Blue Royalty: New Blood

Clara stood in front of her mirror, making sure her outfit met her standards. Once she was satisfied, she sat down and her vanity, doing her makeup. She then moved on to her hair, keeping it long and finishing it off with bobby pins. She stood up, picked her phone up off of her vanity and ordered an Uber before putting her phone in her purse. Leaving her room she walked down the stairs and started to make her way towards the front door.

“Clara Ines Weston-Lucier”

She jumped as she heard her step-father’s voice, which was followed by him laughing at her reaction. “Don’t sneak up on me like that!” She playfully reprimanded, turning around to face him. “Where are you going dressed like that?” He asked her, gesturing to the dress she was wearing. "A party.” She answered. “Don’t worry, Papa already knows where I’m going." She added, reassuring him. After receiving the notification that her ride was here, she said goodbye to Colin and walked out the door to the waiting vehicle. As the driver pulled away from the house, she pulled out her phone to check the message she’d received earlier with her tasks.

When the driver pulled up to the house where the party was being held, she thanked them as she got out and then walked up to the door. She strutted into the party, displaying her usual confidence. After all, large groups of people are where she is most comfortable. Once she’d surveyed the room, seeing all of her classmates who were in attendance, she walked over to the bar. Shortly after she arrived, she heard Ives’ voice from beside her. Turning her head to face him, she smiled and greeted him. When he asked her if she wanted anything, she nodded and turned to the bartender. “A cosmopolitan, please.” She said to them before turning her attention back to the man standing beside her. “How are you?” She asked with a smile.

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Athena chuckled as Hyun-Ae referred to the people in Beryl as ‘stuck up’. “Can’t disagree with you there.” They said with a small shrug. They nodded as Reuben spoke, agreeing with what he said. They were only ten when they moved to Beryl, but even growing up half an hour away, they knew what the lives of the people who lived in the town were like.

They watched as she took a sip of her drink and then when she asked if it was supposed to taste the way it did, they sighed knowing what was the answer. “Knowing this crowd, it’s probably spiked.” They answered, from experience. “If you’re not looking for alcohol, always order or mix your drink yourself.” They advised, just in case she didn’t want something alcoholic.

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niko tanaka

Niko stood in their room, straightening out their outfit as they got ready for the party. While they finished styling their hair, they turned around to face Yua, who was playing on their bed. Smiling at her, they set their brush down and pulled out their phone, aiming the camera at her. “Yua,” They cooed, getting her to look at the camera. They snapped a picture, taking a deep breath as they uploaded it to Instagram. They picked their daughter up and kissed her forehead before setting her down in her crib. After stepping away from the crib, they checked their mirror one last time before leaving their room.

“いってきます!” They called out to their family as they walked down the stairs, hearing their mother say “いってらっしゃい!” in return. They walked out the door and to the car, greeting their driver and smoothing out their dress as they sat down. They told the driver where to take them and pulled out their phone as he pulled out of the driveway, taking them to their destination.

It was the first party of their senior year and they already suspected that it was going to be eventful, knowing that many of their classmates had received messages as they had. They were determined to complete their tasks by any means necessary.

They arrived at the party and got out of the car, thanking their driver and telling him that they’d let him know when they were ready to be picked up. They walked into the house and immediately went to the bar, ordering themself a French 75. Once they had their cocktail, they walked away from the bar, spotting someone else who was alone. Smiling, they walked over to him. “Hello!” They greeted him with a small wave before taking a sip of their drink.

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いってきます (ittekimasu) - So long (said by family members leaving the house)
いってらっしゃい (itterasshai) - So long (said to family members leaving the house)



“Right. Shots.” They said awkwardly. I always know what to say, why don’t I know what to say right now?? They thought while glancing at her on the walk there, the stare lingering for longer than they had planned. She was so- perfect. From her soft skin to the light in her eyes, her smile, her rhythm. It all had such an effect on her. The way her hair falls perfectly, her cute little nose, her soft lips. She’s like royalty, and Hera was her beggar. On her knees, hoping for just a taste of the sweetest fruit in the kingdom.

Once they arrived there, both of them went on to down a few without hesitation, they needed to relax. Hera sent hers right to the back of their throat. This stuff tasted nasty, and they already had that intolerable mixture. “Still so much better than the punch” They joked, serving another and taking it in underestimation of how strong the beverage she had in her hand was. This was how they dealt with their issues. Having a conversation about her issues was simply not going to happen because they would end up crying and NO ONE can ever see them cry. She would much rather laugh. Seeing that the girl liked the joke she laughed too, making eye contact that made their laughter in unision quite intimate. It said all of the words that were needed to say about what had just happened.

F^ck. They thought. Hera realized they had to pee really bad. Not while I’m trying to talk to a pretty girl, bladder you are on thin ice. You knew the alcohol is starting to have an effect when they start speaking to their organs as if they were real people. “Excuse me darling dearest, I must use the restroom.” They announced, bringing back their playful formality as they turned around to leave. “I’ll be back!” They flicked a military salute as she walked down the hallway to seal the deal.

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Ruben said he was from Brazil. All Hyun-Ae knew was that it was very hot there. Both in temperature and the people…no, don’t think that. “Oh, your accent sounded familiar. I have never been. I have heard it is very hot.” She smiled when Ruben laughed, not really trying to be funny. Hyun-Ae listened to Athena, inspecting her cup. “Teenagers.” She said simply, before shrugging and knocking back the cup.
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Once Laurel had arrived at the party she got herself a drink, keeping an eye out for certain people. Certain people meaning ones she knew, or ones who simply caught her eye. After all, this was a party to be enjoyed, even with the addition of tasks into the midst. Tasks or not, she could hang out with a friend, family even, or someone she didn’t know yet. Though, what Laurel didn’t necessarily intend on was for someone to bump into her. She brought her gaze down to look at the shorter girl, Embry Thompson. Laurel quickly glanced her over, before taking a sip of her drink and shrugging slightly. “Its fine. No big deal really.” At a party, with music, people, and drinks abundant it was certainly easy to bump into someone, which Laurel didn’t intend to hold against her, especially as the girl was a source of opportunity. Though, Laurel would just have to wait and let the cards fall where they may. “So, what had you too preoccupied to watch where you were headed?”

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here it comes, senior year everybody. And the more I think about it, the more I realise how much the apple doesn’t fall far from her tree-like dad. A senior at c high, one of the oldest of them as well, with an already existing musical career on the side. basically just a girl that wants to get it over with and have some damn fun while she’s at it. And really, can anyone blame her? That was one hell of a good plan, the question is who or what is going to ruin that plan, because something always does. Life sucks pretty badly, honestly, but at least try to make the best of it I suppose.

Kaya wasn’t really much of a dress kind of person, but as getting ready for the first senior party of the year, she decided to go black dress with some fishnets and black dr martens. It worked, so why not? ”I sometimes ask myself how on earth did this gorgeous thing come from me, makes no sense” she heard her father’s voice and looked aside with a cheeky smile ”Maybe I’m adopted and you forgot, or maybe I was switched at birth in the hospital and I’m actually a bradgelina child, who knows” she went on, teasing her dad with a smirk on her face, right before turning around and walking towards the door where he was standing, placing a small kiss on his cheek and heading out ”don’t wanna be late for the party
she said and left the house, barely hearing her dad when he called ”have fun” after her.

At the party, unlike many others, Kaya didn’t rush to the bar because after all she wasn’t really a drinker, only sometimes, but she didn’t need that to have some proper fun now did she?
Chilling with the music the girl looked around, vibing with the area and the people around her, not letting trouble occupy her mind and just having some fun.


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Did Zek feel bad about focusing just on his phone for the first part of their little car journey? “Sorry,” yes, he did. Hence why he apologized the moment she said it with a goofy smile and instead of just locking it, he threw it back in has bag. And being the one to entertain the driver or just anyone, whenever, was what Ezekiel was best at but… sometimes his mind was too busy for that. "Some of us…“ He started and immediately stopped himself from continuing that story. Some of us have nothing better to do with life so stupid games like the one I was just reading about sound like the best way out of the misery and best distraction from life. Was he really going to tell her that? Well, no. One, because he didn’t want to downgrade her problems or even start the conversation about things going on with them and two, because he never liked bothering people with his thoughts and feelings. So the only normal thing he could continue with was, "get a little nervous when you’re driving and need a distraction.“ With the same old smile on his face, he joked. A smile that would stay on his face the whole time.

But there was also a subtle eyeroll, of course in a joking way, when she claimed he should be thanking her now. "Is that so?“ He raised his brow, a smirk forming on his lips as he took what she was handing him. "You’re just saying that now… but this has been your plan from the very begging, I know. Using a friend like that… wow Annie, wow.“ Zek shook his head, acting disappointed but a soft chuckle soon escaped his lips. "Good thing I love sharing but alright. Thank you. I wouldn’t prefer being anywhere else but here,“ with a soft voice he continued before picking up his bag again. And laughing as she was responding to his confetti cannons comment - having a good point though. To which he didn’t respond since she didn’t give him a chance to but also because he was once again focusing on his phone, but this time for a different reason. Being so passionate about music there was not a second of his day when he wouldn’t be listening to something and since the car betrayed them there was that silence in the background he couldn’t stand.

Putting it on shuffle, he threw his phone to the front of the car, turning to face her again when he found her eyes flickering. His doing the same right after… But here’s the thing. Ezekiel was not exactly the one for random hookups. He preferred connecting with people but now, in this situation, doing what they were doing which was only making him super relaxed he… didn’t mind. This way no one was bound to get hurt in the end and that was always a plus. "We’re getting close?“ He quietly questioned, leaning closer to her as he handed her the cig right after hitting it. A soft smile still on his lips. "What makes you think that?“ Continued, that’s when he leaned back in his seat, slightly shifting it backwards.

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Embry smiled, relaxing once she knew that she hadn’t upset her and that she hadn’t been caught. However, she tensed up again slightly when she was asked what she was preoccupied with. “Just something I had to do.” She answered, omitting the majority of the details. She figured that the less others knew, the better. “So, have you been here long?” She asked in reference to the party, both out of curiosity and desire to change the subject. While she had only just arrived a few minutes ago, she had the feeling that others had already been here for longer and was wondering if she had missed anything, even though the party just started.

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Charlie was scared of the dark ever since she was just a little girl. There was something so uncertain about being alone in a place you don’t know. The isolation. The unknowing. Yet, Charlotte did not feel lost under Hera’s gaze, she felt found. Seen. Their shared laughter and rolling jokes only furthered the already established connection between the two.

Hera turned around to go to the bathroom, initiating a military salute which Charlie mimicked whilst laughing at the strange individual that she basically already has a huge phat crush on. Charlotte turned back the other way to have a look around, her filled cup in hand. Until, unexpectedly, the unstable nature of her balance caught her off guard and the liquids in her cup fell all over the person besides her.

‘oh sh!tttt.’ She whispered slowly.

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What does it feel when you lose half of your life to the void? Empty. Lost. Jayleen didn’t like it at all; it was like she was walking through thick and cold fog, on a bridge broken seemingly not wanting to let her through. Sometimes, she’d go for it alone, even though she knew it would only be a false attempt again. But most of times, she’d walk with someone—someone who could help her build the missing pieces of the bridge; someone who could clear the fog in her mind.

But for now, Jayleen had to create a new bridge. While her family wasn’t being the bugbear they usually were, being a senior with an extra responsibility to do probably was. Well, it isn’t really a responsibility, though; you can always choose not to participate. But Jayleen wanted to, and tonight is the night she begins it.

“Hey, I saw you,” Jayleen almost fell from the stairs; a voice, clearly done deep with effort, suddenly came out of nowhere. She looked up, eyes widened in “sh!t.” She stayed still on her spot, tightly holding to the railings, watching her little brother come down with an unreadable expression on his face. “Be careful, that could’ve severed your head again,” he mocked, earning a roll of Jayleen’s eyes. “By the way, I did see what you did in Ba and Ma’s bedroom… but don’t worry I won’t tell.”

Jayleen released a sigh of relief, even though she knew there has to be something else her brother wanted her to do. Or maybe there’s nothing, and maybe he will snitch her later. “Just so you know, though, I will need half of what you took.” Aaaand, there it is. Jayleen tried hard not to roll her eyes again; she didn’t want to show defiance—no, not now. “Keep you word,” she said, with an accent slightly differing from the person in front of her. A wide grin crossed Jayshin’s face, extending both of his palms. Jayleen opened her bag, eyes staring with daggers at him.

“Can I come with you too?”

“No, you don’t need to,”

“I want to, Lyn,”


With that, Jayleen left before the conversation could hold her longer and more annoyed.

Arriving rather early, Jayleen felt her heart beating louder just as the music did. She stopped for a moment, taking a deep breath before finding somewhere to sit on. Truth be told—she didn’t have an idea what to do in an active and lively setting like this. Even before, Jayleen wasn’t always one to hang out in a chaotic “party.” She always preferred calm meetings with some of her friends, chatting over mild cups of coffee. Though tonight, she couldn’t choose, or she’d lose.

Spotting an unoccupied couch, she sat there despite the rising discomfort.

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Benjamin Mason was as baked as a chocolate chip cookie. He really, really, really didn’t want to go to this party, and yet, here he was. All thanks to his dad, who suggested he go. Luckily, he came prepared. He came absolutely blitzed, headphones blaring Hold On Til May by Pierce the Veil in an attempt to drown out the sh*tty thing they called pop music. He was currently sprawled out on a couch in utter bliss. Then he got hungry. He hopped off the couch, making his way to the food table and piling a plate high(hahaha) of random food items.
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Alright, there you go! Oh, heads up. He has red eyes, and you can probably smell him, lol. Skunk like.


daiane meyer (1)

Whenever her siblings reminisced on their childhood, their stories always shared one aspect that hers didn’t; they detailed the livelihood of their home at every passing second—from the loud, laughing conversations that carried through walls to the fights that seemed to rock the home. These stories illustrated a house that was filled with life, and perhaps that’s what differentiated Dai’s childhood from her elder siblings. Born in the aftermath of her eldest sister’s death, the lively aspect of their home had been gone for months before. Her sisters moved out, her father died, and the sound dwindled until its presence entirely was a rarity.

The halls today were filled with music, various tunes blasting through speakers. Not only did the music drown out the silence, but the noise also helped her think better and aided her fingers to move deftly as she worked on this gown. The idea had been a floor-length gown with thousands of hand-embroidered butterflies adorning the skirt, the number of butterflies per inch of fabric diminishing as you neared the neckline. It had sounded gorgeous in theory, but wow she had not realized just how time consuming hand-embroidering all of those butterflies would be. It has been months—though, granted, this project had been very on/off for the duration of those months but still.

But after today’s sudden strike of motivation in the morning, she pretty much hadn’t stopped working on it since she’d started, and she’d managed to make a lot of progress. She’d probably be done if she spent maybe another four hours on it, adding to the oh six hours she’d been working. Six hours? Well. At least she’d had enough foresight to tell Reuben she couldn’t go over to his to get ready for the party that was starting—already started, as she noted from the cursory glance of the time on her phone. Nice.

Her phone was practically flooded with messages, a good majority of them belonging to one Reuben Pascual. She skimmed through most of them, tapping out a response to Reuben saying she was coming and lingering for a few moments on that text from Blue Royalty. So it begins… She tossed her phone on her bed after that moment of hesitation, trudging through the scattered fabrics and decals that were thrown haphazardly on the ground to get to her wardrobe to find clothes that were not sweatpants.

Around forty minutes later, her sleek uber pulled up in front of the Rockefeller Residence, a house that was clearly built to impress—and impress, it did. She stepped out of the car, a light smile gracing her lips as she walked through the entrance.

Manoeuvring through the crowd, she made her way to the DJ table, slipping him a couple hundred dollars to play a song of her sister, Andressa’s. The DJ seemed like they would have done it regardless, but she wasn’t looking to spend much time arguing about it and money was often a solution everyone liked.

She turned from the table to scan the crowd for Reuben, but her eyes landed instead on the backside of someone who looked a lot like Xavier—though in a setting she wouldn’t usually picture him in. Still, it looked a lot like him—well, as much as someone’s back can look like someone. It was too loud for her to call out his name and be effective, so she instead walked his way, arriving at his side. “Xavier?” She tapped his shoulder, a relieved smile spreading a across her lips when his face revealed him to, in fact, be Xavier. “Oh, so it is you! Hi!” Daiane pulled him into a warm but brief hug, still holding onto his arm as she pulled away. "I wasn’t sure if it really was you or not; trust, I would’ve given you a much better greeting if I was confident.” A gentle, teasing laugh fell from her lips. "Well, maybe more embarrassing to you but same difference.”

The bartender gestured towards her friend, presenting a drink that she presumed he had ordered. She picked it up from the counter and handed it over to him without a second thought. “Anyway, I didn’t think you were gonna come! I’m happy you’re here, Xay." She gave him an earnest smile, turning briefly to the bartender to request a rum and coke. “But so!” Her attention returned to Xavier. “What’s new with you friendo? Any daring tales to recount since the last time I saw you, what, a couple days ago-?”

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Annie’s jaw half-heartedly dropped in false surprise as Ezekiel took a jab at her driving after trying to find an answer. “It’s the adrenaline rush of being about to crash that really makes the journey… you just have to become immune to the nerves first, though,” Annie explained in defence, being one arrest away from her drivers license being revoked. “Where else would you get that kind of experience? Only from me,” She shrugged, despite his disagreement of her explanation. Though, knowing she probably couldn’t defend her driving further than that, she changed the subject after his reply. “So it’s that as well as the fact that Blue Royalty tasks got sent out?” Annie looked at him with her eyebrows raised and a smile that knew that was the case. “Am I close?” She asked as she watched his attention switch to her as he put his phone in bag. “Don’t worry, I really don’t care enough to ask you about whatever that stupid game asked you to do,” Anne stated before he could say anything other than an admission of it being the truth.

She gave a smile of sarcastic victory when he thanked her for getting them here. “Of course, you’re welcome,” Annie replied, looking around to gesture their surroundings as she continued, making a poor attempt to convince herself of what she was saying. “I mean, what better way to start off the night than in the middle of nowhere in a stationary car? Sounds like the perfect way to start for me.” Though as she finished talking he had reached for his bag again, but this time to bring back the music that had died with the car. “See and now it’s even better,” Annie stated to expand on her point, this time with a genuine smile forming on her face.

Her eyebrows raised, accompanying the small smile, as he questioned her statement, letting the tension increase in the time she didn’t immediately answer. “I think the first giveaway was a conversation on confetti cannons, don’t you think?” Annie replied quietly back to him with a small laugh, passing the question back onto him as she tilted her head to the side slightly in his direction. Annie took the cig from his hand, the touch barrier immediately dissolving as their hands came into contact, before taking a hit as he sat back in his seat. Then she was the one leaning forward, holding out her hand to pass him back the cig.

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Laurel gave a slight nod in response to Embry’s answer. It didn’t make much of a difference to Laurel either way, but the way Embry had tensed up and attempted to avoid the subject did make her question the situation. “Nothing too bad I hope?” Laurel responded. “Not long really. Just long enough to get a drink pretty much. I take it you haven’t been here long either?

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Cami chuckled as she took the champagne from Vic’s hand, “Ooh, thank you,” she played along, smiling like she would if it was a fine gentleman. She took a slow sip, and while she did, her eyes searched the wholeness of the room. Looking back at Victoria, she smiled. She really wanted to spend a few more minutes with her, but she could not waste any moment under this roof. Besides, there are still more days for them to hang out. Sipping more of the champagne for the last time, she held up a finger as if to tell her to listen to her. “I’m just gonna go to the restroom quickly,” she said as she started to walk away. “I’m gonna find you.”

Though her last statement may have said she’ll come back, Cami will have to break that assumption. She will never come back; at least for an hour or two. And another thing—she wasn’t going to go the the restroom either.

She let herself disappear from Vic’s sight. Placing the nearly-empty champagne on a near counter, she fixed her outfit and hair. Keeping to her words and actually going to the restroom could’ve been a good decision if she was just gonna do what she was gonna do, now that she thought about it. After all, if she did, she might even be able to score an extra point, even if she knew well she probably wouldn’t be able to. Fixed on that thought, she walked towards the restroom but stopped when she found someone.

This someone wasn’t who she was searching for, though, but Natalia was a better company. Her eyes shined as her lips parted into a wide grin, taking excited little footsteps towards her. “Talia, hey, girl!” she exclaimed, waving a hand. When she was close to her, she pulled her into a brief hug, making sure it wasn’t too long for Natalia to get annoyed. If there was something Cami was always wary and cautious about, it was to never ever get onto people’s bad sides immediately. She took a step away, looking her head to toe with a pair of admiring eyes. “You’re looking great as always, I love that dress (?) on you,” If there was one person she adored the most, probably except for her step-sister, it was Natalia Stokes. She didn’t know why either, but there was something about her that makes her want to be close with her. “What have you been up to lately? Oh, and I listened to your latest music and I am so in love.”

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She smiled lightly at her friend Cami, “Yeah, yeah, run along.” She told her with a giggle. She knew neither of them would meet up until the very last minute — or probably in this case, the next day. Victoria looked around, wondering if any of her close friends were there yet. She began walking around, finally taking a seat at the bar. To her surprise, a girl came tumbling towards her. Well, not only did the girl practically almost take her down — but the girl spilled her bright red liquid all over Victoria’s top and leather skirt.

“You’re kidding,”

She muttered, holding her hand to cover her mouth whilst a champagne glass was delicately placed in her other hand. All she heard from the girl was an ”Oh sht”*, making it harder for Vic’s usual nature to kick in. I mean, all she asked for in return of her kindness was… kindness.

“Do I get an apology – or at least a towel?” She half-joked, biting her lip with a taint sadness. Today wasn’t her day. “You know what? It’s fine, don’t worry about it…” She told the girl as she wiped her now-red and stained shirt down, holding her hand up in a dismissive motion. She didn’t want to cause a scene, but it’s not like there already wasn’t one. Everyone saw how ridiculous it looked — red juice practically dripping from her shirt. Victoria flashed a half-a*sed smile and turned to the bartender next to them, asking for a towel herself.

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A limousine swept into a place : a muscular man with an unnatural scar across his nose descended. The door was opened and there stood Ari, her skin as flawless as ever. She smirked and blew a kiss to the bodyguards.

As Ari Lee walked through the party, her head held high and a sense of confidence inhered in her. She was here to have fun and maybe cause trouble. Who would stop Ari trying to cause a little mischief and hopefully get the attention of mommy and daddy dearest? Oh right, A fool and her thinking of heer idiotic little sister. God, did Ari curse the very day the brat was born. Anyways, Ari wouldn’t let the brat ruin her day like always. Ari ran a finger through her beautiful black hair, and held her purse tightly. She continued walking a glare on her face this time. Snapping her fingers she commanded her bodyguards to get her a drink. Few seconds later they return and a drink was in her hands.

Everything seemed to be well until


An idiot crashed into Ari, drink poured on the ground and in some got into her expensive clothes. . Furry was in Ari eyes as she looked at the disgusting average blonde haired girl who dared crash into her, “How dare you?” she screamed at the blonde, she took deepbreath and looked at the blonde girl again, "You know what I’m not going to get angry, just give me 5 dollars and get me another drink. This time don’t be so clumsy left feet’s. " Ari sighted crossing her hands, hopefully the idiot would do as asked if she knows what’s good for her.

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“Yeah” Reuben nodded with a gentle calm. When he gets like this, it seems like he’s being sweet but really he’s just bored. Reuben’s grace permits him to not come off as rude, but he was eyeing the rest of the party to look for something fun to do. He wasn’t bothered by the others, but personally, he wasn’t feeling any chemistry in this. The sound of their conversation did not outweigh the noise of this party, and he was beginning to feel bored. He hasn’t had a drink, so he still felt a bit tense, and it didn’t seem like these two were loosened up yet either.

While quietly sneaking glances around the room he spotted his best friend, Daiane, and his dark eyes lit up. “Dai!!” He said aloud. He looked to his fellow trio members “Sorry” reuben said quickly before walking up to her and putting a hand on her shoulder, “Where were you! I missed you!” He smiled, looking over to acknowledge her company. Xavier Pestana, he recognized as he looked his figure up and down. “Girl, you look so good” He praised, noticing his outfit. “Can I steal her from you?” Asked Reuben, waiting for an answer. “Come on!!” Ruby told Dai, taking her hand and walking them to a quiet place where hopefully nobody was hooking up.

Once they reached an empty room, he sat on the floor like a rag doll against a bedframe, tired of walking, and ruffled his skirt on the carpet. Not because he lacked stamina, he just didn’t like walking places. It’s a miracle Pascual is still in soccer. “Thank you for the excuse to leave that conversation, small talk will be the death of me.” He sighed dramatically and chuckled at himself, wanting to fall back onto the floor but who knows what’s been there. He noticed that she was still standing and recommended she sit on the couch, he doesn’t want his friend sitting on the floor. Even though that was exactly what he was doing, he wants better for Dai.

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From one life to another, if you ever wondered what it feels like to normally wake up one day, innocently going along not knowing that in these 24 hours, your life will change and flip from one end to the other, then ask Olivia, because finding herself at a senior year high school opening party in Beryl heights was nowhere near the things she saw herself doing anytime soon. But things happen, and the girl found herself broken and torn apart, living with a cousin she didn’t even get to know before, but after all, they were the only family she had left.

As the girl finished getting organised with the help of her cousin in picking clothes, Olivia stood at the mirror and looked at her reflection standing there. This, this was all new to her, she was never a party girl, she was never the girl that wears a tight black dress and parties the night away, but one of the things that her cousin Veronica took upon herself since the day Olivia set foot in the parker household, was to help the girl loosen up. Free her mind and not stick to the sweet but sad introverted girl she seemed when she first got there.

Being the new kid was never easy, but luckily she got to meet some people in her new class before school started, so she wasn’t in a completely uncharted territory, but still new and unknown enough to get a girl slightly nervous. So as Veronica dragged her along to the bar, I can’t say that wasn’t exactly what she needed to start the night with a kicker. ”a p0rnstar martini please” she said to the bartender after a bit of hesitation regarding the name of one of her favourite cocktails. But in a way, it didn’t feel wrong, it felt good and fun and in a way she felt like this was a good step in loosening up, and honestly she kind of liked the idea.


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