Blue Royalty: New Blood

Truthfully, Leon not saying anything in response to their scars hurt a bit. It brought them back to seriously telling people about their issues and then watching them laugh. “Are they that bad?” She asked crestfallen. Maybe he just hasn’t seen these scars in person before. He probably is concerned but is trying not to be offensive. Whatever. Usually, H was a rather easy going person, but they needed to know that Leon cared. About them, about Persephone, she was worried.

“God. Leon, that’s awful.” They responded as they heard the story. “I can’t fathom how your mom could ever let that happen. To her, for you. I’ve never been forced into a relationship like that but I can only imagine it sucked. Well- okay the thing I said about me is kind of a lie. Like, I was never openly forced into anything but I also hung around older people when I was just a kid, so there was surely not much control there. I try not to remember much, but-” She chuckled, “Sorry, it’s not funny but I’m just remembering when this old guy asked me to 4g3pl4y and then he said ‘wait, you’re 12, you don’t need to’”

They laughed fully now, semi comfortable knowing that this recollection was only a distant memory, and no longer their life. If those 4ssholes were to run into 18 year old Hera, she would surely laugh in their sad, unsuccessful faces. Because while she waited tables to make enough money to leave the foster system, while she opened up about her deepest issues in front of a woman with a notebook who smelled like chanel No. 5, they were cashing out their unemployment checks for gambling on their trailer park yards, and that wasn’t gonna change.

Their only job now was to keep going beyond them, never once looking back. “Why are adults like that? I think the scariest part of growing up is becoming everything I once feared. Or worse, being it. Even now, I feel so much older than some of my friends, and with some of my old girlfriends, I’ve felt like I’ve experienced so much more than them, and that gives me some sort of unfair control? Like all relationships are predator vs prey and I always feel like something to be feared.” Regardless of every healthy sexual or romantic exchange they had in the past, they always kept their eye out for inconsistencies that could turn out to be poorly concealed infidelites or manipulation. Although they had outrun those who hurt them, the scars they left in her heart still glistened when she heard something that sounded like their voices. When would it end?

“-Wait really?” The thought of Leon actually finding some sort of love within the storm that was his marriage brought her peace. Persephone wasn’t betrayed over something void of value, and, most profoundly, it gave her hope for the future. Maybe this weather would amount to something good, nurturing the seeds that would make flowers grow in due time, maybe rainwater was necessary to make a garden.

This proposal of his required much thought on their part. Of course Hera wanted to know her best friend’s girlfriend. She wanted to know how she treated Leon, how her table manners were, her ambitions, whether or not she was charming, if she could keep her promises, if she was funny, if she was good at making him feel special. Yet, she felt guilty wanting to speak to the other woman he loved when he was with her sister. They feared that they’d actually like this girl, they feared she’d see their point more than they could justify Persephone.

“I’d love to.”


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”I mean… did I ever complain?” he asked as she seemed to ask questions and he felt a spark of insecurity in her words, after all, he agreed to this, nobody forced him right? ”my senior year was pretty… eventful either way. For the better and worse. but if you think about it, senior year isn’t actually over. “ he stated casually, his shoulders shrugging lightly

Julian laughed lightly at her h00ker question, smiling as he responded ”School doesn’t teach you sht honestly, but I was glad to offer my prostitution services” he added jokingly and his smile grew bigger with the words. This situation was indeed humouring, but with all honesty, he did not regret this whole thing even a tiny bit, it was a part of his senior year and made it a whole a5s rollercoaster with no dull moment. Why would he complain?

”anything ames” he responded with a soft smile, and turned his gaze towards the punch as she mentioned it. ”might be a little too late for that” he said as seeing the drink table all collapsed on the floor and some kind of mess and people around it ”this is going to be an interesting night” he said shaking his head with a sigh


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Rin grinned when the boy said Cleo and them love Vocaloid. “Oh, definitely. And since I grew up in Japan, I can easily understand what they’re saying.” Rin laughed when Cleo stuck her tongue out. “Well, he needs recommendations so he knows what songs are good. If he goes in blind, he might stumble upon something he doesn’t want to.”
Rin accepted JJ’s hand, smiling. “I’m going to guess you go by JJ? Also, I actually use they\them pronouns. I just look rather feminine because I was born female.” They explained, glad to set the record straight.
@Kristi - Cleo\JJ

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Elijah’s eyes creaked open and the first thing he could see through his drousy slits were the lights on the ceiling of the hotel room. He groaned while rubbing his eyes and sat up in bed quickly noticing his lack of clothing, so he stood up looking around the room while pulling his pants up that laid crumpled on the floor. He noticed Sammy and Richard were still dead asleep but he could barely see them through his black tresses that layed over his eyes and wildy around his head. He had to find his hair tie. His eyes glanced over the messy bed and he saw it under Richards hand. He didnt want to wake them up yet so he made sure to move quietly and slowly grab it after almost tumbling over them. Then when he was normal looking again and not like a caveman, he grabbed his phone from the dresser to see what time it was. It was way later than when they first got to the hotel. He truly felt like he was in a crazy dream. An array of flashbacks appeared in his head.

"Hand grabbing…shuffling…nervousness…adrenaline

He remembered being pulled away from the dancefloor, the shadows hovering around them as they walked through the unknown of the night. He honestly didn’t think any of them would know what they were doing when it happened, and it was awkward at first but Sammy was the most confident which made everyone a little more comfortable. This experience definitely made him feel closer to Richard.

“Soft kisses…eye contact…Sammy”

He slowly looked up from his phone while remembering the spark that seemed to happen with Sammy. It was a feeling that he indulged in and now the after thought of it was strange. Like he wasnt really thinking just acting on a feeling that reminded him of when they used to be together. He knew he would feel awkward talking to her when she woke up but he would try not to show it. He turned back around to the bed and decided to sit in between Richard and Sammy. Not really thinking about what he was doing, he plopped down on the bed hard and quickly turned around wondering if he woke one of them up.

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Embry watched as a smile flashed across Daiane’s face when she told her that she could keep the drawing. She also saw the relief that followed it and she knew that the other girl meant the words that she was saying. She really wanted to keep it. Did the drawing really mean that much to her? More importantly, what did that mean for them and their relationship, if they still had one? At this point, she was trying to not get her hopes up and just see how their conversation played out, but even the smile that she’d seen on Daiane’s face when she insisted made her feel somewhat hopeful.

That hope quickly took a back seat as Daiane continued talking and it took every ounce of power in Embry’s body to not interrupt her as she spoke. To not wrap her arms around her and hold on until she understood that nothing in this world could ever change how she felt about her. “Of course I still feel that way. I don’t think I could ever stop feeling that way, even if I wanted to and I don’t want to, I never have. I know you weren’t faking anything because I know that it would be impossible to fake what we have…had.” She caught herself at the end, again trying not to give herself too much hope but then something clicked inside of her and she knew that wasn’t what she wanted to say. “Okay, I know I just used the past tense but I don’t want it to be like that. I don’t care if it’s a task anymore, Dai. All I care about is getting to call you my girlfriend again because that’s all that matters.”

“We’re not.” She quickly inserted, protesting against what Daiane was saying and despite her better judgement, taking the girl’s hands in hers and looking into her eyes, which were glistening with tears. Embry had always found Daiane’s eyes beautiful but now, seeing those eyes holding so much dispair broke her and the words that fell from her mouth next felt like the only ones that were right. “We’re not because I’m not going to let that happen this time. I love you, Daiane, and the first time we broke up, it destroyed me and the worst part about it was that it was because of something that wasn’t our fault. I got you back even though I thought it would never happen but then I went and screwed it all up. I swear to you that I won’t let that happen again if you would just give me one more chance. That’s all I’m asking for.” As she finished talking, she could feel her heart pounding and her eyes stinging with tears that were threatening to fall. “Please.” She added, her voice tight and her tone desperate as she fought the urge to break eye contact, focussing on those beautiful brown eyes as she tried to keep herself from completely breaking down.

@unsungcheerio - Daiane

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Pain, so much pain. That’s what a broken heart is. Jezebel’s heart had been broken so much over the past couple of months, and each moment only broke it more. Before this moment, since the instant he woke up in the hospital, he wanted nothing to do with her. He wouldn’t sit down and have a conversation about it, even once he knew they were married. He pushed her away without trying to find out what had changed between them over the years, how they could have gotten back to a place where they were together. He didn’t understand, but it was because he didn’t want to understand. He made his choice, and he was just trying to justify it by avoiding and denying the truth. Jezebel didn’t know how she expected Jordan to react to her words, but in a way there was a glimpse of the Jordan she knew, the Jordan who knew her like the back of his hand, who knew how much of a struggle it had always been for her to feel wanted, the Jordan who would bend over backwards to do anything for his kids, his family. Yet at the same time he was still the Jordan who hurt her, who only knew how to judge a book by its cover, who was too blinded by the situation to ask why. If it was true, why didn’t he ask why? If she had made that decision without telling him, what if it had been for a medical reason, or her mother found out and found a way to force her into it, or any other reason that could have made it the only option. Hadn’t he ever wondered why she would have done it, especially without telling him? That was one thing that never quite made sense to her, why didn’t he question it? He just decided that he didn’t really knew her, when he should have known her well enough to know it wasn’t something she would’ve taken lightly.

However, even if his words were that he could never think she was a mistake, his actions since waking up in the hospital said otherwise. He treated her like she was a monster, like she wanted to hurt him. He wanted to be with Sadie, so clearly in his mind he should have been married to Sadie still, so a marriage with Jezebel had to be a mistake. He didn’t want anything to do with her, so how could them being together and getting married not have been a mistake? Maybe he didn’t think of their past, when they were just teenagers and none of it was so complicated, was a mistake, but everything recently must have been. Divorce papers were proof of that.

As Jordan spoke, he looked her in the eyes, and if he knew her as well as he should have, he would have been able to see beyond the tears that filled her eyes to see how broken she was. She was grasping at straws just to get through each day. That time before Jordan was in the hospital, she was terrified and nervous about the babies, but she was excited, she was happier than she had been in a long time. Now, that feeling of light was gone. The light at the end of the tunnel was nowhere to be found as fear, heartbreak, guilt, and loneliness took over.

Jordan didn’t give her a chance to protest, to explain, to correct him, to tell him how he’d known the truth for nearly a decade, all the time that he couldn’t remember. She couldn’t get a word in, and every word pained her more, especially when he brought the subject back to the divorce papers. Though, he barely got the words out when everything changed. Glasses began to move on their own, barely a tremor, but in moments everything changed. Jezebel didn’t have much of a chance to even process what was happening before Jordan grabbed her and Aidan by the hands to pull them to the dining table, helping her under as everything grew worse. The problem was, even as the earthquake came to a stop, the situation became increasingly worse. Everything happened so fast, it was all a blur. She heard Jordan ask if she was alright, and all she could do was shake her head. She was not okay, not in any way. “No… I’m not…” she answered with a slight whimper. There was a part of her mind that went back to the last moment she felt as much fear, nearly 20 years prior, when she had Laurel. Everything that went wrong when Laurel was born brought so many risks, now even more could go wrong, with more on the line. “we’re not…”


“No, they aren’t.” Leon quickly interjected, seeing that his lack of response had hurt them. Truthfully, when they revealed their scars, he hadn’t been sure of whether or not he should say something. His upbringing had been that you never draw attention to something like that but he was worried about them. “I just didn’t know what to say, so I thought it would be better to not say anything at all. Do you-” He stopped himself, thinking about his question for a moment before deciding that he did want to ask it. “Do you still do this to yourself?” He had briefly considered the thought that his question was maybe too much, but he felt like he had to ask, purely out of concern for them.

He nodded as he listened to Hera’s response to his story. “At first, it did suck. I had to miss the start of the school year and I had to adjust to this new way of life. Although, I guess one good thing came out of it.” He told them, looking down at the silver ring on his left ring finger. His wedding band. He gently slid it off, placing it in the palm of his hand to show it to them. “This was my dad’s wedding ring. After he passed, it was one of the few things of his that were returned to us. My mom used to wear it on a chain around her neck, but when all this happened, she gave it to me and she told me that it was what he would have wanted. It was the first time I’d felt an actual connection with her since I came out.” His voice became tighter when he spoke about his dad, breaking as he said the words ‘what he would have wanted’ and he could feel the sting of tears threatening to fall from his eyes. As he slid his ring back onto his finger, he registered the rest of what they said and his expression morphed into one of shock and just generally being creeped out. “Okay please, for my own peace of mind, tell me that you recognize how f-cked up that is.” He pleaded, this time displaying a different type of concern for them.

He listened to her as she confessed to him the things she thought she had become. Something about the way she was speaking made him feel sad for her. “Hera, you are not something to be feared.” He told them, looking them in the eyes and meaning every word he said. “I know what it feels like to feel older than your friends but trust me, the only unfair thing about it was being forced to grow up faster than everyone else.” This was a fact that even he still hadn’t completely come to terms with himself, but that he felt both he and Hera needed to hear. When he was thirteen, he had to suddenly behave as if he was older than that because he wanted to make sure that Jae didn’t have to.

“-Wait really?”

They were right to question it, but Leon smiled as he nodded in response. “I know we didn’t necessarily meet in the traditional way and we’re kind of doing everything backwards but the more time I spend with her and get to know her, the more I think I’m developing feelings for her that I haven’t felt towards someone in years.” He admitted, Hera being one of the first people he’d said this out loud to, even though he’d been thinking about it for a while. Three years ago, this was something he never would have thought was possible but now, as he said it to them, the possibility became more than just a ‘maybe’. “If I’m being honest though, the best part is seeing Yeong-Mi interact with my sister. She wants to be a makeup artist, so every once in a while, I’ll bring Jae home with me after school and she’ll practise on her. I sometimes get roped in but most of the time, I just watch and it’s really nice to see how happy it makes both of them.”

When Hera agreed to meet Yeong-Mi, Leon was pleasantly surprised, realizing that some part of him half-expected them to say no. “We should go back inside then.” He said, suddenly nervous. Hera’s opinion mattered to him and he really wanted them to like her. He lead them back to where he had been standing with Yeong-Mi before Persephone’s announcement and Hera dragging him away. He was relieved when he found her sitting at a nearby table. “Gongjunim,” He spoke as softly as he could over the music, placing his hand gently on her shoulder. She stood up, smoothed out the skirt of her red dress and walked around the chair to come face to face with Leon and Hera. “Dasineun geureoke sarajiji maseoyo!” She scolded, hitting his arm before hugging him. He returned the embrace, then let go. “Yeong-Mi, this is Hera, they’re one of my closest friends.” He gestured towards them as he introduced them. “Hera, this is my wife, Yeong-Mi.” He then took a small step back so that the two could get acquainted. “Hello.” His wife greeted Hera with a bow and a smile as Leon anxiously waited to see how his friend was going to respond.

@raviola - Hera


Gongjunim - Princess
Dasineun geureoke sarjiji maseoyo! - Don’t disappear like that again!

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“Oooh you’re Japanese ?” Jason asked taking a bite off his food, moaning at how good it taste. Cleo held one finger to her lips, “Shush” she told to Jason whose moaning’s were becoming a little too loud and people turned to look at them. “I didn’t invite your to embarrass me JJ” Cleo told him ruffling his head, “You didn’t invite me not to” That was Jason’s ‘smart’ retort. Cleo threatened to not let him eat anything if he was going to moan as he ate and Jason rolled his eyes in agreement.

“Well, he needs recommendations so he knows what songs are good. If he goes in blind, he might stumble upon something he doesn’t want to.”

“As he should.” Cleo said jokingly, “He deserves to stumble upon something he doesn’t want to, for eating the last slice of pizza one week ago.” Cleo stuck out her tongue at him. Jason had groaned and rolled his eyes, “You see what I have to deal with?” He asked as pointed at Cleo. “She does. A sweet innocent girl like me” Jason laughed at that and Cleo pouted, “No an annoying petty girl with fa- never mind.” Jason was about to say something at the end, but realization of how wrong that would sound hit him and he became quite uncomfortable. “What were you going to say JJ?” “Never mind, let’s just enjoy prom.” He told her turning around to give her a soft smile- yes, Cleo wanted to enjoy prom but she also wanted to know what he had said. She pouted, she would find out later.

“I’m going to guess you go by JJ? Also, I actually use they\them pronouns. I just look rather feminine because I was born female. JJ’s mouth popped in a O shape and he stood to bow down and apologize. “I’m sorry, i’m sorry I didn’t mean to misgender you.” “Yeah JJ is not that type of person, also you’re nonbinary? That’s cool.”


niko tanaka

“I think I’ll make that judgement myself.” They teased, laughing after she tried to deny their estimate of her cooking abilities. When she asked about Yua, Niko nodded to let her know that she had the right name. “I’m starting to sound like my parents but I can’t believe she’s already two years old. My brother and his girlfriend are watching her tonight while my parents meet up with some friends of theirs who are visiting from Japan.” They told her, a loving smile appearing on their face as they started talking about their family.

Their smile widened, becoming one of happiness when she agreed to dance with them. “Don’t worry about that, just follow my lead.” They reassured her as they gently took her hand and led her to the dance floor. The song changed to one that was slow and they took the opportunity to hold onto her waist and begin swaying to the music. “You look really beautiful tonight, Hyun-Ae.” They told her as they looked into her eyes.

@Ouijaloveletters - Hyun-Ae

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Hyun-As laughed. “You’ll just have to find out. Who knows? Maybe one of these days you can come over. Or I can bring something to school if that’s easier.” She nodded when Niko said she had the right name. “They grow up so fast, right?” Hyun-Ae stood up, stretching. “I’ll try not to step on your toes. I’m book smart, not dancing smart.” A slow song just happened to come on, and she almost laughed. Good timing. Niko led her out to the dance floor, placing their hands on Hyun-Ae’s hips. Ok…what did she do? Then everything flew out the window when Niko gazed into her eyes, calling her beautiful. She really hoped she wasn’t drooling. “Thank you.” She mouthed, not trusting herself to speak. Hyun-Ae had her hands at her sides, slowly putting them up to rest on Niko’s shoulders. This was going well.
@Caticorn - Niko
This is so awkward, it’s adorable.

If someone could just come up to Diego and explain girls to him, that would be very much appreciated. When he screwed up and made the mistakes he did the night of that first party, when he could’ve gotten Phoebe hurt, she wasn’t the person most upset. Amelia was, and in trying to keep a distance to respect Amelia’s request, that’s when he had Phoebe around him more than he’d ever had her around him before. First she asked him to go with her to the wedding, and he couldn’t say no, but after that, when he decided to not avoid her anymore, she stopped being around him. That is, until Valentines day of all days. Despite the altercation with Ricky and Raph, there was a highlight of the day. Phoebe. She asked him to go to prom with her. That’s right, Phoebe Renee Taylor-DeLoughrey asked Diego to prom. Diego would be the first person to say that was unexpected. Did she forget that he’s the member of the Montoya family who has no idea how to use that Montoya charm? Especially around her. She could have probably any member of the student body she wanted, yet she chose him.

When Diego got to the Taylor-DeLoughrey home to pick up Phoebe, he was met at the door by not his date, but the girl who shares her face. When they saw each other, it was no secret to him that she still disapproved. He would feel the same if he was the one in her shoes. She had every right to not approve of him. With her plea to him about not hurting phoebe, he knew there was more to it than just a protective twin. He knew and understood completely. “I won’t.” he promised. “I’m not going to let anything bad happen to her. I promise.”

It was then that Diego saw Phoebe, and the internal fight to not act like a complete idiot around her began. Why must it be that around nearly anyone else he could act like himself, be confident and chill, and just relax, but when he was around the girl he was actually interested in, he was lucky to string full sentences together. Phoebe was the girl he had been crushing on hard, and anyone who knew Diego certainly knew it. All he could do was smile when she came in, telling both her dad and sister to be nice to him. When Phoebe told him to simply ignore her father and his attempted terrorizing, she lightly kissed his cheek, which he certainly hadn’t expected.

Phoebe: 1
Diego’s attempts at conquering his nerves: 0

After a short time of taking photos and goodbyes, the pair made their way out to the car. For the night, Diego wasn’t the one driving. They had a driver for the night instead. In part, Diego did hope that by not being the driver it could ease Amelia’s worries, while also being a safety measure just in case any alcohol were to be consumed. Let’s be clear here, Diego did intend on making the same mistake twice. Plus, it was senior prom. You only have senior prom once, and Diego wanted it to be special for Phoebe. This way, even if if it made him nervous at the same time, she had his full attention instead of his focus being on driving to start the night. When they got to the car, he opened her door for her, getting in once she was settled inside. At that point he heard her start her sentence, but never finishing it as looked him over. In response, Diego found his own gaze going over her features. She always looked beautiful, but somehow she had managed to go above and beyond to look even more amazing. “You… you look… wow.” Barely a full sentence, but at least it was more than he had managed by simply using the word “pretty” to describe her the night of the party at the beginning of the school year.



He had to have comeback from the Philippines for Prom. His mom would’ve killed him if he didn’t show up. Now that’s a scary sight is when his mothers mad. Who in there right mind would miss all this drama. It’s free for him so why not enjoy it. You know what would go great with that, snacks and a good drink. Some show down is about to go down soon hopefully otherwise it’s a waste, but it’s Cerulean High. That’s what it’s known for. He glided past people occasionally saying a loud excuse me because people couldn’t hear over the music apparently. He could’ve swore this was a slow song. Glancing across the table at all the… somewhat delights. He goes to grab a cup for punch and someone goes to do the same. He drops his hand with an awkward laugh and looks up, " Oh… Hey Olive.” It’s been a while since they last talked and that’s before he left when he jsut found out she goes here. "Uh, go ahead. " He gestures to the punch and continues, " So what has the Olivia Gardiner been up to in these last months?" He hoped the punch was spiked for once. He wasn’t a big alcohol person, but he is gonna see a lot of people tonight possibly so he will need it.

@CerealKiller ~ I’m just thinking he called her that as like a nickname of sorts before.

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”Oh, I wasn’t actually-” she mumbled as she was caught by surprise with callum in front of her, not to mention it has been a really long time since she was last called olive, it brought some sense of nostalgia, but also some unpleasant thoughts in between. ”god knows what they put in that” she said, and grabbed another piece of brownie instead. Let’s just say getting wasted drunk wasn’t exactly on her agenda for the evening.

She smiled lightly as looking at the boy in front of her ”you look good” she said ”the suit really suits you” she said making a little (absolutely) terrible joke as she took a little bite.

He asked what she was up to and she honestly didn’t really know what to answer, obviously she was up to things but it wasn’t exactly suitable conversation for a supposedly fun party. His question, as simple as it was, did trigger her a bit coming from him, it took her back to things that had happened before that he never knew about, things that are happening all over again and she was still clueless about how to go on with her life and current situation. But as I said, not party talk.

”not much I guess, my prom date already ditched me but it’s fine ” she shrugged ”did you bring a date?” she asked curiously

@angelic Callum

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She looked at all the people here. Each of them had firmly settled into their little groups, leaving her alone. Amber did not truly know much about this game other than it contained astronomical stakes. Life and death, it sounded like. You can’t get the fruit if you don’t go out on a limb, and no doubt this would be a fruit worth it.

The best strategy would be to simply wait and observe. Be polite, but not overly friendly. Try and act as much like a normal Southern girl as much as you can so everyone overlooks you. Listen and learn.

The people here came from all over, it looked like. As did the drinks.

There was one boy she saw, standing all alone in some dark corner. Curious, she approached him. @Ouijaloveletters

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Yet again, Benjamin Mason was as high as a kite. Why did he always get high at parties instead of at home? He had no clue. He was leaning against a wall, eating a couple of those brownies. Yeah, he knew there was weed in them. It was really easy to figure it out. He had his eyes closed, but opened them when someone approached. Don’t ask how he knew she was there. The music was too loud to hear anything, let alone quiet footsteps. He raised his hand in greeting, pushing himself off the wall. “Yeah? What’s up?”
@Zeno_of_Elea - Amber

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Amber nearly yelled over the music. “Nothing really, seems as if I’m the only person here who doesn’t know anyone!” She looked around to see if they were alone. “Why are you alone? It’s a school dance. I’m sure you have more friends than I do.”
Her dress wasn’t even just for prom, she wore it at least two months before at the latest pageant her mom forced her to compete in. It was blue and sparkling, but far from the flashiest or most expensive dress around. It was enough to make a girl like her jealous!

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“Are you new here?!” Ben yelled, stepping closer to hear her better. “Honestly, I’m not a fan of parties! My parents just suggested I come, so here I am! What about you?!” He yelled over the music, finishing the brownie in his hand, dusting off his hands. “I’m Ben!” He yelled again.
@Zeno_of_Elea - Amber

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“Reuben?” Luna asked confused. She had heard that name before, it seemed familiar to her but she couldn’t pin point where she heard it from. Was Reuben a new kid or someone that was in this school for years but like her was ‘unknown’? “Who?” She asked them as she tried to remember this Reuben person- her brain hurt trying to remember them, she can’t so she stopped and simply looked at Athena’s eyes, shy she looked down on her lap and played with her fingers. She thought of Elijah and how embarrassing that situation was, how she had acted on impulse and not really done what she normally would do- take a second and think about how stupid all this is. She had done it again with Athena, acting on impulse, what was going on with 18 year old her nowadays? “Don’t beat yourself up over this too much. I know that it might seem like the end of the world right now, but trust me. In a few months, you’ll forget all about it and it’ll be like it never happened.” Athena’s words drew Luna away from her thoughts and she couldn’t help but snort at the, you’ll forget all about it and it’ll be like it never happened part. Luna knew that she definitely would not. She would be 87 living with 50 cats, 50 dogs and one pet hamster and remember the Elijah situation. Crying in her old wrinkled body and wishing she could travel to the past and stop all that from happening. Was Luna overreacting? 100% did she know she was overreacting? 99% yes but that’s not the matter right now. Athena said they should focus on having fun and Luna smiled, “Yeah… maybe we should play a game”



Eric softly put down Destiny’s arms which were still aggressively grabbing his face. He did this with a polite smile, while Destiny was constantly calling him “cute.” Every few seconds. She didn’t realize it was annoying him while they continued to dance to the next few songs that played. During this time, she was trying to act as normal as she could so her state wouldn’t be noticeable, but it was getting more and more complicated each minute.

      1 hour and 30 minutes later

With her shoulders slumped and looking around the room, Destiny sat in front of a table in a random chair, while Eric was busy talking to a random guy. She thought Eric would kiss her by now and she was insulted. It was clear that he didn’t like her in that way and it was hurtful to say the least. Hurtful to her ego. Yeah, she didn’t like him like that but why didn’t he like he…nevermind there were probably lots of reasons why that were presented tonight. Another song came on the speakers which made Destiny want to dance again. She was drousy and dizzy but for some reason still seemed to have her regular energy. It was…strange. Eric reluctantly got up. She was fun to be around but dancing with her was like babysitting a toddler which was irritating to say the least. Still, he didn’t want to disappoint her and ruin her night, so he took her hands in his and moved to the music.

“Yeah…it’s…a lot.” Eric said with a laugh to a guy he somewhat became acquaintances with tonight. He was talking about this date with Destiny and she pushed his arm with a giggle. “Hey, Don’t talk to him about this or it might get back to my parents.”

“If you didn’t want your parents to know, then you shouldn’t risk it by drinking.” Eric stated, somewhat sympathetically. Destiny nodded.“I know, I know.” They continued dancing and she gradually became more hyper again to Eric’s dismay.

     A few minutes later

The floor was shaking. Destiny didn’t know if she was imagining it or what but it was shaking. Now everything was shaking. A small scream left her mouth. Eric looked around the room confused. Yep it was a frickin earthquake. One of the first thoughts that came into Destiny’s head was whether Adonis was okay. She was so rude to him earlier and what if he died before she could say sorry? Looking back at Eric again, she went to go find Adonis and spotted him near a table. “Adoonis, are you okay!” She absentmindedly grabbed his head while she caught herself from slurring much further, something she was accustomed to. “What are you doing! Hide under the table!”


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She was happy to make a new friend.“I’m Amber, hello Ben!” Idly, she twirled her skirt in time with the music. “Where did you get that brownie? I didn’t see you selling them in the front?” Amber was more of a cookie person rather than a brownie person, but she was in the mood for some snacks.