Blue Royalty: New Blood

Malachi Azure

“I wanted one thing in my life, Jess. One thing. I wanted to be a good father, better than what I had.” If there was one thing Kai was willing to put everything else that he wanted most aside, it was to be a father. It was why he said no to Jess when he should have left with her, a time he could’ve been happier, when everything could’ve been different. He could look back and think about how he should’ve left Listaria, left his wife when he had the chance but didn’t because of that need to be there for his kids. He didn’t want to be like his father, treating his children like they didn’t matter, like they didn’t deserve to be a highlight of his life, like they were an obligation or regret that was only dealt with because that’s just the way things were. Kai was never good enough for his dad, he could never fit the mold of what his father wanted, at least not to a level where he could be treated as an individual. All his life he was only ever treated as a pawn. A pawn to the king of Blue Royalty, a pawn to the soon-to-be queen of Listaria, even to his own twin he was a pawn in her own twisted game with Anna Pierce. Kai wanted more than that for his own kids. He wanted them to have everything they deserved, and at the very least to know they had a father who wanted the best for them, that loved them and would support them in whatever paths they chose to take in their lives. Their lives would be in their own hands, and he would care about them every step of the way. This time, he just didn’t even have the chance. The choice was made for him. “Everything I’ve done has been because I thought it was what I had to do. I keep f^^king up, but I’ve never stopped trying to get things right. Especially for my kids.” Kai stopped for just a moment, looking at Jess. It was at that point the anger began to dissipate, though frustration remained with a seriousness. His guilt, over everything he did that hurt her, that hurt everyone he cared about, and the pain, pain from hating himself, from all of the heartache and trauma, both became increasingly clear in his tone.

“I failed Zach… I was never good enough for what he deserved, and the best thing I could do was step back for him to have everything he needed. But I still look after him from a distance, I want the best for him and think about him all the time. Our kid… my son…” Kai paused, just for a second, taking an extra breath with the thoughts about the kid he and Jess would’ve had, as well as the son he had with his wife, that didn’t survive past birth, though he knew Jess wouldn’t have known about that. “every day I think about them… and that little girl out there, she’s my everything. I’m doing everything, for her. I came here, for her. ” In Kai’s mind, he was at a point where if he could be a good father for Scarlet, raise her right, then there could be one thing he could say he actually did right in his life. For once he could do his best, and it would be good enough. “I’m a failure, a coward, and a lost f^^king cause, but I’m always trying… and I never got to even try to be anything for… two nineteen-year-old daughters that I didn’t even know I had…” Perhaps that was what hurt the most about the situation. Even if he never got to be in their lives, it was in a way worse to realize how he didn’t even know they existed, when he always had the others on his mind.



If you asked Eddie how he managed to get Florence to be his date to prom, he would say he had no idea. Sure, he asked her, but she actually said yes. Did she forget that she was out of his league? It was like with Paige, she was way out of his league, but she still decided to have sex with him, but that’s a whole other can of worms that Eddie was still trying to work through as it became an even more of a convoluted mess the more he tried to figure it out. Anyway, back to the subject at hand, Florence Carter. He still couldn’t understand how she even wanted to be around him as a friend in the first place, let alone as ever more than that. What could she see in him? Florence, like Paige, was nothing like him in nearly every way. Yet, the pair got along, became friends, and she even became someone he was more comfortable around than he was with most people. Though, that still didn’t mean it made sense why she actually said yes to be his date to prom, especially when there were probably dozens of other people who would’ve said yes to going with her in a heartbeat. Though whatever allowed Eddie to be fortunate enough to call Florence his prom date remained a mystery to him, he found himself that evening driving to her house to pick her up and bring her to prom. Eventually there did come a moment in which the pair separated, though for how long it would be, Eddie couldn’t say. Though, in true Eddie fashion, he did choose to take the time to at least get a little bit of footage of the night.

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Do you know what this was? Being here, at prom, talking to Amanda only to have Paige join in? A complete waste of time and energy. Paige was a waste of… everything but she probably knows that so there’s no need in pointing that out. You know who else once again turned out to be a waste of time and energy? Amanda. A huge disappointment if you ask Finley. Just… Who and why would someone be with and do other awful things with Paige? Awful things since it’s with Paige, of course, and we know what I mean by that. At this point being by Olivia’s side sounds way more fun and exciting… Tell me again, why did he decide to just leave her?

Hearing Amanda defending Paige and then Paige making a terrible and completely not true comment only made Fin subtly roll his eyes and sigh in pure boredom. Just walk away Fin, just walk away and you won’t have to deal with these idiots. But Paige’s next statement was what stopped him from doing that. ”You’re flattering yourself if you think I want to do something with you again.” Look, he wouldn’t mind a nice little race but not with cheaters. ”And if I remember correctly, you are sht.” Enough interaction with the two? I would say it is. With one quick glance at Amanda, Fin was ready to walk past them and-

And do God knows what but people just have to keep stopping him, don’t they? Felling a little tap on his shoulders, not thinking much about it, Finley turned only to have someone PUNCH HIM. EXCUSE ME? What did he do now? That might’ve been a thought that crossed his mind after he stumbled back, his fingers lifting to his cut lip… Until he saw who decided it would be fun to do that. And until he heard who it was. ”You sure like… Giving people a show.” Ignoring Mason’s words because he was so boring, Fin subtly smiled looking down at little droplets of blood on his finger, staying where he was. But… There was a little fun in this, yes, he was absolutely pssed because of what happened but it seemed like this brought some attention onto them and who fights without a crowd? Fin sure likes the crowd. ”Maybe that’s why my father likes you so much.” Instead of returning some punches, which took everything inside of Fin not to do, he placed his hands in his pockets and slightly tilted his head, finally meeting Mason’s gaze with a hint of amusement on his own features. ”Is this your fcked up way to move on to his son? Sorry, I’m not interested.”

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Hera’s heart broke a bit when she saw Persephone’s complete oblivion to their intervention. Screaming like a writer in the dark, too blind to see open arms that would be glad to hug her, too deaf to hear their kind words. Too deaf to hear anything at all. She didn’t know whether to feel worse for her sister or the people in her life. What led her to become this way? What went differently in their two seemingly parrallel upbringings? Maybe they just took their situations in strange ways. She could only hope Persephone was more than what she painted herself to be when the girl was at her worst.

Holy sh!t. Hera thought when Persephone began her speech. She aborted it? Did Leon know? Oh my god, Leon? She hadn’t spoken to him in forever. There were so many things that needed to be said, so many questions left without asking. She had a bone to pick with him, honestly. He didn’t tell them about his new girl, nor did he tell them about Persephone, nor did he tell her about his CHILD. Was his name even Leon? Was he actually a criminal on the run from the FBI? That would explain his affinity for people of high status, and all of the secrets. How old was he? One of her favorite friends turned out to be a complete stranger again.

Leon played his sister, AJ left to rehab because his addiction got too out of hand. Daiane was the only honest friend she ever had aside from being a significant other, but even that might be slipping away now with Embry coming back. How could Hera call Persephone oblivious? Hera never knew anything about the people closest to her. She was so stupid. She still hadn’t even asked Leon about the situation. As busy as life is, she was supposed to find time for her friends. And she was supposed to know which enemies were keeping her closer.

Hold up- MARRIED?! Hera smiled in blue burning rage, pacing through the crowd as they cleared a path for them, all leading up to Napoleon. “A word?” She asked, taking his hand without bothering to hear his response. His preferences weren’t going to affect her decision anyway. She didn’t notice his wife either, probably standing right beside him, god knows why. They just clicked their heels until the two stood outside of the gym, iron door shutting with a soft but clicky thud.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” They asked through gritted teeth. “Listen, I have been very nice to you. I didn’t force you to explain yourself to me even if you were acting very suspicious. I just wanted you to be comfortable!! I trusted you because I thought you were my friend!!” She sighed, looking down for a second, too sad to look into his eyes when she said this. “But you’re not.” Hera looked up.

“Because friends don’t get married and hide it, nor do they cheat on their wives with your sister. Nor do they get her pregnant and forget about it! You really looked into my sister’s eyes and didn’t see me standing behind them?” They asked, addressing his possible claim that he didn’t know they were family. After looking at her, but more importantly after hearing about her life. Did he not remember Hera’s stories? Did he not listen? Did he even care? And now he might have just been about to bring up that he didn’t connect the dots, like the fact that they weren’t related would make this situation any better. Kind to your friends or not, you can still be a tool.

“Why would you even hide that? Were you embarassed or something? You know I don’t care about that sh!t!! Holy f^ck, I’ve told you horrible things about me. I told you about my very frequent cheating problem with Ari, I told you about the girls I sent to the hospital before I was adopted, I told you about the months I went to rehab. Sh^t! Maybe if it hadn’t been my sister I really would have had your back!! I mean, yes I’d make you take accountability and everything but I would have never stopped being your friend. Considering the things I’ve done, it’d be more suprising for me to condemn your actions! I had your back.”

“I didn’t really care enough to look this girl in the eyes, but I’m sure you guys were doing your best to look happy tonight. Are you? Because either way I’m p!ssed. Because no matter how you may feel, the two of you were still standing in this room smiling like nothing was wrong until Persephone called y’all the f^ck out. I hate to say it, but I’m kind of glad you got to feel even a hint of the embarassment she’s felt in these past few months. And I know she’s crazy, and she does f^cked up sh!t, but do not act like you are innocent right now. Because you aren’t. Thoughts?” They asked, effortlessly looking at Leon’s weary face, whom she didn’t allow to speak throughout her entire monologue. He seemed so upset, she wished she cared.


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To Sammy’s surprise… Richard invited Elijah to join them? I mean yes… do something but don’t make this a conga line my g. Figuring out those logistics would definitely kill the mood. Oh wait? The girl thought as Elijah went to face Richard. Then, she smirked when the two of them kissed tenderly. “So you two are just going to leave me out?” Sam asked in pleasurable curiousity. This situation was so strange. Yet, for some reason, she was all in. There were no fears here, although she was with her ex and a complete stranger. All she could think about in that moment was the two of them shirtless. Hot. She pecked Richard, adding herself to the mix, and then looked at Elijah for a second, contemplating her next action. He was her ex, and they hadn’t kissed since their breakup. So many times they had come so close, but it was prohibited. The picnic they ditched school for, the winter carnival, the study sessions in her room. Why did they always resist?

She kissed Elijah, too.

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“Yeah, Xavier.” They confirmed with a quick nod. “He’s basically had me wrapped around his finger since we were twelve.” They added with a small chuckle. When she asked them if he was going with anyone, they nodded again. “He’s going with Reuben.” They told her. They noticed her freeze when they asked her about the ‘El’ person, which made them wonder if she was going to answer or not. When she finally spoke, explaining the situation, Athena listened, nodding. “Luna,” They started once she’d finished. “Don’t beat yourself up over this too much. I know that it might seem like the end of the world right now, but trust me. In a few months, you’ll forget all about it and it’ll be like it never happened.” Now, did Athena believe the sh-t they just said? Hell no. It sounded like something their dad would say that would cause them to roll their eyes. However, they could see that Luna clearly felt awful about what happened and they wanted to say something to reassure her. “I think we’re almost there, so why don’t we just focus on having a fun night?”

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How do caterpillars turn into butterflies? No seriously - like first of all, these weird insects start off as things that can barely crawl and THEN boom, they have wings and they can fly. You know what’s unfair? The fact that caterpillars and humans start out the same way - crawling. BUT ONLY ONE OF THEM GETS TO FCKING FLY. Well… okay yes we have planes and stuff, but not really fly. Not like that time Mateo got high and he thought he was flying - that was irrelevant. Oh sh!t off topic…well… is it really? Because if you asked Mateo, Sophie was like the prettiest butterfly which is what started this whole train of thought so it’s not really irrelevant but maybe irrelevant enough that Matty shouldn’t say anything…

The not saying anything stuff was something he learned at a young age… because if you say something… people just give you weird looks and then it gets back to his parents… and that was a whole mess in itself… anyways.

Matty realized he was staring at his cup while his mind moved a million miles a second, and instantly, he found himself out of the trance as he looked back to Sophie giving her a cheeky grin before asking her about the drink. Damn… see… Matty already was fcking up this date - giving a girl who didn’t drink, spiked punch. Sht.

“Oh… I’m sorry I can take that,” Matty stated instantly, trying to fix the situation. What if Sophie wasn’t having fun anymore because of that? Stupid, stupid Mateo. Damn…

"That’s cool honestly. I don’t think I’ve met many people who don’t drink in our school… or maybe I don’t always hang out with the best crowd but… I respect that soooo instead, chocolate is a good substitute. " he added, grabbing a brownie himself and taking a biiiig bite - leaving his drink on the table. If his date wasn’t going to drink, he won’t either.

“Um… would you… like to dance?”


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“Oh really? It’s the girl’s bathroom? I had no fcking idea, I thought it was the men’s seeing how there’s another d*ck in here,” Ricky started, looking her up and down - though, to be honest, that response was more one out of instinct than anything else. Habits are bad to break, after all - especially habits such as hating Veronica Charlotte Parker with a passion. A sigh left his lips as he walked deeper into the bathroom, leaning against the sink where Veronica was after his next question. Okay… less a question, more telling her what the hell to do. Though, no one could say it wasn’t for a good reason. Ricky really didn’t want to talk to Deigo - every single fcking time it was the same puppy dog eyes sht as Diego tried to be like omg talk to me. No, no thanks Diego. Go back to your actual brother because Enrique clearly wasn’t that.

“I’ll take your advice into consideration… oh wait… just did. No thanks so can you…” Ricky started, pointing towards the exit door. “Specifically before yet another girl comes in and assumes we’re doing something in here together that we clearly aren’t,” . Maybe that pushed her to go look - because he found her taking a peek outside… only to tell him the news that sadly, Diego was out there.

“Fck me,” Ricky sighed, before taking a seat on the sink as this was clearly going to take some time. Closing his eyes for a moment, Enrique tried to calm his mind before looking at her things scattered next to him. Lipstick, powder, etc etc - honestly it seemed like such a hassle most of the time. “Once upon a time I wondered why it took girls so fcking long in the bathroom… and also why they always went in a group and I’ve realized it’s makeup, isn’t it?” Rick started - picking up her eyeliner and opening it up to find basically a small paint brush with black paint. Without really caring, Rick used it to write “Rick was here” on the mirror as he waited for a response.

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It was ironic - how similar both of them were. Thinking back to it all - they always had been and honestly, it was probably one of the main reasons she fell in love with him when she was younger. For one: they were always two people who cared for their family above everything else and for Jessica, that remained to this day. Well… clearly it remained for Malachi as well seeing how he was with his daughter. Moving her eyes away from his own, Jess found them falling upon the dress in her hands. It was impossible… fcking impossible to look him in the eyes and tell him something that she had been keeping for 19 years. Impossible to explain that she was partly responsible for his pain - even if he was a big reason for her own over the years. Honestly, it almost made her wonder how it was easier for him to do it to her - because, in her point of view, it fcking hurt. “I… know you did, Kai. That…” a sigh left her lips as she placed the dress down on Jezebel’s bed to run her hands through her hair before looking back at him. “… that doesn’t mean you would have been a good father to them… and after the sh!t you pulled… Daniel… Anna, they made a decision and I had to respect it. They raised Paige as my sister… they… gave Kiara away to a family that had more than enough means to take care of her… did I fcking agree to any of it? No. But it wasn’t my choice and I wasn’t strong enough to fight it. I don’t… what do you want me to say? I wasn’t… I shouldn’t have even said anything”

What was there to say? It happened - and now the twins knew. Jessica’s mind went to the conversation she had with Paige… or… technically it couldn’t be considered a conversation. It was more a stream of curses coming from the girl before she stormed off and cut Jessica, and the rest of the family, off for the past few weeks… and all Jess could do was give her space. What was Jessica supposed to say? Yeah I knew Anna was your mom… sorry? She knew it hurt… she knew it had to hurt… knowing she had a sister… and that her parents were actually her grandparents. That she was… actually her aunt… though, to Jess, Paige would always be a little sister.

So… Jess knew it had to hurt Kai too… and for a moment, she just let him talk. No words escaped her lips as she listened to how he felt he failed his son. Zach… Candice’s son… his son… but she felt herself moving her eyes back towards his when he said our kid. Confusion filled her features as she looked at him… was it a slip-up? They didn’t have kids… he and Anna did - and they looked just like her and… that was irrelevant. “Our?” Jess let out without thinking as he kept talking. Though, before he could say anything about her question, she continued.

“I’m… I’m sorry, Kai. I’m sorry for being a part of the reason for keeping them away from you. I… it killed me to see you dancing with them when they were children… and I’ll admit… it just became easier over the years to do it… to lie to you… to keep pretending around them… to fcking raise them as if you didn’t exist in their world because… after a while… you didn’t Kai. I’m… I’m sorry… and now they know. Well… they know Anna’s their mother… and I don’t know what they know about you or what Anna told them… but they know and as expected, Paige hates me for it but she’s just a kid… and she doesn’t know the thought process that went into that decision… god… I don’t even fcking know the thought process that went into that decision but it happened and honestly… I don’t know if it’s better for you to leave today and forget about them just like you forgot about me… maybe it is better for them.”



Embry hugged her arms over her chest, contradicting the small smile on her face as Daiane complimented the drawing she had given her. Like every other artist, her one downfall was hearing praise for her work and it took every ounce of her being to not counterargue. Instead, she focussed on how she hated the air of awkwardness that was surrounding their conversation and she longed for the sense of comfort that she often felt when she was around Daiane. “No!” She quickly exclaimed when she offered to return the drawing. “No.” She repeated, softer. “I made it for you, you should keep it.” She added. Having the drawing back would just be yet another painful reminder of her stupidly impulsive mistake but she would never say that out loud.

As their eyes met, Embry could see the confusion in Daiane’s eyes, clear as day and it made her wonder what was happening behind them that produced this confusion. Was it something she had said? Or something she had left unsaid? Either way, something was confusing her and Embry knew that, like everything about this conversation, it was her fault and she needed to do something to fix it. Then Daiane gave her an uncertain nod, further indulging Embry’s want to fix everything, and as she continued, Embry had to bite the inside of her cheek to stop herself from interrupting her in the middle of her sentence.

“Daiane…” Her voice broke. “I don’t want you to stay away from me. I have never wanted that. What I said on Valentine’s Day was impulsive and so, so stupid and it wasn’t the truth. The truth is, I need you, Daiane. I’m miserable without you. I don’t think there are any words that could possibly express how awful I feel about what I did but I’m so sorry. Do you think you could ever forgive me?” The words began falling out of her mouth and into the air before she could stop them, putting everything out in the open. She kept her gaze focused on Daiane’s eyes, not wanting to miss any changes or hints that they might give away and as she saw tears appearing in Daiane’s eyes, she could feel her own begin to sting.

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Richard separated from Elijah’s lucious lips and looked down to notice Sammy there as if in the kiss he forgot she was even there. He looked at her stunning dress again and then he moved his gaze towards Elijah. He could feel somebody else’s eyes on Elijah and when he looked back at Sammy, he noticed her watching him, wishing to do the same thing to him. He thought unless Elijah wouldn’t go for it, Sammy wouldn’t do it, but when she did go for the kiss he thought about how week he was for not kissing him. That’s when he decided to do what he wanted and as his nostrils filled with Sammy’s perfume coming of her neck which was now turned away from him, he felt determined to kiss it. It wasn’t glamorous, a single seductive peck, but the impressive thing is that he wanted to do it and he went for it withouth a fear of judgement or shyness. Now he wants to continue kissing it … maybe doing more than that.

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There was something about dancing with a… pretty girl that was exciting - no matter who you were. Sure, Kaspian Ishida could be considered the scum of the earth, but even he enjoyed wrapping his arms around Katherine. Okay… well maybe he shouldn’t say that. A relationship… was not something Kaspian was looking for in Beryl. Or… a fck… or anything god. Hell, Kaspian Ishida wasn’t looking for anything in Beryl anymore - because clearly anything he was originally looking for wasn’t fcking there. In the end, Beryl was just another waste of fcking time with rich people who would one day flaunt their money, have mistresses, leave their bastard children, and do whatever else fcking rich people did. So why was he still here? Maybe it was time to go… or maybe…there were a few things worth staying for.

Though lost in his thoughts for a mere moment, Kaspian brought his eyes back towards Katherine with her words. I mean… yes he knew what it looked like: he was trying to get a girl who seemed pretty damn high out of the party…alone… but it wasn’t like that. It truly wasn’t what it looked like… trust him. Or… don’t, Kaspian had nothing to fcking prove to anyone. Whether people thought he was an okay dude or not - honestly, he didn’t fcking care. “That’s a lot of questions, Miss. Burton,” Kaspian whispered, though maybe he owed her that? But would it even matter to say anything of substance? She seemed far too out of it to even remember. “But no… the plan wasn’t to take you to another fancy house with a hot tub and almost make out with you,” he continued, “Unless you want to, that is,” he added with a cheeky smile,

Remember what Kaspian noted about Katherine the first time he had met her? The fact that she surprised him - well, she did so again with her agreeance of following him out of the party. A soft laugh escaped his lips as he stopped dancing, “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see,” and with that, Kaspian grabbed her hand and led her through the crowd. Though, Kaspian made a purposeful shove towards a rich arse - grabbing keys while simultaneously apologizing. What? He wasn’t going to take Katherine in his van - talk about creepy stalker vibes.

With someone’s car keys in hands, Kaspian and Katherine were outside the party - and immediately he had hit the little car finder button. A smile met his lips as the sound led the two to a brand new Mercedes, and he opened the passenger door for Katherine to sit, helping her with the belt, before joining her. Look - Kaspian would return the stupid keys. But that didn’t mean the car should just sit in the lot the whole night. Come on, at least he was making use of it.

“Alright Katherine” Kaspian started as he reversed the car and started driving, “Food wise, what would you like to eat? Burgers? Tacos?” . Yeah… that statement about her not eating really didn’t sit right with him…so yeah, let’s rectify that.


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With his lips on hers, Jordan felt intoxicated by the girl next to him. God, he loved her. There was no question about the feeling Jordan felt in his gut as he allowed his lips to go down to her neck - navigating down her breasts, and hovering on her lower stomach. “I love you, I love you so much,” He did - honestly, his entire heart belonged to his wife. Moving his lips back up to hers, he smiled at Sadie under him. Her lips were bruised and her hair tossed, but she was perfect. She was the mother of his children… she was his everything.

Bringing his lips back to hers, Jordan felt his eyes close for a moment - an eagerness in both of them as he found her flipping the two. But when he opened his eyes, the girl on top of him was no longer Sadie Monroe. Shock met his features as he met Jezebel’s eyes. “What the hell are you…”

“I love you too,”

Over the past few weeks… since he had woken up that’s how most of his dreams had gone… hell… most of the time, Jordan couldn’t fall asleep. Sadie had been graciously allowed him to stay in her guest bedroom but… it was off. Things were just off between them and Jordan just wanted things to go back to how they were. How… how he remembered they were. Where had it all gone wrong?

Instead of sleeping, Jordan’s nights had been filled with looking up news articles about their divorce. Honestly, there wasn’t much on the internet. Or… not much that seemed to be true. Some people said Sadie cheated… some said he cheated… some said it was a mutual breaking up… they had fallen out of love. That… didn’t make sense. None of it made sense and he had yet to have a conversation with Sadie about what it all did mean.

All Jordan Williams knew was that the best way to get things back to normal was to… to get rid of the confusion. Maybe that’s why he was here today… here at Jezebel’s home with divorce papers in his hands. It just… it was the only thing Jordan felt like he had control over right now and so here he was… standing in front of her… internally debating if he was making the right choice or not but just having to go through with it because Jordan needed to do… something. Looking at her… he felt at odds. His mind… told him he hated… he… just hated what she did… without telling him… without even giving him a chance. But why the hell was his heart wanting to wrap his arms around her. Nothing made sense anymore… but control… that… maybe made sense.

More hesitancy filled himself with her words… hearing her talk… just reminded him of the endless dreams he had been having. “I… we just… it needs to happen sooner or later Jezebel… what’s… is there really even a point in waiting?” Jordan sighed. Though, he found himself distracted by the way Aidan wrapped his arms around Jezebel - soon told to go find his sisters. The boy seemed sure in not doing so, however, as he shook his head and stuffed his face in Jezebel’s arms - though, after a second, he saw the girl kiss the child and get up from the floor where she was sitting.

Instantly, almost as if it was instinct, Jordan put his arms around Jezebel to help her up. For a second, Jordan felt an intense pain in his head - a flash of a memory of him bending down and kissing someone’s pregnant stomach… what the fck. God what was happening to him? Nothing… it was… Look… he was… she was pregnant and even if he… he was just going to help her okay? Nothing more. Moving his hand away from his throbbing head, Jordan continued just wanting to get this whole exchange over with… his lack of sleep not really helping. “Let’s just… talk inside…” Jordan stated after abruptly backing up… and following her (as did Aidan). “Look Jez… I’m not… if they are my kids I’ll be in their lives. I’m not looking for full custody… or anything of that sort… I just… it’s best for both of us to not have this sham of a marriage hanging over our heads.”



“Leon, come on. Let me see.” Jae playfully whined through the phone. By her request, Leon was getting ready for the prom while video chatting with his sister. Although, at the moment, he was avoiding being in the frame. “Are you fifteen or five?” He teased as he finally entered the frame, looking down as he adjusted his jacket. “You know Eomma’s going to kill you when she sees what you did to your hair.” Ah, yes. The dye job he had given himself in his apartment after the whole Valentine’s Day situation. The one he still hadn’t shown his mother. “Well, I like it and I’m prepared to deal with Eomma. Anyways, thoughts?” He asked her, gesturing to his outfit. “I feel like it’s missing something.” She responded and the two of them entered an ‘I’m thinking’ silence. “I’m already wearing the contacts I bought in Myeongdong,” He started, moving closer to the camera so that she could see his eyes. “, but I also have the lip tint Daehyun-hyung gave me at new year’s.” She nodded as if to tell him that he should wear it. He went over to where his makeup was and pulled out the aforementioned lip product, putting it on and then showing his sister. When the two of them were finally satisfied, he said goodbye to Jae before hanging up and heading out to where Yeong-Mi was waiting for him.

Now, when he arrived at the prom, Leon was expecting to spend the night talking to his friends and dancing with date, letting himself act his age for just one night. Which worked, for a while, but then his heart sank as Persephone appeared on the stage and said his name. As she began to talk, he could feel Yeong-Mi’s hand wrap itself around his own and he gently squeezed her hand in return. Then Persephone admitted to aborting their child and Leon gasped, covering his hand with his mouth. She claimed to have been kidding, but as she continued to speak, Leon couldn’t decide whether he should be horrified or concerned for Persephone. Although, that concern quickly morphed into shock as she revealed, to the entire school, the truth about his relationship. He kept his head high, trying to appear confident as everything he had tried to keep hidden this year was thrust into the open but once she began calling his name, he looked down. Keeping her out of his gaze and his face away from hers. Barely seconds after, he was pulled away by Hera, asking, or rather, demanding a word with him.

Though his demeanour may suggest otherwise, Leon’s breaking point is very low and as Hera spoke, he reached that point very quickly because he knew that they were right and that made him feel awful. They were one of his closest friends and even though he already knew that they would be upset that he lied to them, seeing it in front of him and being able to see was something he already knew he would never be able to forget. “Hera,” He started, his voice tight. “I was forced into my marriage by my mother to settle a debt. I really wanted to tell you because, honestly, you being there would’ve made it so much easier, but she made me promise that I wouldn’t tell anyone.” He admitted to her, trying his hardest to look her in the eyes, knowing that his own betrayed his every emotion. “Then everything with Persephone happened and I didn’t tell you about that because I’ve still been trying to process it myself. I think my hair can tell you exactly how well that’s going but I promise I had no idea she was your sister until right now.” He said, gesturing to his white hair when he mentioned it. “I really f-cked up Hera. I know that. I just- I don’t know what to do about it.” He finally confessed, running his hands through his hair as he admitted defeat.

@raviola - Hera



“So you two are just going to leave me out?”

Elijah snickered while his lips were still on Richard’s. Way to kill the mood Sammy, He thought. When their faces moved apart, he felt a rush of adrenaline, adrenaline that came from finally doing something he was dreaming about for months. Nervousness still settled inside of him and he wished it didn’t because it was holding him back from full on making out with him. His attention went to Sammy after she stepped in to kiss Richard, which made him surprised. I know, I know, they were practically flirting this whole night but he didn’t think either of them would make a move. Then her eyes locked with his. He looked at her, knowing what she was thinking of but his expression was still. And, she did exactly what he thought she was going to do. Her lips locked on to his in a swift, pleasant manner. After she moved away from him, his mind flashed with an image of a parking lot, which was the place they were at the last time they kissed which was so long ago. It was sort of like a deja vu moment. Needless to say, he was definitely…intrigued about where this was going. I mean, they were all…kissing eachother now. It was confusing yet interesting. What was going to happen next. Now Richard was kissing Sammy’s shoulder and something went off in Elijah’s head. He’s never seen him be so…intimate. His stomach seemed to be filled with warm butterflies now and his mouth was open in shock, but it was more of an exaggerated expression. Now he really wanted to make out with him, his mind was thinking of a bathroom or car. He felt surprised at this because he hadn’t felt like this in a long time, being that he used to think he was close to being asexual. Every move they made surprised him even more and he wondered if it was going to lead to…that. Was Richard going to grab his hand and take him and Sammy somewhere? This is what it seemed like it was leading to. Sammy’s boldness seemed to bring out another side of Richard that would only increase. They were both being bold tonight but not that bold…right?

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How was one supposed to feel after hearing this much news? Hera didn’t know whether to feel upset or guilty. She had never seen him this crestfallen. Was she betrayed that he didn’t talk to them over something stupid? Or did their heart break hearing the boy open up while looking down? Throughout most of their friendship, they only ever spent time with each other in cold places, without vulnerability. They would codeswitch into the lingo of the rich socialites they would network with, but they never really knew each other. It was everything Hera had observed. The cold hands they shook that felt more just like cold hands shaking, the feigned, teethy smiles. All of it was some sort of mass produced, heavy promoted product placed wherever it would be deemed the most successful. None of it was raw. The cold came from the air conditioning in the factory, they did not know the warmth of the kindling in Leon’s home. They only knew the chill of his place of work.

Why did they never care to learn more about each other? Why was Hera being raised into believing that these “connections” made in business were much less distant than they thought? Truthfully, there was some part of them that admired the honesty in Persephone’s actions. Regurgitating raw facts, asking nicely for an explanation, gritting teeth when you want to throw a punch. It all felt so rehearsed. Like something that individuals watch from beneath the sky, like the planetarium. The stars ran, and they crashed, and they stood beside each other, or apart. And all of it was a performance where she was both the actress and the spectator, watching her own life from afar.

When her sister spoke, you could feel the words. And they all came from her. No actors, no audience, just one person listening to their heart. Why did the posession of that characteristic also imply recklessness and mania, tactlessly wandering through existence with no vision out side of your being? Was it attainable to have both a body and a brain? Or will they always be separate entities? Even in romance, they never felt like there was a place for her and her lovers to meet in the middle. They were always great, so Hera must have been why it ended.


“You’re beautiful, and I’m bad.” Said a girl with long, black hair that fell over her shoulders. Her deep brown eyes narrowed at the corners and her lips were thick and red, with porcelain skin glistening in moonlight. Far off in the distance, they could hear faded rap music, sound waves reverbrating in the lady’s practically empty, red plastic cup. A clear, thin liquid swirled at the bottom of it as she angled the cup at her limp hand’s side, lightly touching the flannel jacket wrapped around her waist.

“Oh yeah? Then why have you been drinking water all night? If not because I told you the alcohol was too far away, and you might lose me.” The girl standing with her winked. She shined a golden color, closer to brown than yellow, and she had the cutest little nose. The beautiful girl stood a bit taller than the bad one, but neither of them seemed to care as sparks flew between them.

“Oh, f^ck off Daiane.”
“If you say so, Hera.”

End of flashback

Then again, it might not be impossible to find a middle ground between reality and responsibility. Once, long ago, she had found it with Daiane. Maybe she could do the same with Leon. They both meant so much to her, she could only hope they wouldn’t stray away from this safe haven in time. Why did Hera and Ane keep searching for better when they weren’t sure it existed? Paradise is so hard to find, if only it weren’t so easy to lose.

Hearing his monologue hurt. It was a pain she felt for both of them, not really being able to giggle at his statement about his hair naturally. “Leon. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do anything about that for you. Yes! I didn’t know, but I feel like I should have. Just like you could have realized that me and Persephone were related. I don’t remember every part of our friendship, but, I probably could have told you more about myself, too.” They admitted, a bit discomforted by their vulnerability, but not enough to give in to the feeling.

“I usually look for more places where I was right, instead of trying to see where other people’s wits beat me. But I don’t want to do that right now. I’m not sure if I can afford to.” Hera turned back into the gymnasium through the windows in the door, seeing Daiane familiarly taking in the dress she had looked at millions of times before finishing it to wear to prom. Embry was talking. Hera looked back to Leon. “I don’t want to lose any more people.” The words stung, a muscle memory of their throat contracting as they spoke about their mother’s overdose, or their foster brother’s suicide. “I don’t know what to do at all. I feel like I’m betraying Persie when I look at you, but I feel like I’m betraying you when I look away. And we all make mistakes, and right now I just need a hug.” They leaped into him, throwing her arms around his shoulders.


Oh oh
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“Honestly, I don’t think I want to know either.” They responded with a small chuckle. They nodded as she told them that the mini quiches were generally safe and they stood up to go get themself some, stumbling a bit when they first stood up. They walked over to where the food was and put a few of the quiches on their plate, pouring themself a glass of water before walking back to Hyun-Ae. They sat back down next to her, crossing their ankles. They picked a quiche up and took a hesitant bite. Even though they trusted Hyun-Ae, after what happened with the brownies, they wanted to be extra safe with the rest of the food. “You’re right, these are amazing.” They agreed with her once they’d decided the quiche were safe, picking up another.

@Ouijaloveletters - Hyun-Ae

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There was irony in the entirety of today. For one, Amie could barely talk to her mother… it was something no one expected, especially not Amelia herself. Why? Well, to this day, Amelia could still remember growing up with an idolized view of her mother - but that sentiment grew in consideration of prom. Every little girl imagined going to dances with their mother helping them get ready… hell… Amie even remembered trying on her mother’s prom dress when she was 6. Now… there had barely been more than 10 words exchanged between them within the last 6 months.

Another irony was, of course, on the matter of the dates. While Amie was no longer a fan of Diego, it was clear that Phoebe wasn’t a fan of her own date - JP. Though… Amie honestly didn’t know the reason behind that… all she knew was there was a subtle look of disgust on Phoebe’s features every time JP came around which was soon after Diego appeared. Alongside their father screaming something along the lines of YAY I CAN TERRORIZE BOTH OF THEM NOW, and a few pictures her dad made her take, Amie left pretty fast after that interaction - telling Phebes she’d see her at the party.

And now here was the last irony… no matter how many things both JP and she had done… why the heck was she still so awkward around him? Honestly, the idea of… any man being near her made her nervous.
“So… you look…um… great… sorry about my dad in there… I wish I could say he wasn’t going to annoy you again but from what I hear he’s chaperoning the event so… I guess… you’ll see a lot of him… huh? Um… music? Yeah, music,” Amie muttered, pressing the radio to put on a random station blasting what sounded like that Olivia Rodrigo chick.

Over the past few months, Amie and JP had only continued on their endeavors… and by that… yes… they did do their… three… you know… the thing with three people in a bed that Amie wasn’t going to say out loud? That… yeah… twice…



With Lenora… and then with Quinn… but not together. No… not… together. That would be… honestly she didn’t even know why she agreed to the Quinn thing but… yeah.

“So… I guess our contract’s coming to an end… I appreciate… everything you did. I mean… it was… educational and… yeah…” Amie sighed, not knowing how to clear the silence that had fallen in the car as he drove. “Do you… do you regret it?”

@CerealKiller - JP
@astxrism - Phoebe Mentioned and her mama
@Littlefeets - Diego Mentioned



Sure, there was a distinct joy in pssing off an idiot - especially if that idiot went by “Finley Klein” but what could she say? She had a talent for it. A talent that allowed her to go deeper than skin deep, and hit a man where it hurts. Though, in retrospect, could anyone really call Fin a man? No, not really. A subtle laugh escaped her mouth with Fin’s rebuttal in not wanting to do anything with her again - though she couldn’t exactly blame him. He was a sore loser, and he always would be one. “Am I? Because if I remember correctly, I’m the one who left with the car but I guess you and your pea-sized brain wouldn’t remember since…”

Well. Paige didn’t exactly get to finish her sentiment, but what she watched unfold next was definitely a show - one that involved Fin punched in the face and blood dripping down his nose. It would have, however, been more fun if her brother wasn’t the one to do it. Sorry, correction, fcking uncle wasn’t the one to do it. Honestly, the way Paige would have love to wipe the smug little face that William had… though apparently, she didn’t have to… especially when Fin just revealed that William had…fcked the Dean? Look, sure Paige knew he was 23, but she had seen the dean - really? Ew. “Well this is a pile of sh!t I certainly don’t want to be a part of,” Paige stated loudly before walking past the entirety of the fight - making sure to shove Will as she walked by and towards the punch. Clearly Amanda, however, was having far too much fun watching the show to follow since Paige found herself alone.

Pouring herself a large drink - especially with the stench of alcohol egging her to pour more - Paige turned around to face the event. Most people were now surrounding William and Fin, while others seemed oblivious to it all on the other side. Though, honestly, all Paige wanted to do was walk off alone and smoke a joint until she couldn’t remember her name. You know what - what the bloody fck was stopping her. Taking the cup with her, Paige walked through the party towards the exit - navigating through the fcking idiots in front of her. Look, Paige may be confident, but even with her heels, she was short enough that sometimes it was a difficult feat. “OH MY FCKING GOD, you’re a bloody wall. Can you fcking move?” Paige cursed, looking at the back of the idiot who was blocking her way.

The issue was more when that wall turned around however - seeing as he was Eddie Flynn who (in case anyone had fcking missed it) was yet another idiot she hated at the current moment. “Do you understand English? I said, fcking move. You’re blocking the exit, Evan.”

@astxrism - Fin mentioned


Hyun-Ae nodded, shaking her head with a laugh. “One question better left unanswered.” When Niko stumbled, she quickly jumped up, putting a hand on their shoulder. “You ok?” After she made sure they were ok, Hyun-Ae sat back down so Niko could go try the quiche. Niko came back, hesitantly taking a bite. Hyun-Ae couldn’t blame them being wary after the brownie issue. “I know, right? I don’t lie.”
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