Blue Royalty: New Blood

Mia smiled brightly when Sammy called her pretty. Wait, she wasn’t blushing, was she? Oops. “Oh, thank you! You’re pretty too. I really love your hair.” Mia smiled when Sammy asked her to dance, agreeing eagerly. “Sure! Let’s go!” She said, grabbing her hand and pulling her gently to the dance floor. This was going o be fun! Sammy asked why they’d never met before, and Mia shrugged. “I mean, Cerulean is a pretty big school. We also only came here for sophomore year, so that might have something to do with it. We came her from Australia. What about you?” Mia asked, spinning yo the music, her dress flying up around her.
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“Alright – let’s take that one more time from the bridge James. And Tyler, for the love of all things musical, can you bring the guitar in louder this time because I’m this close to just calling Riker to get his ass down here,” Jordan added with a teasing, though slightly pointed look at the young guitarist who had just joined the studio and was still learning the ropes. The atmosphere in the studio was light – despite it being a long day already, going into the late hours of the night. Recently James Arthur had asked Jordan’s help in writing his new album, and with the recent release of Medicine, the next song to be recorded and released was “September,” and consequently, the studio wanted the recording ready in three days to show the studio heads… which meant more than a few late nights. Currently, all of the songs on this album had a touch of Jordan’s writing mixed in with James’ – however, this song was one of his favorites. Perhaps because… for Jordan, it was, in part, correlated to what he found was happening in his own life. For the first time in years – Jordan found himself… smiling again. Though, it was only a recent change due to… well… someone from his past. “Alright; 3, 2, 1. Hit it,” Jordan stated; starting the music and recording from his end in the studio.

Sometimes I get a little bit jaded
Too much pressure just to make it
You smile when I’m angry and I hate it
But I’ll still love you for the rest of my life
My crush on you has never faded
Let’s go back to bed until we break it
I’m gonna love you for the rest of my life

Working alongside the studio tech, Jordan was consumed by the music playing – his fingers automatically, through years of practice, moving towards various nobs that changed various aspects of James’ voice. Though, in all honestly, he always was inspired by his job. Dancing and music… it was intoxicating. It was his release… and at times… his outlet. Perhaps without it – he wouldn’t have gotten through the tougher aspects of his life. Moved past… Sadie… for one. Though perhaps part of him never really would get past that aspect of his life. But moving on was a part of growing up, it seemed.

Jordan Williams was brought out of his thoughts as he heard his phone ringing. Giving a nod to the tech, Jordan slipped out of the booth and into the hallway. Though… when he picked it up, he wasn’t expecting what he heard. Was he surprised? Not necessarily as this wasn’t the first time, he had received a call similar to the one he was receiving now. Was he disappointed? Perhaps – though part of him would always blame himself when his kids faltered. Though more than anything else, Jordan was worried. First and foremost; all he wanted… needed to know was that Annie was okay. That his little girl wasn’t hurt.

A soft sigh of relief left his lips when he heard she was alright and soon, after a short conversation with the officer explaining he’d be there as soon as possible; Jordan Williams told his guys that he had to slip out and walked to his car. The night air was brisk – awakening his mind more than he thought was possible… mostly because he knew he had to tell his… ex-wife. It wasn’t until he was in the car alone that he found himself looking at a contact name on his phone… Sadie Monroe.

After a few seconds, and a deep breath later, Jordan called the number; finding after a few rings that it reached her voicemail. “Hey…. Sadie,” Jordan let out after a few seconds of reeling from hearing her voice utter ”Hey you’ve reached Sadie. Sorry I wasn’t at my phone, but I’ll call back as soon as I can. Leave a message at the beep!” There was always something about hearing her… and seeing her that made Jordan’s heart skip a beat. Perhaps that would never stop. “… I just got a call from the county police department and Annie seems to have gotten herself into a little trouble… I’m headed over there right now I just… wanted to keep you updated. Call me back if you can get there – if not I can figure things out and we can talk after. I’ll… see you soon okay?"

With those words, Jordan drove to Beryl police station. It took a long conversation with the secretary – discussing what happened and how much bail would cost – and then he was just waiting. No one can truly describe the worry that accompanies being a parent. For such a long time, a person grows up only really thinking about themselves. And then… soon enough…. They have a little kid that means the world to them and all they really want is for their child to be okay in this world… for them to succeed. So no, no one could describe the relief Jordan felt when Annie came out, escorted by an officer. He immediately walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her - pulling her into a tight hug. “Are you okay?” he whispered, kissing her forehead before moving back to look at her. “Two eyes, one nose, a pair of lips, both your arms, both your legs… you’re alive… I think that’s a win? Unless you’re missing a toe or two?” Jordan joked; trying to lighten the tense mood.

“Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, what the actual heck were you thinking Annie? What happened? And don’t try to give me attitude about this, Annie. We’re talking about what happened.





Ives kept a small smile, arching his brows in delight with Clara inviting him to a coffee. He swore he could hear Lirea giggling from the future, repeatedly pushing her elbows to his side with a teasing series of her eyebrows lifting up and down. “Unless, of course, the internet says something else.” Ives laughed, shaking his head. “I think a coffee date would be better,” he said, “Internet sucks, or at least that’s what a certain someone called my niece says.”

He paused, not knowing what to say after. Perhaps he didn’t need to, but he wanted to. Covering this up with a slow sip of his drink, he thought of it. “So tomorrow morning…” he muttered, going over a flash of thoughts—he better not have something to do tomorrow, then, or at least for the morning. “Uh, 10? Or what hour do you prefer?” He wasn’t even sure if he was really supposed to ask like that, but he could making things clear anyway, hopefully.

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“You mean… have fun without someone watching and telling you what to do? What a concept,” Lenora responded dramatically. Maybe she was also digging at herself with her response, being one of the many who let someone, as she had put it, watch and tell her what to do. Because, yes, the game was perhaps overrated and people valued the title too highly, but it didn’t stop her from wanting to compete. The status was a social construct, and that only, but maybe that made Lenora want it even more. “I’ll only believe it when I see it, Jay, so you let me know if you somehow manage to find an ounce of enjoyment at this party without it,” Lenora smiled with raised eyebrows, walking from standing beside him to being right in front of him.

As JP mentioned it, Lenora’s attention also switched to the people around them, her eyes travelling behind him to the unfamiliar faces that stood surrounding. Weirdly the people she recognised least were the ones looking over at them more, to which she had to assume they were watchers of the game. The Blue Royalty ‘audience’. That, or a second thought that crossed Lenora’s mind was that they could be helpers of the game. Blue Royalty must get their information on everyone from somewhere, maybe those around them were the game’s primary sources. Duly noted.

“Oh yeah they definitely snuck in, waiting for the show in the form of… some scandalous fight or makeout or something. Part 2 to the sh*tshow outside,” Lenora responded lightly, not needing to name who she was talking about, as well as knowing the big personalities that this senior class included bringing more of what she had mentioned. “They definitely came to the right place for that, right?”

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“Interesting.” She said in response to Laurel’s answer. She nodded when Laurel told her she’d be right back and watched as she stepped away. She took a sip of her drink as she looked around, trying to see if she could figure out where Laurel went. She was unsuccessful, but as she returned, a song started playing that immediately brought a smile to Embry’s face.
“What can I say, I’m the type that doesn’t let a moment go to waste”
“You definitely don’t.” She agreed, her smile staying on her face. “This song is amazing.” She commented before tilting her head back, absorbing the music and letting herself take in the moment. “Dance with me?” She asked, deciding to take full advantage of the moment and, like Laurel, not let it go to waste.

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Looks of recognition were thrown Annie’s way the second she walked into the police station. Whether it be speeding, shoplifting, vandalising, she had had her fair share of visits to the station. In fact, it had almost become a normality for her parents to receive a call from the custody officer - whose name was Kory, she had learnt several visits ago - for them to come. While blame was often thrown towards her parentless infant years or Sadie and Jordan’s divorce, it also just came down to the reckless nature of Annie Williams, leaving a trail of destruction wherever she went. It was just who she was, and all she could do was give into it.

Annie could hear the voice of her father as she trailed behind the officer into the entrance. The second she stepped foot into the room, Jordan Williams rushed over, Annie hugging back though with less energy. “I’m fine, it’s okay, really, very much alive, feeling amazing, and so it’s not that big of-” She started before he continued, checking off the body parts that were still intact, perhaps forming a smile on her face. “Hey, well it’s nothing that shoes can’t cover up,” She pointed out as he questioned a loss of a toe, allowing room for ambiguity on whether or not she was completely joking. “So I’d say we’re all caught up now, takeout is sounding really great right now,” Annie started quickly, walking towards the door before she was stopped in her tracks as she had failed to keep up the light-hearted mood of the conversation.

Reluctantly turning back around to face her questioning father, Annie started relaying her poorly-practiced answer. “There was just some sort of, like, spontaneous construction, or whatever it’s called, with my tyres while I was just driving to the party,” Then Annie went off-script for a pretty impressive argument, if she did say so herself. “The party I told you about- see? I can’t be that bad, trust me, I could name many people at that party who definitely probably have lied to their parents about where they were going, so really… you’re welcome for being an honest and confiding daughter because it’s actually very rare these days.”

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The seconds Vic walked away from the rude girls felt like an eternity as she could feel everyone’s eyes glued on her. She looked like she just spent the whole night partying. Though, thankfully she had put on waterproof mascara before she came. You never know when that stuff would come in handy. And in her case, it was the only thing that did. She was shivering. Ice cold. Never would Victoria Rinaldi ever come to a party again, if she had control over it. A familiar boy stood ahead of her — his eyes filled with worry and a bit of sadness. Zek was one of her closest friends. They’ve known each other since they were children. Often making each other feel happier than they had felt before seeing them. No one really knew her that well — other than Cami and maybe JP. @Nil @CerealKiller Victoria smiled lightly to greet him. He was exactly what she needed right now.

“What the fck happened?”

She felt her cheeks get hot with embarrassment. Though, it wasn’t him making her feel embarrassed. “Nothing, just a little conflict, that’s all…” she told him, giving him a reassuring smile as she delicately wrapped her arms around him. Victoria was glad someone had came to her rescue, not really anyone seemed to care that much. Ezekiel pulled away after a few comforting moments and reached for her hand, gently pulling her into an empty hall. Which was a pretty good idea, considering there were already some paparazzi flashing their cameras through the main window. Honestly, life as a supermodel wasn’t as fun as you’d think. Victoria’s life was constantly on display to everyone, and she was growing tired of it – she was exhausted, actually.

“I’m sorry I… I just got here and… I didn’t see what happened,”

She shook her head and furrowed her brows as she looked up to him. “No — it’s not your fault, honestly. They were just drunk and… “ She trailed off, feeling his hands on her cheeks, making a small smile return to her face. “They knew what they were doing. Really — they’ll get what’s coming to them.” She finished with a cheeky grin, gently placing a hand on top of one of his and rubbing it sweetly.

”Are you okay? Do you want my t-shirt?”

She giggled lightly at him and shoved her hands into the pockets of the mildly over-sized jacket she was given from the generous waiter. “No, thank you, sweetie,” She replied, giving him a sweet kiss on his left cheek. “I do appreciate the offer — Though, I bet all the ladies here would love to see Ezekiel without a shirt,” she teased, moving next to him and leaning against the wall; the sounds of the party echoing in the background. She stayed quiet for a while. Her distress from moments before slowly drifted away as her sweet friend kept her company.

Until… Victoria’s eyes quickly lit up with an idea. “Come here,” She told him as she gripped his hand softly, pulling him towards a door she had seen with the label “Sound Room” written above the doorframe. She twisted the knob — relieved that it was unlocked… and opened it as she made sure the coast was clear. After Zek entered, she closed the door, climbing onto the desk next to the intercom and sitting down, crossing her legs neatly and giving Zek a mischievous smile. She let him wonder what was about to happen for a moment to mess with him. With Victoria, anything was possible. Well, except the truly vile things that wasn’t actually in her character. I mean, she was a role model girl… Except in these moments. “I think… those very naughty girls deserve some revenge, don’t you think?”

Now, Victoria and Zek weren’t the type to do this at all. No grudges, revenge, or catty replies came out of this girls mouth. Never in a million years would Victoria purposely aim drama towards someone, but considering what had just happened? The two lovely ladies deserved it.



Athena walked away from Hyun-Ae, deciding that they would try some of the punch. They didn’t care that it was spiked. To be perfectly honest, that made it more compelling to them. As they made their way through the ground, they felt someone bump into them, sending them to the floor. They stood up, watching as the girl who bumped into them checked on her phone.

I’m so sorry

“It’s fine.” They told her as they brushed off their pants, thankful that they didn’t have a drink to spill. Finally getting a good look at her face, they recognized her as Luna Torres. “Want a drink?” They asked, gesturing over to where they had been headed before she had bumped into them.

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“Want a drink?” Luna shrugged, “Oh idk” Luna then remembered about the punch, she wanted every order drink than the punch. Poor luna didn’t know that all the other drinks were also spiked because of The queen B*TCH Ari. “I will take a fanta” she said to Athena. Luna got her phone and smiled at the weird pictures her dad sent her. Her smile faltered when she saw her step siblings smirking and doing weird faces, Luna really wished she was there with her dad and being the one to do the weird faces. It’s been long since they both did it together. Luna sighed, she should seriously stop being so sad all the time. No wonder she didn’t have many friends.

@Caticorn - Athena


A soft grin met his lips at her quip. Well… at least she was still joking around which meant she wasn’t too banged up… as far as Jordan could see, that was truly the only benefit to the situation they were in. Jordan was trying to look on the bright side… he always did with Mariana. However now that he knew she was okay, the thing that remained was a subtle disappointment in her actions and reactions. There was no excuse to the way she was acting right now - avoiding the issue of what happened. As Annie Williams often did, she attempted to change the conversation onto an unrelated topic - to avoid talking about the issue at hand. It was her go to method of avoiding confrontation - to just not talk about it. A trait that both Sadie and Jordan caught at a young age and although they let certain things pass, this was not one of them. “Mariana Williams… we are not done here. For one - the party isn’t the issue. Your mom and I didn’t mind you going to the party - it was the burning down part of the forest and almost getting hurt in the process part that’s an issue.”

Jordan sighed, walking so he could face his daughter once again. “And as for “Spontaneous Combustion” I talked to the officers and it seems that’s a far stretch from the truth. They aren’t sure yet what started the fire, but they do know it wasn’t the car. So do you want to elaborate, Annie? Because I rather hear what happened from you then hear it in two days when I get a call from the police station with updates.”

Jordan waited a second, attempting to see if his daughter would say something… anything. Though it seemed even if she was; the two were interrupted as Officer Montoya approached them. “Mr. Williams? The fire department just finished stopping the fire. The good news is no one got hurt. The… other news is it seems that the start of the fire was a joint. Traces of Cannabis was also found in remains of the car. I’ll send over a full report tomorrow I just wanted to give you a heads up for the court hearing.”

Jordan raised his eyebrow at Mariana before thanking the officer and looking back at her. “Mariana Williams… for the love of god please tell me you were not in the woods smoking weed at 10:00 at night on a Sunday.” Jordan’s eyes closed for a second as he rubbed his eyes. “Who was with you this time?” Yes it wasn’t the first time his daughter had done something of the sort and it was likely that she hadn’t done it alone.



In the comfort of an empty hallway, Zek’s hands still on the sides of Victoria’s face, he listened to the begging of her story. It was nothing, forget about it, they were drunk and I’m sure they are regretting what they did. I’m fine, it’s fine. Words he was expecting from his dear friend and words he’d be using if he was in her situation. In that way they were the same - avoiding drama and letting things pass always seemed like the better option, no matter what happened and no matter how much someone ended up being hurt. Hence why Ezekiel pulled her to the side away from everyone, away from the girls that were cruel to her instead of confronting them and defending his friend. He did that in his own way with nice words and affection. What he believed was a better approach. So what Vic actually ended up saying was not what he expected, not at all.

“I don’t know if I like the sound of that…” a smile that matched hers, he quietly replied glancing at her hand that was now on top of his. A half-joke, that’s what it was. They will eventually get the taste of their own medicine but hearing it coming from Vic was the part he didn’t like only because he cared too damn much about her. “As much as I would love to for once, see you kick some butts, please don’t do anything you might regret.” Don’t do anything you might regret. If only he listened to his own words sometimes, would that make his life just a bit easier? Laughing lightly to his own words and the thought of this supermodel in front of him fighting, he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Don’t tell her this but… if there was a physical fight he wouldn’t place his bets on her winning.

“I do appreciate the offer — Though, I bet all the ladies here would love to see Ezekiel without a shirt.”
Hearing her moving on from their original conversation, even if it was temporary, he breathed a quiet sigh of relief, a cheeky smile meeting his lips. ”If you say so, sweetie,” Zek started, taking a small step back and letting his arms fall down to his sides. ”But you’re not doing anyone a favour then. Think about all the girls who’d be thanking you… You really want to disappoint them?“ The moment she leaned against the wall next to him, he gently nudged her, that cheeky smile not leaving his lips. It wasn’t something he believed in, nor did he like to think about that but what he did like is to joke about anything and everything, especially when he wanted to lighten up the mood and make his friends forget about their problems for a bit. ”You’d be a hero. Don’t you want that, huh? Huh?“ Turning to face her while still leaning against the wall, he gently pinched her arm over that thick jacket she was wearing, laughing to himself. That grin he had on his lips soon faltered and was replaced with a sweet smile, looking at his friend with softness in his gaze, letting the silence take over… or muffled music. There were a few things going through his mind at that point, one being the guilt he suddenly felt again. Guilt for running away from a problem he caused back in the middle of nowhere and doing absolutely nothing about it…

But he was soon pulled out of his thoughts, Victoria grabbing his hand and saying something he wasn’t paying attention to - not because he didn’t want to but because he was just focusing on something else. Soon he found himself in a sound room, which he could read above the doorframe but it actually hitting him when he was inside. Now even that sweet smile he had on completely disappeared. His gaze travelling across the equipment he was so familiar with, anxiety filling his body as his mind went back to… his dad and this life he once had. And many other things no one really knew about. Seeing Vic walk past him, he smiled again, not letting her see him unhappy but everything he felt at that moment was quickly replaced with confusion. Wait… why are we here? Zek thought to himself, trying to figure out why she had that mischievous, but cute smile on. ”What… “ He carefully started with furrowed brows but obvious entertainment written all over his face, walking over to the desk she was sitting on and placing his hands down on both sides of her. ”Is going on?” Ending his question with yet another whisper, he stayed where he was only letting his gaze wander around the room once again. Until Vic spoke up, making him straighten up and look back at her with raised brows, crossing his arms. Those very naughty girls deserve some revenge, don’t you think? It was obvious where this was going even if he didn’t really know what exactly she wanted to do and obviously he was showing some hesitation because this… it was not like her. Not like him.

He stayed quiet for a few seconds, just looking at the girl in front of him, not knowing what to say or what the smartest thing to do would be but… he had to agree with her. They deserved it and for once he shouldn’t worry about girls who hurt his friend. ”What’s the plan, miss I’m full of vengeance?“ Zek asked, carefully placing his finger on the button of the intercom, a playful smile appearing on his lips. “Are you sure about it?”

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Jayleen couldn’t help but make faces, watching over groups of people doing different things that… she didn’t even want to explain. People started kissing, and people also started ruining each others’ clothes. She parted her lips in disbelief of that particular scene, wanting to stand up to that but also not—who was she again? Oh, right, a stranger. A sigh left her lips. This isn’t what I signed up for.

It was not like she hasn’t been to parties before. She has, but they weren’t really this chaotic. They were proper and formal; probably something the people in here would not appreciate at all. While she felt like she got lost here, she also didn’t want to go home—home was boring. Besides, she has something to do.

Jayleen stood up, fixing her dress. She was about to leave, but fate seemed to not agree to that decision when she felt someone bump her from behind. She turned around, “I think you mi-” her eyes widened as she quickly recognized who this was. No, she wasn’t surprised because of how convenient it was for her to bump into a friend, but because it seemed like she has to take care of someone now. Well not that she hates that. “Tsumuji? What happe- what?” she paused and blinked, “Of course, I have eyes… sit down.” she said, brows furrowed in pure confusion. She guided the girl down to the seat she just stood up from, sitting beside her. She watched her moves, staying silent for a while to process what had happened to this one. “What happened to you?”

@Kristi - Tsumuji


Sammy looked into her eyes with compassion, her compliment was simple but it felt so genuine. It was like making a bird feeder, with delicate hands, nature encasing your body. The little seeds were one day going to fade, like beauty, and youth, the colors in your hair and the warmth to your touch, and so they were meant to be cherished, and well crafted. All good things have an end. “Thank you, I like yours too” Sammy responded to the comment on her hair. “I actually got it done today. I guess you could say it was meant for you to see.” She smiled sweetly.

Sammy giggled about her enthusiasm. Her energy felt reciprocated, the exchange like an end to a bad cycle, like happy tears.

The girl began to speak about cerulean and Gar noticed she spoke differently. Oh, Australia! She thought, remembering about the backwards toilets there. "That’s great! I don’t think I’ve met an Australian, actually. She chuckled, “I came here when I was little, I was adopted.”

Sam smiled when thinking about it, that family that took her in when she was lost and alone. They were the only people that she had. So peculiar, two women who lived in a 1970s home where they designed eclectic clothing wanted a daughter, and there she was. Samgarmatha Luna Mbogo. A little girl standing in their hallway, new clothes on. Her outfit was confident and bright, though her face was in a shy frown. Everything was so unfamiliar, she was so cute. And innocent. Not yet ready to call their strange house home.


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“I think a coffee date would be better.”
“Coffee it is then.” She responded with a small nod, laughing as he told her what his niece says about the internet. “Y’know, she might actually be onto something there.” she commented, turning to the bartender and ordering another drink. After she placed her order, she turned back to face Ives.

“Uh, 10? Or what hour do you prefer?”
Clara thought about it for a second, realizing that she may have just dug her own grave. If there was one thing she was not, it’s a morning person. “Yeah, 10 sounds great.” She answered with a smile, figuring that would give her enough time to get herself somewhat functioning before she had to meet him. The bartender handed her the drink she had ordered and she thanked them, taking a sip.

@Nil - Ives


Sammy said she got her hair done that day, and Mia smiled when she said it’s like it was meant for her to see. “yeah, seems like it.” Mia laughed when Sammy said she’d never met an Australian. “well, now you have! Where were you adopted from?” she asked, curious. She guessed an African country.
@raviola - Sammy

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Athena nodded as Luna told them what she wanted to drink. They walked away from her and got themself a cup of punch before going to find the pop that she wanted. When they finally found where it was, they grabbed a can and made their way back to where they had been standing with her earlier. “Here’s your Fanta.” They said, holding the can out to her. Once she’d taken it from them, they took a sip of their own drink. “I take it parties aren’t your scene either?” They asked her, referencing the fact that the two of them had separated themselves from the main party area.

@Kristi - Luna


“Tsumuji? What happe- what?” The voice of the person she stumbled on said, Tsumuji opened and closed her eyes slowly. Still couldn’t see that well, but Tsumuji could recognize the girl’s face as Jayleen, her friend. Tsumuji giggled when she said she had eyes, “Y-you have eyes” Tsumuji began to clap her hand and turn her head. “Ah hah, you have eyes. Mouth, bread” Tsumuji said bread instead of head, “Noose and bair” Tsumuji was guided to the seat Jayleen had just stood from. “What happened to you?” Tsumuji smiled, “D-d…rin…g” Tsumuji tried to say. Then as if her luck couldn’t have gone worst she threw up, she threw up on Jayleen and her shoes and a little got on Tsumuji’s dress. “S…or…y” she slurred.

@Nil - Jayleen


Tyler internally winced when Chad began to rap again. Was this guy ok…mentally? I mean, he still peed his pants. He was trying not to judge, who knows. Maybe the guy actually had kidney problems or something. Or maybe he was…mentally slow. “Glad you’re having a good day. I am too.” Maybe this guy wasn’t so ba-wait. Did Chad just call him fugly? Who even says that? Then he says he wants to hang out. So…no. “Sureeee…” Tyler says, feeling like the forced smile on his face could rip it in two. He nearly puked when he bit his lip. “I don’t have a girlfriend.” He definitely wasn’t going to mention Mia. That’d basically be a neon sign over her head saying he could have her. Tyler wasn’t overprotective at all. She could date whoever…just not this guy. She wouldn’t like him anyway, though. She knew what she was doing.
@Andi - Chad Kyle Mcmysogenist


Diego struggled to even speak actual sentences that made sense when it came to Phoebe, and she certainly didn’t make it any easier for him. Despite her words, he really couldn’t have come up with anything better to say if he tried. Though, of course if he wasn’t thinking about what to say, he could have easily gone for something much better. She wasn’t just simply pretty. She was pretty, but not just that, she was gorgeous and the confidence she had only made her more so. However, Diego’s brain had a way of going haywire and failing to actually convey that in actual words. He seemingly forgets how to speak. Phoebe brought her hand up to play with the top button of his shirt, commenting on what he should have said. Needless to say, her words made it even harder for him to think and have any idea how to even form a decent sentence. All he could do at that moment was just look towards the ground as a part of his mind thought, ”Damn… That. That’s what I should have said…” Phoebe was bold. It didn’t matter how much of what she said she would’ve actually wanted him to say, she was still bold in saying it. “Maybe… maybe I should have said something like tha…” he cut himself off, completely questioning himself, not wanting to come off in a way he shouldn’t, but how should he come off? There wasn’t a right answer, even as he brought his eyes up from the floor to meet hers for just a moment. “I… I mean you… you do look just… wow. Really.” Diego, zero. Diego’s nerves… certainly a lot more than zero. Diego gave a nervous smile, picking up the drink she clinked her glass against as she brought up how she was now a senior. That’s right, Phoebe, as a senior, would now be around Diego even more than she was already. “I wouldn’t expect it you to make it boring Phoebe. Senior year’s better already with you here.” Full sentences, alright, maybe, just maybe Diego had a chance of being able to say something better. Though, his track record didn’t exactly give him the best odds, even if he could actually get words out of his mouth.

@astxrism - Phoebe


When Laurel returned after speaking with the DJ, she watched Embry’s expression carefully to see what she thought. When she saw Embry’s smile, it brought a smile to Laurel’s face as well. Luckily Embry liked it, because it certainly wouldn’t have been good if she hadn’t. “I’m glad you thought it was a good pick. I thought it would be something that you might like.” What Laurel hadn’t quite expected however was for Embry to ask if Laurel would dance with her. Laurel certainly was the type of person who enjoyed a good party, and one ingredient to a good party is dancing, so at the question, Laurel nodded with a slight smirk. “No need to ask twice.”

@Caticorn - Embry

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