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Jezebel Mallory Sloane


The appendix is such a strange organ. Something considered useless by many, and to still be helpful by others, though often only brought up when there’s a problem. Of course, for being something so minor, appendicitis is rough, a fact that Jezebel will always remember. After all, she was the one in the hospital after just having been through an emergency appendectomy. She had been feeling worse and worse for days, not realizing why. She was nauseous, tired, feeling terrible, but she just thought it was because of being pregnant, certainly not because her appendix was about to rupture, at least not until she found herself in the hospital.

She woke up fuzzy headed, seemingly alone, no, there was someone there, a nurse checking on her, who smiled softly when she saw Jezebel was awake. Though, even drowsy, barely sure of where she was, there was one thing she did have clear on her mind. Jezebel’s hand went to her stomach, and she barely got the words out before hearing the most crushing news she ever could have imagined, a miscarriage most likely resulting from her appendix rupturing. Jezebel didn’t care what condition she was in, she felt broken, empty. Tears began to roll down her cheeks as the nurse walked out of the room, but soon she had to wipe her tears, trying to seem like she was alright, as she heard someone walking inside, Daniel. “Hey…”

“I swear to god, Jez, are you trying to give me a heart attack. You should listen to what everyone else says - I don’t have a hearrrrtt so it’s impossibleeee” Jezebel tried to give her best friend the best smile she could manage, to act “normal”, but putting up that front was killing her inside even more. “Nah, I know you’ve got a heart, but I’ll keep that in mind…”
“Hey now - we both know I’m always right. Don’t try to argue, we both know I’m going to win at this moment.” At that point Daniel hugged her and softly whispered, “I’m glad you’re okay…” Jezebel hugged him back “Me too…” she said, though at that moment she didn’t mean it. She may have been alright physically, but that was it, and it felt as though not being alright physically would be less painful than what she was feeling then. Despite how she was trying to put up a strong front, she couldn’t stop her tears, and there wasn’t much Daniel could really do other than pat her back and say “Hey… it’s okay… you’re okay… you’re fine…” She could just blame it all on the anesthesia and pain medication from surgery, or her exhaustion and just feeling unwell, for why she was crying, but nobody would know there was a much deeper reason…


Jezebel stood in her bathroom, looking in the mirror, resting her hand against her stomach. Not showing yet, but probably wouldn’t be long. Even in the past weeks, everything seemed to have been changing. Nobody knew, especially not her mother and grandparents. They would never understand, after all a teen pregnancy was how she was born herself. At first, Jezebel didn’t know how to feel, but within a couple weeks she was sure. She wanted the baby. She had just turned 17, and it was still another couple of months until Jordan would be 17 too, so she knew they were too young, but she wanted to have the baby with Jordan. Hiding it from everyone, being scared about how people would react, she didn’t know what to do, but she wanted to find the best way to tell Jordan. “Your dad is going to love you when he finds out.” Jezebel whispered quietly to herself, as if she was telling the baby. She knew it would be a shock to Jordan, but she knew him. She knew that even though it was so far from any kind of ideal circumstances, he would love the baby and would be an amazing dad. She just had to tell him, then together they could figure out what to do and tell everyone else in their lives. Jezebel walked into her bedroom, sitting on her bed and pulling out a small journal she had hidden nearby, her diary where she had written so much already. Scattered notes on everything that came to mind about the baby. Notes on how the baby would be developing, name ideas, questions of how everything would work out after, and so many ways to tell Jordan. Telling him was something that she wanted to make sure to get right. She wanted it to be more special than just calling him and directly saying she was pregnant.

End of Flashback

Jezebel woke up, tears streaming down her face because of the memory she dreamt about. It had been days since she was in the hospital. No, it had been weeks. Two, maybe three. Jezebel wasn’t entirely sure, the days all blended together. Those first few, just getting better physically, then just forcing herself to act as normal as she could. Each day like the one before, go to school, go along with whatever Dan wanted to do, go home and avoid her grandparents and mother, or do whatever necessary to appease her mother. Each night, she would go to her bedroom and the smile she had to fake each day would finally break down, cry, and hope for the day to be over, to not feel like she was dying inside… but sleep wasn’t even an escape. Dreams that would have been nice once, brought more pain than most nightmares even would. When she woke up in the middle of the night, she looked to her diary, and opened it to the most recent pages. She was happy then… unaware of what was going to happen, all because she couldn’t take care of herself. If she had just realized something was wrong, everything could have been taken care of before it got too far, and she wouldn’t have lost the baby. Then there, on the page, her plans to tell Jordan, a date written on the page, one that would have been just after she had been in the hospital, the day she planned to tell him… Jezebel watched as her tears fell and hit the paper, and she couldn’t look at it any longer. She grabbed the page, ripping it out of the journal. One by one, she began ripping out each and every page she had written on about the baby. The name ideas, the due date, the thoughts about the future, the things she would need to do, how to tell people, everything. She couldn’t bear the thought of reading it all. All that she left even mentioning the pregnancy in general, was what she wrote just after finding out about being pregnant, saying how she was freaked out and didn’t know what to do, just looking at what options she even had, before she knew she wanted to keep the baby. The memories killed her, and the journal pages were just a constant reminder of how much pain she was in. All she wanted was to feel Jordan’s arms around her, telling her he loved her and that everything would be alright, but she couldn’t tell him, because she didn’t feel like she deserved that love, and just as much as it hurt her to keep it from him, she more than anything didn’t want him to feel the pain she felt. She couldn’t tell the person she needed most, and she couldn’t tell anyone else, making her feel all the more alone…

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So what? I’m the grinch. Screw Christmas… - 2017

Play: I Did Something Bad

If you lived in Beryl in 2017, you should know who Daniel fcking Parker was. Around Christmas time, some may even consider him the resident grinch. Well, fck you and fck that and fck this bloody misc , because, darling, Daniel may be a grinch, but at least he knew exactly what he was. See, there were some idiots like Dorian DeLoughrey who couldn’t look in the mirror and call out their flaws - and for Dorian, that was quite a bit of sht. Trust Daniel, that was… one endless fcking list. However, Daniel knew exactly what he was. He knew people feared him - a 16-year-old - as they bloody should. Maybe Daniel became a little worse after his cousin left? After all, Jessica Pierce did have a way of holding him back from making those who deserved to rot in hell… well… gently burn instead. Now that she was gone and he was spending Christmas without her, let’s just say he was a little bit more of a grinch-like figure than he usually was but could anyone really blame him? Jezebel was busy with Jordan and their lovey dovey… that… grossness, Jessica was in a different country, and Daniel… well here he was, all alone on the most wretched Holiday. Daniel always hated Christmas, after all. Especially after his sister was taken, his father tried to make Christmas a big ordeal but it was never the same. Did that stop Justin Parker from making sure that their house was one of the brightest in the neighborhood? No - Justin Parker didn’t even have to be in town to make sure people decorated the hell out of his house.

This was exactly why Daniel Parker wasn’t happy waking up in the overly decorated mansion he lived in. His staff knew not to mention Christmas, or Christmas Eve, as he walked downstairs after his shower. Usually, Jess and him would do something very… Non-Christmas for this week - yes they would go to the junkyard with bats and beat the sht out of cars, it was a great christmas tradition okay - but she was a little busy in London dealing with her own sister’s problems. Fcking Anna - because yes, Dan knew at least some of what was occurring in his own family, unlike Andy and Dorian who didn’t deserve to know the truth. Those two men could rot in hell. Did you see how they reacted when she disappeared? Fake fcking friends talking sht the moment things don’t turn out their way. That was exactly the reason Dan didn’t like making friends outside of his family. Only Jezebel was the exception to that rule (and maybe Elodie) but besides that, people just generally sucked.

Arriving downstairs, Dan was the first to grab his keys and leave the… disgusting house. Everything was decorated to the tee; the 10 trees located throughout the house, the chimney, the banister, EVEN HIS CEREAL WALL. Now that last one was just bloody rude. So of course, he grabbed his non red car and with his drivers permit, illegally left his estate without any idea where he would go. Where was the least Christmasy place to go on Christmas Eve? No seriously what was it? A Graveyard? Kinky - but that wasn’t on Dan’s list for today. Dan was avoiding ALL starbucks’ today and the BS girls getting weird combinations of drinks that should never be called coffee. Yes Jezebel, Daniel was currently calling your bs out. That sht was gross. Keep your toasted marshmellow cappacino far away from him.

So… in true grinch fashion, Daniel… well… obviously went to go terrorize people in the least Christmas spirited way possible: he went straight to people’s homes to collect on what they owed him. OH DON’T GIVE ME “Poor Daniel” TYPE SHT. LET HIM BE MEAN. Cassidy the cheerleader owed him for taking her nudes off the web, and instead, posting Jacob’s nudes everywhere - so did he knock on the door and say “Hello Mrs. Darvens, is Cassidy home?” on Christmas eve to use a favor? Yes, yes Daniel did. Causing Chaos on the day actually brought him joy.

From Cassidy’s, Dan went to 9 more students asking various favors and just generally making people hate him more. It was bloody great. Now, Dan was situated in a Diner for lunch which, sadly, was still christmasy but what could he do? Man was hungry and going back home wasn’t the move. Situated in a booth, Dan had his trusty computer open as he waited for his black coffee and steak burger. Though, it was in looking for his next target that he overheard someone sitting near him - also alone. Dan moved his gaze from his laptop to the girl, a clear distatste on his features seeing it was Valerie Wood. Dan didn’t know exactly when he started hating the girl - all he knew was she p!ssed him the hell off.

“Valerie Wood. Stalking me now?” Dan asked casually when she got off the phone, watching as the girl rolled her eyes mubling something along the lines of Not now Dan. See - annoying. She was the definition of bothersome and Dan would have continued with his stream of fck you but she clearly seemed upset at something and Dan wasn’t in the mood for upset girls, so he went right back to his computer. But… well… this was Dan. Could anyone expect Dan not to comment on this.
“You know, girl alone in a diner on christmas eve is kinda weird, Wood.” Dan stated casually as he typed away on his laptop looking up where his next victum was.

“Says the guy alone in a diner on Christmas Eve”

“Snarky. But let’s be honest, we live in a patriarchy and me being here is completely of norm. Anyways shouldn’t you be doing some Christmas caroling sht or I don’t know what people do on Christmas Eve… baking cookies or what not? Go home Valerie.” Was Daniel being rude? When was Daniel not rude but hey, maybe he had good intentions in telling her to go home. Or… maybe he just wanted her far away from him. Either way - he wasn’t exactly expecting the response she gave him.

“As if… I love christmas, but i’ll probably just stay here, not like i have anything better to do. Shouldn’t you be caroling and baking cookies tho? go home daniel”

A sigh left his lips as he rolled his eyes - this conversation was going on far longer than he would ever want to talk to Valerie Wood. Even her name made him gag. “Why am I not surprised that you. of all people, like christmas. It’s quite literally an institution created by the marketing and sales industry to make money but you’re fairly basic so it does make sense.” With those words, he looked at her, meeting her eyes with a twisted smile. “Anyways, If you love Christmas, darling, there are more Christmasy places you can go then spend it near me… So please, go to one of those many instiutions like the bloody mall or… I don’t fcking know… starbucks. And sweetie, don’t tell me what to do.” With that, he took a long drink of the black coffee that had just arrived, unmoved when she stood up probably to go leave… however… she didn’t bloody leave. Instead, she joined him in his booth, sitting oppositite to him with a look that unsettled Daniel Parker.

Okay. Strange. Daniel told her to leave, she didn’t move, he threatened her, she threatened him, and there they are - still sitting across one another. Don’t get Daniel wrong, he hated the living guts out of the girl in front of him, but maybe (just maybe) she wasn’t terrible company. “So you’re telling me that when you were a toddler, you bit santa clause? I hope the poor bloke had insurance my god.” Daniel stated, laughing… truly laughing for the first time since the holiday season started. Since she wasn’t leaving, they actually begin talking more than the simple threats Dan usually gave this hollow’s eve. "Well when I was 10 I decided I wasn’t feeling Christmas so when my parents took me to Aspen, I made sure the fireworks that were supposed to read Merry Christmas said F*ck Christmas… so that was a great time to see all those rich dads and their mistresses screaming YOU’LL LOSE MY BUSINESS " Dan added with the roll of his eyes.

They had long finished the food and probably should have left but what could Dan say? The conversation wasn’t terrible. Though after refilling Dan’s coffee, the women came out with an ice cream sundae with two spoons uttering that it was on the house for the happy couple. Ew. EW. Him and Val? Disgusting. “Oh we would never…”

“Thank you so much,” Val replied while KICKING HIM before he could clarify the CLEAR mitake the women made. At Val’s words, Dan gave her a glare to which she simply shrugged. “Take the free dessert, idiot.” Hmph. Fine. After a moment of hesitation, Dan took the extra spoon and slowly took a little bite of the ice cream out. “I just wanted to make sure she understood that we hate each other and would never, ever date let alone do anything else” “And I was trying to get free desert on Christmas Eve, so deal with it fake boyfriend for 8 minutes.” . A sigh left his lips, though, they continued - finishing the desert and talking about some other nonsense. Maybe some people would call this a Christmas miracle - Dan and Val getting along? Either way, after they were done and the bill was paid - it didn’t really matter did it? The minute they left that diner they would once again go to the people they always were… people who hated each other.

Looking at Valerie Wood as they left the diner, Dan looked towards her trying to say… goodriddence that was over but he stopped… almost at a loss of words. “That didn’t… this doesn’t mean we’re freinds” Yeah. Don’t judge him. It was the best he could get out. But she simply smiled, shrugged her shoulders and started walking backwards. “Merry Christmas Parker,”



{ Tipsy girlfriend | 2021 }

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If a few years ago you asked Dorian how he imagines he’d be spending his college days, this was not it. Taking care of his drunk girlfriend was not it. Girlfriend? Hey, he was in college, why would he have a girlfriend when there are tons of girls he could… have some fun with? What a ridiculous thought… pfff, girlfriend… I’m sorry young Dori, but that’s not what’s happening because you do have a girlfriend and she’ll miiiight need your help tonight. How things have changed? But that’s a good thing since this was something he couldn’t imagine he needed and he actually found himself enjoying it. Enjoying having his person, especially since it was someone he always cared about. And for once, life was nothing but perfect. As perfect as it could be, as perfect as he was constantly trying to make it be… and he was. This was probably the first time he tried this hard to… just be good for someone. He really wanted to be that for Jessica.

”Oooookay, that’s enough,” his laughter filled the bar as he attempted to take a glass from Jess, standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her. After visiting London with his teammates, Dorian decided to stay for a few more days with Jessica since he hasn’t seen her in a while and tonight she just dragged him to a bar. Maaaaybe this was his fault because he wanted to bet on something stupid but at least he was here to look after her. Ever so often he’d place a soft kiss on her cheek, just smiling at her as she kept talking and taaaalking, especially now after having waaay too many drinks, simply because he missed this. He missed being with her. Missed having her right there with him, hugging her, touching her. ”I thiiiink,” setting the glass down on the bar, he turned her to face him, his hands resting on her lower back. ”I should get you home… But you don’t?” It was obviously that’s not what she wanted, what’s the rush Dori? Let her have fun, nothing bad will happen. Tell that to the person calling him… why is anyone from back home awake now? Okay, maybe it wasn’t that early there because it was quite late in London. Or his coach just missed him that much. A loud groan escaped his lips, looking down at his phone. ”Don’t move! I have to take this…” With that he kissed her before walking out.

Was that a mistake? Leaving her there alone? Yup, well… maybe? He shouldn’t have but it’s Jess. She’ll be fine. She was fine… Right? He won’t find her dancing on top of a table or arm wrestling some random people. And he definitely won’t find her with another guy flirting with her…. Great. There was someone. Excuuuuse me sir. Look, Dorian’s not the jealous type. He isn’t. He’s just… ”I’m back,” protectively wrapping his arms around her again, he gently pushed her hair away to place a kiss on her neck. ”Hm? Hello?” Slightly raising his brows, he glanced up at the guy in that why are you here way because why was he there?? You’re not invited to stand there, flashing your smile at his girl. Now interlocking his fingers with Jess’, Dorian’s gaze remained on the man until he finally walked away. ”Heeeey, you scared my… hiccup friiiiiend away,” ”That wasn’t your friend.” ”Yes, he was,” ”No-” He stopped himself from hating on the guy out loud as she turned to face him, wrapping her arms around his neck. ”Hi,” okay, we’re moving on. That was good… Also funny how she was jumping from one topic to another. ”Hi.” Once again he sweetly smiled down at her, whispering come here as an attempt to get her to sit on a stool. ”Nooo…” But she didn’t move. ”You’re prettyyyy,” ”I am?” His sweet smile now turning into a subtle smirk, he tried to slowly drag her towards the stool. ”Mhmm… Hiiii pretty, I’m Jess.” Sigh. But that’s not what he did, he just shook his head and laughed, taking that moment to lift her up and make her sit down. ”But I think you are pretty. Soooo how does that work now?” What do you have to say to that smartass? Apparently… nothing. Or she wasn’t listening because as soon as he rested his hands on her thighs, her hands slid down his chest and stomach.

”Don’t… do that,” his voice lowering, he grabbed her hands to stop them from lowering. Would that stop her? Of course not, it could only make her do the opposite. ”Noo… Stop! Stop… Okay, that’s it, we’re getting you home… to bed… to sleep,” a little flushed, he turned to the bartender, letting go of Jess’ hands and with that not realizing that she got up. ”Can I just get wate-” ”You’ll have to caaaatch me first,” hearing her laugh, before he turned she was already far away from him. Well this is fun. Don’t get him wrong, he wasn’t complaining, this was fun but it was also just a tiny bit tiring. Would he change this for being back home now? No. Never. But you know what wasn’t fun? Bumping into people as he was trying to catch Jessica and getting a few annoyed looks for that. If only he could stay and… talk with those people, but there was a more important thing he had to do. ”I win,” with a cheeky grin, his arms once again wrapped around his girlfriend, stopping her from moving. ”Now let’s get you home-” ”Dance with meee.” If only it was easy to do what he wanted to. If only it was easy to say no to her, but by his expression you could see he wasn’t that into her idea. ”Dance with me.” His expression did soften when she turned to face him, his arms still wrapped around her as he whispered, defeated. ”Always.”

Kneeling down in front of Jess, Dorian’s gaze slowly traveled up to meet hers… including her little smirk. ”Will you help me… , shaking his head with a smile at her reaction and dirty dirtyyyy mind, he was struggling to keep her standing and take care of her clothes. ”Take off your shoes? Just… hold on tight.” Remember how he wanted to get Jess home as soon as possible? Well… They just might’ve stayed there for another hour since Dori actually enjoyed his time with his drunk girlfriend and didn’t want to ruin her fun. He didn’t want the night to end that early when they were both just… there. Together again and not so far away. But that eventually had to come to an end, Dorian had to get Jess back home safely so that’s what was happening now. Getting to the apartment after giving her a piggyback ride, he helped her take off her jacket and now shoes. ”There we go.” Sliding his hands up her thighs, the moment he got up he lifted her up, making her wrap her legs around his waist. Tightly holding her as he carried her to her bedroom and then carefully putting her down. It was a struggle to get her to change into something comfy but once he did, Dori himself got into bed, lifting the covers up for her to join him. ”Cmon… Are you feeling okay?” Smiling softly, he waited for her to cuddle up against him before pulling her even closer. Waiting for her to say something or just nod, he kissed the top of her head, letting his hand get tangled up her hair. And for a while he just stayed like that, just listening to her breathing but before she could fall asleep, he gently lifted her chin to meet her eyes. ”Hey… I love you.”


{ A day without mom | part 2 }

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”What happened?” Running out to get to his kids, surprise surprise… He found Zoe on the ground crying while one of the dogs was running around her. What happened? Well, from Shay’s story - as soon as Zoe got out, their dog started jumping around her, wanting to play and she just fell and started crying. Nothing bad, right? Right. Did you hear that Zoe? YOU’RE FINE. ”Hey… You’re good.” He spoke up, picking up Zoe who was still crying, wrapping her little arms around her dad’s neck. ”Don’t-” ”I… hurt… my knee…” No you did not. Okay… maybe there was a tiny scrape but you’re fiiiiine. ”Let me see… Okay, let’s go take care of that.” Will Dorian ever finish making them breakfast? Looks like he won’t. Walking back inside with Zoe in his arms, he placed her on a chair as he went to grab a bandaid. If that would make her feel better… she’ll even get a chance to pick which one she wants. That’s how you make your kids happier! After a long moment of thinking, she finally picked a bandaid with some doughnuts on it, giving it to her dad to put it on her knee and kiss it. Okay Zoe, can we eat now?

That was a long start of their day… Putting away the dishes he was going to wash later because who has time for that now? Hey, nooo. Don’t you dare think that’s what he does. For your information Dorian is a great dish washer, you’d be surprised. Do you know how many times he’s helping Jess and doing that without her telling him to? Every single day. Enough bragging… He could do that now, sure, but Aidan was waiting for his dad to play soccer so how can Dori say wait, buddy to that cute, little face? It was impossible. That little boy was just something else. As soon as Dori put down the last plate, Aidan reached for his dad’s hand, moving closer to him. If their day wasn’t already planned out, Aidan would be walking around with his dad, tightly holding his hand no matter what he was doing but since they wanted to go out and play, Dorian swiftly picked up his son. ”You and me against your sisters again?” A giggly yes leaving Aidain’s mouth. Maybe it wasn’t fair because Dori had Aidan on his team and HELLO, Aidan was the best little soccer player, so how will Shay and Zoe stand a chance agains them? Dori really got lucky with Aidan picking him. And did the boys win? Of course! You really thought they wouldn’t? There wasn’t a single time when little Aidan lost… and Zoe didn’t cry because she wasn’t with her dad but that’s not the point now.

”Cmon bud, time for your nap.” And just like any other day, this is what would happen after their play time and lunch. Leaving Shay and Zoe in the living room with dogs, Dori would take Aidan up to his bedroom, letting him cuddle up next to him until he falls asleep. Dori would then go back down and join the girls… or not. There were times when he’d accidentally fall asleep next to his son since he couldn’t really move. Aidan would refuse to let go of his hand so Dorian had to wait for the little boy to fall asleep and then get up… That sometimes takes a while… As it did now. But that wasn’t the problem for the girls, even if they were responsible little angels it meant they could do whateveeeer they wanted without their dad worrying.

But when the night came his kids asked for their mom, the second night when they couldn’t call her, facetime her, talk to her and that was quite a sad moment. They were old enough to understand mom was working but they missed her, and needed her, just for a short moment of their day. Dad feels the same way, kids… What Dorian would then do is put on their favorite movie, make some popcorn and let them watch it before their time for bed. This time both Zoe and Aidan fell asleep and after the movie, he’d carry them to their beds and with a little help of Shay tuck them in. A good night kiss they won’t remember the next day and this what they’ll doo probably every day before mom returns. Just hopefully without Zoe hurting herself or ruining breakfast… But even with that Dorian would still cherish every moment he gets to spend with them.

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{ Strolling around town… oh, and there’s Mark… and another guy | 2024 }

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You could do a lot of things with kids, but Elodie’s favorite thing was just walking around the town with her girls in their stroller and then taking them to a park or little playground she found that was almost always empty. Sometimes she’d have her friends with her who adoooored little Amie and Phoebs and sometimes, like now, she was alone. With Riker being out of town for a few days, of course, he couldn’t join her and being on her little break from her classes, she had to spend every minute entertaining her girls. But don’t you worry, she loved that and Davina was supposed to arrive in London that night so she’d have some company again.

On that beautiful, sunny, spring day, Elodie took her daughters out for a walk, putting them in their matching flowery dresses. Was Elodie also that mom who just haaaad to match with her kids? Yes, yes she was and they all looked super cute. Cutes mom and little twin girls in town, if only dad could see them. ”Where do we want to go… Playground? Do you want to go on the swing?“ Elodie smiled down at her girls, adjusting the stroller as she walked towards that hidden little playground. You know what the cutest thing was? They could kind of talk now! So getting some kind of responce other than mumbles and cute little laughs made Elodie smile even brighter. ”Yeah, you love that, don’t you?“ They do. It was quiet easy to make them happy, make them laugh… they just really liked to play. Never fussy. Never crying… okay, that was a lie, but they were still such good kids. Quietly singing one of their favorite songs, they got near the playground when Elodie heard a voice she knows very well. ”That’s sweet,“ a guy appeared next to her with the friendliest smile. Remember Mark? Of course you do. How could you forget? How could Elodie forget? Now you’re wondering… What happened between them after that incident when he… kissed her? Elodie started feeling very uncomfortable around him, she’d try to find excuses to avoid him but he was very stubborn. He was trying to find a way to talk to her and apologize, so at least that was a good thing? They still had classes together and were hanging around with same people so it was a difficult situation and Elodie being Elodie, she didn’t want to fight with him so she eventually “forgave him”. He could see she wasn’t being honest so his apologies kept coming so now they were still in a very weird place but Elodie tried to remain kind.

”What a surprise. Didn’t think I’d find youhere,“ obviously referring to this place they were at, Mark tried to joke and get rid of the tension, start a conversation with his good old friend he had this huge crush on. But the only thing Elodie did was laugh almost nervously, picking up Phoebe who held her arms up for her mom, wanting to play. Did that make things worse? Yup, because the next thing Mark did was attempt to once again apologize for something that happened 2 years ago. ”Hey… I’m sor-“ ”What are you doing here,“ but Elodie was tired of that, so with a sweet smile she finally looked up at him, curious to hear what he had to say. ”I mean… I… wasn’t expecting to find you here. Didn’t mean to… make that sound so bad.“ ”You didn’t,“ with a reassuring smile, Mark looked down at her girls. ”I just saw you and wanted to say hi. Do you… need some company?“ If only Elodie could say no… She could try? Bouncing Phoebe in her arms, her attention on her daughter, Elodie slowly shook her head. ”We won’t stay long, it’s fine,“ not bad. Could be better. ”Are you sure?“ ”Don’t worry,“ glancing back at him, the smile she had on her lips for her daughters remained. Take that as a leave”Ok… If you need someone, you know where to find me.“

Sigh. That was hard. After Mark finally left and Elodie for some weird reason felt bad for him even if she absolutely hated what he did, she played with her daughters for quite some times before taking them to a park nearby. Bringing a blanket with her, the three of them were now sitting down, laughing and picking flowers, making little flower crowns. Finally some peace, mind off her old friend… Just her daughters and new beautiful memories… Before a dog ran towards them, grabbing their full attention. Those little girls just looooved animals so this was good… right? It was supposed to be right… No random guys using their dogs as an excuse to talk to a girl. With KIDS. An older guy for that matter. But Elodie didn’t notice him at first so with a bright smile she pointed that out to Amie and Phoebs. ”Look, puppy.” They immediately got up and wanted to play with the dog, the cutest little scene right in front of Elodie’s eyes. But that’s when she saw him. ”He likes them,“ just casually standing there, smiling at Elodie’s girls and now her too. ”Yeah,“ Elodie managed to say, wishing she was everywhere but there. How sad was that… Everything was so perfect just a second ago. Maybe she was being a little overdramatic but she didn’t want to talk to random guys, she was looking forward sto spending this sunny day with her daughters. Okay, be nice Elodie. ”And they like him,“ she added, chuckling. ”I’ve been trying to convince my fiance we need to get a puppy but still nothing.“ Magic. And just like that the guy simple nodded, some kind of smile on his lips before saying bye to them and walking away with his cute little dog… ”What do you say,“ bringing her girls closer to her, wrapping her arms around them and kissing their cheeks, Elodie asked, ”We go home and wait for nana?“

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Playing Pretend - 2038

8 years… that’s how long Jessica DeLoughrey has been a wife and a mom. Well… give or take a year. That being said honestly… the past few years have been some of the best years in Jessica’s life. Anyone who knows Jessica knows, with certainty, that she was always meant to be a mother. She had taken care of her siblings, her cousins, and honestly her entire family. She had so much love to give and nothing could compare to the feeling of finally having something she had wanted so much. Especially… having it with a man she loved more than anything else. As much as Daniel Parker may want to deny it… Dorian was everything to Jess and he would stay that way. That being said, although Jess would never trade her life for anything… it didn’t mean she didn’t miss her adventures. To this day, she was still passionate about her work and taking down corrupt institutions and people and… well… her work wasn’t exactly something she could do remotely. While Jess still worked as a freelancer at newspapers around the world taking up remote jobs here and there, nothing came close to the work she did when she was younger and now… well… let’s just say an opportunity fell in her lap that she had been passionate about for years. When Jess was 24 working for one of her many jobs, she found a data file of the top one percent of one percent of people involved in various illegal activites, including the death of an innocent 5 and 12 year old who’s parents found themselves involved in something… well…let’s just say wrong place wrong time. And what did those with all the power do? They threatened the parents and when the parents spoke out to protect millions of people, as retaliation, their children were killed.

Suffice to say, it was something Jess was passionate about, and over the years, she had spent time taking everyone involved down one by one - including a prince that led to her consequential meeting with Kai once again and where, because of him, she almost got caught. Jess did end up taking him down, and destroying the dictatorship in place in the region… but there was one name she could never track down. One name… one individual that was so deep underground that he hadn’t been seen… or heard of in years. He was good… Jess had to give him that and years ago, Jess had Daniel set up a tracker in case he did ever come back to the surface… and that was now. Apparently, the man had fallen in love and had finally come out from the underground to plan his wedding and… well they were looking for a wedding planner. It was perfect… except…well… it had been a long time since Jessica took on a job this big and she was no longer in a position to make a decision by herself. This was exactly why when Dorian came home… Jess talked to him about it.

Since that fateful night and later that week where she had to say goodbye to her kids and husband which, if Jess was being honest, was the hardest bloody thing she had ever done and this was including that time she died, Jess had spent one and a half months undercover working as an assistant for the best wedding planner there was. Cassandra Wang was a fabulous wedding planner, an old friend of Jessica’s, and, consequently, the individual who was hired by Sergio Petrov to plan his wedding. Jessica, on the other hand, was no longer “Jessica DeLoughrey” rather, her Alias, was Lena Grinsky, an American architecture apprentice that had decided to switch careers into event planning and had gotten the opportunity of a lifetime to work with Cassandra Wang. It was a good Alias, one that Daniel made sure was solid and it was then that her work begin. The wedding was to take place fast - clearly as Sergio wanted to go back underground - which meant Jess had to collect what she could as quickly as possible. Over the past month, Jess had gotten access to the man’s phone (bugging it within the first two weeks of meeting him), the man’s schedule, and even his home security. What she needed, however, was access to his home office safe where all the proof of his wrongdoings was located. Conveniently, the wedding was located in the man’s private home, and with only a few weeks left to go - Jessica DeLoughrey had a plan.

Though… not every plan is perfect… and that is exactly what today felt like. Lena and Cassandra were walking with the soon-to-be husband and wife and about 6 other security guards at the Miami zoo, figuring out the exact details as Sergio’s soon-to-be wife picked which animals she wanted at her wedding. For the past month and a half, she had been situated in San Francisco, however, Sergio’s main residence was in Miami so they had to take a flight back to… well… Jessica’s home to get the final details into place. It was always… tricky to work in Miami when her family also lived in the area but… well… so far things had worked out for the better and what were the chances that she’d run into her husband or kids or others she knew today? Okay… fine the chances were really fcking high but she just… needed to survive a few more weeks of this. Jess had her hair up in a bun, glasses on her face, and an iPad in her hands as she acted the part of the dutiful assistant. Sergio’s wife was… well… young and… extravagant to say the least, pointing at the Lion… the Flamingo… and various other animals she wanted at the wedding since she had always loved animals. Cassandra was currently trying to convince the women to limit the animals at the reception and Jess was following closely behind, writing down notes since technically, she still was the assistant. “Flamingo’s we can do… though I’m not sure about the Lion Penelope … But I do think we could make it so you rode in on an elephant instant?” Cassandra was always a master mitigator, and Sergio clearly was too preoccupied with what was on his phone to listen to what his fiance was saying to Cassandra. So busy, in fact, that Sergio soon left the group to take a call a few feet away. It was a good thing Jess had his phone bugged. With one airpod in, Jess subtly clicked on the piece to have direct access to the call which revealed an interesting fact that the wedding would be… well… more than a wedding. While Sergio was getting married, it was also seemingly a hand off and…

Well… you see… everything would have been… fine if not for what happened next. Jess was subtly listening into the call while pretending to write something on her iPad as she followed Cassandra and Penelope… and then… she heard it. “MOMMY” the familiar voice filled her ears as a young boy ran up to Lena with clear excitement in his eyes. Maybe if Jess had been paying attention, she would have noticed her family long ago… and the kid who seemed to have caught sight of her a few minutes ago and had been slowly making his way towards her after leaving his dad. Yes, Dorian, you LOST YOUR KID AGAIN.

You see… while Jessica was a mother, Lena Grinsky was not. Turning towards the little voice (alongside Cassandra and Penelope and the three security guards who stayed behind), Jess’ heart melted seeing her 2 and a half-year-old son’s excited features as he raised his arms wanting to be held. As much as Jess wanted to drop down to her knees right there and kiss Aidan all over, she couldn’t. Keeping her demeanor, Lena raised her eyebrows in confusion as she looked at the kid before turning over to the two girls still staring at her to emphasize the confusion on her face. Turning her Ipad and earphone off, Lena uncomfortably patted the kid on the head almost as if he was a dog. “Hey…kid. I think you’re mistaking me for someone else… where are your parents?” Cassandra played the mistake off gracefully, picking up on the incident and laughing. “God, I swear kids will just call any women their mother now-a-days.” Cassandra’s laughter was followed by Penelope’s who bent down and pinched Aidan’s cheeks, making Jess… very fcking uncomfortable. DON’T TOUCH HER CHILD OKAY. “Awee cutiekins are youuu lost? Do you need help?” Penelope asked in a baby voice, picking her son up and kissing his cheek. Let’s just say… it took EVERYTHING in Jess not to slap that woman right there. Jess felt her fist clenching… but after a few seconds, relaxed her hand because as much as Jess wanted to do certain things… she had to stay in character as her confused son looked back at her, wiggling out of Penelope’s arms to come back to his mom. Once again, Aidan raised his arms, a pout on his lips as he begged “Mommy… up” “Again… kid I’m not your mom but… how about I go and help him find his parents? Will you be okay without me?”

Looking over towards Cassandra, the women immediately nodded alongside Penelope who clearly had baby fever and almost started to say that she’d help… until Sergio came back asking what was going on. “Nothing honey, this cute little kid is lost and thinks Cassandra’s assistant is his mom. When are you going to give me a little baby, honey?”

It was a good thing Penelope wasn’t… well… bright because any questioning that Sergio was going to ask disappeared with her let’s have a baby talk in the middle of a zoo. With a now frazzled couple, Lena told Cassandra that she’d go find the kid’s parents and tentatively grabbed the boy’s hand… keeping the act as if she didn’t know him apparent. However… right before she was home free, Penelope screamed after her telling one of the guards to go with Lena to make sure they could find the parents. Fck. Fck. Fcking great.

The guard was keeping his distance from her, but clearly keeping an eye on Jessica’s movements. “M…M…Mommy u…Up.” her confused son started, tears falling from his eyes as the confused boy looked up at his mom who was acting as if she didn’t know him. Okay, Jess… got to… be careful here. A soft sigh left her lips as she turned towards the little boy. “Okay… look kid I’m… not your mom but I’ll pick you up okay… and then we’ll go find your mom or dad?” Lena stated. With that, she made a movement… almost as if she didn’t know how to pick up a kid trying to make a show for the guard who was watching her. With her son now in her arms, Jess let out a soft sigh of relief. God, she missed her child and all she wanted to do was kiss the boy. Hearing the sobs of the boy and feeling how Aidan stuffed his little face in her shoulder to cry, Jess’s heart broke. She knew she… shouldn’t do this… she was risking her cover but after a second, Jess dropped her voice barely above a whisper as she made a show of pointing around trying to make it seem like she was asking where the kid had last seen his parents. “Shh sweetie… mommy’s here. Mommy didn’t forget you she’s just doing her job. Where’s your papa, love?”

As she asked the boy the question, Jess continued to walk - going towards a crowd of people to lose the guard that was following her. It took a while, but Jess had successfully lost the guard sneaking into an exhibit and then the bathroom that was right next to it. It only took Jess a second to drop her character as she hugged her little boy and kissed him all over. “Hey it’s okay… I’m sorry darling,” Jess whispered, wiping his tears as he looked back up at her in confusion. “You’re growing up so bloody fast darling,” Jess sighed, bringing her nose to his as she tickled him so he would stop crying. “I wuve you mommy,” A sigh left her lips as she kissed the boy one last time, closing her eyes as she hugged him tightly. “I love you too, nugget, but your dad must be worried sick.” Staying in there for a second longer, Jess closed her eyes, holding the boy tightly against her. “Sweetie, when we go outside, mommy’s going to play a game okay? Want to play with me?” And with that, she convinced her sweet son to play pretend with her and once again went outside trying to find Dorian.

She found the man a few minutes later talking to a security guard - clearly worried about the wondering Aidan. Jess tentatively walked up to the man, putting her hand on his shoulder and smiling as he turned around soon followed by her other two babies. Jess swore her heart skipped a beat as her husband met her eyes, confusion on his face though before he could say anything, Jess added “Hi… I’m guessing you’re the dad?” Jess asked, giving Dorian a look that said not now. Once again, Jessica was Lena. She didn’t know who was watching, meaning that while she gave her son Aidan a hug in private, she couldn’t do the same as Shay and Zoe squealed mommy. Putting the boy down in front of Dorian, Jess put her hand out to introduce herself - ignoring her kids… as much as that hurt. “Lena Grinsky. Your little boy found me while I was working…”

Dorian had Zoe in his hands so she couldn’t jump out towards Jess even though she wanted to, and Shay had started walking towards Jess until she pretended not to know any of them. “And are these the rest of your kids? They are adorable. Hi sweethearts,” Jess said - her American accent still apparent as she waved towards Zoe and brushed Shay’s head. She knew she was upsetting her kids… she could see the same look Aidan had meeting Shay and Zoe’s features and Jess kept up the act of not knowing.

“I should probably head back to work but I’m glad this little guy found his dad. You four… have a good one okay?” Jess heard Zoe whisper something to Dorian, trying to wiggle out of his arms to go to Jess, and Shay looked slightly scared at Jess’ nonchalance towards the four of them… clearly. Aidan likely still believed they were playing pretend, but that didn’t mean that when Jess said bye he wanted to let her go. The little boy had grabbed onto her hand and a frown met her lips. God… bloody fck she didn’t want to leave. She missed this… Jessica missed her kids… her family… she just… wanted to go back to it right away. With a struggle… Jess pulled away from her son, bending to her knees as she looked at him. “Hey sweetheart… I have to go now okay?” she stated, looking at her son with a broken smile. With that, she pulled her hand away and waved goodbye hearing the little boy break the little game with a “MOMMY DON’T LEAVE” , clearly trying to chase after Jess but Dorian held him back. Turning towards Dorian, Jess gave him one last look before turning away and walking away from her family which was something she never imagined she would ever do.

The next two weeks were torture but she did what she needed to do. After getting access to Sergio’s computer, Jess sent all the information to the FBI and during the wedding, there was a raid with almost everyone in the room being arrested and no one knowing what happened. Honestly, however, that didn’t matter. The second after Jess could leave and had given her statement, Jess went straight home. It was night time meaning everyone should be home. Knocking on the door, a feeling of anxiousness met her body as she waited outside her door. Two months… it had been an entire two months. Two weeks since she had last seen them and…

None of that mattered when Dorian opened the door and the instant he did, Jess wrapped her arms around him tightly, kissing the man. Dorian didn’t even have a chance to figure out who the hell was at his doorstep at 10:15 PM before Jess jumped him. After a few seconds of his arms around her, Jess hesitantly pulled away knowing her kids were probably all in bed but also needing to see them. Dorian went to Aidan’s room while Jess went to her daughter’s room, a smile on her lips as she kissed her daughter’s cheeks. Shay was first, and she mumbled in her sleep as her eyes sleeply opened but when they did and she saw her mom - the girl was instantly awake and jumping on her mother. “ZOEEEE MOMMY IS HOMEEEE,” Shay screamed, wrapping her arms tightly against Jess. Dorian soon came back into the room with her little boy sucking his thumb but when Aidan saw his mom, he also wiggled out of his dad’s arms and ran to him mom, soon followed by Zoe.

Yep… this… there right here was her happiness. Jessica knew she could never take a job like she had again… not while her babies were still babies.



{ Elijah with twins | 2008 }

If you asked Dorian, life was pretty great as a 4 year old. Not all the time, just sometimes… when his siblings weren’t home. Like now. THANK GOD Elodie had to go to the doctors… Okay, that sounds bad. Don’t worry, she’s fiiiiiiine but mom always gets worried when Elodie doesn’t feel good so she takes her to the doctor. Where was Dylan? How should Dorian know? Supposedly Dylan was old enough to play with his friends allll alone so he wasn’t at home. Another plus because this meant Dorian was allll alone with his dad. With a ball in his hands, little Dori ran up to Elijah’s office, struggling to open the door but smiling proudly once he did. Bet Elodie can’t do that. ”Daddd, will you…“ dropping the ball, he kicked it lightly toward his dad, that proud smile not disappearing from his lips. ”Playyy with me?“ Did he care that his dad was on the phone with someone? NO. PLAY WITH HIM… Please? No one wants to play with him… They do… But it feels like they don’t want to. They’d rather spend time teaching Elodie to play her baby piano or play with her dolls, but what about soccer? That was waaaaay better than dolls. At least Dylan was fun enough to join Dori sometimes… And dad. Running up to his dad who surprisingly ended the call, Dorian climbed up to sit on his lap repeating play with me oveeer and over again. In no time Dorian was laughing, his dad throwing him over his shoulder as he got up and picked up the ball, listening to his son. He really was a good dad when he wasn’t busy, he cared about his kids and loved them but there were three of them and Dorian couldn’t always get his full attention. If he wanted to feel involved sometimes he had to play with… stupid dolls. But at least then dad would tell him that he’s being a gooood brother. Which he was!

That next hour was everything little Dori really needed. He was out with his dad, running around while kicking a ball, laughing, falling and getting up right away to beat his dad, his dad throwing him up in the air when he’d “score a goal”. A perfect day… until he heard her. ”Daddddyyyyy,“ running up to them with her little ponytail, Elodie already had her arms up, just waiting for dad to pick her up. Ready to steal him away from Dorian and drag him into her girly baby world. Just standing there with his ball in front of his feet, he could see his mom also appearing, leaning against the back door and smiling at the scene in front of her. That scene being Elijah picking up Elodie and kissing her cheek, asking her what the doctor said. If they were here just 5 seconds ago maybe she’d be smiling at how gooooood Dorian was at this game, but she wasn’t. Maybe she’ll ask him what he was doing - no, she didn’t. Instead she called them all inside to eat something she got while she was out. Wait, dad was turning back to look at him! ”Come on, champ,“ with a soft smile that’s all he did. His dad also told him to go back inside instead of putting Elodie down and continuing Dori’s game… Oh… But he wasn’t hungry. Hearing his dad talking to his sister, for a second Dori continued standing there and watching them leave, before sitting down on the ground and hugging his ball, a soft frown on his lips.

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Do you believe in love at first sight? - 2015

“Alright Trevor, we need to keep moving. Your song is blowing up and your fans are demanding a music video. We need to stay on top of this so what’s your decision?”

15-years-old. That’s exactly how old Trevor Bailey was while being pushed to make decisions, release albums, and do press conferences that he honestly didn’t feel ready for. If anyone said fame at a young age was a good thing - Trevor can tell them it was the opposite. For the past few months since the release of his hit single, he had been stuck in a whirlwind. His parents just wanted the best for him and trusted his judgment however… it was just difficult feeling like he was alone. Though he did appreciate his manager who often stood up for him… like right now.

“Roland let’s just take this one at a time. How about Trevor and I discuss and we’ll get back to you within the hour with the final proofs for the music video idea.”

As the studio head grumbled and walked away - there he was again, left alone with his manager and a book of hundreds of girls that he needed to look through to pick his love interest. It seemed almost… disgusting to do. Picking someone based solely on their looks but that’s exactly what this was - picking and choosing features that would look well with his because people wanted sex appeal in these videos even though he was only 15. What the hell was wrong with this industry?

Flipping through the pages, Trevor stopped at one page with a certain girl catching his eye. It wasn’t that she was prettier than the others… honestly, this entire book was filled with gorgeous girls, but there was something about her that was calling out to him. “What about… Jessica… Pierce?” Trevor asked, looking at her name under her photograph. He watched as his manager looked over his shoulder. “She’s cute. And it looks like she has a twin sister too. Maybe the concept for the music video can involve both of them?”

He watched as his manager walked over to her computer, typing something before a frustrated sigh left her lips. “Damn it. I don’t know why but it won’t let me book both of them at the same time.” “That’s fine I don’t… I think we’re fine with just… Jessica.”

“Alright, Jessica It is. Okay… well we got our love interest. Now let’s move on to the music video concept.”

A few weeks later - there he was, standing on the set of his first music video. It was 5 AM since they needed him at the very beginning of the day to get into make-up, and his stylest. Let’s just say… he was definitely half asleep.

“Guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t what to bloody be awake at 5 in the morning,”

That was the first thing Jessica Pierce ever said to him. His eyes were closed on a chair that said his name, though he wasn’t asleep. Despite being in the spotlight for a few months, this was all still… nerve-inducing. With his eyes opening, he met hers… and honestly, Trevor’s heart skipped a beat. “You must be Jessica?” “Nope. You’re completely off. I’m Dwane Johnson darling,” the girl responded with a smirk prevalent in her features. If he was asleep before, that disappeared with her words bringing a small laugh to his features. Any nerves he had disappeared as the two started talking. It was just so… easy. Over the last few months, Trevor had various conversations with celebrities, talk show hosts, and even business professionals but no conversation went as easy as the one in this room.

Even as the music video commenced, and he had to very awkwardly lip sing as he flirted with her, she made it easier. After messing up a few takes, it was her calming tone and ability to make him laugh that made him calm enough that they were able to move on to the next scene. So… well… Trevor got a crush on the girl he hired to play his love interest. Could anyone blame him? A stunning, down to earth, British babe was in his presence and all he could do was trip over his words and mess up during his own music video.

But… honestly, it was a pretty great time. He hadn’t felt… normal in a while and over the span of the day with Jessica was the most normal he had felt in months. Honestly, he missed this feeling. And… well… he almost never wanted it to end.

Reunited with an Old Friend - 2026

After 11 years in the lime light, Trevor had gotten used to the pressure of being famous. The constant tours, the fans, the hiding face in public so people wouldn’t recognize him but looking back over his time, he did miss that feeling he had all those years ago. It wasn’t often that people would treat him like a normal person anymore and, although he didn’t hate that, he also didn’t like it.

“Alright Trevor. We have you on Jimmy for your performance and then we need to fly you out New York for that concert before your tour in two weeks.”

“Yeah yeah, I know Tina. Don’t worry so much,” Trevor smiled, wrapping his arms around his manager as he walked closer to the set. There was stage crew running all around him working on different parts of the Jimmy Kimmel show. As he reached the edge of the stage, one particular one ran up to help set up his mic but it was in that process that someone caught his eye. There was a girl talking to Jimmy and it took Trev only a moment to recognize Jessica Pierce. Over the years the two had stayed friends - commenting on each other’s social media posts and seeing each other at an occasional party. However, it had been years since Trevor had actually seen her in person and… wow. She was… as gorgeous as ever. He had heard about her triumphs… going to North Korea… she was… well… crazy… but a crazy brilliant.

He was so distracted - watching Jessica smile as she responded to Jimmy’s questions - that he missed his cue to go on. A curse met his lips as he walked on stage, singing his newest song Good Enough. Though, even singing, he met her eyes, winking at the girl who seemed just as surprised to see him. An idea met his mind as he danced over towards her - on a part of a stage he wasn’t supposed to go to. Putting his hand out, he moved his eyes back towards where he was supposed to be - still singing. After a few seconds, she laughed joining him and dancing with him. Honestly it felt good - Jessica still had a way of easily… well… grabbing the attention of every individual towards her. There was an ease to her and it was intoxicating.

“You’re a bloody dork, you know that, Jackson?” the girl stated, pulling him in for a hug as the song ended and they went to a commercial break. “True… but how about you give this dork an update about what’s been going on in your crazy life Miss Pulitzer Winning Pierce,” Trevor retorted, after pulling away with a smirk on his lips. He missed her… honestly.

“Oh are you crazy? I don’t think I’ll be able to fight through the line of girls who want your attention, darling”

Maybe that was her way of shutting him down? But… well… if Trevor would ever have a chance with the girl he had a crush on since he was 15, this was it wasn’t it. “Oh shut up, Jess. You have 100% of my attention and honestly, I just want to know what’s been going on. Come on… I’ll pay? Free… street tac… McDonalds?”

A sweet laugh left her lips and after a second she sighed. “Well those are three words I can never say no to… I’ll pay and McDonalds

And that was it… well… it was the start. The two of them did, indeed, go on that impromptu date. Or… well. Trevor would call it a date. To this day, Jessica says it was just them hanging out. But one hang out led to him inviting her to New York with him for his concert and her agreeing, which led to another hang out a few days later, and another one and then… he just came out and said it. That he wanted to date her… exclusively.

He did have to wean her down. After the first few times he asked, she told him she wasn’t ready and then one day… she finally finally said yes. And trust Trevor Jackson… he knew a good thing when he had it and he wasn’t willing to let it go. After all… who the hell would let Jessica Pierce go once she was their’s? Idiots.

@astxrism - Dori is one of the idiots
@Littlefeets - Kai is the other idiot

PS: This is just an intro to his character. Next part where he meets dori is coming.


Hopeless Romantic - 2036

Celebrity Divorces: They were always… messy. Jordan Williams’s divorce was no different. It was the Angelina Jolie X Brad Pritt type relationship simply placed in a new decade. That being said, despite a year and a half passing since the divorce… it didn’t stop Jordan from loving Sadie. Nothing would ever stop Jordan from loving her. That was the fate of Jordan Williams… a man of many mistakes… though a man who still loved despite them.

As divorces went, fans took sides as they always did though Jordan always pushed back on fans and other celebrities who blamed Sadie. Jordan knew who was to blame, and it wasn’t Sadie Willi… Sadie Monroe. However, both Jordan and Sadie agreed not to let the public know the real reason for their divorce. It would only add fuel to the fire… though that didn’t stop Jordan from telling people it was his fault and that he lost the best thing that ever happened to him… which of course led to vicious speculation about what he did. Many assumed he cheated… stories came out about him in various situations that didn’t exist. On the other hand, others backed Jordan and blamed Sadie despite his constant mentioning of it being his fault… which he hated.

That was a year ago. Since then, Jordan had fallen away from the limelight. A few months after the divorce, Jordan just decided to stop: stop releasing music, stop using social media, stop anything that could be used against Sadie. He disappeared from everything - making only rare appearances for events that his close friends hosted… and even then, more likely than not, Jordan would simply send a gift and stay hidden away in his house which… for the first few months, he never left. Well… there were three people he would never disappear from: his kids. Despite leaving everything else behind, Jordan was 100% in his children’s lives… well… as much as 100% could be with his arrangement with Sadie where he was just… not trying to step on her toes. Sadie and Jordan had agreed on a… not seeing each other arrangement when switching turns with the kids, so usually a nanny would drop them off at his house… his new house that is. Currently, Sadie had them 3 months and then Jordan had them for 3 months and they simply switched off… was it the best plan? Probably not but… it’s what they came up with for now. They were young enough where it wasn’t much of a hassle but… they were getting older.

So… Jordan disappeared. He became a recluse and simply left everything… did that mean he still didn’t write? Still didn’t dance? No… those two things were the only things keeping him sane. Pages and pages of music was written by Jordan Williams during this time but none were released. Hours of choreography was created but would only stay with Jordan. It hurt… too much to give that to the world. It wasn’t until a year in when his manager begged him to do something that he… somewhat started getting back out there. Though… not under his own name. Any songs released from Jordan were… well… sold to another artist. Jordan made sure he had no writing credit on any of his songs so nothing would ever get back to those he cared about. Speculation was the weapon of choice from his fans and he wasn’t going to give them that.

That’s exactly how Jordan found himself sitting at a piano inside a sound booth, a close friend watching alongside his manager and the studio technician from the other side of the glass. “Whenever you’re ready Jordan,”

And with those words, his eyes closed as the melody flowed through him - reverberated through the piano in the small room. Jordan let his eyes close, and for the next few moments, let his mind wander to everything that had happened that led to this point.

Play - Hopeless Romantic Acoustic

I do it to myself
Fabricate a dream, reaching for what I see
In everybody else
It’s never what it seems

He recalled the moment he kissed Jezebel all those years ago, his lips meeting hers as he felt all the emotions she had been through over the years after the loss of their child… a child he had only learned about. Thinking back to that moment, he knew it was a mistake. He was lost in the memory of what they once had… a fabricated dream… one that likely shouldn’t have become reality but did due to his own idiocracy. He hadn’t talked to her since that moment. Jordan apologized to her after making up with Sadie and then… dedicated himself to his wife for the next four years before the divorce. And she understood… he knew Jezebel well enough to know that much… but it didn’t mean he would stop caring about her. Even after years of internal frustration at her for what he thought she had done… it didn’t mean he stopped caring. They had history… they would forever have history but it was nothing compared with what the future had in store for him and his wife… or so he thought before the divorce.

It seems like they’re happier than me
Seems like they’re where I wanna be

A strained smile met his lips thinking back to the pictures of Sadie and Griffin Gluck. He was… honestly happy for her. Happy that she had been able to push against the countless fans trying to push her down and succeed in her career nevertheless. Her strength had always impressed him and this was no different… even if it hurt him that she was moving on… he only hoped that she would be happier than she was with him. She deserved everything… she deserved more than him and whether Griffin could be that was her choice.

His mind went to one other person as he sang those words… a recent magazine noting Jezebel Parker and Chase Stokes being an up and rising it couple. Maybe the best thing to come out of everything that happened was that Jezebel wasn’t ever speculated in the Jordan/Sadie divorce affair. He wanted her safe… she deserved that and now she was happy and he just… he hoped Chase would give her the world.

Both of them… both of his past loves… both girls he would forever care about deserved happiness and he would never stand in the way of that even if a part of his heart would forever be pained by the thought that he was no longer a part of their lives.

It’s like I’m lying to myself
And hopelessly romanticizing, unwilling to compromise
With staring at the stars
While standing on the moon, instead of in this room
Nothing’s ever enough for me
I keep it buried underneath

Despite living in different homes, Jordan still lived close to Sadie Monroe. There were many times that he had almost accidentally walked into a cafe where she was getting something or ran into her on the street and honestly… there would probably be many more times, however, Jordan was skilled at making sure to… never bother her. Keeping his head down, he had avoided her gaze… even if sometimes he spent a minute too long looking after her before disappearing. He imagined scenarios where he would walk in there… or walk up to her and just talk to her… that maybe… maybe there was something that could be done to fix what had happened between them but it was likely just the hopeless romantic in him telling him that… and with a push, he always walked away. A memory met his mind of almost walking into a ice cream parlor only to see his beautiful Sa…

To seeing Sadie Monroe buying little Annie, Kyra, and Justin ice cream - and the little girls almost immediately wrap their arms around their mother. She was always the best mother… and as he once watched Jezebel in Paris with a wonder of what would happen if he had the courage to walk up to her… he wondered what would happen if he walked in. But he was broken… Jordan wasn’t the same man who married her… and he likely could never be. It wasn’t… he wasn’t meant to walk in that day. He wasn’t going to take that moment away from her.

I’ve got the heart of a hopeless romantic
Can you imagine
Looking for love in somewhere it’s not?
I’m broken and manic
Can you imagine
Looking for love in somewhere it’s not?

It’s enough to drive you crazy, crazy (mmm)
When I think about it
It’s enough to drive you crazy, crazy (mmm, mmm)
Hopeless romantic, hopeless romantic

As the song ended, Jordan ended his playing and opened his eyes - meeting those in the other room. His manager was talking to the other two, likely negotiating the sale of the song. Taking a deep breath, Jordan stood up - walking outside with a small smile as Sam went to shake his hand.

“So come on, Jordan. It’s been two years since you’ve released anything - this is a great song why don’t you just…”

“I don’t want it. Trust me… It’s all yours.”

“At least sing it with me. Or let me give you writing credit,”

Shaking his head, Jordan sighed patting the man’s back. “I have my reasons Sam, make it your own.” And with that, and a wave towards his manager, Jordan disappeared back to his empty, home that only felt lonelier and lonelier every day.

Two Weeks Later

Play - Hopeless Romantic Sam Fischer

Drinking coffee, Jordan was sitting in a small coffee shop in Beryl at 11:00 PM simply writing in a journal. There was a small TV in the corner playing Sam Fischer’s new hit single that was just released the night before and had already charted the top 100. Jordan’s eyes went to the TV as he watched the music video - Jordan’s first time seeing it - before it shifted to Sam on Jimmy Kimmel who went to answering questions about how he came up with his new hit. And with that, Jordan finished his coffee, placed earphones in, and after hiding his face with a scarf, he left the coffee shop.

There was a soft smile on his face as he thought back to his friend, though in his distraction, he found his shoulder brush against someone as he left. Turning around, Jordan took an earphone off as he placed on of his hands on her shoulder. “I’m so sorry,” he added immediately stabilizing her. Though, as she turned to face him, his heart dropped. “Jezebel?”


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{ Christmas and baby number 3 | 2024 }

There’s nothing like Christmas. There’s not a better and more beautiful holiday. For a long time it seemed like there was nothing that could make it better because it was already perfect, but that was before two adorable little girls became a part of Elodie DeLoughrey’s… wait, Elodie Taylor-DeLoughrey’s life. Yes, it finally happened, she got married and it was the most magical day ever, her daughters being there making it more meaningful. She really didn’t love anyone as much as she loved them, and her husband of course. Nothing that could make her happier than that… well… Maybe there was one thing. Even if it was a surprise, this time she wasn’t panicking like she was the first time… finding out she was pregnant. And with Christmas coming up it was the perfect opportunity to tell her whole family. Including her husband.

With her girls being two now, it meant Elodie had to do a lot more for the holiday this year. Her apartment in London was not that big, especially not now with two toddlers and their toys that were all around, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t decorate every corner and get the biggest tree. Christmas was always a big deal in her family and she wanted to keep that spirit and make it fun for her girls. She even took them shopping to get the decorations they wanted, they were also old enough to help decorate the tree which they liked doing more with their father for some reason, make cookies for Santa… Oh how excited they were for Santa and their presents. No, it did not take Elodie ages to but and wrap their gifts… The girls were just always around and it was really, reallllly heard to hide that, but it worked out in the end because everything was waiting for them under the tree on Christmas morning.

”Gooood morning, sleepyheads,“ with the sweetest smile, Elodie walked into their room to wake them up, trying hard to hide how nervous she actually was because of what she had to tell them later. Good nervous. Excited nervous. Picking up Amie, Elodie laid down next to Phoebs, cuddling her little girls. ”Do you think Santa came last night?“ At the mentioning of that the girls immediately got up, nodding with grins on their faces. ”Do you want to see what he left? Are you exciiiited? Let’s go.“ She didn’t have to tell them twice. In their red pjs, little Phoebe took Amie’s hand dragging her to the living room and the huuuuuuge tree with soooooo many presents. That’s how that morning went… opening sooo many presents, wrapping paper all over the place, them jumping up and down after opening every present and showing off each other what they got… Before Elodie moved closer to her husband and called their girls to sit there next to her. ”I have a little secret… Do you know what else Santa told me? You’ll find out first,“ taking their little hands, Elodie had the biggest smile on her lips, for a second glancing at her husband to see his reaction. She hasn’t told him anything about another surprise so he must’ve been a little confused… She let them guess for a second, saying noooo after everything they said before placing her hands over her stomach. ”There is a liiiiiiittle baby in mama’s belly and you know what that means? You will be biiig sisters soon.“


{ Bad, bad (old) coach Hossler }
Part 2 | 2039

”Who wants to go to the store with me?” With his car keys in his hand, Dorian walked into the living room where his whole family was. A dangerous question he already knew an answer to - all of them. ”You too?” Picking up Aidan who walked over to him as his sisters ran to put on shoes, with a smile Dorian sat down next to his pregnant wife in the living room. Yeah… surprise, she was pregnant again. With twins this time so at least that came as real surprise. ”But who is going to protect mom and little brothers if we’re both gone?” Whispering to his son, that was the moment when he heard their two dogs running up to them. ”Them… Okay. Go ask your sisters to help you,” putting Aidan down and watching him run after his sisters, Dorian moved closer to Jess, now smiling at her once their little boy… and dogs were gone. ”Okay so you want hot cheetos, cheese, ice cream, sour patch kids…” Starting, he bent down to gently kiss his wife, that smile staying on his lips. ”And whatever else I find and think you’d like so that will be… everything from the store?”

Don’t tell me he was wrong. That wish list would be endless, he knows it, we all know it, but don’t worry… he already asked her that morning. Stopping her from answering that, he got up, his hand still resting on the couch beside her. ”Don’t worry, I did not forget about hot dogs and nuggets and fries on our way back… Just please don’t go into labor again while I’m in the store,” he added with a slight pout in a joking manner but… was he joking? He might’ve been sliiiightly serious because that first time was kind of traumatic. Who goes into labor without telling their partner because they want a bunch of things from the store?! Don’t answer. ”We’ll be back soon, aaaaand you two be nice,” he placed a kiss on her stomach before leaving with their kids.

* * *

Remember Dorian’s old coach? Back in high school? The one who was responsible for Dorian’s breakup? Yeah… what if Dorian bumped into him? If he didn’t know the whole story behind the breakup maybe… no, he would definitely be nice and talk to the guy. He spent so many years with him, after all, he deserved it, right? No. Not right. Not after what Dorian finally found out, and that whole thing was really hard to process. A part of him could understand why it happened that way but a bigger part of him couldn’t. Who was his coach to decide what Dorian’s life is going to be like and what was best for him? He was a nobody and that’s what he’ll always be. Could Dorian thank him for the carrer he now had? No, he wasn’t the one responsible for that, it was Dorian’s hard work and nothing else. Sure, maybe that whole idea of a single soccer player wasn’t bad but not in Dorian’s mind. That was irrelevant and you couldn’t prove him wrong. It wouldn’t be wrong to say Dorian now had no respect for that man.

”DeLoughrey.” Oh f no. No. Turning towards the person who just called out for him, Dorian was hoping it wasn’t who he thought he was. Why did he just see a person he never wanted to see again, here, while getting groceries? Not the place, not the time. Not while his kids were here and he had to play nice in front of them. Or… did he have to? ”Don’t tell me you don’t remember me.” I wish I didn’t wouldn’t been Dori’s answer but his old coach didn’t end up getting a friendly answer. ”Look, cookies!” First district the kids and then walk past the guy, saying what you want to say. ”Don’t… talk to me.” Got that? Oh… you didn’t… Dorian didn’t even get to take a few steps before Hossler was next to his side, confused but hopeful smile on his lips as he rested his hand on Dorian’s shoulder. ”Wha- Look at you. It’s been… what? How many yea- This time it wasn’t Dorian’s words that stopped the man from talking, but his look. Letting the kids fight over cookies, they were distracted enough to not listen to the conversation their dad was having with his gooood old friend. Shaking his shoulder to get the guy’s hand off, Dorian’s brows furrowed just looking at him. The nerve of this guy to just stand there and pretend as if he wasn’t the biggest dck. He’s sharing that first place with… Daniel Parker.

”I think it was clear what I said.” ”Dor-” Glancing at his kids, Dorian continued. ”My kids are here so I’m not going to make a big scene but even if I did I think my wife wouldn’t mind.” ”Don’t-” ”Oooh, don’t what?” At least it wasn’t f off like last time even if that’s what he reallllly wanted to say. It’s really hard to keep it on the low when you want nothing but to brutally confront someone. But maybe his kids being there was a good thing… because this would probably end up badly. ”Or would you also like to decide which cookies I should get?” His voice still quiet and controlled, he noticed his kids got calm, now paying attention to their dad so with that he walked away from his old coach in a hurry, not listening to his excuses or whatever else he wanted to say.


{ Shay’s high school friends }

Life is fun when you’re 18 and when your friends have hot parents. Shay would know that. I mean, Shay’s friends would know that. Just ask them why they loved hanging out in the DeLoughrey resort after school, every single day. Girls, you’re 18, calm down and find someone your own age. And Shay, sweetie… do something about it. Can’t you see how they are all drooling over your dad? Ew. Was Dorian seeing that? No. He was never obsessing over someone’s father when he was younger so don’t blame him. He was also being a good dad, wanting his daughter’s friends to have a nice time so he’d always make sure they had everything they needed, would always be nice and there to help.

But those girls… they knew what they were doing. Shay had a nice room. Shay had the nicest, biggest room but noooo. Living room was perfectly fine for them. You know what was even better? Shay’s backyard and pool. Oh how nice that was… especially when her mom and younger sibling weren’t home… but that sometimes meant her dad also wasn’t home and that wasn’t fun… Look, they did love Shay because she was Shay but don’t blame them for having something else they could look at. ”Shay?” By now Dorian should get used to seeing her friends around the house but he was a little surprised when he got back home from the gym and found them all there, on Sunday. It’s fine, it’s fine… ”Oh, hello,” a sweet smile apparently on his features as Dorian adjusted his gym bag, standing right there in front of them, without a shirt on. That’s… a little uncomfortable. At the same time they all greeted him back with their British accents, their bright smiles and subtle hair twirls. ”Mom is coming back later,” now only focusing on his daughter, he continued. ”I would’ve ordered you something if I knew-” ”Shay already did that, mr DeLoughrey, no need to worry about us.” Oh, okay, cut off his conversation with his daughter. A sweet little girl spoke up, a smile not leaving her lips as she tried to stood up from the rest of them and reassure Shay’s lovely dad that they were fine. That everything was perfect… Now it was. ”Alright then.”

* * *

It’s been a while and the girls were still there. With Zoe and Aidan being with their friends and Jess going to see her family that day, taking their younger kids, Dorian was left all alone in a house full of Shay’s friends. He wasn’t complaining, don’t get him wrong… He loved that his daughter had so many friends and that she was having a fun time but he was soooooo bored. All of his friend were busy, he was on a break (went back to soccer after a long time) and his wife wasn’t home. Siiiiiight.
Don’t worry Dori, that won’t last long.

Getting to the kitchen to grab something to eat, Shay’s friend from earlier magically appeared… It wasn’t magic, she heard him there and took a chance to leave her friends when they all said how they needed some more drinks. When Dorian looked back at her was when she pretended to be surprised, act as if she didn’t know anyone was in there. ”I’m… sorry. Shay told me to grab us something else to drink.” Simply nodding, Dorian walked over to the fridge, opening it for the girl. ”Whatever you need.” ”Anything works, really-” Before she could add anything else with her cute little innocent act, Dorian took out the first thing he could grab since… anything works. But the girl did’t take it. She was just standing there, staring up at her with her sparkly eyes and a smile… Uhm. TAKE IT, what are you doing? Dorian himself was a little confused to say anything but luckily he heard the front door opening, meaning his wife was finally back. A smile reappeared on his lips as he heard his kids running and his wife’s voice, putting the drink down on the counter and leaving the girl standing there alone.



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Scarlet’s first heartbreak…

Shutting the door behind her, Scarlet couldn’t contain the tears welling up in her eyes any longer, before collapsing onto the couch and burying her face into a pillow. Her gaze only returned upward at the sound of her father’s voice as he sat next to her. “Scarlet, what happened?” he asked, worried. Scarlet sat up, tears streaming down her face. “Boys are f^^^ing a^^holes.”

“What do you need me to do?” Scarlet shook her head, moving to hug her father and let him just hold her the way he had for as long as she could remember whenever she was hurt, sick, upset, or just needed a moment to be close to him. It didn’t take more than that for Kai to know the answer was nothing, she just needed comfort. “I know. Even the good ones can be, and that won’t change when they get older either.” Kai said, pulling his crying daughter close. He knew better than most that there were a lot of people out there that would hurt someone, and how even the ones with good intentions can cause just as much pain. He hated seeing her crying and upset, especially if it wasn’t because of something he could take into his own hands to fix. How long it had been, neither of them really knew, but nothing outside of that moment mattered to Kai, he just cared about comforting his little girl. She hugged him tightly, no words leaving her mouth for what felt like a long time before she finally spoke up with a question. “Daddy…? Have you ever been in love?” She had heard stories about her mom, but she never had the chance to know her, or really what the relationship between her parents had been like, so whether or not they were in love before she was born, wasn’t even a certainty in her mind. She thought she was in love, but she wasn’t even sure what being in love was supposed to feel like. The most she could do was see if her dad had ever felt the way she felt before, if he knew what heartbreak felt like, what love felt like.

“I have, twice actually.” Kai answered honestly. Not the early crushes that may feel like love at the time, not the unimportant flings, but actual love, he had felt twice in his life. “First, your mother became my best friend, she made me feel more like myself than I had been in years, and the more I was with her, the more she meant to me. I liked the person I was when I was with her, and with her I felt like I could be a better man, one that she deserved.” Kai spoke about Skye, and it was clear that Scarlet wanted to know more, about her mother, and about this other person that he had loved, Jess. “You said twice… when was the other time?”

“I was a little older than you are now, a senior in high school. When I first met her, she was nothing like what I expected her to be, and everytime I was with her, it was something new. I wasn’t interested in her at first, but she forced me to open up when I was with her and over time I didn’t want to be around her because I had to, but because I wanted to, because she made me realize everything I wanted to be. I fell in love with her, but in the end I still hurt her. I didn’t treat her as well as she deserved.”

“What happened with her? Where is she now?” She asked, curious about what her dad had done to hurt someone he loved, and why he hadn’t tried to be with her again. “When we were together, I lied to her, and I was never able to keep my promises to her. I did my best to protect everyone, but my best wasn’t enough and I failed her. I kept letting her down. She has a family of her own now, a husband, kids close to your age. She has a life that’s better than it was when I was there. I haven’t spoken to her in years, but I know she’s happier now. I just wish I could have been better back then.”

“Do you still think about her and mom?” Scarlet paused, thinking for a moment before adding a follow up question. “Did you ever stop loving them?” Scarlet knew her mother’s death was sudden and when her parents’ relationship was growing, but would he have stopped loving her after she’s been gone for so many years? What about the other girl he once loved, she moved on, and he was with her mother afterwards, but did he ever stop loving her? “I still think about your mom every day. I still love her, and I miss her, but I see some of her in you all the time. And I do still think about the other girl I loved sometimes. There is a part of me that will always love her, and wonder what could have been, but she is also a reminder of the person I want to be, and should have been.” Kai softly kissed the top of his daughter’s head. There was no denying who he had been in the past, but all he could do was continue to be better, to be a good father to his little girl, and to be a good example for her. “When there’s someone you really love, not just someone you think you love, but someone you truly love, a part of you will never stop caring about them, and losing them is always going to hurt, but it will get easier, even if it doesn’t feel like it”

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Hi again. Do you remember what happened last time or do you want a recap? FINNNNNEE, guess Grayson will give you all a recap. So here it is.

  1. Gray is the cutest human being in the entirety of the whole world.
  2. He’s also the favorite in the DeLoughrey family.

Let’s just say… this was a catastrophe. It’s like his parents didn’t even love him because if they DID this wouldn’t be happening. BUT NOOOOOO. They just needed another baby, hmph. Well… WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT. After crying that is - let Grayson get all these emotions out first and then we’ll come up with a plan. Plus crying made it so mommy kissed him and hugged him which was always a plus. So… where the heck do babies come from?

Mommy’s 3 months pregnant:

WHERE DO BABIES COME FROM? No one would tell him. How was he supposed to stop something when he DIDN’T know where babies come from? HUH? This was hard. In one of daddy’s bedtime stories, it said that a stork brought the babies. SO WHERE COULD GRAYSON GET HIS HANDS ON THIS STORK AND STOP IT? HUH? HUUUUUH? Also… what was a stork? Was it a bird? It looked like a bird in the book. That’s exaaccttllly why after daddy read him and Ethan that book, the next day, Grayson tried to throw stuff at every bird he saw.

Mommy took him to the park and bam, throwing his bottle at a bird nearby. Take that baby stork, and don’t come back. Daddy took him and Ethan to play with a soccer ball, and guess whooo pushed the soccer ball in the direction of the bird? THIS GUY. And then daddy called him a little champ, so two birds with one soccer ball right? Woah… that saying finally makes sense. DAD LOOK I KNOW METAPHORS NOW.

On other knews, guess who finalllly said his first word? YES ALSO THIS GUY. Grayson tried to say “Fck” Like Ethan, but look, it just didn’t work out. We’ll try that word again later, but he did get out “Babababbababba” which sloooowllyyy with practice turned into “bah-bee” and then to “Bay-beeee” and mommy and daddy seemed proud at him for that one. They kept saying yes that’s what you are but Grayson was trying to tell them NO MORE BABIES AND HE WAS THE LAST ONE. But hey, one word at a time right?

Mommy’s 4 months pregnant

Dear audience, we have a problem. So do you want the good news or bad news? Which one do you want to hear first? Oh, I guess we’ll start with the good news. It seems like the right place to start. Grayson successfully let ALL the storks know who’s boss. He also learned the word “No” and proceeded to tell EVERY stork that so they for sure knew that they couldn’t come here with a new baby. It wasn’t allowed. So the good news is, if the storks listen, there will BE NO MORE BABIES. Now you wanna know the bad news? Well, simply, WHERE THE BLOODY HELL WAS MOM?

Grayson didn’t know. One day mommy was here, and the next he got a kiss on his cheeks with mommy telling him she’d be back soon. WELL ITS BEEN WEEKS MOM, WHERE ARE YOU? Daddy was giving him this DISGUSTING milk. It was the same kind Lexie drank, and let Grayson tell everyone, IT WAS NOT THE SAME AS THE GOOD STUFF. Lexie honestly was crazyyyyyyyy for liking this stuff… like no wonder she was a lil weird. Seriously. What was wrong with that girl. This was not Grayson’s opinion of a good time. Ethan didn’t like it either… let’s be honest, it just wasn’t the same :frowning: . Mommy called on this weird portal thingy that Dad kept in his pocket, but everytime Grayson put his mouth on the portal thing to get some milk dad either told him no and it didn’t taste like the good stuff. It was weird, and he couldn’t get to him mom through it. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THE PORTAL DAD? But everyyyyy day his mom told him, hey and talked to him which was fun… until Shay or Zoe or Aidan took the phone which was rude, but anyways every day Grayson told her “Baaah babda babbaa baby no” trying to tell her 1. no babies, and 2. to come back home. Did it work? NOooooo she kept saying something about Cousin Dan needing her but let’s be honest WHO CARED ABOUT COUSIN DAN? WHat Grayson cared about was that he wanted goooood food and while mom was gone, he not only didn’t get milk but dad would never sneak him ice cream or yummy stuff like that. This was terrible. Mom… come… back home please :sob:

The worst of it was that because dad was alone, Gray BARELY got any attention. It was either Zoe this, or Shay that, or even paying attention to Ethan - that attention hog. Guess what Ethan, you’re not the only one who can say a word now so GET GONE. Okay fine, Ethan wasn’t horrible. When dad wasn’t giving Gray attention, at least he could talk to Ethan. They had many intellectually stimulating conversations on what different items felt like in their mouth. One day, Ethan would tell him about how licking the floor was and Gray would subsequently tell him about the taste of his own toe. See. Intellectually stimulating. Duh.

Mommy’s 6 months pregnant

GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS AGAIN. We have a lot of these huh? Good news is that daddy started feeding them real food, FINALLY. I mean besides the weird stuff like peas and carrots that Gray spit out, there was also good stuff like apple sauce and smooshy peaches and pears. YUM. Gray still preferred milk, but mommy was back so he got it ofteeenn. Mommy was getting really big though, clearly, she ate good food when she was away. If only Grayson could have shared with her :frowning: . Oh well, that didn’t matter. Gray was happy. He got good food, he got his mommy’s attention and daddy’s attention.

But you wanna know the bad news, there was something in his mouth and it hurt A LOT. Biting stuff helped it hurt less, but it hurt SOOOOOOO much every day. Ethan was experiencing the same thing and when Grayson looked into Ethan’s mouth, there was this white monster in there. So OF COURSE Grayson cried all night. He kept telling his parents about the monster, but they woudln’t listen and just tried to make him go back to sleep but it was hard to sleep with a MONSTER IN YOUR MOUTH.

GET WITH THE PROGRAM MOM AND DAD AND GET IT OUT. Daddy said the monster’s name was first tooth and it was a meannnn monster. Hopefully they could get rid of it soon.

Mommy’s 8 months pregnant

Okay so… Gray knew how to admit when he was wrong. That First tooth monster wasn’t a monster, it was something that helped him eat food. After the pain stopped, it was actually kinda helpful. But still, if next time we could do without the pain, that would be greatttttt. There was another thing Gray was wrong about, and this one, ooooohhhh, this one. IT was bigger. It was worse. REmember when Grayson got rid of the new baby? WELL. WELLLLL APPARENTLY THERE WASN’T A STORK. THE BABY IS IN MOMMY’S BELLY. How it got in there? WHO KNOWS. This was terrible. All the work Grayson did, and now the baby is STILL coming? Oh no.

SOOOOO whenever mommy held him, Grayson made sure to press her stomach and yell “NO” to make sure the babies knew who the boss was. Do you know who the boss is? ITS GRAYSON. So listen. It was totally working, trust him. Everytime mommy held him he made sure to do a push and tell them who it needed to listen to and that was Grayson.

It was okay. There would be no more babies. Watch. WATCH. hmph. Grayson had a plan, and it was called being authoritative.

Well… that didn’t work

MAY DAY WE HAVE A PROBLEM. Tears fell down Graysons eyes as he cried to the nanny. Daddy and mommy had been gone for two days and the nanny just told him he had two new siblings. Oh no. Why were Shay and Zoe and Aidan so excited? At least Ethan cried with him. This was terrible. He wasn’t the youngest anymore. “Mo…moommmy” Grayson cried in the little prison his parents called a play pen.

Apparently, his mommy and daddy were coming home today. What was he supposed to do? Well, Grayson would just have to find a way to get rid of them. Then… well… he heard them. The door opened and he heard the familiar voices of his parents. Crying louder, Gray wanted to get his parents attention. Forget the new kids, LOOK AT HIM. But nooo. The moment his mom came in, every one of his siblings surrounded his mom and dad and he couldn’t even see them through the bars of his playpen.

It toooook a lonnnng time but after a while, mommy and daddy finally made their way to him and Ethan, walking inside with blankets in their arms. Why did they have blankets? Was it a gift for him? It better be a gift for him. But when his dad sat down, he clearly saw it WASN’T a gift for him. No, instead, hidden beneath the sheets that dad was holding was something weird. It was sooo weird that Grayson stopped crying to get a closer look and then mom sat down and she had another blanket with something weird in it.

It was only when he got a closer look that he realized what they were holding . It was them. The babies. THE BABIES THAT WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO EXIST. Grayson pouted, looking at the one dad was holding. But then she opened her eyes, mumbling something incomprehensible… clearly… she hadn’t learned advanced baby yet. But omg, she was actually kind of… hmm no… Grayson stay strong.


His little sister muttered, opening her eyes and turning towards him with a look. “baadam me moomy” Clearly he was telling the kid that the people holding him was his parents, but she didn’t look phased as she put her lil hand out and tentatively, Grayson moved his hand to hers and then his heart melted. After a second of confusion, the little girl put his hand in hers and then Grayson found himself sighing, knowing that he could only protect her after that. Well, her and the other kid in mommy’s hands. “badad mpp love jeeee bah ddmmm”

So of course he told those two that Fine he’d love them and protect them but he was still obviously cuter than them. I mean. Obviously.



Imma keep my baby swister warm :triumph: - 2033

Hhhhhhiiiiiiii my name is Shay De…um… Deloww… um my daddy can tell you okay? It’s realllllly long and prettyyyy though but I cannnt say it yetttt. I’ll learn don’t worry but lateeeer. But guessssss what? Mommy’s gonna have my lilllltle baby swister soon. Mommy’s soooooooo big right nowwww and I’m sooooo exciteeed because appppparently she can come annny day now. It’s mean that she won’t hurry up though like comeeeee in shay wants to play with you baby swister :triumph: but it’s okay, she’s a baby, she’ll learn sooooooon. Or… will be a baby? One or the other. All Shay Delow…. Dela…. Umm… you know where I’m going with this, All shay knew was that sooooon her mommy’s belly would be little again and a baby would be here. How Funnn.

Annnyways, Shay DeLoughrey had been excited since she was like a one and a half year old and now she was almooost two and a half (basically twice her life okayyy, such an important milestone) and her baby sister would be here soon. What was more exciting than that? Shay could tell you it was NONTHING… Especially when her dad brought soooooooooooo much food home everyday and mommy let her have a little of everything too.

But thennn just this morning, Shay saw her mom shiver because she was cold :(. Shay hugged her fooor hourrrrs and mommy said she was okay now but what if… what if her little swister was cold too? That’s exactly why Shay started her new gwenius plan to warm her swister up.

It was saturday night and Shay had stayed up wayyyy past her bedtime so she could warm up her baby swister up and sneak into her parents room. Running there now, Shay struggled as she often did with the door but this time it WAS LOCKED :pleading_face: why did mama and papa lock the door? She tried and tried and nothing, it wouldn’t budge. So what was a little girl to do besides KNOCKING loudly and yellling a little through the door like Anna did with her sister, Elsa, when she asked to build a snowman. She kept knocking until her daddy finallllly opened the door after a longggg time.

“Hai daddy,” Shay beamed, wrapping her arms around his legs until he picked her up and brought her to the bed to ask why she wasn’t asleep. Well, daddy IF you must know… “I’m here because my little swister is cold” Shay explained, and with that, she kissed her dad on the cheek before wiggling out of his arms to go to mommy and sleep on her belly with her arms wrapped tightly around her baby swister. Trust Shay, while she’s around - She would NEVER let her little swister get cold :triumph:

Cuddled next to her momma, Shay put her lips against her moms stomach before whispering “ARE YOU WARM NOW? I LOVE YOU” okay… maybe it wasn’t very quiet but she had to be loud for her swister to hear her… duh. And just like that, Shay found herself sleeping cuddled with her mama, papa, and baby swister. What a life she has.


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Hera stood back up against a counter, surrounded by people in a new tan dress, feeling alone. Currently, they were stone cold sober. Having fun? yes. It would probably be better with alcohol, though. So they went to the bar to get shots and then went over to socialize near the pool table. They played against funny chads, frantic freshmen who snuck in here with their senior boyfriends, cute femmes who lowkey fought over her… it was funny in their defense. I mean, mascs are quite rare, so it made sense that multiple people could want them at the same time. She almost wanted to get out of there with both of them, but a gut feeling told her not to. I mean, they still hit in an empty bedroom but anywayyyyy… by Hera’s seventh shot she figured she should head off to the dance floor.

They clippity clopped in their heels through many hallways, rooms, etc. On the way she had seen so many gorgeous women, so many…men. They were okay, they supposed. But still much less cute. Yet, even the women were insignificant when Hera wandered into the door frame and laid eyes on her.

Daiane wore a black dress, looking stunning as always. They were in a very large closet, but the only skeleton in there was their relationship.

A Letter You’ll Never Read

The sun had set behind the clouds long ago. The sky was pitch black, only light in the sky provided by the moon. Oh envious moon, after all these years it still could not replicate your beauty. A mosaic of every fragment of you that has slipped past me tonight is worth more than our solar system. The only gravity I feel now brings me back to you.

And I fear that this might be what deprives me of oxygen. I’ve been locked out of your atmosphere, out of your world, out of my heaven. Attached to the surface of it, on the brink of entrance all of the time. My eyes are glued to your figure. My lips still taste like you. My hands cup the globe like they did your cheek. Your scent is still present in my every breath. But my ears can only wish to remember your voice.

I was raised in hell and born damned. You taught me to hate the burn. Living in the flames for so long, I learned to become one with them. It’s the reason I burned down your forest. A fire so grand took a long time for me to extinguish. Too long to save you. If we were slow dancing in a burning room, it was because I laid my fingertips across the walls. I’m sorry I turned you to ash too. When your planet became barren, dead and cold, I sent myself back to hell. Where I believed I belonged. If burning meant to suffer, like you taught me, then it was destined for me.

I hoped it would burn. I hoped I could pay the price for killing a land where so many godsent creatures gallivanted, and so many flowers blossomed. But more than that, I hoped that blazing streaks of the sun would no longer feel like home. I hoped I learned everything that you had taught me. And it did. It stripped me of everything I wanted to lose.

Except my love for you.

Swiftly, the door that let them into the room slammed shut behind them. “Sorry! I should go.” Hera smiled when Daiane looked over to the entrance. However, when she tried to turn the knob, the door was locked. Sh!t. They thought. “It’s locked.” Hera announced, then going to sit down between two coats that hung beside the door. All they could do was look at her again, with sad eyes.

Unfortunately, the last time that they had seen each other was in December of last year. Not because they disliked the girl, but because the last time they saw each other was soooo uncomfortable. Hera may or may not have kissed her. They may or may not also have a girlfriend…. LISTEN WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT IT. Did Hera feel guilty? Meh. Not at the moment. Everything that Hera does, they’re 100% sure of. And at that point in their relationship, Hera and Ari were more like friends with benefits. But now, they’re much much closer. She actually kind of grew on them. Her neediness is adorable, and she can actually be pretty nice when she likes you.

Daiane was nice all of the time, but still, Hera was starting to miss her less and less. They’re honestly pretty sure they were manic when they asked out Ari and kissed Daiane. This was supposed to give them more of an excuse. But for some reason, it made Hera feel more guilty for what she did. Sometimes they feel too crazy for their circles. They were too crazy for Daiane, hopefully they wouldn’t be too crazy for Ari. “Listen,” Hera began, looking up to the girl with flaring eyes of admiration. “I’m really sorry about the ferris wheel.” They sighed, the words in their mind rolling down and right off of her tongue. “It was wrong, and I should have thought more before acting.” they breathed. They already apologized on the ride, but she felt that it hadn’t been enough. “I’m sorry for everything, really. I’m sorry for breaking your heart and kissing you after. You deserve the best. Know that.”


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vc new 2

February 13th, Beryl hospital

”You’re a stong one Valerie, most pregnancies don’t last this far in your condition, especially with twins and at your age.” The doctor said after finishing running tests on Valerie. For the past few days she had been at the hospital considering she herself almost drunk herself to death. Not a smart thing to do while pregnant, but at this point she wasn’t really in a good place enough to thing of good ideas. She was mostly in a place of falling back into old habits of coping with pain, with loneliness and disappointment. You know, she used to tell herself that if you expect disappointment, then you can never really be disappointed. But I’m a way, Daniel taught her that wasn’t always the case. Well, until it is, and when you least expect it your life starts crumbling apart. ”I’ll leave you for now and come back later to check on you, seems like you have a visitor” the doctor added glancing over at Veronica who was standing at the door looking at the two. ”thank you doctor” Valerie said before the doctor left the room

”Hey mom” Veronica said softly with a light empathic smile, coming closer by her mother’s bed ”hey baby, I missed you. What are you doing here don’t you have school?” she asked, taking the girl’s hand ”I do but I wanted to check on you first. I missed you too” the girl said looking at her mother. In all the years of her life, Veronica looked up to her mother, she always saw her as this strong woman that can go through everything, but seeing her now, she was a broken women, she just looked sad, and weak, that spark of hope in her eyes was slowly fading and Veronica hated seeing that so much. If anyone in the world deserved better, it was her mother.

Later that day, Hell

”Took you long enough” Veronica stated as playing with a whiskey glass in her hand as she sat on the bar stool looking at the surprised man who had just came back to his little playhouse which was supposed to be empty, but you plan stuff and life just laughs in your face isn’t it so?

”Surprise.” she said as smoothly sliding the glass over to the other side of the counter before pouring another one for herself, neat, just like Parkers do it. I bet you’re probably asking yourself how did she even get there? Well, she the daughter of a hacker genius for nothing, it comes with some useful skills, especially when you learn from the best.

”Let’s skip the bullsht part, I didn’t come all the way to bloody Norway to be a daddy’s girl and make you love me or forgive me, honestly, I was stupid, I tried so hard to win and make you proud of me in any way possible and didn’t realize all I was causing was havoc. But I’m not the issue right now” she started, cutting to the chase we can’t be arsed to bs around. Of course she wished he’d forgive her eventually, but right now that wasn’t the issue.

”Disown me, fine, I bloody deserve it. But Peter doesn’t, and neither does mom.” she told him after taking a long sip of her drink. ”found your divorce papers, let’s just say they never quite reached their destination. I find it ironic considering you seemed to be disconnected from everything and everyone, yet you still willingly left your wife regardless of her being pregnant.” she told him. Yeah we know mother dearest said she never told him, but if he knew about the coaster incident, he knew about the pregnancy for sure, we ain’t dumb around here. Wouldn’t be surprised if he knew she was in the hospital and even the Jordan tragedy, I don’t even know anymore, nothing seems to make a lot of sense lately.

”You do realise she can’t cope without you right? You’re her rock. I always thought she was the strong one on her own, but it’s not true, you’re strong together, she’s strong with you ” the girl rold him, letting out a huff of air out her nose as she lightly shook her head looking out the window at her first question. Norway was pretty nice if we’re being honest, would come again under better circumstances for sure. ”She needs you, auntie Jez needs you, Peter needs you.” she added ”just come back, please”

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You know what put a dent in her weekend plans? This… this right fcking here. In other words, if you haven’t figured out what Amelia Grace means, she means being in Fin’s goddamn house, acting cordial with HIS friends and family when honestly all she wanted to do was go home. Or… maybe she should specify, home in this scenario meant JP’s condo, since that was the closest to home as she could get. Sure… maybe Amie’s mom wanted her to come back home but that was a big N.O. in Amie’s book. Sorry mom, but Amie rather not hear excuses to why you told her father that you were done with him.

What Amelia Grace would rather be doing was wearing her favorite Minnie mouse PJs, grabbing a pint of her banana nut Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and watching reruns of criminal minds or Friends without a worry in the world. Where was she instead? Wearing this stupid dress, entertaining people she didn’t really know while Dean Klein watched her like a hawk probably wondering what the hell she was doing there. Well, to answer your unasked question, Dean, your son sucks. Amie could see out of the corner of her eyes, the man ROLLING his eyes at her gesture to his father, so of course she stepped on his foot to make sure the Dean didn’t see that. Like, come on Fin, at least go along with what she was saying and sell it – you’re terrible at this. I mean… not to say Amelia wasn’t TERRIBLE at lying. Because trust her, she was. Most of the time, lies would result in stutters with her accidentally messing up the lie. But after months of practice with JP, the sheer fact that she was more confused than nervous, and simply her annoyance overrode any stuttering that usually would have peaked up by now. Annnnd… well Amie was telling half-truths. That’s what JP taught her… if she couldn’t tell a good lie, then just tell half truths and technically, since they’re true, she’s not really lying…

Like the stuff about Biology and American History, technically that would be what she was tutoring Fin with if he EVER SHOWED THE HELL UP to her sessions. You know what the problem with her lie was? Besides the fact that she said that Fin studied, which everyone knew was not the case. The bigger issue was the fact that the man next to her had the audacity to tell the dean that she was so excited and wouldn’t let him go change. Right, because it was her fault that you looked like you just woke up. Go to hell, Fin. Go. To. Hell.

Despite the frown that made it’s way on her lips, she attempted to hide it with a laugh as she ew touched Fin’s shoulder. “I just didn’t want him to keep his family and friends waiting, but I’ll definitely take the blame for that one. I guess it’s a good thing he has a room here, which is perfect because he can definitely go up in a few minutes and change into a suit. Isn’t that right, Fin?” Amie asked gently, and with a grace that even surprised her. Hell, maybe her middle name wasn’t simply meant to be the opposite of what she felt like she was most of the time – especially around Fin. Sure, Amie was usually a klutz, but Fin just had a way of amplifying that and so her nerves about this whole situation was already amplified. Truly, every time Fin was around, Amie would somehow hurt or make a fool of herself, and she truly wasn’t feeling that today. Honestly, best case in scenario would be to just let this day finish and then run the hell away from the man who forced her here and his threats.

So yes, she gave him an out – partly because he was going to trip their story up with the dean, and also because if he was around, she’d probably drop a drink all over herself. It… had happened before. What’s the opposite of a rabbits foot lucky charm? Amie could tell you that answer easily, because his initials were F.K. which was close enough to fck that she rather not risk any more.

So Amie stayed, talked to the Dean for a moment longer who basically interrogated her before someone stole his attention, made her way through the crowd introducing herself as Fin’s friend and tutor and NOTHING more, because that would NEVER happen. Even the friend thing would likely never come true. And, by the end of the first 40 minutes, she had basically talked to everyone, and was exhausted. Also… where the fck did Fin go. Oh… you have to be fcking kidding. He left didn’t he? Of course he would fcking leave. What should Amie have expected from him? A groan left her lips as she scanned the party, meeting only the slightly familiar faces of those she had met moments earlier. Sneaking away, Amie found herself walking up the, gently allowing her hand to trail on the wall as she looked at the pictures on the wall.

For a second, she almost even forgot what she was doing – her eyes going to a picture of a little blonde boy and a young dean that looked almost… forced. You know those portraits hanging above the mantel place with everyone frowning and clearly looking like they hated being near one another? Yeah, many of the photos screamed that atmosphere and it almost made Amie uneasy. Amelia had always had a blessed childhood. A best friend that was always by herside because they were twins… a mother she… used to love with her entire being, and a father that meant the world to her. Soon, their family only grew with Xander and Lexie, who Amie adored as well. In a way, Amie couldn’t imagine being an only child… at the same time with what Phoebe… did…. she… you know what… this is irrelevant and off topic. Let’s not bring more negativity on a day where she was stuck with Fin Klein.

Finishing her walk, Amie ended up at the top of the staircase, facing a hall with endless doors. Rich… yep. Filthy rich, just like all the other students at Cerulean High. Keeping her hand trailing, Amie walked into the first room which seemed to be the bathroom. After a second of looking at her tired self – even an hour with Fin would do that to a person – Amie walked out, resigned to go downstairs with the knowledge that Fin had dipped when she heard a sound come from another room. Turning around, Amie walked towards the door, making her way to knock before simply opening it. After all… knowing Fin, he’d just ignore the knock anyways… but if it wasn’t him well… then let the apologies occur. Amie was, after all, good at apologizing by now. However, as she expected, laying on his bed, she found Fin with his eyes closed – unmoving to the sound of the door opening.

Amie said nothing as she allowed her eyes to trail the empty room, not even a picture in sight. It was… it felt… lonely? “So this is better than talking to your family then? I mean… I can’t blame you. I’m not exactly on speaking terms with my family,” Amie started casually before walking towards his closet and opening it up. There were a few clothes left, clearly some of Fin’s more professional clothes that he likely didn’t deem needed to be brought back to him at his new place. Amie gently looked through the clothes, picking out gray slacks, a black top, and a suit top in the very back. “Here, if you’re going to hide out, at least make it look like you had a reason to,” Amie added, throwing the clothes towards him, though as she did, she found a piece of paper falling to the floor likely coming from one of the many pockets men had the privilege of getting.

Bending down, Amie picked it up, turning it around to see a petite blonde woman holding a baby in her arms. “Hey… is this… your mother? Um… she was… pretty?” With that, Amie took a seat next to the man before handing him the crumbled photograph. “You look like you were a happy baby once. What happened?” she added, trying to lighten the tension in the room – though also simply curious since he didn’t exactly look happy in the family portraits outside.


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You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch,
You really are a heel.
You’re as cuddly as a cactus, you’re as charming as an eel, Mr Grinch

“OH FOR FCKS SAKE COULD YOU TURN THAT FCKING OFF?” Dan screamed in English at the Norwegian cashier at the coffee shop near his… secret hideaway. Daniel Parker had been at his usual spot, drinking his usual Black coffee, on his usual computer when the stupid fcking song played for the third fcking time. Maybe the song hit too close to home, or maybeeee IT WAS ALREADY AFTER FCKING CHRISTMAS SO THEY COULD STOP WITH THE CR*PPY MUSIC? Yeah, the second one was totally it. Dan always knew Christmas sucked, and just look at what happened this year. So can anyone blame him for being a little fcking over it all? Bloody hell.

Maybe you’re wondering why world-renowned Daniel Parker, aka hacker extraordinaire, aka Co-CEO of Parker LLC, aka cinnamon bun roll according to a random kid named Chid currently on a website that created Daniel’s entire world was in a country far away from his family with no intention of returning home? Well, if you wanted an answer, it’s none of your fcking business. Okay fine, maybe it’s because, at the moment, Daniel didn’t have a family. Not really…

After all, his… soon to be former wife would do simply fabulous without him, his kids would be happier without him, his sister and cousin would probably thrive without his presence. Honestly, he was simply better off alone. That’s how it was always meant to be, and fate has a funny way of re-writing the wrongs of the past.

So, for the first time in Daniel’s life, he did the least selfish thing he physically could – he let his family go so they could be happy without him. Valerie could be with what’s his name from what’s that movie or what’s that show that no one cares about… okay, fine it was her costar but let’s just not talk about that because if Daniel starts thinking about that, he will probably do something irrational and send the man to Antarctica to die with a penguin. But no… if he makes Val happy… well then… whatever makes her happy. If she wanted to be with him, he wouldn’t get in the way which is exactly why he sent the divorce papers…. She deserved the world…

VC could go marry whoever the fck she wanted at 18 and have a kid, whatever…. At least his grandchild would get to live a life without him in it. Probably will be a good one…. No… it would be a great one because no matter what he thought… Veronica Charlotte had her mother’s best traits. Technically, he’s setting up both his future grandchild and child; Valerie was a good mother… an amazing mother… the best mother…. She never needed him holding her back. Not to mention Dorian would probably be ecstatic meaning Jess would probably be happy, and now, he wouldn’t mess up Jezebel’s plans or company. See. HE WAS DOING IT FOR THEM. Peter would also be better without Dan fcking up his life like he did with Vc. So don’t call him a coward, that was the least fcking coward thing he had ever done.

That didn’t mean he couldn’t help himself and check up on them. He tried not to… he really did. But… well…. He needed to watch out for them. He couldn’t physically not make sure they were okay. Jezebel was struggling a little… yes… but Dan made sure Jordan had the best there was in the world and she also had Jessica. She’d be fine. Val… well… he came to her after the hospital… but she’d also be fine with the doctors he got her. Everyone would just be… fine. It was better this way

Sadly, however, now…. Fcking NOW, he was stuck in the middle of cold fcking suburbia, with the stupid cashier playing Christmas songs all fcking day. Why didn’t he go to a tropical Island instead? Oh yeah… because if he went to Malachi Sucks Island, or Dorian is an Ass Island, then Jess and her Spidey skills would find him. He knew she had already looked there after getting a one-day ticket to get to the islands. Hopefully she had fun… Dan had converted both to a theme park, because, both Dorian and Kai were full of sht – just like theme parks.

Anyways, a frown met his lips as the cashier started cursing him out in Norwegian. Excuse YOU. DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS….wait…wait no. We’re not doing this… we’re going to stay under the radar… okay who was he kidding? Of course he cursed back in Norwegian until he got kicked out. Some could say he kinda got kicked out of the pits of hell… mostly because the coffee shop was in the middle of the city. In annny case, he’d make it up to the store later… probably by becoming the new owner. But for now, back to his hell cave.

Everyone knew Daniel Parker liked his secret hideaways, and his home in Hell was no different. Braving the snow, Dan got in his sports car and cruised far above the speed limit to a hidden entrance that led down to his garage. It was a little on the outskirts of the city, but that made room for all of the features he added – including the fact that the entire house was fully automatic, just like the one at home.

“Hello JARVIS, how’s it going buddy,”

Dan asked, jumping out of his car as he headed through the underground mansion to the elevator which led to the above ground version.

“Good sir, though there is an alert we got that you may… want tok now about,”

“Nope buddy, I’m going to drown myself in a drink and go the hell to sleep,”

“But sir… before you go… you should know…”

Well, suffice to say, Jarvis didn’t get to answer that because once the elevator opened, sitting at his bar was… well… his daughter. After the initial shock wore off, mostly prompted by Jarvis telling him “I tried to tell you sir…,”

“Next time, Jarvis, get the the fcking point,” Dan sighed, before walking hesitantly towards the girl who slid whisky towards him, which he gladly took. Trust him, he needed it after this surprised. Daniel didn’t know whether to be… impressed or almost slightly scared. She was good, he had to give his little girl that. Taking a slow drink, Daniel perched himself away on a bar stool a few seats away from her as he looked towards her direction. He didn’t even have to start to say anything before she… well… went off on him.

Daniel had never been… great at listening, but he did this time. He shut his mouth, drank his whiskey, and let her speak. “Darling, I’m not disowning you. I’m disowning myself. “ he finally responded in the middle of her rant, looking away from her eyes as she told him about the divorce papers he sent. What was he supposed to do? Kid, this stuff is out of your league, trust your dad. Yes he did know his wife was pregnant, and yet he also knew she’d be better without him. Some things weren’t simple, sweetheart.

However, any words he was going to say were halted with her words that his wife couldn’t cope without him. That much he knew wasn’t true. Valerie Wood was always the strong one out of the two, and she would be fine without him. “If that’s what you came all the way here to say, Veronica Charlotte, you came a long way for the wrong reason. Your mom will be fine. Your mom’s always fine. And trust me, you, Jez, and Peter don’t need me. Let’s be honest, I’m toxic. I know I am, and I’m doing all of us a favor and dancing with the devil in Hell. So, do you need a flight back? Jarvis can set something up.”

Okay… yes it kind of hurt to say that. It hurt to keep a straight face and act like her words didn’t hurt him, but for her… he needed to remain impartial. She thought she needed him, but honestly, Daniel only ever held the people he loved back. He understood that now, and he was dealing with it in his own way.

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If it was physically possible for Quinn to have left Paige at that point, he would have, but the f^^king door was apparently impossible to open from that side. Of course, Paige didn’t believe him. Not a surprise. Though, even her getting up and trying to open the door proved futile. However she accused him of orchestrating the whole situation, which brought out an eye roll from Quinn. “Yes Paige, I managed to get you to walk in here so I could follow you and get stuck in a f^^^ing ice cream freezer myself. I should be the one asking you that Paige, after all you’re the one who got us in here to begin with.” What she would possibly want to have him alone for, he didn’t know, but to him it seemed a lot more likely that she led him in to f^^k him over somehow than it could have been for him to have intentionally caused the situation. At that point, Paige sat back down, telling him to stay far away and not talk to her. The problem was, it was going to be a long while before anyone was there to let them out. He sat in silence for a while, before deciding to follow Paige’s example. After all, they were locked in a freezer full of ice cream. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, you still eat the ice cream. That’s why he ended up walking over by her, grabbing a spoon and simply glancing at her as he grabbed a container of ice cream for himself.


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