother wanted her to do it, and just maybe if she did a good job with it, her mother would be proud. “Now please mom, I’m in the shower. Can you get out and let me finish in here? Please.”

“Good, if you don’t think ahead and do everything you can to gain that influence, you won’t get anywhere, and I know you don’t want to set yourself up for failure. And alright I’ll go. I have to get going anyway.”

Jezebel let out a breath she had been holding as she heard her mother’s footsteps leaving the bathroom. Any moment, her mother would once again be out of the house, and hopefully wouldn’t make an unexpected return again.



Work It Reunion - 2039

4 years… that’s how long it had been since Jordan had been in the same room as Sadie Monroe for longer than 10 minutes. Well… not counting the Netflix reunion that he and Sadie and a few other cast members had a few days earlier that no one told them about but it wasn’t bad… honestly… it worked out for the better. It was almost… good for them.

Jordan still remembered getting on that call and then just feeling that utter shock when he saw Sadie was there too… sure… they had done the movie together. It shouldn’t be… shocking… but… they had also been married for 5 years. It was just… hard. Hard because he still cared.


“So Jordan; how was it working with your wife as the main love interest… sorry… we should say ex-wife shouldn’t we… what happened if you don’t mind us asking, with all of that anyways”

Jordan should have expected it - a question directed at Sadie and him. Netflix was not being subtle at all and it was easily seen as most questions were directed at Sadie and him.

“Honestly I loved working with Sadie. Being together during the movie aside - she’s an absolutely fabulous actress and singer. I mean, damn, have you heard her new music. Please, if you guys haven’t had a chance to check it out - go stream it. I know I’ve probably listened to it so many times. But back to your question, Sadie is one of the kindest and most professional people I know. She knows when to have fun and when to get serious and I guess she always kept me in check because I was goofing off 99% of the time. But yeah, it was a great movie and I think you can kind of see how much fun we had through the final product. To answer your second question… you know… people just grow apart. I know both me and Sadie have addressed this in other interviews but we still really care about each other and our kids. But if you don’t mind, can we stick to the movie?”

End of Flashback

One interview and here they were - talking again. It had been a long time since the two said more than a few things on text or DM but now they all decided to have dinner together with the cast and stream the movie again. Most of the cast were coming in person - hosted at Jordan’s house. A few were zooming in and all of them were going to live stream the whole thing. But did that make Jordan any less nervous? No.

At the moment, people had already begun filing in. Liza had arrived and had already started making jokes and Keiynan was dancing with a few of the crew learning some of the old moves again. Honestly, it was… good. And then he heard the knock on the door.

Heading towards the door, Jordan took a deep breath. He wasn’t sure it was her but there was this… feeling in his chest. Opening the door - that “feeling” was correct when he saw Sadie standing in front of him, as pretty as the day he has met her. “Hey I… it’s so good… you look… wow”

Did he just say “you look wow?” what the hell was wrong with him. The two started talking over each other and a soft laugh met his lips and he moved out of the way awkwardly, letting her into his house - one that she… surprisingly hadn’t been in over the past few years. "So how was the trip over… I hope the weather was okay . OH FOR HELLS SAKE JORDAN, you did not just talk about the damn weather. What the absolute hell was wrong with him?



Flabbergasted. Was that the word? Probably… honestly maybe the only word that described how he felt in that moment that Jezebel stood in the sower with him, her hand on his lips as she talked to her mom. A talk which… honestly surprised him more than Jez jumping into the shower. Jordan knew he had a bad relationship with his dad but this… this was different. There was something in the way Jez’ mother talked to her that reminded Jordan of his dad but at the same time… didn’t. It was… strange. Jordan could see it in Jezebel’s eyes that this was something she didn’t want so how could her mother, after raising her, not see it. Though, with Jordan’s own past, he wasn’t one to judge the rating on bad parents.

Jordan couldn’t help but smile when he saw her breath of relief, and for another few moments, he just stayed in there - in awe by the girl. To the point that he quite literally forgot that he was standing there in front of her absolutely naked. “Internship?” Jordan asked, bringing her attention back to him which… clearly was a mistake because the moment her eyes met his - Jordan blushed. And you know, usually, he’d be able to hide said blush if he wasn’t ABSOLUTELY NAKED. It took him a second to realize what had happened when she looked at him and blushed as well and immediately he turned around so his… well you know wasn’t showing. "Righ-right…uh… so… this is… yeah…um… great shower pressure in here… I really love how the water… yeah . Jordan let out, mentally hitting himself and his inability to say or form any actual words.

Hearing something, he turned around, his hand coving his… well you know… as he looked back at her. "I… um… did you say something?



Any chance of Sadie forming a complete question was lost when Riker suddenly picked her up and her feet were, in fact, off the floor, making her soon realise she wasn’t built for attempting to settle a drunk man. “I think the last thing you need…” Sadie started quietly, looking down at the empty bottles he had quickly gone through, after him asking where the other half of his order went. “… is more alcohol,” Sadie continued, though her uncertainty on whether or not Riker actually processed that was confirmed when he immediately after suggested dancing. She raised her eyebrows, but before she had a chance to respond, there he was, stood right in front of her, aimlessly moving along to the music. In this situation, Sadie’s growing love for dancing was not reflected in her rigid response to Riker’s instigation.

Sadie was being thrown onto this emotional rollercoaster with Riker, watching as he went from one extreme to the other, now sat on the couch with his thoughts back on the reason for being in this state. Sadie stayed quiet to not disrupt his train of thought he was verbally displaying, only shaking her head in disagreement with his theories, while his sadness began to replicate inside her. Slowly, Sadie lowered herself down to be sat next to him on the couch, worrying that a sudden fast movement would swerve Riker’s mood again. As she did, Riker suddenly changed his questioning to be more specific to her.

“No, Riker, I…- Jordan- it’s-” Sadie couldn’t even begin to answer that question, especially not with him in this state, but that loss for words contradicted what was going on in her mind. She closed her eyes to cover the tears she hadn’t realised had begun to form. Was this the place that Jordan had been in? Had Riker been in Sadie’s current position? Sadie continued with a shaky voice, stabilising the broken phrases she gave him before. “She loves you, she does, nothing… nothing could ever change that,” Sadie started, unable to ignore how her words applied to other situations. She put a hand on Riker’s, her eyes finding his. hoping that at least some of this was getting through to the intoxicated Riker. “You didn’t do anything wrong, you are the best father and husband that anyone could ask for, please never think otherwise.”

@.benitz786 Riker Taylor & Jordan Williams


Dominic Weston-Lucier

“Papa, when’s Daddy coming home?” Clara asked, sitting up in her bed and stopping Dom before he could close the door. “Soon, sweetie,” He answered, “He’ll be here when you wake up.” Satisfied with the answer she received, Clara lay back down and closed her eyes. He closed the door, saying good night to Amanda next and checking in on Jacob, who had already been asleep for hours, before going downstairs to finish cleaning the dishes from dinner. He had been watching the kids on his own while Maverick was away at a game.

He loaded the dishes into the dishwasher and wiped down the table, finding himself amazed at the amount of mess the children were able to make from a simple chicken dinner. After sweeping the floor, he turned the kitchen lights off, going downstairs to his studio, leaving the door to the stairs open just in case one of the kids called for him. He had a few commissions to finish before the end of the week and he figured that he should at least do something productive while he waited for his husband to return.

He changed into his painting clothes, an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt that were covered in paint from projects he had done in the past, and pulled out the colours he needed to finish his current painting. He turned on his stereo, selecting a song, but keeping the volume low to make sure he wouldn’t wake the kids. He picked up his palette and started to paint, soon becoming lost in his work. After an unknown amount of time had passed, the sound of the door opening cut through his focus and he set down his brush and palette, walking to the bottom of the basement stairs. “Mav?” He called up the stairs.

@Littlefeets - Maverick


She should have known that a Work It interview would have included Jordan Williams’ attendance. No, Sadie hadn’t at all been told, but she should have expected it. However, as her laptop screen with the Zoom call started dividing as more people joined, she almost forgot to hide her complete surprise when Jordan’s face joined the rest, and Sadie could see his mutual, but disguised, feeling.

Of course, the interviewer had to take advantage of this situation, all their questions being targeted towards Jordan and Sadie. And if they weren’t at them, they would be asking the rest of their castmates what it was like working with the ‘recently separated lovers’. While most questions had been subtle, soon the explicit questions came, and they first singled out Jordan asking what happened between them and how it was working together. As they had for the majority of the call, Sadie’s eyes floated to his screen where they stayed locked for the remainder of his answer.

Sadie condensed the smile that instinctively came from Jordan’s voice. Maybe for a moment she forgot the past four years and forgot that this was an interview with people watching them. A little fantasy she wanted so badly to be real. But that was brought to an abrupt stop by Jordan directing a question back to the interviewer, asking for the questions to stay movie-based, to which she gave a subtle nod in agreement. The words he said during his answer replaying in her head, as they would for months after. “Yes, of course, thank you for that answer,” They replied, an ounce of amusement over their face, before practically disregarding his request. “So, similarly, Sadie, how was it working with Jordan, and what do you think of him now?”

“Jordan, he’s…” Sadie paused for a moment, lost in her thoughts. How had he made that look so easy? Maybe it came so easily to him because he was over it all, and there was no emotional attachment to the answer. No, he definitely was over it all - how could she think he wouldn’t be? Her eyes hovered over his square on her screen, his face through a webcam giving no answers for her, how do you make eye contact with someone over a group call? He was probably just looking at the interviewer like she should be since they were looking at her waiting for an answer.

“Well, I, uh, I think it’s no secret that Jordan Williams is one… spectacular human being,” After worrying about how she was going to tackle this question, she found that as soon as she began, the words came out effortlessly, her eyes switching down to the keyboard making her forget the group of people watching her for an answer - and then the thousands watching after. “He’s the most talented person in every way possible, and he just continues to be more so as years go on. During- and outside of- the movie he taught me… pretty much everything I know and above all else he has the kindest soul, and he’s such a radiant light of a person,” She paused for a moment. Did she get too lost in the answer? Sadie knew she had unintentionally fed into the obsessive fanbase, giving them something to dissect and infer. What even was the question? The movie - focus on the movie. “I know for most people in the cast, it was like our first movie roles ever, but I think I speak for everyone when I say he easily made us feel comfortable in the unfamiliar environment. So, yeah, I guess it goes without saying that he was the best person to work with.”

It probably would have been logical for Sadie to join the cast reunion via zoom, as she knew a few had. Reduce the chance of fan rumours and assumptions from them… just standing together. Save any overthinking from her, knowing she would rewatch the live video too many times after. But, here she was, standing in at the front door of Jordan’s house. Jordan’s house, one that wasn’t theirs. She stood there for too long, wondering what kind of a life he had made behind that door without her. Was she about to see it? Sadie couldn’t have expected any different, this was her decision, one that she had made years ago. One that she had definitely, absolutely, completely gotten over. Then why was there so much hesitation in knocking the door?

When she finally did, her heart thumped as loud as the footsteps she could hear approaching the door. Though it could easily be one of their castmates answering the door: it was him, it was, she knew it was. But she had no control over her face lighting up when the door opened to reveal Jordan. It immediately felt a lot different to the Zoom call days earlier because this time… there he was, standing right in front of her, in real life, with no ambiguity of whether or not he was looking at her. He was right there.

No matter how long it had been, being around Jordan always instantly brought her back to being that seventeen-year-old girl, pitifully awkward and completely enamoured by the dancer who saved her from falling on her face in front of the entire senior year the day they met, from Emily Dalton who tried to make her life hell, from dying the night that still crept up and overtook her thoughts sometimes. Jordan was the foundation in her life for so long, and seeing him now made her wonder how it hadn’t been that way for the last four years.

“Jordan, hi, hello- hey, how are yo-… hey,” She closed her eyes as she painfully evaluated what she had just said. ‘Hi’ she realised was too casual, but then ‘hello’ felt too formal, so ‘hey’ felt like a steady middle ground… but what was it considered when you just say all of them at once? How many are considered too many greetings? Because Sadie definitely surpassed that unofficial number. As much as she wanted to take a second try at… speaking, Jordan had begun to have a go for himself, though his results came similar to hers.

Despite that being literally what she was here for, Sadie was slightly surprised as he stood back for her to come in. Maybe a small irrational part of her had expected a bitter reaction to seeing her, steam coming out of the ears from seeing the girl who ruined the family they had made. But, shock, that had not been the case. And now she was… walking into his house, something that fell from being normality for her. “Yeah, yeah it was good, it was- yeah, there was the sun- the sun was out, yeah,” She cringed at herself - a simple ‘good’ would have surpassed just fine, but now he knew the great details of it being sunny, when he definitely hadn’t been too invested in when asking. “How have you, uh- how have you been?” She asked, knowing she had to ask him a question back and finding success in actually composing somewhat of a cohesive sentence. However quickly realising that it may be a loaded question considering the history.

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