Blue Royalty: New Blood

Destiny noticed his sister coming back with another friend. Speaking of that, it reminded her of the friend who ditched her. Maybe she must have seen that she was spending time with Adonis which is why she didn’t try to look for her. Right? That has to be it. I’ll go first. Ladies first right? She wanted to think of something that was believable but also interesting. She reflected while looking up at the ceiling. “Okay, one, I was ditched on a blind date. Two, I once crashed into someone’s car during a party, and three I had surgery on my nose.”

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The little kid started thrashing about and Niko took Yua out of Chad’s hands to sooth her. The very moment that his daughter was out of his arms he wanted nothing but to have her back where they belong.

Chad wanted to take Yua out and get her some matching yeezys. He wanted to be there for her very first rap battle and comfort her after a well- deserved victory.

“I know I have been a bad father so far…and I will understand if you won’t forgive me, but I want to be in her life if you’d let me.”

Chad had never been more truthful and honest, and it was kinda exhausting being this…nice and respectful.


“Do you do drugs?” Jackie’s whole face turned to excitement as soon as Michael said this. “Oh my god, are you offering? Because I would love to be on the same drug you’re on if that’s why you feel like you matter. I mean imagine what I could do if I felt as pompus as you right now. However, if you’re not on drugs and you actually think you’re better than me … well I pity you, because I can prove I’m better than you in every concievable way. I mean what skills do you have anyways, if you actually have any? And who are you? I mean you’re supposed to be this big deal, but I don’t even know your name or your face, I mean I know you’re name isn’t really Michael but whatever your name is I probably wouldn’t recognize it anyways. But let’s be fair … Can’t be much worse than my name.” He purposely didn’t say his name because the kid didn’t say his real name either.


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niko tanaka

Niko had no idea who the person standing in front of them was, but he was definitely not the boy they impulsively hooked up with two years ago. They knew that it was only a matter of time before he returned to his usual self but hopefully that would wait until they had left. “Well, it’s hard to be a good father when you don’t know that your kid exists.” They admitted, owning up to their decision. A decision they were sort of starting to regret. “I’m going to be honest with you, I always thought that you’d want nothing to do with her, but if you want to, I don’t have a problem with it.” They answered. They knew that Yua would never see her parents together - they had zero desire to be in relationship with Chad - but now she at least had the chance to know her father.

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”were past the stage you tell me you missed me and give me very honest compliments?:triumph: she said with a jokingly dramatic emphasis on her words, as if he just said something so outrageous. The man then pulled her in a hug which made her laugh lightly, ”I did miss your awesome little ass though , so I’m great for sure” she told him with a smile as response to what he said seconds before.

”i’d say poisoning the lasagna is a bad move because I’ll probably forget and eat it instead” she laughed ”but A for effort for sure she added, sipping her drink.

She wanted to ask how elo was, but it’s not like she didn’t know there was a little bit of a mess out there, so spoiling the mood wasn’t necessarily on her to do list, but at the same time she did care for Riker and didn’t want to see him hurt or whatever. ”and you? still hanging or awesomer now? ” she asked


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As Paul (the name Eryx has given him) started blabbering, Eryx sighted and put his face in his hands. ‘He f8king talks to much’ bruh. One sentence and boom the guy started talking as if he would win a national award for talking so much right now. Eryx heard a beep as Paul continued talking and held a palm towards his hands. “Shut up, I can’t concentrate with you talking.” He said getting as he opened his messages. It was his father, Eryx smiled.

Hey, son. Unfortunately me and your mothers used it to travel to japan right now to practice for our upcoming anniversary. Don’t worry, we will be back at 10.

Of fcking course.

Don’t you have a spare? The one named Jennet or something? Or can you tell uncle john or grandpa to pick me?

…I’ll see what I can do, hold tight.

Eryx let out a chuckle running his fingers through his hair. Finally he was fcking free from having to listen to big mouth. What has the dude even said? Something about being better than him or whatever. As if, people go to Cerulean high and suddenly they think their the kings and queens of the world and they have a right to open their mouths and annoy him. He really hated people, “Have anyone ever told you, you had a big mouth?” Eryx finally let out as he turned to face the other way.

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“Okay, one, I was ditched on a blind date. Two, I once crashed into someone’s car during a party, and three I had surgery on my nose.” Ok, this was really had. Well she didn’t look like someone who will ditch a blind date, but then again if it was someone she hated maybe. 2, she definitely has crashed into someone’s car before and 3… “You got a surgery?” He arched a brow, “That sounds like the most believable one to be a lie.”

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Destiny was hoping it would take him longer to get the right answer but unfortunately, he guessed right away. “Bingo.” She said with a smile. That was a lie but she was hoping to actually get nose surgery in the future. "So, yes, I was ditched on a blind date a few years ago. He was a friend of a friend and… It actually really hurt me but I quickly got over it. " She shrugged her shoulders. “And yeah I crashed into my friend Kaya’s car at a party. I don’t know if you know her but I feel so bad because she didn’t deserve that.” She couldn’t help but giggle while recounting the story. “Okay, your turn. If I win you have to buy me a…I don’t know. You just have to buy me something.”

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Apparently, every girl who lives after being assumed dead is crazy. First Akielah, now Veronica. Great. What a great ol’ family reunion we have here. It was weird… speaking to the woman in front of him with such… distaste. Though she looked like his wife - clearly, she wasn’t her and he could see that through her facial expressions… in the way she stood… in the way she bloody acted. So of course he tried to put her in her place. How dare she talk about his wife in such a manner… especially after everything Val had done for this woman. WHY WAS SHE EVEN HERE? Okay, Dan, one problem at a time.

Waiting for Valerie, he stood there - practically engaging in a staring contest with the woman in front of him. A soft smile met his lips with her on my way sentiment, though disappeared when he Veronica again. Don’t think you can win this staring contest, vErOnICA. It took all of a few minutes for his wife to approach them… however, clearly this shocked her too and he could see that his wife… well…didn’t exactly know what to think. As she whispered her sister’s name, Daniel reached her side just… being there for her. He wasn’t good at this type of stuff… but he tried… and he always would try for her.

Daniel watched as Val wrapped her arms around her sister, before apologizing - which he himself wasn’t a fan of… but that was her prerogative. What he hated more than his wife apologizing, however, was the way Veronica just stood there - almost uncaring and moving away with her crude words. “I didn’t do anything darling. I assumed she was you, because… well Veronica was dead until today… or so I thought… and she made sure I knew that she wasn’t…” Daniel replied, keeping a careful eye on Veronica as he wrapped his arm around his wife. “You’re right, Veronica, you don’t owe me an explanation for anything… but maybe give your twin sister the courtesy, at the very least… or I guess… if I technically looked for it, I could probably figure out what happened to you but that would take some time… and you’re already here.”


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“Really? Guess you’re not a rebel then… how… uninteresting,” Paige stated to his sentiment about not bringing his camera. Though… it wasn’t necessarily the sentiment that bored her… it was him. What was it about this… boy that annoyed Paige so damn much? Oh yeah… she knew exactly what it was - but that was something she rather not bring up right now. Let’s keep the past in the past. Suffice to say… maybe this wasn’t the first time Paige Pierce had seen the man in front of her in a suit, but hopefully, it would be the last because limiting her interactions were the best course of action at this point since she really wanted nothing to do with him.

Okay… maybe just annoying him, but besides that, she definitely wanted nothing. Walking towards him after offering the part two offer, Paige let her finger innocently trail on his torso, looking up at him with her big brown eyes and a soft pout on her face. Though she was wearing heels, she was still a little shorter than him but she was close enough that she could easily brush her ears against his lips if she wanted to say something. Closing the distance some more, Paige did just that with his next words of why he was here. “Here’s a secret, Ezra… I don’ t fcking care,” she mumbled, though she stayed there a little longer than she should have, bringing the hand she had on his torso down to his pants and brushing it against another part of his body with a sense of purpose. “You know… it really is sad you didn’t bring your camera… we could have had so much fun,” With that, she backed away, taking her hands of his… well… you know, and wrapping her arms around his chest. “Tell Piper I said Hi, and that she has my blessing to fck Emmy all night long… that girl needs to have a little more fun in her life anyways,”


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Keeping his eyes closed was probably the hardest thing he’s had to do in a long time… but for her, he kept them shut. That being said… Jordan was always a creative person so it wasn’t exactly… difficult to imagine what Jezebel’s facial expressions were. Her image was one he could never truly get out of his head, despite the years they had spent apart. Jordan had a smile on his lips as she told him she loved him… and the baby loved him - and honestly, that was something he could only hope for. He wanted to be a good husband… a good father to their child and he would never let anything come in the way of that. Jordan had made his fair share of mistakes, but he had made a promise that he would never let that affect his marriage as it once had in the past. He couldn’t change what happened with him and Sadie… but he could promise it would be different this time around.

A small frown replaced his previous smile at her explanation of being queasy, and he sighed… wishing he could do anything to take that feeling away. But despite that… the only thing he could really do was be there for her… forever and always. With her next words, he kissed her for the second time, simply laying his head against hers for a few seconds before he heard a knock on the door. “Soon… I can officially call you mine too… my other half… my wife,” and with that, and a simple kiss on her forehead, Jordan turned around walking outside the door… okay stumbling outside the door where a few of the brides mates shoo’d him out yelling at him for coming in there in the first place.

And then, there he was: walking towards the main ceremony. Jordan found the event planner on his way there who told him he’d get his groomsmen to their places, and after a few minutes, he found himself standing in front of… hundreds of people including friends… family… and friends of family. It all led up to the moment he saw his finacé walking down that aisle, and he honestly couldn’t stop looking at her. She was truly the most stunning woman in the room and there was a part of him… that eight-year-old Jordan within him… trying to figure out how he had gotten her in his life again. I love you he mouthed as she walked the Aisle after the flower girls who were Jessica’s daughters and the bridesmaids. There was a smile on his lips that he couldn’t contain watching Jezebel walk down that aisle. She looked… even more beautiful then he could have pictured… if that was even possible she was simply absolutely stunning and he honestly couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. She stole the breath from his lips, and Jordan could feel his heart skip a beat as she finally reached him - her father handing her hand over to him and Jordan immediately bringing it to his lips. Though he could feel the start of tears forming in his eyes for the sheer happiness he felt, he held them back though kept his hands and eyes only on her as the pastor started.

“I believe the bride and groom have their own vows today?”

A smile was brought to his lips as he placed a gentle hand on her cheek, caressing it before nodding “We do,” Jordan replied, looking back at his soon-to-be wife with only love in his eyes. “I… I think part of me has been writing these vows since I was eight years old, Jezebel… and honestly… I could never find the right words. I don’t know how to exactly convey how much you mean the world to me… but I hope that maybe this comes close to even a fraction of how much I love you,”

While reading this next part, Play - 1949 by Jordan Fisher

With those words, Jordan heard the orchestra behind him starting to play the piano introduction that he wrote as Yara effortlessly handed him a mic. Although they were in a room full of people - this song… these words were only for her.

"Could you be that fine love?
That 1949 love
That quiver in your spine love
That summer wine love"

Over the years, Jordan had fallen helplessly for the woman standing before him and when sitting down to write these vows, there were no true words that could contain his feelings for her. Jordan only looked at her as his voice met the mic, his fingers on her cheeks simply caressing her fair skin. She was…beautiful… and she was his. How… god how did he get so lucky?

"Just grab a warm body and pick up the key
You need somebody, somebody to be
You can’t count on timing or just wait and see
I’ll be that somebody, so settle for me"

I’ll be that somebody.… it was these four words that repeated in his mind as he started writing this song… or vow… technically it was supposed to be a vow that simply turned into a song as a melody played in his head reminding him only of Jezebel Parker. Over the past few years… even fans noted that Jordan hadn’t released any music. Did he create music for other artists? Yes. Did he choreograph for movies? Yes. But in the music world, he had been almost silent - only teasing songs he had in the works though they remained unreleased. This song… this song would also remain unreleased as far as Jordan was concerned, for this song was only for her. Only for Jezebel Williams and it would remain so until the end of his life.

Looking into her eyes, Jordan shot her a goofy smile, placing a strand of her hair behind her ear before moving his hand to her’s and softly spinning her around so that her back was against him and he could place his arms around her - swaying to his own voice and the orchestra behind him. He was honestly the luckiest man alive… there was no arguing with that fact. As the orchestra got louder, Jordan’s smile got just as big, placing a kiss on her cheek before continuing.

I’ll give you all the affection
You’ve been craving
And when you’re ready
I’ll be waiting, waiting, baby
And I’ve got, I’ll give you all the affection
You’ve been craving
And when you’re ready
I’ll be waiting"

Turning her back around, he pulled her back towards him so she was looking back at him, keeping his hand in hers as he finished the song, the last words “I’ll be that somebody, so darlin’, If you’re ready to settle” . With that, the orchestra stopped and he handed the mic back to Yara before looking back at the future Jezebel Williams, “I love you, Tink… I always have and I always will… so if you’re ready to settle… I would be honored to call you my wife… my partner in crime… the woman I wake up to every morning, and the last person I see before I go to sleep. I…god I love you,” and with that, he finished - letting the pastor turn it over to Jezebel for her vow.

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@NewBlood - Anyone at the wedding if you want something to timeskip to - you can skip to the reception so there’s more to do (aka dancing, sneaking off, eating, going up to the hotel and getting nasstyyyy because the wedding is located in a hotel venue technically. So yes, have fun. Use protection - cough cough Kaya and Chad cough Cough)



“JoooooRDdaaannNNn buDDddYYy,” Riker shouted, walking into his friend (and boss’) trailer with no hesitation. Okay… at least he would but it was locked. LOCKED I TELL YOU. How dare. The AUDACITY. SO what did Riker do? Well, he played a drum solo on the man’s door, singing “Oooooopeeennnnn theeee dooooorrrr to yourrrr favvvorrriteeee peerrsssonnnnnn mrrrrrrrr frrrieeeenddd,” and finally, after about 6 minutes, someone came out but trust Riker… it was not Jordan.

The girl in front of him was wearing just a towel, her hair wet as she looked at Riker with an amused look. “Nice song, but very out of tune,” Riker’s eye’s bulged slightly… did Jordan just do the nasty? Okay, go boss. I mean, he was alllwaayys singing about that one girl but did this mean he was moving on. Stan that. “Yara,” he heard her answer his unasked question, and raising his eyebrows, he watched as she walked inside - leaving the door open for him to follow.

Okay Miss YaRa. Riker did not want to see you and Jordan naked, no…nope. Closing his eyes, Riker stumbled inside. “OKAY JORDAN I’M NOT LOOKING I PROMISE I JUST…” “Sweetie… he’s not here. He went on set to go get into costume or something so I’ve been chilling here myself… and… oh god please don’t tell me you thought I was sleeping with my cousin”

Well… couldn’t say that… oops.

Okay… so Yara was a cool chick. After getting past the naked…ness - Riker actually was having fun with her… until she dropped her drink all over his shirt (probably ON purpose) but it resulted in him having to take it off. “You know, Yara, I actually lIKED that shirt.” Riker stated, unbuttoning it. The problem… well… it was kinda Jordan’s trailer and so wouldn’t you know, he walked inside, and wouldn’t you know - a girl in a towel and a man shirtless looks kinda wrong.

Oh. Damn. It.

End of Flashback:

“NOoo nooo we’re past the stage where I pretend to give you honest compliments,” he replied with a joking tone, putting his tongue out - obviously kidding. “Fineee FINE you look hot Williams, just like the first time I met you,” he stated, a flirty wink leaving his features before laughing at her compliment about his ass. “It is a great ass. I’ve been told many times that it’s the bounciest ass, you could bounce a wholeeee quarter off of it,” he added.

He rolled his eyes about the poisoned lasagna, “Fine fine, I’ll make something you hate. What should I make? Pizza. You totally hate pizza right? Or maybe I wanted to poison you the whole time, Yara. Ever thought about that?” he asked pointedly before kissing her cheek. He missed her… honestly. It was weird growing up and… well… everyone moving away. Friends… even enemies grew apart but some friends… well… it didn’t matter how far apart they were or how long they were apart, because the instant they saw each other again, it was as if they never left. Maybe that’s what real friendship was.

He could see her smile drop for a second and almost knew where this conversation was headed. I mean… he asked about Mav… she had every right to ask about Elo. But… when she didn’t… there was almost a thankfulness he felt in not having to answer a question he didn’t have an answer for… “You know me, Yara. I’m still rocking out to my 4 am jam sessions if you ever want to join me - so 100% awesomer, if you ask me,”



I always thought that you’d want nothing to do with her.

Although the comment stung, Chad, the alpha, hated to agree. There was no doubt in his mind that once Niko had revealed that their child was his too, he was adamant in his mind that the statement could be ignored and he would have nothing more to do with it. Yet, the very moment he saw Yua, everything…shifted.

“Really?” The disbelief is evident in his tone, as though he couldn’t believe that they had allowed this to happen. “I really do want to. I would love to perhaps take her out to a park or something.” He rambled. “Well, maybe not a park but I don’t really know quite how to be a father, so one would assume somewhere with swings would be ideal-” Chad stops himself. “Sorry. I’m just quite nervous.”


Dangerous territory. Betting on something he knew he could easily lose or betting and having a new goal today, making sure he ends up winning? By now, it was not fair how many times Jess kept winning and… hmph… not today. It was his time to flash her his proud smile when he finds the rest of their kids before her, ”Oh, you think? If you’re so sure, why don’t we make a different kind of deal?” That same mischievous glimmer now in his eye, he got this wonderful idea of setting a new rule, just this one time. ”If I win, we’re starting all over again and forget all the times you won?” Was it unfair? No. If she was so sure of it then she wouldn’t have a problem saying yes, right? Cmon, Jess, let’s have a little more fun, do something different? Just be prepared to lose. ”And nooo, before you start - no. If you win your favors don’t double. You just get one more,” that was also fair, wasn’t it? Well, sorry to tell you this, but Dorian doesn’t care if you think that’s fair or not. Those are the rules now… of course… if… his wife agrees. Let’s just hope she does or he’ll be quite sad.

* * *

And who would’ve thought she was using his last name way before they got married? Or even started dating? Not him, but it was flattering. How could it not be? If he was one of those taking everything as a sign people he’d tell you that was a sign. Obviously. It was always meant to be this way… how cliche would that be? But real talk now - that story did make him smile softly, looking ahead of them as they walked through the garden. It was also a strange thing to think about, at first he didn’t even know what to say and the only thing he could do is repeat that name. ”Sophia DeLoughrey?” Stopping, that smile was still on his lips as he turned to face her. ”Why DeLoughrey? You could’ve been anyone else.”
Shifting Ethan to his other side, as he talked to his mom about how cute that name was… since Dorian can understand his son and unlike Jess, actually talk to him, he nodded. ”It really is cute, isn’t it? You know what else would’ve been cute? Naming one of our daughters that.”

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Was is that outrageous if I said this whole situation was just too overwhelming for her? Because it was. And clearly that Daniel guy really didn’t like her either as he just kept staring at her with a spiteful gaze and let’s just say it wasn’t helping the stress. but, no scrap that there’s no but, it was just all crazy. And Valerie coming over and hugging her… well. How does one respond to that? Hugs were a good thing though, they come out of care and love, but let me tell you Veronica wasn’t used to this kind of attention. Ever since her life changed, she never felt like anyone truly loved her, if it was even possible. She wasn’t that great after all…

Apologies… hugs… it all just confused her so much. And then Daniel came up with the you owe your sister an explanation which in either case was kinda true. She didn’t know what Valerie had known or felt all these years, all she knew was that clearly she was just supposed to be dead. What if Valerie really didn’t know she was alive? Did she believe a lie all these years? Her mom knew… Valerie was almost 40, did she really not find it out until now? I don’t know if I can believe that…

”I- you’re right…” she said quietly looking away taking a breath ”well, long story short, after I- you killed me, I was announced dead. But I never was, when I was in the hospital these… people, came and took me away. I was stuck there for years until I got away. Mom knew the whole time, but just pretended I was dead, so nobody ever looks for me.” she told the girl, raising a gaze to look at her at times when she spoke. ”oh my god-” Valerie whispered as putting a hand on her mouth, seemed like she was trying hard not to cry, was it the story? Was it the situation? Was she pregnant? I don’t know, but she seemed distressed or… Something

The remains of the girl she was tingled inside her at the sight of her twin, admitting quietly, almost whispering, ”For years I thought nobody loved me, I thought… I thought you wanted me dead, that you knew this all along and just went on because they clearly preferred you if they did nothing to help me. Now I don’t know what I believe anymore.” she told her, looking away.

”oh god I never wanted you dead, I was mad at myself for years because of it, just ask Daniel.” Valerie told her ”i just… I didn’t think you could be alive, I- I saw you die… ” the girl added with a slightly cracking voice

@benitz786 Daniel is all like why an i in this conversation

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Her arms still wrapped around his, Jess found herself with a mischievous smile on her lips as Dorian offered an alternative… well… bet. Stopping in her tracks, she turned to face him and Ethan with a slight look of confusion before he started - explaining how if he won, they would start all over again and forget all the times she won. “So are we forgetting both of our wins… meaning we both start from ground zero, Love?” Jess asked to figure out if he was just signing her out or if it was a fresh start for both of them. She was about to continue, telling him her side of the bet before he beat her to it and told her that her favors don’t double. Rude. The audacity on this man to come up with his own rules and not let her in on the fun. Despite that, she was thinking about it. “Fine, but I want to use a few of my favors with the very tiny chance I don’t win” Jess explained, putting her arms around her husband. “1. I want to go on a trip… we haven’t taken the kids to New York yet so I was thinking… after the wedding, what do you say darling? Well… I posed that as a question and we both know I’m using a favor so we’re going,” Jess responded with a soft smile before looking over at her son with a smile. "What do you say Ethan? Trip to New York? Fashion and Food paradise? . “Two… hm… take me on a date. It’s been a while since we’ve had the time to reallllly do that. Maybe in New York, we let the nannies stay with the kids?” Jess questioned. And finally, with the last favor, she brought her lips to her husband’s ears, "And finally, I want you too… whispering everything she wanted her husband to do to her in bed that night with a cheeky expression on her lips. She only pulled away when she had fully mentioned every dirty thing on her mind, leaving her husband’s eyebrows raised likely at everything she had said. “So we have a deal then?” she questioned, keeping her body near his.


It wasn’t necessarily an important story… but it was important to her. While she hadn’t told her husband about this before now, it wasn’t because she was trying to hide it… simply that she never found the right time to tell him… until now at least. Sophia DeLoughrey was as much a part of her as her other identities were over the years. The one she played in North Korea… the time she took down a European Prince… the time she ruined a Cuban mafia… even the time she took down that international spy pretending to be a prince after marrying him… yeah let’s not tell that story to her husband.

She laughed slightly at his question before leaning on him again. “I came to Napa Valley… bloody scared Dorian. I didn’t feel like myself… I was exhausted… upset… and the DeLoughrey name just made me… feel safe,” she replied. “I didn’t want to be anyone else at that moment… and I guess I never have to be again” she continued. She was… bloody happy that things turned out the way they did… maybe not exactly the process of getting to this point, but she was happy where she was. Though, her eyes did widen at his next sentiment. “Weelllll since you mention it darling…” she mumbled, stopping once again. “We might… actually get to use that name since you got me pregnant again… oh damn…look at the time… love you, I should go,” With that, Jess kissed Dorian’s cheek and Ethan’s before rushing away and leaving him confused (also so she could have a head start on looking for her kids). Well, that was one way to tell your husband you were pregnant.


Technically available but I probably won’t RP her


niko tanaka

Niko chuckled as Chad began to ramble, partly because of the way Yuma’s eyes lit up as soon as he mentioned swings. “She loves the swings.” They told him, letting him know that his idea was a good one. “My brother takes her to this park by our house all the time and he told me that the swings are her favourite thing there. Right, Yua-chan?” They added, looking down at the girl as she nodded. They chuckled again as he admitted to being nervous. “I didn’t know that nervous was in your vocabulary.” They commented with a smirk. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. Do you want my phone number so that we arrange times for you to see her?” They asked, muttering the first sentence under their breath.

@Andi - Chad

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Adonis arched a brow when Destiny said he would have to buy her something. Adonis arched a brow and with a goofy said “Ok then…” He placed a finger under his chin as he tried to think of something, “My mom is a twin, my cousin is a singer in a huge punk band, I’m friends with a famous person from Monaco”

@Kbail -destiny

Chad relaxed his shoulder when Niko laughed at his exposition. It felt comfortable to have them smirking and throwing amusing comments, as though there was a chance that they could perhaps be friends at some point in love. Maybe not now, nor any time soon, he still had a lot of making up to do, but at some point.

Without even thinking, Chad-Kyle reaches into the back pocket of his jhorts and pulls out his phone, fumbling with it to open up contacts. “I would love to.” He hands the phone over to Niko.

Chad clears his throat. “Thank you.” He says shyly. “For being so patient, and forgiving. It is not owed nor expected, so I thank you for it.”


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niko tanaka

Niko put Yua down on the ground, the young girl immediately attaching herself to her parent’s leg. They then took the phone from Chad and added a new contact with ‘Niko & Yua Tanaka’ as the name, typing in their cellphone number. “Here you are,” They said, giving him his phone back and picking their daughter back up. “Just send me a text whenever you want to see her and we can work out dates and times.” They listened as he thanked them, feeling as if the wrong person was being thanked. It also made them question which of Chad’s personalities was his real one. “No, Chad, thank you. I can honestly say that I never expected you to react like this.”

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