Blue Royalty: New Blood


“Yeah” Reuben nodded with a gentle calm. When he gets like this, it seems like he’s being sweet but really he’s just bored. Reuben’s grace permits him to not come off as rude, but he was eyeing the rest of the party to look for something fun to do. He wasn’t bothered by the others, but personally, he wasn’t feeling any chemistry in this. The sound of their conversation did not outweigh the noise of this party, and he was beginning to feel bored. He hasn’t had a drink, so he still felt a bit tense, and it didn’t seem like these two were loosened up yet either.

While quietly sneaking glances around the room he spotted his best friend, Daiane, and his dark eyes lit up. “Dai!!” He said aloud. He looked to his fellow trio members “Sorry” reuben said quickly before walking up to her and putting a hand on her shoulder, “Where were you! I missed you!” He smiled, looking over to acknowledge her company. Xavier Pestana, he recognized as he looked his figure up and down. “Girl, you look so good” He praised, noticing his outfit. “Can I steal her from you?” Asked Reuben, waiting for an answer. “Come on!!” Ruby told Dai, taking her hand and walking them to a quiet place where hopefully nobody was hooking up.

Once they reached an empty room, he sat on the floor like a rag doll against a bedframe, tired of walking, and ruffled his skirt on the carpet. Not because he lacked stamina, he just didn’t like walking places. It’s a miracle Pascual is still in soccer. “Thank you for the excuse to leave that conversation, small talk will be the death of me.” He sighed dramatically and chuckled at himself, wanting to fall back onto the floor but who knows what’s been there. He noticed that she was still standing and recommended she sit on the couch, he doesn’t want his friend sitting on the floor. Even though that was exactly what he was doing, he wants better for Dai.

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From one life to another, if you ever wondered what it feels like to normally wake up one day, innocently going along not knowing that in these 24 hours, your life will change and flip from one end to the other, then ask Olivia, because finding herself at a senior year high school opening party in Beryl heights was nowhere near the things she saw herself doing anytime soon. But things happen, and the girl found herself broken and torn apart, living with a cousin she didn’t even get to know before, but after all, they were the only family she had left.

As the girl finished getting organised with the help of her cousin in picking clothes, Olivia stood at the mirror and looked at her reflection standing there. This, this was all new to her, she was never a party girl, she was never the girl that wears a tight black dress and parties the night away, but one of the things that her cousin Veronica took upon herself since the day Olivia set foot in the parker household, was to help the girl loosen up. Free her mind and not stick to the sweet but sad introverted girl she seemed when she first got there.

Being the new kid was never easy, but luckily she got to meet some people in her new class before school started, so she wasn’t in a completely uncharted territory, but still new and unknown enough to get a girl slightly nervous. So as Veronica dragged her along to the bar, I can’t say that wasn’t exactly what she needed to start the night with a kicker. ”a p0rnstar martini please” she said to the bartender after a bit of hesitation regarding the name of one of her favourite cocktails. But in a way, it didn’t feel wrong, it felt good and fun and in a way she felt like this was a good step in loosening up, and honestly she kind of liked the idea.


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There were many things that fit themselves into the life of one Julian Paul Medina, but graduating high school somehow just never felt like it fit right in the timeline. He may only be 18, but he didn’t feel like a teen for a very long time, but I guess that’s just how life goes for some people. Some get a normal childhood, some just don’t. But it didn’t mean the big didn’t want to make his senior year as good as it can get, from school, friends and family, to his career, to all the things present in his daily life, that were in a way meaningful.

He was never a party animal, though it didn’t mean he was a stranger to parties. In fact, he was quite familiar, even though he would pick a guitar at the beach over a party pretty much any day, but that didn’t mean that if there was a party he wouldn’t show up. Why miss it? And beside, it was a good opportunity and place to see all these familiar faces after summer break.

Before making his way to the Rockefeller residence, jp opened his phone and called his best friend who he was also supposed to come to the party, while on his way driving towards her house, calling to check if she was ready to go or even needed a ride ”Need a ride to the party?” he asked the girl, regardless of the fact that he was on his way to her house even without her saying yes. ”Good, because- ” he added, pausing for a second to press the car horn ”-I might just be outside your house. Hurry up sleepoke”

And as the two made their way to the party, the good start to the evening was soon put on pause when seeing things you shouldn’t see. Things that prove to you exactly why you shouldn’t trust people, especially not Elio. Yes, they were friends, but honestly, jp just didn’t trust him, especially not around Lenora who was honestly his best friend in the world, there was hardly anyone he let past so many of his walls, so he was grateful for his friend, and pretty protective as well when he didn’t want d!cks like Elio to go around getting bjs in cars and breaking her heart, but that wasn’t exactly up to him was it?

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“Where else would you get that kind of experience? Only from me.”

“Mhm… How dare I even think about finding that kind of experience somewhere else?” Shaking his head, Ezekiel crossed his arms, acting disappointed in himself and trying so hard to hide a playful smile on his lips. It was fun, but it was also ridiculously hard trying to act serious when he wasn’t a serious person. Not a little bit. At least not when it came to most things in life. “Has anyone ever told you you’re the best person to go to when we want to fear dying for a few seconds? If not, I’m saying it now,” his joking attitude soon came out again but just as quickly it disappeared when she brought up the game. Words he just listened to and didn’t respond simply because she was… right. “Stupid game and stupid tasks so don’t worry, I’m not ruining your night with that,” there was a sweet smile on his lips as he whispered those words, keeping his gaze on her for a moment before looking away and slightly slouching in his seat. What he got wasn’t stupid in a way you would think, it was just… cruel. It also hurt reading this one specific thing, two specific people, because that, well that has been hurting him for some time now. And no matter how much he wasn’t happy with the situation he could never do what they asked him to… at least he couldn’t think about it at this moment. But it didn’t mean he wouldn’t mind messing up his life just a little bit more. What was there to lose after all? Well, let me tell you - absolutely nothing.

But he quickly shook those thoughts away, not letting himself show his unhappiness in front of someone and continued being his good, goofy self. “Oh? Sounds like the perfect way to start, huh? Try again but this time more convincing…I’d also appreciate you saying I really like spending time with you,” A fake pout met his lips, for a s second letting the silence fill the car as if he was waiting for those exact words but instead he chuckled to himself and quickly continued. “You know… you’re really breaking my heart here today but I’m glad it’s getting better. Just don’t know if I should believe you,” another joke and another cheesy grin as a random song started playing from his not so short playlist of songs he has worked on with other people. Soon returning that genuine smile he could see she had.

Noticing Annie’s reaction to his question, with a little spark of entertainment he waited for her to say something, playing with the chain around his neck. His own brow also slowly raising just moments before she decided to speak up, the tension that filled the air still being there. “So if I want… something without saying it, I should just start talking about…” slowly starting, he stayed where he was, only moving his hand to grab what she was handing him. Doing what she did earlier, he let the tension increase, taking a last hit before flicking away the cig out of the already rolled down window, not looking away. “Confetti cannons?” Zek finally continued and finally straightened up before turning to fully face her again. “That’s… good to know,” leaning in, there was a subtle playful smile on his lips, his eyes flickering up and down. “So… Confetti cannons,” his voice getting quieter, almost a whisper, a smile he had on softened and he leaned in more. Another moment of silence as he let his hand move up to her chin before it gently slid to the back of her neck. His lips brushing against hers before he just slightly pulled back and looked up at her, a quiet joke, “You have to agree that blue ones are superior.”

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For a moment, Ives did not know how to respond. It was just a simple “How are you?” though, what’s so hard about that? He could just say, “Yeah, I’m okay, you?” Well, Ives wasn’t really thinking about that, but rather something more important. Perhaps that something even answered Clara’s question of “how are you?” but he still just couldn’t form words in his mouth. He does have an idea which ones to use, but he did not know how to say it without saying it wrong. There was one person who advised him about it, and of course that person is Lirea. But he knew she probably isn’t the best adviser either; she’s still a kid who knows nothing about romance, after all.

For the days and weeks before school started, Ives often found himself on his phone, on the messages, chatting with Clara. And he’s not gonna lie about it—he likes her. Probably a lot and enough that he’s now in front of her, both ready and not ready to say it. And for the first time in forever, he questioned and doubted himself. Will this break our friendship? Will this make her drift away from me? I probably shouldn’t say it, then… but Ives knew he can’t not say it. To be Ives Mulligan is to be honest, after all. No lies, no secrets.

He took the unknown glass of drink, chugging it all in one go. Somehow, he did finish it all, probably because of a rush in his veins knowing what was about to come. He suspired, brows furrowing as his eyes glanced at the empty and yellow martini glass, only experiencing the slight discomfort in his throat. It wasn’t that strong of a drink, but it wasn’t water nor juice either that one can just normally chug. He looked up at the bartender, “What’s this?” he asked, gently placing the glass back on the counter. The bartender answered with a hint of proudness on their face, as if he’d just done something that saved the world. “Negroni, my favorite, but it’s white. You like it?” they said, waiting for Ives’s response. He shrugged, pushing the glass to him.

He turned back to Clara again while waiting for the drink, clearing his throat. “Sorry about that,” he chuckled. “So uh… yeah, things are still intact for me. How about you?” he finally managed to say. Feeling a coldness at the tip of his finger, he looked at the counter, using the new glass of White Negroni to intentionally avoid Clara’s eyes. It only lasted for seconds, though, as he needed to look at her again.

“I actually also just wanted to say something. It’s just something I need to, you know, get out of my chest?” he gestured from his chest, still forming the perfect line in his mind. “Yeah, I’m just gonna…” He paused, then he let out a big breath. “I like you a lot, Clara.” Now, Ives would know what to always say, but he hasn’t been to these kinds of situation before. Though, to him, it was probably better to wait for her response before continuing.

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“No, no, nothing too bad.” She reassured her with a confident smile and playful swipe of her hand. She resisted the urge to look over her shoulder and see if the drink had been claimed by its owner, choosing to focus on Laurel’s words instead. “I haven’t even been here long enough to get a drink,” She said with a small laugh. “I only arrived a few minutes ago.” She added with a shrug, putting her hands in her pockets.

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“Tyler Anthony Campbell! You get back here right now!” Mia Campbell screamed at her twin brother. She was currently covered in Silly String, chasing around her twin at full speed, with murderous intent. “IT’S IN MY HAIR!” She screeched, her idiot of a brother doubled over in laughter. She took this chance to tackle him to the ground, glaring down at him. He smirked, before wiggling out from underneath her, and the chase resumed…until WHAM! Mia collided with a girl carrying a drink, spilling it on both of them. The girl proceeded to explode, screaming at Mia as she ran to get paper towels. She pulled out a $20, panting heavily. The girl’s anger barely registering in her mind. “I…I’m really…s-sorry. Can I get you another drink? It’s on me.” She said, catching her breath.
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Elio couldn’t help but have his eyes scan the room while Phoebe went on and on, longer than she needed to. There were many times he was talking to her and would blackout for a bit because of her rambling on. One of the reasons Elio could not match the feelings she expressed for him. She was pretty, he couldn’t lie about that, but twins weren’t his thing. Maybe it’s because he was one or because he had an irrational fear that if he were to be with twins, who were identical like Amelia and Phoebe, that he would get them confused and end up kissing the wrong one. His eyes looked only for that blonde hair he loved so much. He wished he knew what she was wearing so his search would be easier, but seeing as they haven’t talked in some time now that was out the window.

He also wondered who she was with. Was she safe? Was she even coming tonight? Was she with another guy? What a hypocrite he was. He knew this, he was very self-aware but his heart started to race at the thought of her walking in here, fingers interlocked with another guy’s hand. What if this guy hurt her? These were thoughts that ran through his mind most times they got in a fight and decided to go on a break. He hated not being there to make sure she was safe and cared for, even if they weren’t officially dating at the time. He would still do anything and everything to make sure she was fine. There were only a few people who he felt this way about outside of his family but at this point and the way his parents love Lenora as much as they love Elio and his sister, Sienna, she was family. Also Mateo but that was because they were brothers from different mothers!

You know I’m a minor, right? We can both get in trouble for this, but I guess you have other things on your mind He faked a laugh. The chuckle coming from his lips in a low tone. Right, because this is your first time drinking ever. He challenged back with a knowing smirk on his face that he made a good point. As if anyone would even have to think about getting in trouble for that tonight. The place and lives they all live, they can get away with almost anything and many people who have lived in Beryl have proved that to be true.

Wash down the disgust I’m feeling. He couldn’t deny that he felt somewhat the same way. He doesn’t fully understand why he lets himself do these things that can hurt her since he does care for her so deeply. He let out a sharp breath as she said Aj should stay and talk too. He didn’t know Aj that well and this was not really the type of conversation he wanted him to hear but so be it.You’re looking a little pale.

He shot the floppy-haired boy a look. they were on the football team together but that was really the extent he spent time with Aj. Thanks, I’ll make sure to get that checked out. Anyways Phoebe, Elio turned to look at her again with a cheeky smile plastered on his face. You know I’ve always loved your humor, but I’d rather stick to being real right now…What you saw…It wasn’t anything. He shrugged while sticking his hands into the pockets of his jeans and letting his eyes soften to look at her. I mean, obviously it was something and we both know what it was but other than that. It was nothing. Get what I’m saying here? In other words, please keep this on the downlow. It’s not like he was cheating, Lenora and he were on a break, again. He knew it was still probably wrong but it’s not like it’s against the rules to hang out with other girls. He sighed a bit under his breath but kept the same smile on his face while talking to Phoebe.

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“I…I’m really…s-sorry. Can I get you another drink? It’s on me.” Ari rolled her eyes, “Isn’t that what I said you should do idiot?” Ari faced her bodyguards, “I said that right?” They nodded a stoic look still played on their face, God they were such serious people and Ari loved it and hated it at the same time. Loved it because that should be their top priority her, in fact that should be everyone’s top priority. Ari was too beautiful, amazing, nice and the best person ever and so logically everyone should have her as her priority, too bad the brat poisoned her lovely parents mind. Anyways she hated it because They were so quiet it was awkward. Ari looked back and the idiotic blonde, “So it’s true what the serotype says, blondes are stupid? Anyway just get me my drink.” Ari snatched the 20 dollars from the girls hand and crossed her hands, “I’ll be here waiting”

Ari turned to face her bodyguards, “Can you believe her?”


Murder is bad, murder is bad… Mia thought, heading over to pour the girl a drink. It technically was her fault for already repeating what she’d said, but was that remark really necessary? Mia shot a glare at her brother, before getting the girl’s drink. She just hoped she liked it…Mia already had enough on her clothes and didn’t need that drink slapped out of her hand. She walked back over and wordlessly handed the girl the drink, not expecting a thank you.
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Ari glared at the girl as she handed her the drink, she took a sip of a drink and spitted it out. “Ew ew ew, what is this?”

“Give me the breath spray” She told her bodyguard who without any emotions visible handed her the spray. Ari sprayed a little in her mouth and looked at the banana headed b!tch, “I said you should get me a fricking drink, not try to poison me” Ari looked at the body guard with dyed dark red hair, “Here Junsu, Ho-Jin or whatever your name is. Drink this and tell me how it taste” The red haired too a sip “Taste like Sh!t” he said and Ari nodded, “Now go and get me a real drink, banana” she told the blonde.

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Mia stood there calmly as the drink was given back to her. She nodded, turning and taking a drink herself. It actually did taste weird. Huh. She probably should ask if the girl wanted anything specific, but she really liked her head attached to her shoulders. She internally sighed when the girl called her a banana. That made no sense…her hair was blonde, not yellow. Back to the matter at hand, Mia got the girl another drink, handing it to her and waiting for the girl to yell at her again and make her get a new drink.
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”Right, because this is your first time drinking ever.”

There was a slight smirk on Phoebe’s lips she was trying so hard to tame, bitting the inside of her cheek and looking to the side, a glass in her hand. It was really hard to act being mad at someone you still… fancy? Especially when, even if she started with a joke, they have a really good point. Sure. It wasn’t her first time, not even close to her first time but what else could be said? Phoebe just does what she wants and likes, no matter what anyone else would say or think. That was the last thing she cared about. So maybe for a second she forgot why Elio was there in the first place - looking back at him a playful smile stayed on her lips, just like she stayed quiet, not responding to his comment.

But it didn’t take her long to remember what was happening, almost immediately downing her drink and getting straight to the point. Not wasting her precious time talking about a situation she’d rather forget. There were many things she wanted to do tonight, have fun and this… well, this was not a definition of fun. And if she wanted to finish what she was supposed to do… no matter how much she hated being told what to do, she had to start as soon as possible.
Seeing Elio had no problem with Aj being there with them, or at least didn’t say he was against that idea, Phoebe crossed her arms, with a smile waiting for him to start explaining himself. After Aj threw in a little comment making her bite down on her lip to stop herself from chuckling. And remember how I said Phoebe didn’t want to waste her time on this conversation? That was exactly what she continued doing… Simply because it was entertaining to mess with Elio. ”You love my humour? Wow, thank you,” placing her hand over her heart, there was a pout on her lips, looking up at him in the most sweet way before turning to Aj. ”Why don’t you ever tell me that? Do you not feel that way?” A playful nudge and more jokes just to keep that tension as they wait for her to respond to… what it sounded like, a threat. ”So let me get this straight?” But she soon turned to Elio again the moment a waiter was passing by them, making Phoebe quickly take a glass from the tray and bring it up to her lips - slowly drinking her third glass of the night, not even being there for 15 minutes.

Slow, yes… She was purposely taking a long time to finish that drink, looking directly at Elio and the moment she did, a sigh escaped her lips, putting the glass down. ”You are asking me to stay quiet? Okay, sure but… what do I get from that? I mean, should I even stay quiet?” Phoebe finally continued, slightly raising her brow. Did she want something in return? When did she not? But would she say something even if she didn’t get anything? Of course… not. It was… it was a difficult situation. If Phoebe really cares about you she’d never do anything behind your back, no matter what fcked up thing you did and for some reason she just had to like Elio. So no, she wasn’t planning on saying anything… to Lenora. Just Aj. Maybe Amie… But everyone else? No. That didn’t stop her from messing with him though. ”What do you say, hun?” A cheeky smile on her lips, Phoebs turned to Aj, resting her hand on his shoulder.

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Blondie came back with another drink and Ari drank it again, spitting it out. “EW, this is even worst than the first.” Turning to the black haired bodyguard “Follow the banana head, I don’t want her to posion be this time. And oh blondie?” Ari turned to the blonde, “I don’t drink all this poor disgusting people stuff I want Fizzy Pineapple Punch which is right” Ari pointed to a spot “There! Now go with Marco, Hyuan or whatever his name is”

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Clara leaned against the bar, thanking the bartender as they handed her the cocktail before turning her attention back to Ives. Leading up to now, they’d been hanging out and messaging each other quite a lot and Clara couldn’t deny that she really enjoyed it. She watched, mildly impressed as he chugged down whatever was in the glass that the bartender handed him. Smiling, she took a small sip of her cocktail.

“I mean, things haven’t really been ‘intact’ for me since I was ten,” She answered with an awkward laugh, setting her drink down and putting air quotes around the word ‘intact’. “But, my ballet teacher has started helping me prepare for company auditions.” She added, picking her drink up again, knowing that was more along the lines of what he was asking.

She leaned in closer to him as he told her that he wanted to say something, curious to know what it is. As he let out a big breath, she found herself holding hers in anticipation. When the words finally left his lips, a smile appeared on her face almost automatically. “Ives, I…” She trailed off, taking a deep breath to regain her composure. “I like you a lot, too.” She told him, tilting her head upwards to look him in the eyes.

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Mia stayed silent, looking over to where the girl pointed. She walked over to where she pointed, waiting for the bodyguard to follow. She leaned over to speak to the bodyguard, making the drink. “I have a feeling this is normal. Good luck.” She said, sighing. This girl seemed like a handful. She usually liked everyone, but here was a rare exception.
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The idiot and her bodyguard finally arrived, Ari grabbed the drink from her hand and took a sip. “mmm, this is actually quite lovely.” She gave a bright smile at the girl, though it was fake. Finishing the drink she handed the girl the cup “Now get me more and something to eat and digest. I’m feeling hungry” Giving a short wave, "Bye bye, oh and make sure it is macarons. "

Ari brought her fun out, she could not even remember what she planned to do. The ugly blonde of course had to ruin her day, Ari planned on causing drama and trouble but how? She forgot her exact plan. It’s like the blonde was a demon sent by the brat. It was a possibility.

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Mia sighed internally in relief when the girl said she liked it. She was probably tired of messing with her. Mia smiled back at her, noting the smile didn’t reach the girl’s eyes. The girl asked for another drink and macarons. Mia really hoped there were macaroons here…for everyone’s sake. She made the drink again, and called the best French store she knew. Ten minutes later, she returned with the drink and macarons. “Here you go. I hope you like it. Sorry it took so long.” She said, doing her best to be polite.
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Laurel once again nodded in response to Embry, looking the girl over as she had looked over her shoulder. There was more Embry wasn’t saying, that was clear enough, but with what the night was, it wouldn’t be difficult to assume that it was a task on the girl’s mind. Just as, like a majority of the senior class, Laurel’s tasks were on her mind, as well as how she would go about doing them for that night and beyond. “Well then, how about we fix that?” Laurel suggested, with the intention of seeing what type of person Embry was. They weren’t strangers, but they certainly didn’t know much about each other, so why not see who she was? Even if it was something as simple as a drink or music preference, even whether she was someone who liked to make things interesting or play it safe. “So, tell me, what’s your poison?”


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After writing a letter, Tsumuji arrived at the party with a bike, yes a bike. See, this is shocking as Tsumuji cannot ride a bike, the, evidence from the fact that that she almost fell down 25 times when she was riding and actually fell down twice. Tsumuji didn’t know what overcame her to actually ride a bike, oh right Sakura her younger sister wanted to ride a bike but was scared she would be just as bad at Tsumuji and so she didn’t want to try, but Tsumuji, ever the kind girl decided she would drive a bike to show her sister that it wouldn’t hurt to try no matter how many times you fall. It was a wonder how Tsumuji didn’t have any broken bones.

Anyways, Tsumuji entered the party and gave a short wave to a girl with dyed pink hair who rolled her eyes at her- huh? Tsumuji thought, she might just be having a bad day, everyone has those days- Tsumuji concluded. Tsumuji looked around the party, so this is how it felt being in a ‘normal’ thing party, it was awesome. Tsumuji liked Cerulean High parites a lot. Tsumuji loved the carefree and soft feeling it radiated and not like all her birthday parties which in reality were just another place where her parents, friends could all be invited to their house and talk while she would be made to entertain the children and the only fun she would have is eating the cake and chatting with Elijah (her childhood friend) . Tsumiji couldn’t help giggling at the scene, it was so unreal.

Few seconds later Tsumiji spotted the drink place and rushed there, she grabbed a punch and took a little sip. “Yum” she said as she finished the punch.





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