Blue Royalty: New Blood


My Mafia wife asked for my name, and my name she shall recieve. “Hera, and you?” They questioned as they poured the drink, not fully expecting an answer. They would be okay with mystery if the lady prefers not to say, Hera was going to get it eventually. They were determined. She finished serving the girl in the black dress’s cup, and handed it to her, hoping their hands would meet for a second. They needed to verify a spark because she’s spiritual like that. “Be careful, it’s a little bit sour.” They advised her so she wouldn’t be surprised. The beverage tasted homemade, so they could assume that was why it was so unfamiliar. Many new things tonight, foreign drink, mysterious girl, recently purchased outfit, and already a new crush. I can’t wait to tell Adlai about this girl!! They thought as the two of them sipped on this peculiar mixture. AJ was probably with Phoebe right now, They wish they could tell her to stay away from her friend but she’s just so supportive. It’s infuriating.



Hera. A beautiful name to a beautiful face.

Charlie was reluctant to answer their question and therefore settled for: “Hm, I usually don’t tell strangers my name on the first interaction. So, I guess you’ll just have to endure my company some time else in order to find out.” Her cheeks uplifted into a tilted smirk. Charlotte wanted to ensure another conversation with the wonder that was Hera.

They pass her the cup of weird liquids that Charlie is nervous to try out but it all dissipates at the touch of their fingers. A lingering jolt that shot like lightning in her blood, thunder racing in her mind. Just a simple touch of soft skin but strong enough to have her inhale inwardly at the feeling of their fingers. Charlotte took the drink presented to her and also took into consideration what Hera said about it being sour.

It wasn’t necessarily…bad, just surprising. Both Charlie and Hera took a sip of the concoction and they clearly handled it better than she did. Charlie tried to hide her grimace in front of her, but she couldn’t help the slight look of disgust that passed over her face. “It’s um…certainly something.” Charlotte nodded to try and convince herself that it was somewhat bearable.

Her eyes broadened out to the rest of the party, especially the dance floor, making a mental note to ask the enchanting Hera if she would like to dance. That is, unless they ask her first.




Miss black dress refused to tell Hera her name, so they just rolled their eyes and smirked at her. “Okay, what should I call you for now, mysterious woman that can’t get her own punch” They asked with a smile caused by the amusement of teasing her back. Hopefully she wouldn’t get too upset because they could be in troubleeeeeeeeee. They didn’t care though, their confidence to a fault knew they’d figure out how to get her back.

Handing the drink to her, Hera felt an actual sort of magic to her touch, she looked up and their eye contact was so strong. It felt so easy with her. Something about her eyes felt right. They were brown, but piercing and they saw beyond their body and into her soul.

She pretended not to notice it when the girl broke the connection to drink from her not-too-filled cup. The girl winced a little bit at the drink, which, hera probably would too if it werent for her… past. Between being a poor orphan and a promiscous teen you could not fathom all of the nasty things they have put in their mouth, so they just chuckled at what she did. They didn’t get to comment anything on her nonverbal response to the drink because this new girl said it was… “definitely something” first, which made Hera smile. “It’s a drink alright.” She stated in agreement, taking her last few gulps before saying, “Leave the punch if you want to, I can tell you aren’t enjoying it alot.” She put the cup down, and before she could place her hand anywhere else, Hera took it, causing the girl’s eyes to dart over to them. “Dance with me?” They asked innocently.



An eyeroll from her came from Zek’s entertainment in her failed attempt to reboot the car from her questionable techniques. “You know, now you mention it, I do think he forgot to specify the number of times the wheel should be hit. So, it is probable that he doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about,” Annie explained, her eyes travelling across to him as he turned towards her. “Well at least if anything this got you off your fᴜcking phone finally, have you never heard that it’s the passenger’s responsibility to entertain the driver?” She asked with raised eyebrows after he had spent the first part of the car journey focused on one thing. Annie knew it was safe to assume that Blue Royalty had captured his attention, yet another reasoning for her disinterest in the game: the idea of it being life-consuming, and Annie didn’t have the patience nor interest for that kind of commitment, as it was that way in many other things.

It had appeared that Annie had assumed correctly what would be in his bag. She shuffled around in her seat, lifting her legs up to be crossed. “You know, Zek, you may be turning this whole car breaking down thing around,” Annie told him, pointing at him, while taking a jo!nt from the stack with the other hand, “In fact I think you should really be thanking me for doing this,” She suggested as she pulled out a lighter from her back pocket, clicking until a small flame lit the bottom of the joint she had placed between her index and middle finger, before passing it to him too. “So, you’re welcome.”

“I did not directly insult confetti cannons,” Annie insisted, as he circled back to the passing comment she had made. “I think they have great potential in some situations but how much would they really have been able to fix this?” Despite seemingly asking him an open question in that, Annie gave him no room for an answer, and therefore no chance for his argument that may have been against hers on the matter, continuing with: “Yeah, see? Exactly,” Because, no argument, a confetti cannon would not suffice in this situation. Speaking of things that could salvage the situation, “Desperation-wise?” She started as the conversation drifted back to her initial suggestion, her eyes flickering as she looked him up and down. “I’d say we’re getting close.”

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mysterious woman that can’t get her own punch

Charlotte smiles openly at Hera’s attitude; no one has ever spoken to her like it before and Charlie would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy it. There was just something about the heavily tattooed individual, a trait that not many possessed, an inability to ever be deterring. Charlie could indulge in their dark eyes for an eternity. From then until the end of time. Even in death.

“Well, there are many choices. Baby, my love, Shnookums, or My darling dearest if you’re feeling fancy.” She replied, an eyebrow raised in amusement.

Charlie placed the cup back down on table after Hera’s suggestion, battling the shock at how she managed to take more than one gulp of it. Yet, before she could make another move towards anything else, the charming soul reached forwards and took Charlotte’s hands in theirs.
That same shockwave feeling travelled around her body, arriving mostly at her cheeks in the form of a pink tinted blush. She’d never felt this way with one single touch. She’d never felt so…alive.

Before Charlie could even ask, Hera beat her to it. An invitation to dance. Her eyes were filled with nothing but pureness and life, only goodness. Charlotte felt as though she had to catch her breath just staring at the goddess in front of her. She nodded enthusiastically, grasping Hera’s hand tightly and pulling them away from the drinks table, towards the dance floor.

When they both reach the centre of the party, the floor thrumming against her feet, Charlotte stops mid step making the distance between their bodies closer than before. A trance. The only word to describe the energy in her core. Charlie was caught in a trance where she could not stop staring at them, hoping that Hera would take the lead.

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Her reponse sounded so obviously interested. The directness made Hera ecstatic. They have spent their life in search of someone who will return the same right here, right now energy when they put it out there. It was starting to feel like maybe the spark wasn’t just her imagination rambling about how meant to be they were after their eyes saw her legs. “My darling dearest it is.” They replied, sounding playfully formal.

After they reached the dance floor, Charlotte halted sharply, closing in the space between them. Hera looked down to her feet when she stopped, seeing what she meant when they looked back up, thinking about what they just saw, and put hands on her delicate waist. They took the lead and the two of them danced for what felt like forever, hands all over each others bodies, yet they still wanted more. Every synchronized movement was sensational. The two of them felt the music take over, Hera wasn’t going to tolerate it any longer. She didn’t know her name but she wanted to moan it. She could feel the black fabric of her dress rouging up against them. “Let’s get out of here” They whispered in her ear. The two of them walked like they had sh!t to do to the nearest door, opened it, shut it, and locked it behind them. She stood in front of a wall, Hera’s eyes met hers and they gripped her throat, pulling her in to bite her lip gently amongst other things. They could feel her warmth so close.

Hera was just about to start pulling up the girl’s skirt before somebody had to open the door, The two of them completely letting go of eachother, Hera scratched the back of her neck nervously. Nothing going on around here folks. They apologized to which the two of them were like “No you’re good, we were just leaving.” with frantic smiles on their faces.

“That was close.” Hera said, taking her hand. They didn’t want anyone else to see their new love interest with any clothes off. “Come on let’s freshen up.” They paused, noticing the smudged lipstick on her face, “You’ve got…” She rubbed off the makeup under her lip. “…something” They smiled tenderly.

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Hyun-Ae nodded when Ruben introduced himself. She smiled, glad that he thought her name was pretty. “I am from South Korea. We moved here about two months ago. You have an accent too. May I ask where you are from?” She asked, hoping that didn’t sound rude.
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Sophie Lewis, not a party girl by any means, found herself at a party on the 10th of September, just before her senior year of high school. Partier or not, most of the senior class would be in attendance, so there wasn’t much a reason to not go. After all, anything could happen and the next person you meet could become one of the most important people in your life. Going to that party would be the beginning of her senior year of high school, a year that was symbolic with the end of childhood for most of the senior class. Sophie walked into the Rockefeller house with a hopeful smile on her face. Though many of her classmates were hopeful regarding the idea of the Blue Royalty competition that was beginning with that party, Sophie wasn’t interested in the game. Even just from what could be seen from the perspective of a freshman, sophomore, or junior watching the seniors, the game always appeared to involve hurting others, something Sophie just wouldn’t do. Sophie wouldn’t intentionally do something that would hurt someone else. She would much rather look on the positive side of things and hope that for her it could be a year of good memories and new friends.



“Ow.” They hissed, wincing as he elbowed them. They glared at him for a second before turning their attention back to the girl, who introduced herself as Hyun-Ae. They shook her hand, mildly impressed by her formality, seeing as they were at a party full of high schoolers. They knew the value of a good handshake from the various occasions in which they’d met their dad’s costars, producers, and the like. However, outside that world, they rarely greeted anyone that way.

When Reuben asked the girl where she was from, Athena couldn’t deny that they were also curious about this. They’d noticed her accent when she started speaking, but couldn’t quite place where it came from. “That’s kind of cool actually.” They said in response to her saying that she was from North Korea. “How are you liking Beryl Heights?” They asked. Having lived near or in Beryl Heights their entire life, they always found it interesting to hear the responses they got asking people who had just moved here what they thought about the town.

@raviola - Reuben
@Ouijaloveletters - Hyun-Ae


Hyun-Ae smiled at Athena when they said it was cool. “Oh, thank you. I rike Beryl. It’s very nice. The people are…”stuck up”, I think you say.” She said, shrugging. “I am going to get a drink. Be back.” She said, walking off. She got a drink, and walked back to the two, perching on the arm of the couch. She took a sip of the punch, raising an eyebrow,. “Should it taste rike this?”
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Senior year, what a crazy thought to have only a year left of high school. Eddie had seen three of his sisters graduate high school before him, but it seemed surreal to have reached senior year himself, or more that when the school year reached its end, he would be graduating high school, and Riley would be right behind him the next year. Senior year, no matter what happened, would bring a lot of changes to Eddie’s life. Eddie wasn’t a fan of things changing, of course it was a necessary part of life, but did so much really have to change? There wasn’t much Eddie could do, but he could keep on with things the way they were for as long as possible. For Eddie, this meant capturing the moment on film. What moment you ask? That would be the event of the night, the party to kick off senior year for the class of 2040 being hosted at the Rockefeller residence. Eddie Flynn, probably one of the people in the senior class furthest from a social butterfly or partier, was going to a party. However out of place the wallflower of an 18 year old would seem there, what better opportunity would there for him to film? He could get some great footage of the party for research and to look back on later for the memories, so that’s why when Eddie walked into the party he wasn’t looking to socialize or drink. He had his video camera in hand, ready to capture the events of the night, after all most of his classmates would begin competing in the race to win Blue Royalty, and anything could happen, so why not be there to see it all.



Lorde/Post Malone/Sza/Khalid -Homemade Dynamite (remix)

So senior year is here isn’t it? And for one Veronica Charlotte Parker that meant a damn lot. In the years and years the girl has spent proving herself as not just good but the best, not many things had the power to do that like doing what her parents and most of her class will or have failed doing, winning blue royalty, and, well, if now isn’t the time, then when is it? This was a year that was going to change some lives, and you know it. From winning the game, to graduating high school and embarking on a new path as an adult, all those were crazy, but they were just about to happen.

But there’s still time for that, this after all, was only the beginning. Now there was a party to attend, and trust me when I say Veronica was no stranger to a good party, but a school one? Probably not as good, but it doesn’t mean she won’t go.

In her perfectly tailored red blazer suit, Veronica, who didn’t usually take much time to get ready, took a glance at the mirror before leaving her room in search of her dear cousin Olivia, finding her still in the struggle of finding an outfit ”if it was up to you the party would have ended until we got there” the girl said with a light chuckle, shaking her head with a raised brow as leaning against the door of the closet in her cousin’s room ”I think this one would fit you” she said pointing at one of the options laid out, glancing back at the girl who responded with a light nod and went to try it on once again.

After a while, the two were ready and on their way to the Rockefeller residence, headed straight to the bar, as Veronica took the job of helping her cousin loosen up as she definitely was no party girl. And what better way is there to start a loosened up evening than with a drink in hand? Looking around the venue, Veronica saw some people she liked, some she didn’t, some she didn’t even know, but there was one thing in common to them all, they were competition. And they were going down. Well maybe not all of them were going down, there were some people she would never do anything to, her family. From Olivia to Laurel, Daiane and Paige, those were people who meant the world to her and it was very unlikely she’d step on them. But that’s not the issue right now, I said loosen up not think, silly.

So on the note of enjoying a party, Veronica turned to the bartender and ordered herself a drink, taking it in hand and wandering around the party, until bumping into her good friend Sienna, who also happened to be the twin sister of the guy who just got a big from her cousin in tha parking lot, (yes, she already knew about it. What else did you expect from a parker?) ”talk about familiar faces” Veronica smirked at her the first with the blue blazer ”How’s my favourite designer holding up?” she asked, sipping her drink as she glanced at the girl.

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North Korea, hm. Reuben had not heard many good things about the country, or it’s emigration process. She probably had a hell of a story, but he’ll ask later, it’d be rude now. “Brazíl” Reuben nodded up and smiled when she asked where he was from, and then let Athena talk because they had something to say. He would have begun to let his chattiness go on but he wasn’t gonna interrupt anyone for their sake. His talking stamina is honestly a bit scary. He’s like an older southern lady with a dumptruck.

Hyun-Ae said she thought the people were stuck up and Reuben bursted out laughing “No you’re so right. I try not to be but I grew up here, you know with the big houses and the famous people on every corner. I feel the difference between here and back home too. Especially on nights like this when we all get together and remember who we are.” Reuben said, thinking about the atmosphere they were in. Sometimes he gets so used to it that he forgets it’s not like this everywhere. Outside of here there’s no blue bloods, the families all consist of ordinary everyday people, their secrets are more like town rumors, the kids aren’t terribly neglected due to their parents’ time consuming careers, and their happiness is real. He wondered if Hyun-Ae was used to the rich kid life too, just in a different culture like him, or if she was completely new to this life.

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Charlotte Bekker had always adapted well to new surroundings. To new senses, to new beginnings.
Charlotte Bekker did not fear change, she embraced it. As Hera’s hands met her waist, Charlie fell like a planet into orbit; the continuous pull keeping them as close as possible. Despite the multitude of stars in the galaxy, there was no other place besides then. No other universe where things would be altered. Only that moment of intimacy.

let’s get out of here

Charlotte feet raced forward with nothing but clear intent and pure impatience. The very second that the door closed, all she could feel was the obnoxiously loud thrumming of her heart, echoing in her ears. Charlie immediately submits to Hera’s every move. Their bodies had less than an inch in separation. So close. Not close enough. Her breaths came out shaky and staggered.

The door opened suddenly, causing Charlotte to jump completely out of her skin and try to recollect any previous thoughts or composure. Although, she could barely hold back her laughter whilst they tried to cover their tracks.
The feeling of laughter subdued when soft fingers wiped away the smudged lipstick off of her face. Charlie stood there stunned at the caring and tender nature of Hera that contrasted the startling dominance she was met with only a few minutes ago. Charlie also found it strange that she found it strangely attractive.

She stared into their dark eyes, not searching for anything just indulging in the ethereal nature they possess. Charlotte’s eyes slowly made their way down to look at Hera’s lips longingly. Curse the straights who walked in on them. Her cheeks were crimson red and burned with embarrassment at being caught, but there was no regret. Still, Charlie’s heart pounded a rhythm against her chest.

“Shots.” She said impulsively (obviously out of nerves). “We should go and do some shots. It being a party and…um…that kinda thing.” Hera’s hotness was effecting her, when typically nobody made her feel so…wonderfully helpless.

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As a Cerulean High student at age 18, there were a lot of things that would like to meet Ives. First, he was going to officially take over as a school leader, a responsibility that benefit him in so many ways yet not at the same time. Lirea is already a sophomore, though, and she is one smart girl. For sure, she doesn’t even need him that much anymore. Secondly, there was the Blue Royalty game. And he wasn’t gonna lie—as time neared to this day, he grew more and more intimidated by it. He did manage to comfort himself though; how bad can the “tasks” go for high school students?

Rather so much, he’d say, especially when he remembers what happened these last years… and how he was discouraged by his uncle-in-law. Though, Ives being Ives, he’ll take what he can get. These first tasks aren’t even that bad, so for sure he’ll manage.

Now, thirdly and probably most importantly, he finally got to do something that no people will probably expect from a seemingly private person like him. That’s just the vibe though. Let me tell you—Ives likes to be heard and he is honest at that state of his. He likes to get his message across, clear and nice, nothing left behind. Even with something most people cower about. A good example? Right now.

Fixing his outfit and hair, he held his chin firm against the loud and colorful atmosphere of the party, oozing an authoritative spirit as he walked by. Eyes traveling from one corner to another, he quietly sighed—he was thankful he chose to wear this. If he had taken Lirea’s advice to wear a shining tuxedo, he probably wouldn’t feel as good right now. And what better to impress someone than to be yourself and be confident, right? After a saunter, Ives finally found her—Clara Ines Lucier. Almost automatically, his lips curved into a small smile, and then his chest not feeling so normal. The show must go on, however.

“Found you at last,” he said, leaning over the bar counter. He pulls up a hand for the bartender, Give me anything you have, just make sure it’s not poison…" he turned to the Clara, “… do you want anything?”

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“Thanks for the ride, dad. I’ll text you if I need one later.” Embry said, getting out of the car before her father had the chance to say anything else. She knew that if she let him continue his speech about being responsible, she would’ve accidentally let something slip about what the party tonight was actually about. As she heard her father pulling away, she walked into the party, which was already in full swing.

This party was not only kicking off their senior year, but also the game that would wind up propelling the winners into success. Embry had received her tasks earlier that day, one of which was the reason that she’d closed the door on her father minutes earlier. She knew that he would have told her not to do it, but she was determined to get the points.

She walked around until she saw something, an unattended cup of what looked like Coke. Looking over her shoulders to make sure no one was around, she pulled a small bottle of vodka out of her purse. She unscrewed the cap and poured a small amount of the liquid into the cup. After putting the bottle back into her purse, she turned around to start walking down the hall again and promptly bumped into someone else.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry!” She said to her, hoping that she hadn’t offended the girl, who she recognized as Laurel Parker. Great way to start the night, Bry. She scolded herself, regaining her composure. She realized the proximity between where she’d bumped into Laurel and the table she was just at and silently hoped that she hadn’t seen what she’d just done.

@Littlefeets - Laurel


Clara stood in front of her mirror, making sure her outfit met her standards. Once she was satisfied, she sat down and her vanity, doing her makeup. She then moved on to her hair, keeping it long and finishing it off with bobby pins. She stood up, picked her phone up off of her vanity and ordered an Uber before putting her phone in her purse. Leaving her room she walked down the stairs and started to make her way towards the front door.

“Clara Ines Weston-Lucier”

She jumped as she heard her step-father’s voice, which was followed by him laughing at her reaction. “Don’t sneak up on me like that!” She playfully reprimanded, turning around to face him. “Where are you going dressed like that?” He asked her, gesturing to the dress she was wearing. "A party.” She answered. “Don’t worry, Papa already knows where I’m going." She added, reassuring him. After receiving the notification that her ride was here, she said goodbye to Colin and walked out the door to the waiting vehicle. As the driver pulled away from the house, she pulled out her phone to check the message she’d received earlier with her tasks.

When the driver pulled up to the house where the party was being held, she thanked them as she got out and then walked up to the door. She strutted into the party, displaying her usual confidence. After all, large groups of people are where she is most comfortable. Once she’d surveyed the room, seeing all of her classmates who were in attendance, she walked over to the bar. Shortly after she arrived, she heard Ives’ voice from beside her. Turning her head to face him, she smiled and greeted him. When he asked her if she wanted anything, she nodded and turned to the bartender. “A cosmopolitan, please.” She said to them before turning her attention back to the man standing beside her. “How are you?” She asked with a smile.

@Nil - Ives


Athena chuckled as Hyun-Ae referred to the people in Beryl as ‘stuck up’. “Can’t disagree with you there.” They said with a small shrug. They nodded as Reuben spoke, agreeing with what he said. They were only ten when they moved to Beryl, but even growing up half an hour away, they knew what the lives of the people who lived in the town were like.

They watched as she took a sip of her drink and then when she asked if it was supposed to taste the way it did, they sighed knowing what was the answer. “Knowing this crowd, it’s probably spiked.” They answered, from experience. “If you’re not looking for alcohol, always order or mix your drink yourself.” They advised, just in case she didn’t want something alcoholic.

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@Ouijaloveletters - Hyun-Ae

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niko tanaka

Niko stood in their room, straightening out their outfit as they got ready for the party. While they finished styling their hair, they turned around to face Yua, who was playing on their bed. Smiling at her, they set their brush down and pulled out their phone, aiming the camera at her. “Yua,” They cooed, getting her to look at the camera. They snapped a picture, taking a deep breath as they uploaded it to Instagram. They picked their daughter up and kissed her forehead before setting her down in her crib. After stepping away from the crib, they checked their mirror one last time before leaving their room.

“いってきます!” They called out to their family as they walked down the stairs, hearing their mother say “いってらっしゃい!” in return. They walked out the door and to the car, greeting their driver and smoothing out their dress as they sat down. They told the driver where to take them and pulled out their phone as he pulled out of the driveway, taking them to their destination.

It was the first party of their senior year and they already suspected that it was going to be eventful, knowing that many of their classmates had received messages as they had. They were determined to complete their tasks by any means necessary.

They arrived at the party and got out of the car, thanking their driver and telling him that they’d let him know when they were ready to be picked up. They walked into the house and immediately went to the bar, ordering themself a French 75. Once they had their cocktail, they walked away from the bar, spotting someone else who was alone. Smiling, they walked over to him. “Hello!” They greeted him with a small wave before taking a sip of their drink.

@angelic - Lorenzo


いってきます (ittekimasu) - So long (said by family members leaving the house)
いってらっしゃい (itterasshai) - So long (said to family members leaving the house)



“Right. Shots.” They said awkwardly. I always know what to say, why don’t I know what to say right now?? They thought while glancing at her on the walk there, the stare lingering for longer than they had planned. She was so- perfect. From her soft skin to the light in her eyes, her smile, her rhythm. It all had such an effect on her. The way her hair falls perfectly, her cute little nose, her soft lips. She’s like royalty, and Hera was her beggar. On her knees, hoping for just a taste of the sweetest fruit in the kingdom.

Once they arrived there, both of them went on to down a few without hesitation, they needed to relax. Hera sent hers right to the back of their throat. This stuff tasted nasty, and they already had that intolerable mixture. “Still so much better than the punch” They joked, serving another and taking it in underestimation of how strong the beverage she had in her hand was. This was how they dealt with their issues. Having a conversation about her issues was simply not going to happen because they would end up crying and NO ONE can ever see them cry. She would much rather laugh. Seeing that the girl liked the joke she laughed too, making eye contact that made their laughter in unision quite intimate. It said all of the words that were needed to say about what had just happened.

F^ck. They thought. Hera realized they had to pee really bad. Not while I’m trying to talk to a pretty girl, bladder you are on thin ice. You knew the alcohol is starting to have an effect when they start speaking to their organs as if they were real people. “Excuse me darling dearest, I must use the restroom.” They announced, bringing back their playful formality as they turned around to leave. “I’ll be back!” They flicked a military salute as she walked down the hallway to seal the deal.

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