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12th November 2039

It had been almost two weeks since Halloween, and since finding out about Jordan and Jezebel’s pregnancy… from Paige Pierce. Since then, Annie had completely ghosted her dad, and ignoring every call and text; all consisting of the same ‘just please call’ and ‘what’s going on?’. As if he didn’t fvcking know what was going on. In this time she had been staying at her mother’s house, though Annie would even avoid that too because she knew Jordan had to be the one to tell Sadie about the pregnancy. She wasn’t sure how long she was planning on keeping this ignoring thing up, though it seemed to find an expiry date when she received a letter from Jordan asking for her to come home so he could tell her something. Who even writes letters anymore?

Annie knew his news was old to her, but she attended, nevertheless, with the sole motivation that when he told her she could finally confront him about finding out from someone else. “Who invited the Addams family?” Annie asked as she walked into the dining room of a place that suddenly felt less of home for her, asking despite it confirming her idea of what this was going to be about. As she walked in and sat next to her siblings and opposite her father, it was clear to see she had immediately disrupting the light-hearted mood that everyone else, who had arrived a while before, had created.

After Jordan had purposely built up the big announcement for the group, he finally began the subject as to why they were here. Annie folded her arms as she waited to hear what she should have weeks ago from him. But her arms soon dropped when Jordan made a new revelation. “What the fvck? No, seriously, what the actual fvck?” She started to her father in pure disbelief of what was coming out of his mouth. “You’re marrying her, you’re actually- no, what the fvck how are you- how could you do that? Like, are you actually being serious?” Annie let out, forgetting that anyone else was in the room because, really, they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. “Is this because she’s pregnant? Yeah, I know about that, no thanks to you, I’m so glad you let me find out through a literal stranger,” Annie revealed as she had initially intended to, though at the time of planning this out she hadn’t exactly compensated for the further reveal - meaning the majority of what she was saying was coming unplanned, and therefore unfiltered. “What else is there? Are you, I don’t know, planning another adoption? You know, just to perfectly complete this new replacement family because obviously it worked out so well the first time.”

“What- and you guys are just okay with this?” Annie asked turning to Justin and Kyra who sat in mutual approval of Jordan’s announcement, Annie still refusing to acknowledge the second family that sat on the other side of the table. “Yeah, of course you are, because it’s fvcking different for you two,” She continued in defeat. Though everyone tried to hide the fact, they had the insurance of blood between them to be enough and to know it would be okay for them. What did Annie have? The stability of an increasingly broken promise.

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past meets future

Song: Frank Ocean - Pink + White


Brandon Marshall
Jaden: 6 years old:
College age:

Brandon sat at the restaurant table, fidgeting with his hands and looking out of the window. He couldn’t help how nervous he felt. When he would finally see Cierra and Jaden round the corner, he didn’t know if he could withstand the pressure. It took so long to even get in contact with her because she had changed her phone number and blocked him on social media. He knew that he wanted her and Jaden in his life again and that without them contributed to the emptiness and guilt he felt when he was happy and should be focused on his career. He would try to place the situation in the back of his brain, but every time he would, something would remind him of them and he would go back to ruminating over what their life would be like, mainly with Cierra at first. If he was out walking his dog, he would see a family of three, at a bar with his friends, he would hear them say something that would remind him of Cierra. It was time to face it and that’s exactly what he did.

The next best option was to try getting in touch with her dad, which worked after a few weeks. That led to Cierra calling him one Saturday evening. He remembered how annoyed she sounded while first talking to him and how he didn’t care. He lowkey missed hearing her voice. He always tried not to think about her but now he was facing everything. He told her that he wanted to start visiting Jaden again and how he isn’t going to flake out this time. It took a lot of convincing but he ended up getting through to her. Now here he was. At the restaurant. Waiting to see Jaden again after years.

From the corner of his eye, he saw two figures walking past the window. When he looked he saw that it was them. As soon as he saw them come into the restaurant, he stood up quickly and turned around facing the door. Cierra looked through the window at Brandon, still feeling a little apprehensive.
“Hi.” Cierra said while stretching her arm for a side hug.
“Hi. it’s nice to see you.” His nerves were jumbled so his smile formed awkwardly on his face. She nodded her head and looked down at Jaden and nudged his arm
“Jaden, this is your dad, Brandon.”
“Hi.” Jaden said with a blank face. There he was, his son that he hadn’t seen in years. He was so small the last time he saw him and now he was six years old.
“Well let’s sit down and order our food.” Cierra stated while walking to the other side of the table. Brandon noticed Jaden picking up the menu and looking through it.
“What are you going to order?” He asked.
“Umm, probably chicken strips.” he said while looking down.
Some time later, while eating and talking, Brandon noticed how Jaden started opening up more and showing more of his personality, which was a little sarcastic. He was definitely more like his mom, but he also noticed how he also had mannerisms that were similar to his, which was cool to see.

Their plates were now empty and the conversations dwindled.“Well, I think it’s time for us to get going.” Cierra said.
“Oh, right.” He looked down as a way to hide his emotions. As they began getting up from the table, Brandon pulled her aside.
“I enjoyed this. It was really nice.”
Cierra nodded her head with a small smile on her face. Brandon turned back to Jaden, who was standing by the table waiting for his mom.
“See you later, little guy.” Brandon said while holding out his fist to him.
He looked at it for sometime until he finally decided to fist bump him.

Brandon would think about this moment throughout his life, but it was even more bittersweet when years later, Jaden told them that he was going off to music school and pursuing the dream he always talked about and practiced. He was all grown up and it was crazy to think that there was once a chance when he wasn’t going to be there to see this moment - or a time when he didn’t want to be in his life. “I’m glad you’re following your dreams.” That was what he told him when he was getting ready to leave at the airport. He patted him on the shoulder and hugged him. He was trying not to let the tears in his eyes overwhelm him. “Guys, I’m not trying to cry right now.” Jaden said. As they watched him board the airplane, for a split second he saw how the past truly was different from the future.




Today was really not Ari’s day. Her elder brother had recently returned from overseas study, and he has been acting cold towards her the whole time in favor of her demon sister. Ari didn’t even get to give him the gift she had made for him. Having taken up embroidery as a hobby, she wanted to make something for her older brother whom she hadn’t seen for quite some time. Sure she wasn’t that good yet, but she still wanted to try and gift him a hand-made gift. And so Ari spent days working on the gift for him, she really missed her elder brother.

After finishing the gift, Ari looked it. She grinned as she sat down. Sure, it wasn’t that great or impressive but she hoped he liked it, It was her first embroidery design for another person. She kissed the design, she knew he would like it. Her elder brother was one of the kindest people she knew, she remembered how they would play with each other before Bong-cha was born and how he appreciated every little gift she gave him. She was really excited to see him and give him the gift.

Things didn’t go as expected when her elder brother returned. Hearing some voices, Ari stirred from her nap and gradually got up. She walked downstairs and saw a tall lean figure carrying bags, ‘huh?’ Ari thought, was it an intruder? She was about to slowly walk out to call the guards before the intruder noticed her when a voice said, “Ari?” Ari’s eyes widened now wide awake- she recognized that voice anywhere. “LEO!” She screamed excited as she ran towards him. Leo chuckled and wrapped his younger sister in a hug, “Missed me?” Ari nuzzled in the hug “More than you can imagine.” She had wanted to tell him all about their annoying brat of a sister and how unfair mom and dad have been towards her ever since the birth of the baby, when he asked, “Where’s Bong-Cha?” Ari told him that bong-cha where in their parents room sleeping and how she had a gift for him. “I’m really tired, so can you give me the gift tomorrow?” Ari nodded excitedly, “I hope you like it.” She said shyly, “I like everything my sister makes for me.” He ruffled her hair.

The next day, Ari had woken up and the first thing she grabbed was the gift she had made for Leo. She went to the sitting room and saw Leo tossing Bong-cha in the air, Ari hopped he dropped accidentally dropped her. “LEO!” Ari screamed, startling Leo, he managed to catch Bong-cha just in time though, unfortunately. “What is it?” He asked coldly, ‘huh?’ Ari shook her head and maintained her smile, “I have your gift” she hid his gift behind her back. “Can’t you give it to me another time? You made me almost drop Bong-Cha, geez be careful you’re no longer a child.” Leo held Bong-Cha closer, “B-but b-but” Ari stammered, “No buts, you’re really careless, what if Bong-cha got hurt?” Well that would have been a blessing. “I just wanted to give you the gift.” Ari said sadly, Leo rolled his eyes, “Can’t you give it to me when i’m not with Bong-cha?” Ari sighed “Fine.”

After that… Ari had tried to find a perfect time to give Leo her gift, but never seemed to be a perfect time. He was always glued to Bong-cha and rarely spoke to her, except if it is to gush about how amazing and smart bong-cha was. She wanted to scream, what was up with him? He didn’t even look at her with the same warming familiar brown eyes like when she was younger.

Ari stopped trying to find a perfect time to give him her gift, she threw the handkerchief in the mini-trashcan inside her room. She never wanted to do embroidery again, it was too tiring.

Back to present

Like she said, today was really not her day. It was the day of the tiring annual gift-exchanged party at school. Filled with all the cheesy games, music that made her ears bleed and a bunch of kids who wished they were somewhere else. “F*ck this” Ari said out loud. Last week, she drew the name of a kid named ‘Andrew’ he was one of the ‘uglies’ as Ari liked to call them and was really annoying. He also had the personality of a wall. She wasn’t going to put that much thought in his gift, after all the last time she put effort into someone’s gift, it ended up badly. She had cut a strand of her hair and placed it in a ziplocked bag, he seemed like the type of weirdo to collect hair strands from girls- of course she was just exaggerating but whatever. The loser better enjoy the gift, it was a strand from the hair of a goddess, her.

It was Ari’s turn to open her gift and she grimaced, what had the loser given her? She wondered. If it was something like a finger clip, Ari swore- Anyways, she opened the gift and her eyes widened at what she saw. It was a beaded bracelet with her name in it, it looked so similar to the one Ari and her brother made together as a child but lost while playing in the park. It was the first thing her brother and her made together and Ari had felt bad, Leo had comforted her that it didn’t matter but she couldn’t help the guilt eating her up. Ari licked her cheeks, they were surprisingly salty… weird. She rubbed her eyes and they felt watery, huh? Was she crying, nah that can’t be the case. “Is everything ok Miss. Lee?” The teacher asked, Ari coughed “Uh, yeah.” Ari looked at the gift again and saw a note, weird, how had the note escaped her eyes?

“I hope you like the gift, I didn’t know what you liked so uh I tried. Sorry if you don’t like it. PS: turn the bracelet, there’s a moon design… The moon reminded me of you, kinda. It has two sides and it feels like you, I hope I can know you better and see you other side. Anyways ha ha hope you like.” And Ari did. Hmm, she guess losers weren’t all that bad. She looks around the room to see Andrew holding the gift she had given him, she grimaced- well he still hasn’t opened it, Ari felt bad imagining his reaction. Andrew turned to her with a smile and mouthed ‘did you like it?’ she turned away with a blush, ‘idiot’ she thought, how dare him ask her that question? Was he that stupid, didn’t he see the look on her face when she opened the gift. Of course she liked it, why was he asking the obvious. Stupid She thought.

“Oh Well, it’s Mr. Yendo’s turn to open the gift.” Ari winced, “D-does he really have to?” She asked the teacher. The teacher blinked, “Well of course.” The teacher put a hand on Ari’s shoulder’s, “You don’t have to worry if your gift is good or not. I’m sure he would like it and you put effort into it.” The thing was she didn’t. And she surprisingly felt bad, what the f!ck was going on with her?

Andrew opened the gift and he grimaced at what he saw, Ari winced at his reaction. He grabbed the letter she had written and frowned. She turned away, she knew what was in the letter and at that time when she wrote it she didn’t feel bad… but now?

"Look loser, you seem like a weirdo who likes collecting girl’s hair as a hobby so whatever hopes this feels your trashy taste. Honestly why did I have to get stuck with someone like you? Why the f!ck has my life gone downhill? My brother doesn’t even feel like the guy I used to know, my parents and his attention is on the demon child and I got stuck with you? God might have well wrote something on my arm that says ‘you’re being punished lol’ cuz being stuck with someone like you is a f!cking punishment. And even if you don’t enjoy collecting hair as a hobby you better be happy with my gift, i’m a f!cking goddess and I have graced you with my hair as a gift. "

“So what do you think of the gift Mr. Yendo?” The teacher asked him and Andrew forced a smile, “It’s unique” He said, Ari bit her lips… he knew what he meant was awful. He turned his gaze from the teacher and towards her and Ari looked down at her shoes.

Ari spent all night embroidering a gift for Andrew, yes she swore to never embroidery again but she had to make up for that gift and this would be her last time embroidering. Anyways, she hoped he liked it. It was a rose design, she had read somewhere that it symbolized courage and he seemed well… quite courageous.

“Hey, Loser.” She called out seeing Andrew walking down the halls. He turned to her, “Yes?” Ari coughed, “I have a gift for you.” She blushed. Andrew blinked, “No, it’s ok.” He said grimacing, what was she planning to give him now? A toenail, Andrew thought. Ari frowned, “I spent all night making this, so take it.” She told him. She handed him the design and Andrew’s eyes widened. “Wow” He said, the gift wasn’t an awful one. He smiled at her, he was right about her, she did have a good side. Well now his friends owned him 50 bucks. “Yeah it’s whatever, it’s not much. After all you don’t deserve much.” She crossed her arms, she looked down at her shoes. “Anyways there thing about wanting to see the other side of me… I guess I will grant you that wish, tomorrow , 5 o’clock at Joe’s restaurant.” Andrew smiled, “So a date?” Ari was taken aback by that, “Eww noo, why would I go out with someone like you?” She said her face red, “I’m just giving you the opportunity to see the other moon side of me or whatever corny sh!t you wrote.” Andrew smiled again, “Sure. See you tomorrow.” He waved at her, clutching the gift she had given him tightly.

Ari concluded something after spending some time with Andrew, he wasn’t all that bad for a ‘loser’ and he actually had personality. She smiled, he was fun. When she would rant about what’s going on in her life, he would listen and comfort her. The loser was a great friend.

Andrew wrapped his arms around Ari, “I’m sorry I’m leaving you, but we’ll keep in touch no?” Ari felt tears threatening to fall, “Of course Andrew.” She brought him even closer. He was leaving to study abroad, he was leaving her- no, Ari shook her head, he wasn’t leaving her. They would still talk together on the phone, she would still rant to him about her problems. Andrew released himself from the hug and stared at Ari, “Can I kiss you?” He asked. Ari blinked, ‘what? the hell no’ she thought, why would she kiss a loser. “Yes.” The words escaped her lips. Andrew leaned in and captured her lips in a kiss, the kiss was shockingly good.
Another thing Ari concluded, Andrew wasn’t a loser and if he was… he was the best loser she had ever seen.

“That was amazing.” Andrew said, “Amazing.” Ari repeated. She pinched her cheeks and shook her head. “Again?” She asked with a smirk.

Ari concluded another thing yet again:

She loved kissing Andrew.

After some time, they still kept in touch. And Ari did quit embroidery but she did realized another thing: Andrew was still a loser, an amazing loser.


How does one find Daniel Parker? It’s a question that many people have likely asked over the years - after all, he’s the one who can grant anyone’s darkest desire. Well… with limits of course. But to make a deal with the devil, you have to find the devil first and those who know Daniel, know that one sure way to find him is to follow the drama. He thrived off it - and after hearing that his dear sister was going to brunch with Jordan and his kids… well, that screamed bring the popcorn. It took a little finessing… a lot of Jez saying no, but sooner or later (mostly because he showed up anyways and Jordan let him in because, well, he’s Daniel) he arrived at the family party of the decade - not century because let’s be honest, the 2020-2030 decade had that dinner with Jezebel… sorry sis.

In any case, as Daniel settled into his seat - across from Laurel who was sitting next to Jezebel who was GLARING at him for coming. Or maybe she was glaring at the actual popcorn he brought? WHAT JEZ? YOU KNOW YOU WANT SOME TOO. Anyways, it was clear to see that the tension in the room was high - something Daniel immediately loved. Jordan was whispering something to Jezebel - which was RUDE because come on, share with the group - Laurel was on her phone, while Jordan’s 2 kids looked at each other. Apparently, they were all waiting for the other Williams daughter K-… no this one was Annie right?

Though he didn’t have to ask as the girl walked in asking something about the “Addams family” which brought a slight smile on his face as he plopped another popcorn in his mouth. After some… small talk, Jordan finally got on with it - telling the group the big news about Jezebel’s engagement. It was something Daniel actually was happy about because his sister deserved to be happy and the ring on her finger, and kid inside of her, clearly were doing it. Either way, it was this very revelation that started the sh!t show that Daniel had been waiting for. Immediately that Annie kid started cursing Jordan out, bringing up the fact that Jez was pregnant which made Dan add a “OH SNAP” in between shoving more popcorn in his mouth. Yeah… likely no one appreciated that he was there but he was having fun. Don’t worry Val, Dan was recording all of it for movie night later. It was when the kid brought up possible adoption that caused Dan to laugh - mostly because he knew Jordan had begin looking into that. Clearly, the kid felt left out and while Dan probably should have been more respectful of the situation, it was clear that the kid had to learn that not everything turned out marry go lucky in the world. It wasn’t a fairytale, after all. “Kid, chill. It’s not like your world is falling apart with your two parents having incomes of over a million dollars a year. But hey, if you need anything, you can always come to your step-uncle, Daniel Parker, at your service,” he stated with a mixture of comedic and serious undertones.

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The “Something Old” - 2031 - Part 5

Jess laid against Dorian in a post-sex haze - a smile on her lips as she wrapped her arms around his torso. “Do me a little favor and next time just… don’t go to a stupid Olympics promo shoot? I bloody missed you too much,” Jess whispered, kissing his shoulder. The man had arrived in London early that morning - a day after cake testing and Jess had executively decided they were just going to have one of each cake because why the hell not. Was her fiance surprised by her choice? Not in the least - rather, there was only a laugh on the other line of the phone as she told him the news. Since the moment he had arrived, the two had been stuck in bed doing… well this. Catching up for lost time was truly the best way to put it. And…while they were currently in her childhood bedroom, the room had changed since the time she spent here - her parents renovating so it was fit for adults soon after she had come to Beryl. In any case, there were no “childhood bedroom” jokes to make with the man who was tightly holding her against him. Instead, they ended up talking about just… what had been going on with the other while they were apart. While they spoke most nights on the phone, being together was just different…

“Oh did I tell you about the latest pages I read from my mother’s journal? Apparently, she was engaged and practically broke the engagement off for that Leo fellow. I honestly can’t believe she never told me or Anna any of this - I’m just so bloody curious now. But that’s not the craziest part. Are you ready for this?” Jess questioned, looking at the man in his eyes. “She apparently went to Cerulean High and participated in the blue royalty game… I mean… I can’t believe she never told me that part… I’m… god I don’t even know how to read to that news”

Dorian started to say something - confusion clearly on his features at her news - though both of them were distracted by the sound on the baby monitor as the coo’s of their daughter filling the room. Shay was awake, and although Jess moved to go get the call, Dorian instantly held her back. “Let me - I haven’t seen her in days,” . A soft smile met her lips for the second time as Dorian kissed her once again before getting up, putting his joggers back on, and walking out the door.

Maybe Jess should have tried to at least sleep at that point - she had been up for most of the night, after all. But instead, she found herself grabbing her mother’s journal and flipping further inside, once again immersed in her mother’s story.

𝒟𝑒𝒸𝑒𝓂𝒷𝑒𝓇 𝟤𝟦𝓉𝒽, 𝟣𝟫𝟫7

𝒟𝑒𝒶𝓇 𝒟𝒾𝒶𝓇𝓎,
𝑀𝓎 𝒷𝒾𝓇𝓉𝒽𝒹𝒶𝓎, 𝒞𝒽𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓉𝓂𝒶𝓈 𝑒𝓋𝑒, 𝒷𝓁𝓊𝑒 𝓇𝑜𝓎𝒶𝓁𝓉𝓎, 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒶𝓁𝓂𝑜𝓈𝓉 𝒹𝓎𝒾𝓃𝑔… 𝓁𝑒𝓉’𝓈 𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝓈𝒶𝓎, 𝒾𝓉’𝓈 𝒷𝑒𝑒𝓃 𝒶 𝓁𝑜𝓃𝑔 𝒹𝒶𝓎.

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Where’s my daddy?

Play - Green Grass

“My mommy packed…coo…cookies for meee,” Aria whispered excitedly as she bounced on the table with her best friend Bonnie who had taken a seat across from her. “OO my daddy packed fruit snacks, w…want to share?” The two were waiting for their parents to pick them up and always brought snacks while they waited. Her mom always told her snacks made her big and strong and because of that, she could get whatever she wanted. Though as great as that was, there was something else in her mind over the past few days. Recently, Aria had started noticing that alllllllll of her friends had… well… to point out the elephant in the room… they had dads and she just didn’t. How come she didn’t? What happened to her dad? Did he not want her? She liked Andy and that was Kaya’s dad… but Kaya didn’t have a mom… and Aria loved her mom. And then… then there was Ronnie who’s dad was Cousin Danny and she had a mom too. But what about her? Over the past few days, all those thoughts had been in her mind, making her honestly really sad. She didn’t have the same energy to play or have fun because every time she tried, someone brought up their father. Did you know it was career day at school yesterday and most people brought their fathers? And now again - as she and Bonnie were waiting she saw Bonnie’s dad picking her friend up and spinning Bon around and right before Bonnie left, the last thing she asked Aria was how come she had never met Aria’s dad. And…and…and how was she supposed to respond to that?

That night… Aria finally… worked up the courage to finally ask her mama the question that she hadn’t been able to get out of her mind. Her mom’s arms were wrapped around her as the two read a book together about a bunny who got lost and the bunny’s dad found him. “Mommy… who’s my daddy?” All the sadness she had been feeling over the last few days finally came out as tears begin streaming down her eyes as her mom asked her what brought this up. And so… Ari told her mommy how… her friend had her dad… and how the bunny had his dad… but she didn’t… have… a dad. “Do I… do I have a daddy mommy?” Aria whispered softly in between her sobs and she found a little comfort in her mom wrapping her arms around her and kissing her before nodding and telling her that she… did have a dad. She… had a dad…and… her mommy asked if she wanted to meet him. She waited a few seconds, but soon Aria begin nodding a hope filling her as she imagined what her dad was like.

Over the next few weeks - Aria Pierce’s energy had picked up again and she begin telling everyone that she was going to go see her father. After her mom had told her that daddy was a prince, she grew more excited, telling everyone she knew - including her teacher. Did anyone believe her? Well that was another topic altogether, but whether they did or not, she was soooooo excited. Her mom had taken her dress shopping and she found a dress that made her look like a princess so her dad would want her. And AND on the plane, her mommy even did her makeup because Aria wanted to look like her mom did.

“You ready, my love?”

Nothing could hide the pure excitement she felt when her mom asked that question, soon followed by her grabbing Aria’s hand as they walked inside the bigggggeeeesssttt room she had ever been to. It was sooo pretty. There were millions of girls in so many beautiful dresses… and… she… almost felt like her dress wasn’t enough seeing how the other women looked. What if her dad didn’t like her? Excited or not - Aria Pierce soon felt nervous as her mom walked in between a lot of people and started talking to someone she couldn’t see. But but… but then they started walking away. Aria tried to look behind her at the man her mom was talking to but she couldn’t… see him… maybe… did her dad… not… want her? Why… were they walking away?

Aria found her mom leading her to the upstairs balcony and before Aria could ask what happened, someone else followed them outside. Part of Aria wanted to go up to the man, but a bigger part of her was so scared that she found herself moving behind her mom’s legs. Tightly hugging her mom, she met the man’s blue eyes with curiosity. Was that her dad? She stayed there as her mommy spoke for her, but her mom was speaking sooo fast she didn’t even know what she was saying… until her mom said her name that is. The moment she did, she saw the shock on the man’s face but it was gone in an instant as the man bent down close to her. She could see him clearly now. The man had blonde hair and bright blue eyes - similar to her own but her’s were darker than his.

“HI… Aria is it?”

Staying behind her momma, Aria slowly nodded - unsure of what to do but but then he told her that her dress was pretty and asked her to twirl. Though she stayed behind her mom, she turned around and laughed slightly - happy that he liked her dress: maybe she did look like a princess.

"My mommy says I look like a princess… are…are you a prince?”

Before the man could answer, Aria found her mommy bending down, kissing her on her forehead before telling her that she would be right outside. Then… she was… all alone with the man.

“I am a prince… and I agree with your mommy, you do look like a princess,” her father added, taking a seat on the floor beside her. “How old are you?”

With that, Aria put three of her fingers up, smiling as she sat on her dad’s lap. “All…all my friends have daddy’s… and now… I… have one too,” she whispered, hugging the man after a few seconds and she felt his arms wrap around her after a few seconds.

WIth that, she found her father asking her everything from what she liked to do - hint, playing and eating were a big part of her loooonnngg answer - and her favorite color anddddd her favorite animalll anddd Aria asked him what he liked to do, if they could make a little handshake like her mom and her had, and sooooo mannyyy other things. She didn’t know how long she was talking to him, but after a while, she found herself closing her eyes against his chest - her thumb in her mouth as she slept happily. She… finally… had a dad. AND and… he wanted her.

Waking up, Aria rubbed her eyes expecting her dad to be there and… well… was really upset when she found herself on the plane. Tears ran down her face as Aria started crying loudly, wanting her dad back but her mom just kept telling her that she was sorry and that he couldn’t be there. It wasn’t fair… it… how come everyone else got to be with their father and she couldn’t? For most of the flight, Aria hadn’t stopped crying - rather, she found herself crying herself to sleep once again. The second time she woke up however, it was different. Instead of her being alone - she found that she was sleeping on her dad’s lap as he read the news paper like her mommy did in the morning.

Was it a dream? “D…daddy?” Aria whispered and found the man looking down at her with a smile. “Good morning princess,” and with that, Aria immediately jumped up - wrapping her arms around the man and tightly holding him. “P…please don’t leave daddy… I’m sorry I’m… not a prin…princess I’ll… I’ll be…better,” she whispered, and after a second of him holding her tightly, she heard him shaking his head with a laugh. “I’m not going anywhere my love,”



“HEY HEY HEY, have some respect. These guys in the 1900s were probably not too kind to anyone who didn’t look like a ghost… no offense,” he added to her teasing. Natural… yep… that’s exactly what this conversation was and Mason hated to admit it but he was… really enjoying it. What was it about this girl… fcking hell. As she continued her joking demeanor he shrugged, “Maybe a few axe wielding zombies. I always dreamed about being in a horror flick and being the one who lived until the very end only to get killed in the last 2 minutes of the movie with a to be continued because the zombie strain wasn’t actually eradicated, and then I come back as a zombie and am the star of the next movie,”

Okay maybe that was a little specific - let’s just say… he had thought about it a few times. Though when she mentioned that “Rebekah Azure” was related to VC - Mason’s eyes widened. That’s why the name was familiar… In any case, placing the book in his back pocket, he didn’t say anything more about it. But he was planning on figuring out more about the book at a later time - for now, getting out of this creepy abandoned ballroom. He didn’t, however, expect her to offer… well… .a dance and while a part of him wanted to push himself away from her, another part wanted to follow through. Let’s just say… the latter one. With a soft grin, he put his hand out for her and pulled her in close, starting a practiced slow dance. As he swayed his hips, her head laying against his shoulder - he couldn’t help the feelings bubbling up in his body and as she moved her head up at the end of the dance, he moved his head down and his lips found its way to hers. With his left hand, he navigated it to her head, tangling it up in her hair as he deepened the kiss.

@CerealKiller - Halloween continued


“Mommmyyy?” Shay mumbled, knocking on the bathroom softly. Her mom was making lunch for her and then for some odd reason, ran to the bathroom and started throwing up the food she had made for all of them. Daddy, Zoe, and Aidan had gone to pick some dessert up but Shay had stayed meaning she was the only one there when this all started. Honestly, she didn’t think the food was bad at all. If anything it was reallllyyyyy good. Mommy always said her friend Hordan Mamsy taught her to cook but Shay didn’t know who that was. All she knew was her mom was the bessttt cook.

After a few minutes, her mom emerged from the bathroom, picking Shay up the moment she came out. “Are you okay momma?” Shay asked, wrapping her arms around her mom tightly. She felt her momma kissing her forehead before going to the kitchen and grabbing the keys. “I’m okay baby, but do you want to come to the store really quickly with me? Mommy needs to grab something,”

It was a quick trip - the two drove a few minutes away and mommy bought a weird little stick before going to the bathroom in the store. Shay waited outside the stall, knocking on her mom’s stall door periodically to ask if she was done yet. After a loooonnnnng time, her momma finally came out - stick in hand as she looked at it with a confused expression. For a few minutes, her mom didn’t say anything but then finalllyyy she looked down at Shay “Hey baby… you know how Zoe and Aidan are your siblings? How would you feel about being a big sister again?”

There was a smile on Shay’s face as she bounced up and down, excited by the question her mom had just asked her. She loved being a big sister and her mom just told her that she was going to have more siblings so of course she was excited. AND she was the first to knowww. Usually, her mom told dad first and then her. “Can I… can I tell daddy?” Shay whispered quietly, though quickly smiling as her mom nodded. And THEEENNN mom and her went shopping and bought Shay and her siblings’ cute little shirts that said “big sister” and “big brother” and a little cake with words that said Daddy X 4.

After getting home, Shay ran to her dad’s arms who was confused by why Jess had left. “Daddy daddy… momma and I went shopping can I show you what we bought?” With an innocent smile, Shay waited until her father nodded before going to the bags of clothes they bought and first pulling out a big sister shirt for herself. After that, she pulled out a big sister shirt for zoe who was excited about having a new shirt. She waited for her dad to compliment their clothes before pulling the last one out and handing it to her father - one that was for Aidan saying “Big Brother” instead of “Little Brother”. “Baby I think you bought the wrong shirt. Aidan’s not a Big Brother, he’s your little brother” She smiled at her dad’s words before shaking her head. “No daddy…” and that’s when her mom brought the cake out. “He’s going to be a big brother,”



Malachi Azure


“Go. Get out of here. Now.” The woman snarled before the young girl with a head of curly, bold grey dyed hair dashed down the hall. Kai could hear her steps, and moved to the side just in time to not be bowled over by the petite girl. “Hey, careful there.” Kai spoke in a calm, neutral tone. She paused, and immediately looked up at the man in front of her. Not just any man, but the future king of Listaria, Prince Malachi Azure, having just returned from visiting his family. “Oh, your… your highness. My apologies for being in your way, I just…” she paused, biting her lip slightly before taking a breath. “Don’t apologize. You did nothing wrong. What’s your name?” She looked down, not sure how to act in the presence of a prince. “I… I’m…” she began, only for Kai to lightly lift her chin to meet her eyes. “Hey, don’t be nervous. I’m Kai. It’s a pleasure to meet you…” Kai trailed off, expecting the girl to finish the sentence with her name. “Skye. I’m Skye.”


“Wine? Red wine? How did Ms Elieen not kill you? I swear that woman was picturing my death just for getting a drop of jam on my uniform. Am I like… looking at a corpse right now? Or are you a ghost or…” Skye trailed off into an exaggerated gasp. “No. Are you a vampire? Oh that makes so much more sense now. It wasn’t wine, it was blood, and that’s why you really bring so many girls into your bed. Not for the sex, but for a meal.” Skye stuck her tongue out at Kai as he shook his head with a laugh. “I know, I thought she was going to kill me for that. I’m still on thin ice for it.” Skye gave a smile, knowing how he felt about being on thin ice for a stain. “What’s the worst she could do though? You are The Prince Malachi. She’d do what, make you do your own laundry? Or at least your own bed sheets.” Skye said with a laugh. “You know, I don’t think she would even let me do my own laundry. It wouldn’t be up to her standards if I did it. I don’t know what she would do, but Ms Elieen still scares me in a way, even now.” Skye nodded. “Have you ever even seen that woman not scowling? She’s terrifying.”

“Damnnnnn Kai, how do you ever manage to wake up in the morning? This mattress is heavennnnnnn.” Skye said, having sat down and laid back onto Kai’s bed. “I… don’t really sleep all that much.” Kai shrugged. “What, too busy staying up all night with any lady who happens to look your way?” Skye responded, mostly jokingly. “I guess that’s part of it.” Kai agreed with a slight chuckle, knowing it was more than just that. With everything that had gone on in his life, when he was younger, even to more recently, sleep didn’t always come easily… Kai looked at Skye as she not only stood back up, but walked right up to Kai to grab his hand and pull him over towards the bed. “Come on, lay here and just relax” Kai slightly shrugged, just going along with what Skye was doing. However, things didn’t go as smoothly as Skye had intended, stepping backwards and tripping, landing on the bed. Though, with the way it happened, she pulled Kai right down with her, to where he was on top of her, their bodies right against each other, and faces mere inches apart. Perhaps it was that moment, or perhaps it had even been before, Malachi Azure could feel something, something he hadn’t felt in a long time. Not since Jess. That banter, the light heartedness, the weight of the world off of his shoulders for just a moment when he was around her. Skye was someone who had come to matter a lot to him as a friend, someone he could be genuine with, but being that close to her only made it more clear to him. Even though they had become great friends, the attraction he felt towards her when they first met was still there. That being said, he didn’t expect to find her lips meeting his. She made it clear early on that she wasn’t going to just be another one of the girls he slept with because he wasn’t happy with his life or in his relationship with his wife, but there they were, her closing the gap to kiss him after they had simply looked at each other for a mere few seconds that felt like hours.


“Kai…” Skye began, looking up at the man. Even before she gave a slight nod as an answer to the question he hadn’t even asked yet. Quickly checking that nobody was around watching, Kai grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into the bedroom, shutting and locking the door behind them and kissing her. First, on the lips, then neck, slowly trailing down. “Kai, this is not the time.” He paused the kissing for just a moment to look at her beautiful features, before continuing, stopping when his lips reached her stomach. He brought his hand to her stomach, feeling her soft, smooth skin and looking at her with a light smile. We will figure this out.” Kai said, with no doubt in his mind. What they were going to do, he didn’t know. He didn’t have a plan, but they could figure it out together. “I love you, and this baby, even if it was an accident.” Kai could see the tears building in her eyes as he told her he loved her. He had felt it for a while, but hadn’t said it before that moment, because the last time he let someone hold his heart in their hands, he came out of it hurt. He had hurt Jess, and she had hurt him. They had both hurt each other so much. There would forever be that part of him that would love Jess in a way he couldn’t love anyone else, but now there was someone else that also had his heart like no other. Soulmates, true love, did any of that exist? Maybe not, probably not in Kai’s world, but Malachi Azure could say one thing without a doubt. He had experienced two great loves in his life, but… it also meant he experienced twice the loss…

“Your highness?” A butler who knew of the relationship between Kai and Skye, questioned as Kai had just returned. “I just got word, but, there has been… an accident… with Skye and the baby…”
“What do you mean, an accident? What happened, where is Skye?”
“It seems she was sent out on an errand, and she was hurt…”
“And the baby?”
“Alive. She’s fine… but Skye… she didn’t make it.” With those words, Kai first felt a slight relief knowing that the baby, his and Skye’s daughter, was fine, but then came the crushing feeling. Skye didn’t make it. Skye was gone, but their daughter was alive. The woman he was in love with was dead. He hadn’t been there, he hadn’t been able to protect her, when he knew she deserved to much better. Jess had been a passionate love that he felt with all of his heart, one that made him feel alive, then Skye, she was without a doubt, his best friend, his better half in a way. Both of them deserved so much better. Jess, she had found better, happiness, a family, as he had just seen not long ago, but Skye, she would never get that chance. Skye was gone, but her daughter, their daughter, was still here. It didn’t matter how broken Kai felt, he was all that baby girl had, and she was the only thing keeping him going.

@benitz786 - Jess mentioned


{ Skipping school | 12th November }

What an eventful day…Who would’ve thought Phoebe would have to chase her drvgged up sister around the school after taking the blame for something she did. Having those pictures of her making out with a guy was not something the both of them… what Phoebe needed right now. She really didn’t care what people would say about her, she never did, but sometimes it’s better to just stay out of drama… if only that was possible now.

Leaving school pretty early was something she had to do if she didn’t want people to figure out what happened and she shouldn’t be complaining… skipping school is great, let’s be real. Not something Phoebe has never done before. On her way home she was going over every potential excuse she could use when her mom sees that she’s back, what Phoebe didn’t know was that she wouldn’t even have to explain herself. It wasn’t important. Leaving her bag on the dining chair, the house seemed quiet. Empty. And that was a good thing. A sigh of relief left Phoebe’s lips thinking her mom went out with Lexie and she didn’t have to deal with her now. But she was terribly wrong.

Walking up the stairs was when she heard quiet sobs. When she found the door of her parents’ room open and her mother sitting on the edge of the bed, covering her face with her hands while crying. Crying? ”Mom?” Phoebe whispered, frozen in place as she looked at her mother with a mix of confusion and concern. And then panic… did something happen? Has someone died? That’s when her mother stopped but did not look up at Phoebe. ”Mom… Did something happen?” Elodie stood up, avoiding Phoebe’s gaze as she wiped the tears and finally managed to answer. ”Can you please go buy me something? My head hurts.” ”Mom-” ”You can find some money downstairs,” ignoring Phoebe, Elodie picked up her phone that was on the bed next to her and put it in her pocket, not noticing that her daughter was now standing right next to her. ”What ha-” ”Please, Phoebe?” Managing to put on a weak smile, Elodie once again ignored the question and gently cupped her daughter’s face, placing a kiss on her forehead before walking out of the room and heading to check on Lexie. Leaving Phoebe worried.


”not to hard to find more ghost friends now consuming they’re probably all dead” she added with a shrug.

When she came to this… haunted house thing, she sure didn’t expect to find herself stuck in secret abandoned hallways with a guy, especially not mason, but if we’re being honest here… she was actually having the best time she had had in a while now. It was just natural, free, no problems and outside world drama. She liked it, it reminded her of days in her past, before she even came to Beryl, moments when life was just good. And dare I say, fshe was even… starting to feel happy again.

”Well that was oddly specific. Isee you had some time to plan this zombie apocalypse mister last man standing” she laughed lightly, raising her brow at the boy.

”come on, music is meant for dancing” she said, smiling as he came towards her in her offer of a dance. Why’d she offer that? She didn’t know, but it was fun and she was feeling comfortable around him, she didn’t think of things on the outside, not people, not his girlfriend (oops), anything. She was just there in the moment, with the music playing in the background as the two danced in an abandoned ballroom.

But as the dance ended, she raised her head up to look at him with a smile, though she didn’t expect him to kiss her. But as he did she kissed him back. and honestly, she felt happy, she felt high, she felt… just perfect. There was something about that boy, god knows what, but he was something. Something good.

”W- Mason… ” she mumbled after ”Sienna.” she added quietly, not saying anything else as she looked away from him. She may have been having the best time, but she had morals, and she knew he had a girlfriend even if it took her a little too long to remember.

@benitz786 Mason


{ Castle | 2039 }

Dorian doesn’t like lying to his wife but sometimes, like now, that was necessary. If he wanted his not so little plan to work, he had to come up with a bunch of lies and hope Jessica would believe him. I mean… often going to the UK for some soccer event was not that suspicious, was it? At least that’s how the lies started.

There was a castle they got as a wedding gif and they never really done anything with it. It was just sitting, abandoned on a nice hill for ages and Dorian doesn’t remember if they ever visited it. And there was not a better time to do this - soon it will be Shay’s 10th birthday and Jess’ and Dorian’s anniversary. It would be an early gift but probably the best one so far. The whole process started last year before winter, while the team he found could still do some work on the exterior of that castle. And that castle…. needed a lot of fixing. Decorating the whole interior being included but if his family doesn’t end up liking how it looks don’t blame him…. he hired the best people so blame them, tho he was pretty sure they’d do the best job. For that part he could just stay at home and be with his family while their castle was getting new windows and doors, facade was redone, and the swamp surrounding it wasn’t a swamp anymore. It was never realllly a swamp to begin with but it was simply awful and Dorian wanted his kids to have the most beautiful garden and backyard.

Once that was done he had to go back and find a lame excuse to why he had to leave, only to meet up with a young interior designer again and talk more about the inside of that huge ass castle. She also had her own little team and they all better be thankful for this job because 172 rooms was a lot. 18 guests bedrooms, every kid gets 2 bedrooms, 2 kitchens on different sides of the castle but the main hall was going to be the most beautiful room. Making his little girls feel like real princesses with the spiral staircase and low chandeliers. There was also an indoor pool but let’s not talk about that now, that was Dori’s wish. It was all coming together, he just needed to think of a way to bring his whole family here and not look suspicious.

* * *

”Look,” Dorian was tightly holding baby Grayson in his arms, lifting him up so they could both look out of a small private jet window. Zoe was asleep on the seat next to him while Shay was watching something with Jess, Aidan and Ethan asleep next to them. They were all on a plane to somewhere. They all thought they’d be visiting Jess’ family and they will, for two days that’s all they’ll be doing but then Dorian will take them to a castle he spent so much time getting ready for them. ”You can see the ocean,” a smile on his lips as he looked at his son, his tiny hand on the window. ”It’s confusing, isn’t it?” At first the twins did everything at the same time and they were still good babies but now whenever Grayson was awake Ethan would be asleep and the other way around, making it slightly difficult for their parents. Bringing him closer to his chest and kissing the top of his head, Dorian looked to the side at his daughter waking up.

”Slept well, princess?” A playful smile on his lips, he opened his arm allowing Zoe to cuddle up next to him while still tightly holding Grayson on his other side. They still had 3 more hours to waste in that plane but 2 days before his kids became real princesses and princes.

* * *

”You can’t look, ok?” Laughing lightly, Dorian repeated to his kids and Jessica for the fifth time as he helped Aiden get in his seat that was now in a black car with tinted windows. What were the chances that the kids won’t be looking out of those windows as soon as they see they are in the middle of no where and are expecting some kind of a surprise? Very low, but one could only hope they knew how to listen. ”What did I say?” Looking at Zoe fidgeting in her seat, Dorian closed the door behind him and at that same moment the car started moving. ”Don’t look,” Zoe answered, looking at her dad with a lil mischievous smile. This will not go as he planned… You know what else would also really surprise him? Jess not figuring out what he was doing. But they haven’t talked about the castle in such a long time and even if she did know what he was doing… Dorian has been low key ignoring his wife, just in case. But they were taking all their stuff with them so that could literally mean anything… she doesn’t know.

Noticing they were almost there, Dorian looked up at his kids and spoke up. ”Do you want to play a little game now?” You have to be safe. Seeing that they nodded, he continued. ”You have to keep your eyes closed until I tell you otherwise. Whoever loses can’t get a speeecial prize… you too,” now looking at his wife, the corner of his lip curled in a slight smirk. Arriving, he was lucky enough to have them all listen to him as he helped them out of the car that was parked in front of a huge castle. Their castle. ”Here,” Dorian whispered taking Jess’ hand and gently kissing her cheek once she stepped out, then moving to stand behind her and wrap his arms around her waist. ”Ok… you can look,” shifting his gaze to his daughters, there was a nervous smile on his lips, waiting for their reaction. ”Welcome home. This is all yours.”



“Might not be hard to find ghost friends, but I don’t think any of those men in those paintings looked like they wanted more friends.” With those words, Mason scanned the room - his eyes sweeping slowly across the space they were in looking for… well… an exit and if there were any other old relics. Honestly… Mason loved this… finding a hidden room with hidden treasures. God… it was fcking great. Diego would have also probably loved this, but Mason would make a mental note to tell that man later on. Though he did find himself distracted with his zombie apocalypse banter with the girl which quickly brought his attention back onto her. “Are you saying you don’t have an idea of who you’d be in a zombie apocalypse. Please don’t tell me you’d be the one to die first because you did one of those lazy runs,” he added teasingly. “Nah… you know… I almost see you being the girl who went into a coma before the incident and then woke up when the world was infested,” he continued with a soft wink.

She knew how to keep the conversation light… especially when other people probably would be freaking out around now since they still hadn’t found an escape route. Either way, when he found her hand out to dance, could anyone blame him for taking it? Or for… enjoying it? Or… for getting lost in her eyes as he leaned in to kiss her and then finding himself intoxicated by her lips? And here’s the thing… she kissed him back. There was no initial hesitation by either of them until… of course… he found her mumbling “Sienna” and through his haze, he realized he had… majorly fcked up.

Pulling away, Mason immediately wiped his mouth, turning away from her almost in shame of his actions. “I… I’m so… sorry Olivia I don’t know what came… I was… I’m sorry,” after a few seconds of regaining his composure, he finally turned to face her again. “I’m… so sorry Olivia I didn’t mean to I must have… It’s no excuse I just… please… don’t say anything to Sienna,” It was a question that left his lips with… a look that hoped she’d agree. “I should… we should find a way out of here so we can go our… separate ways…um… how about I look over in that corridor and you look over there?” Splitting up… yes… that was the best way to go right now… honestly…



”You do make a good point” she said at his comment on the not-so-friendly-looking-ghost-loving-men. They really didn’t seem like they were the most outgoing people who wanted more friends, but who knows, they do be party animals apparently so I won’t be surprised if some other stuff came up from the ashes.

”i think everyone thought about a zombie apocalypse at least one, it’s like a law of nature” she said ”but I never really managed to decide on a role. ” she told him, and raised her brow as he told her what he things would fit her ”hey! Why am I coma girl I want to be a badass. Zombie queen or something. Fearless leader in a hot outfit and some war colors on my face” she added, something which would find some people surprised because she didn’t really seem like the fearless leader type. A bit too… sweet. But a girl can dream right?

But that kiss… it was perfect and all she could hope for was that itd if not for her stupid brain who decided to wake up and remind her of Sienna… well, could have been better. Because now she kinda just felt bad for going along with something that was eventually cheating. Though it wasn’t just any something, it was… different. And although she felt bad in a way, she didn’t regret it, not even a single bit. Oops?

”i won’t tell her anything, I promise” she said, quietly looking down as he seemed to panic a bit, fair enough for a guy who just mistakingly cheated on his girlfriend. ”Mason-” she looked at him and tried talking to him though he didn’t seem to listen too much as he looked around and suggested they split and look for a way out ”Mason wait-” she tired again, but for nothing. Might as well quit. You can’t fix everything Liv, get on with the program. ”Sure, yeah okay…” she added and looked away, searching for a way out.

@benitz786 Mason


{ Mark’s kiss | 2021 }

There were days when Elodie hated Friday nights because of parties Ally would invite her to and today was one of those days. It’s not that she didn’t like parties, she just didn’t like waking up super early for her classes, not being able to go to bed early and finally get a good sleep… But today she wasn’t allowed to complain since it was Ally’s birthday.

Everything would’ve been fine if she didn’t return to her apartment at 5pm. Taking naps is not something Elodie does but if she wanted to survive the night, wasting one hour on sleeping shouldn’t be a problem. Dropping her things on the couch next to her boyfriend who probably found a way to entertain himself while she was gone but she was too tired to ask, she grabbed his hand with a weak smile, leading him to their bedroom. Don’t get your hopes up… She just wanted him to be cuddled up with her and not let him move as she rests for a bit :pleading_face: That’s what she does in these hard times. Taking off all of her clothes, only staying in pink lingerie, Elodie climbed into bed next to Riker. Before resting her head on his chest, she gently placed a kiss on his shoulder, wrapping her arm around him.

* * *

”Mmm," mumbling into Riker’s neck, Elodie moved her hand up, letting her fingers get tangled up in his hair. It was oddly quiet so opening her eyes and looking up was when she noticed that he was asleep. Oh no. Reaching for her phone to check the time, the panic she felt in that moment made her fully awake and aware of everything around her. A fear that it was late at nigh and they were missing the party. Yes, they. Elodie couldn’t go without him and Ally wouldn’t let her not drag him with her. It’s a good thing her new friends like him, right? Who wouldn’t? Yeah… it was good. She totally wasn’t… feeling threatened. Taking him to that party would just be… great. 7:30.
7:30 and they were supposed to be there at 8. That wasn’t possible but one could only hope. ”Heyyy…" whispering is not a way to wake someone up but straddling her boyfriend, that’s what she did. Letting her hands slide up his chest, she placed them on the sides of his face, gently kissing him. ”Wake up." And it worked. She soon found herself under him as he flipped them over, her hands wrapped around his neck. ”No, no… We have to get up or we’ll be late. We will be late but I really want to get there as soon as possible," with her voice still quiet, Elodie kissed his cheek trying to escape him but failing the first time. ”I’m seriouuuus. I have to take a shower… alone."

* * *

After some time of being there, Elodie was walking around alone with Riker outside talking on the phone. He has been a little busier with Jordan’s tour and it was difficult with him not being there since she was the one asking him to come back. Pregnancy and all of that… Crazy week. Really crazy week. He was still the only one who knew… well, not the only one, of course Jordan knew, he had to know the reason why his friend left so suddenly but Elodie couldn’t let Riker not go back. He was needed and she’d be fine on her own. ”Hey, you’re here," a familiar voice made Elodie turn around, a smile on her face seeing her good old friend Mark who was seemingly intoxicated. ”Hi," keeping that smile, her gaze shifted down to the glass he was holding, offering her a drink but she quickly shook her head, continuing, ”I was lookin-" ”You look lovely," a compliment, cutting her off. For a short second Mark looked around, trying to spot Elodie’s friends, his friends or her boyfriend… that she didn’t know, but his hand was soon on her lower back. Wait… no, he didn’t know that Riker was back. ”I was looking for Ally," Elodie finished what she wanted to say earlier, ignoring his compliment and his hand that was slowly starting to make her uncomfortable. To her luck he didn’t say anything, he just simply nodded and started leading her somewhere but his hand was still there.

Pretending she was looking for something in her bag was a bad attempt at getting his hand to move off her, it only made him stop in front of her, now with a grin on his face and his hand on her arm. ”Oh, I didn’t tell you… I’m going to be an uncle." ”Wha- Wow, congrats," It’s bad that she so quickly forgot about how uncomfortable he made her feel seconds ago and was now smiling the same way he did, isn’t it? Bad that she was excited for her friend and as a friend gave him a hug? It wouldn’t be bad if he didn’t do what he wasn’t supposed to do. Elodie didn’t even get to step back as he cupped her cheeks and pulled her in for a… kiss. One might say he was too excited about the news and that mixed with some drinks led to him doing this so it was… fine. But no, it was not fine. It will never be fine. Pushing him back right away, there was a new look on her face. Mix of anger, confusion, sadness… Loss for words. What was she supposed to do? This was not a situation she’s ever been in nor did she think her friend would ever cross that line. ”No," was the only thing she managed to mumble before taking a few more steps back and turning around, only to find her boyfriend walking right by her to greet Mark.
That night was never supposed to end that way, but did she feel bad about the fight that little incident caused? Not really… If anything… it made her feel kind of flattered, in some twisted way.


Mason honestly felt like he hadn’t laughed… really laughed in a long time but with the girl he was with, he couldn’t hide the smile on his lips as she spoke. Even something as idiotic as talking about a zombie apocalypse was fun with her - commentary that he hadn’t had in… a long time. “Who said you won’t be badass after you wake up, but you gotta get out of the coma first,” he added before the kiss. Could anyone really blame him… it really seemed as if this whole moment with their banter… proximity… everything was just leading up to that one kiss. And… and maybe that’s why it was perfect. Why he felt what some would call butterflies in his stomach… his entire body abuzz at her touch. It took him a second to regain his senses, to realize what the hell he had just done and when he did, clearly it was too late. “I… I trust you Olivia I just… let’s just look for a way out,” he added as he went off in his direction. Walking away, Mason found himself first going into a back room, finding what was playing the music: an old record player set to start when the lights - which clearly were more newly renovated - were turned on. Picking the needle off the record, the man sighed going deeper in the room - his mind still on the kiss. There was another portrait in the back, but this time, of a girl. Rebekah Azure was graved into the frame and he found his eyes meeting the girl in the frame. She was pretty, young… blonde… but there was more to it… she almost looked… sad. Though he wanted to explore more, he found a voice cutting through the room something that sounded like Mason, I found it,. After a second more of looking around, he finally exited - making a note that he’d have to come back here later.

Meeting up with the girl, he found her standing by a door way that if you pushed against, it led back to a similar hallway as they were in before and even better, they could hear the voices of their classmates nearby. “I… well… It was good… I’m glad we…” what the hell was he even supposed to say here. “Thank you Olivia… for… exploring this place with me and… for not… saying anything… I…really appreciate it,” And with that, he smiled opening the door for her allowing her out - though, with no intention of following. After all, Mason Mitchell had a mystery to solve, and all night to do it. There was enough light in the room that he could sit down and read about this girl with the sad eyes, and he had every intention to do so.


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”Ah right, the coma” she nodded, remembering she had to wake up from the coma to be a rad zombie queen. Honestly though, it was just fun. Their interactions, their conversations, body language, they all just flowed together in perfect sync. Natural chemistry with no barriers. Maybe it does make sense it led them to kiss, frankly it was just called for.

But life has its own ways, and they might have kissed but now they did nothing but worry and overthink. In that cast finding a way out might actually be the best idea. So the two split up to look for a way out, and as Olivia walked around the abandoned rooms, she found a door thing, similar to the one through which they originally came in through, and called out to mason in the other room ”Mason I found it!” she called, and after a few minutes she saw him come in her direction.

“I… well… It was good… I’m glad we… Thank you Olivia… for… exploring this place with me and… for not… saying anything… I…really appreciate it,” He said, uncertainty audible in his words as he mumbled things, what was he even supposed to say now? God knows. So as he opened the door lightly mumbling stuff, Olivia smiled lightly and stopped him from talking ”Mason-” she said, a light amused smile on her face at his loss of words.

”just… stay safe” she told him, genuinely worrying about his well-being as well as sensing he was about to stay in that room for a while longer, and being alone in old abandoned places isn’t exactly the safest idea. But at the same time she knew she had to go, this went a little more messy than they expected, and it was probably her cue to take a step back. ”see you around” she added with a soft smile and turned to walk away

@benitz786 mason

{ Bad, bad (old) coach Hossler }

field preview-1071008-1584534273016-high_0009 gettyimages-57166355-612x612 original Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 9.04.38 PM Screenshot 2021-09-08 at 9.13.40 PM

Part 1
{ 2021 }

Nine days have passed since Dorian’s breakup with Jessica. Nine days and whatever he was feeling was only getting worse. Breakups are not fun, especially when you’re not expecting them, when you were ready to take another step and propose. That really leaves you feeling a certain kind of way. It’s not a nice feeling, Dorian could tell you that. When you look at it on the bright side, he had more time to focus on himself and soccer so that’s good? No, he was not doing that. He skipped every practice he had after that day, sometimes simply not picking up anyone’s call and as of recently, he pretended he was sick so no one would bother him. He just didn’t feel like doing anything and that’s okay. Everyone needs a little time away from everyone and everything they love… too bad that had to come to an end and he had to focus on his job. At first there was this unbearable sadness but now… Now he was angry with everyone around him. With everything someone would do. That took a toll on his performance.

Today was his first day back on the field, training again after a long time (nine days is a long time for someone like Dorian) and he has never been more annoyed with his coach and teammates, never been clumsier. Sprinting across the field, Dorian didn’t care that he was so behind until he heard coach Hossler’s voice for the hundredth time telling him not to slack off. ”Oh, FCK OFF,” that’s when Dori noticed everyone in front of him stopped and looked back at him, entertained look on their faces, some “ooooh”s. ”What did you say?” Taking in a deep breath and closing his eyes for a second, Dorian stopped running, repeating something he knew he shouldn’t. ”I told you to fck off,” he raised his voice again that time, turning towards his coach who was on the very end of the field, looking at him with crossed arms. And that was the part when he really scr3wed up. Or….

”Come here. Right now,” see? I told you. ”What did you say?” Making his way to his coach as slowly as possible, Dorian was already prepared to go pack his things and leave. Not play the next game as some kind of punishment. It was too late to take it back so he repeated his words for the second time, now standing face to face with the man. ”I said, Fck off,” there was an eerie calmness in Dorian’s voice, his arms behind his back, just staring at Hossler. ”Go, run,” or was the calmness in Hossler’s voice scarier? ”What?” ”You’re here to train so go, I don’t want to see you behind everyone,” Uhmmm, what? Well, you reader know what. While Dorian is here confused, his coach could guess why he was acting such a way. He was responsible for it after all so he couldn’t let himself lose such a good player when he did something he knew would only help him. He sacrificed Dorian’s relationship for his own good and it meant he had to deal with his, now angry and rude player no matter what.

* * *

With his hair dripping, Dorian was sitting on a bench in the locker room in his shorts, scrolling through his phone when he heard some whispers. Don’t do that. Don’t be a jerk. Maybe they didn’t- Yeah, they did. Brian, stop- ”DeLoughrey… nice to have you back,” one of his mates, Brian, approached him with a cheesy smile, a short towel wrapped around his waist. But he only got ignored. Not like he cared… there was really one thing he wanted to ask. ”So… We heard some rumors… Jessica is free now? Does that mean I-” That poor boy didn’t even get to finish what he started before Dorian stood up and slammed him against the locker, grabbing him by the throat. He’s not that violent usually but what else was he supposed to do? That guy had no clothes on that Dori could grab. At that same moment everyone stopped what they were doing and shifted their attention to the two. Dorian could notice one of them walking up to him, but lifting his hand up he stopped him, looking Brian straight in the eyes with a serious yet p!ssed expression. ”Don’t even think about it.”

”DeLoughrey. With me. Now,” wasn’t it great that their coach had such a perfect timing? ”Chill-” Brian tried to say, breathing heavily once Dorian stepped away from him, but he was cut off. ”Go to hell,” last words Dori said before picking up his t-shirt and following his coach. With what happened earlier, this shouldn’t be a problem, right? He just physically attacked someone, not a big deal… Though he was still confused with how his coach just ignored his insults while they were out. It was… strange, but not something he thought much about. He must really like him… we’ll go with that. ”Can you now tell me what’s wrong with you and why you haven’t been coming to our practices?” Staying silent, Dorian subtly rolled his eyes, taking a seat across from him. His hands in his pockets now, Dorian looked everyone but at the coach. This was the last place he wanted to be at, the last thing he wanted to talk about. Would he tell him the real reason why he wasn’t coming? Fck no. Will he lie? No, he’ll simply stay quiet and hope Hossler would get annoyed and tell him to go home. ”Is everything okay?” Dorian could feel his eyes on him but he kept ignoring him, now staring at the clock on the wall, focusing on it ticking. ”Dorian-” ”For fcks sake,” mumbling to himself, Dori somehow brought himself to look at the man, not hiding how bored and frustrated he was. ”I’m fine, can I please go now? Or are we going to talk about how I was more than happy to strangle Brian? I think that’s a better topic, what do you think?” ”Slow down, I’m here to help you-” ”With what exactly?” A mocking chuckle escaped Dorian’s lips, leaning back in his seat and now crossing his arms across his chest. ”Is this about that girl of yours-” ”Don’t-” ”I see…” Really not a conversation he wants to have, not with him. His expression for a short second softening, Dorian got up from his seat, whispering. ”I have to go.”

Part 2
{ 2039 }

Coming soon…


Location: London • Time: present time

— Part 1 —

It was just another day for Andy, though he wasn’t at home, he was on a work related trip in london, but specifically this day he took a day off to enjoy the city with no plans. Kaya was left home alone for a few days, not that it was bad or something, she was practically an adult at this point.

So day was ahead of him as Andy walked through the streets of London, when a little boy bumped into him and tripped while dropping his ice cream ”Hey there big guy. Need some help?” he said as bending down to help the little blue eyed boy stand again. The boy looked sad as looking at his fallen ice cream, and Andy felt sorry for him, so he smiled lightly at him, ”I’ll get you a new one okay? Where are your parents?” he asked, the little boy nodded, wiping his eyes from his little tears as Andy offered him an ice cream to replace the one he dropped as turning his gaze to look up for one of the boy’s parents.

”Kalie-“ his eyes opened in surprise as he looks up at the boy’s mother, A woman he honestly never thought he’d see again. ”Josiah why don’t we leave the nice man alone - I’ll get you a new ice cream” she told the boy after a few moments in which she seemed a bit speechless. Fair enough, he himself didn’t think he’d bump into her on the street. ”Hey, what do you say I get him a new ice cream we could sit…” he said, glancing at the boy and back at his mother ”catch up?” seems like there’s… things to catch up about

“No it’s really fine, you can go now darling. It was nice seeing you again but we’re in a hurry anyhow.” The woman told Andy in response, ”Mommy I want my ice cream” Josiah added with a pleading face looking at his mother who wanted them to walk away. bish where my new ice cream
”Josiah right?” Andy asked, bending over to the boy who nodded ”how old are you big guy?” he asked, though his mother didn’t seem too satisfied with the conversation. Josiah sweetie let’s go she told the boy who answered Andy’s question ”i will be three in one month” he said, as if memorising something he was told, while putting up three fingers in the air before she took her son’s raised hand and turned to walk away.

Andy stood there watching them go. And while they walked away, he saw the boy turn his head back and wave him bye bye. Andy smiled lightly and waved bye as well. But something was bothering him. Something was damn well bothering him. But… I mean, look at him. And looking in a bit to some calculations… three years old in a month, that means… that was just the right time. But it couldn’t be- was Josiah his son?

to be continued…

@benitz786 Kalie


{ tune in: Stacy’s mom | 2039 }

With Lexie sleeping and her other kids God knows where, Elodie was in the kitchen in her yoga gear, baking. Or to be more precise, waiting for her cookies to be done. That afternoon Lexie was helping her with preparing everything, and by helping I mean just sitting there, being cute with her chubby cheeks and big blue eyes. Things have… gotten a bit easier for Elodie. Not the being alone without her husband part, but her relationship with this adorable little girl. It was almost like it was supposed to be from the very first day she was born and that got Elodie hopefully that things will be perfect again, eventually. They… have to be. It’s been three days since her daughter caught her crying and luckily she hasn’t asked more questions, or she did but Elodie ignored them all, just like she did that day. Three days since the Montoya birthday special post where she was described as a free woman. Of course, she didn’t know that and you can’t blame her for what was about to happen.

”They are not home,“ no, Phoebe and Amelia were not home and Ryan knew that. It was important for his little plan, important that only Elodie May ex Taylor-DeLoughrey was alone. You thought no one would take that BR post seriously and there actually won’t be a line of guys taking their chances on this woman? If you did, you were terribly wrong because there were already bets going around and Ryan was not wasting time. ”I checked… Hey, I’ll see you all when I end up winning her over,“ today will be the day he gets Elodie. And his friends on the phone hoped that wouldn’t be the case. Standing in front of the door in his half unbuttoned shirt, Ryan fixed his hair before ringing the bell.

Whenever Elodie hears the bell her heart skips a beat, only one thing on her mind. Opening the door she’d see Riker, he was coming back home and everything was finally alright. That one possibility that never ended up happening and today was also not that day, but don’t judge her for hoping. Nervously approaching the door, for a second she stopped with her hand on the handle, trying to put on a sweet smile - she didn’t want her unexpected visitor to see her disappointment in case what she actually wanted wasn’t on the other side of that door. ”Hello,“ and of course it wasn’t. There was a boy she’s never before, around Amie and Phoebe’s age. ”Can I help you?“ A friendlier smile appeared on her lips, not noticing his eyes wandering all over her body. ”Is Amelia home?“ Returning the smile, the boy finally looked her in the eyes, his hands casually placed in his pockets. Now that was his plan… he was going to pretend Amelia was his tutor since he heard she tutors some students and with her not actually being home he could say: ”She told me she’d be home soon and I wouldn’t have to wait for her.“ ”N-no. She is not here and she…“ She didn’t tell me anyone would be coming over? No. She, for some reason, wasn’t speaking to her so how could Elodie know this boy was supposed to be here? Opening the door and stepping to the side, she continued. ”You can- I guess you have to wait for her now. I’m sure she’d be here soon,“ a light chuckle, letting the boy step in before closing the door behind them.

”I don’t mind it. At least I have a lovely company,“ he was quick to reply, a playful smile on his lips Elodie did not see. And that compliment, she didn’t think much about it, he was just her daughter’s friend and he was being nice. It only made her smile sweetly as she was walking toward the kitchen again to check on her cookies, glancing back at the boy. ”Not as lovely as the company of my daughter. Do you want to drink something?“ ”She never told me she has such a beautiful mother,“ following her, he continued with sweet words. ”Do you maybe have wine? It helps me… work,“ or it was just a romantic drink every woman likes. It’s been a while since someone compliment her. And once again she just let him say whatever he wanted, thinking he was just this charming young guy who maybe wanted to impress her because he had a crush on her daughter? I don’t know… ”Wine?“ Turning to face Ryan who was now resting his elbows on the kitchen island, his eyes not leaving her, Elo raised her brow but there was still a smile on her face. ”How old are you…“ ”Ryan.“ Did it matter? No. She was already picking up the glass and pouring him some wine she had that morning. Not like she wasn’t drinking at that age… can’t be a hypocrite now. Ryan. I guess that doesn’t matter, does it? Here you go,“ handing him the glass, there was a long moment when his hand rested on hers, a weird vibe she couldn’t ignore. His gaze was on her, a weird smile on his lips… Okay, there was something wrong about this. ”Thank you, ms DeLoughrey.“ ”Taylor-DeLoughrey,“ there was not a single time she didn’t correct someone. Even now when she had no idea what was happening with that… If… It will stay like that. Clearing her throat, she turned away from the boy and awkwardly continued the conversation, ”What do you need help wi-“ And Lexie saves the day. Hearing her crying, with an apologetic smile she looked at the boy again. ”Sorry, I have to leave you here. I’ll give Amie a call now and see if she’s near,“ with that she left the kitchen and rushed upstairs.

Uhm… baby? Ryan had no idea there was a baby in the house. Since when does she have more kids? And she’ll call Amie? Yeah… that doesn’t work. He’s not dealing with kids and he’s not waiting for that call and that awkward moment when she finds out he was not there because of Amie… He quickly left the house, losing.

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