Blue Royalty: New Blood

“Never a dull moment.” They commented, rolling their eyes. Before they could say anything else, Reuben went off to join a girl they recognized as one of Xavier’s friends, so they focused their attention on Hyun-Ae. “So, what do you get up to in your free time?” They asked her, wondering if they would have any similar interests, or maybe if there was something she did that they would be interested in trying.

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“Well then, how about we fix that?”

As soon as she heard that, Embry’s smile widened. She knew that once she had some alcohol in her system it would officially feel like she was at party. “Yes, please.” She answered, shifting her weight. “So, tell me, what’s your poison?” Laurel asked and she responded almost immediately. “A mint julep.” While she was always up for trying new things, she knew what she liked when it came to drinks and rarely changed it. “What about you, what’s your go-to beverage?” She asked, Laurel’s question having sparked her curiosity.

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When Sophie stepped inside the elevator, she would have never imagined to see the individual who entered just before the door closed. Enrique Montoya, someone she always did her best to stay away from. Sophie is the type of person to always be friendly with a smile on her face, but there were situations where her smile would always fade. Whenever Enrique Montoya was around was one of those situations. She looked at him for just a moment before her gaze went to the floor and she took a couple steps back, closer to the back corner of the elevator. She could handle being there near someone who hurt her for a few moments, right? Well, if only it could be that simple, as the elevator suddenly stopped. Enrique tried opening the door, by either the buttons or eventually attempting to pry the door open by hand. There wasn’t a way for them to open the door, and no one would be able to hear them from outside, so for the time being, there they were with no ability to get away from each other. “I don’t want to be stuck here anymore than you do Enrique…” Though she could’ve said something in response to his “Barbie” comment and him saying that she wouldn’t even know how to do something like that. Technically she wouldn’t have, but that’s because she would never have purposely caused the problem. In general, she would never be the person to do something with any kind of malicious intent. Like Enrique, Sophie found herself sliding down against the wall to sit on the floor. There was once a time when Sophie wouldn’t have had a problem with the idea of being stuck with Enrique, but that time was long gone. His words had hurt her too much in the past, and even now.
“Just because we’re stuck here, doesn’t mean we have to say anything to each other…”

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Hyun-Ae nodded at Athena, waving at Ruben as he left. When Athena asked about her interests, she smiled. “Oh, I rike to read and listen to music. Yes, I like K-pop. Some, that is. It all depends. I do not really rike people. What do you rike?” She asked, wanting to know what they liked.
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Charlotte underestimated how much alcohol tolerance she thought she’d have. Truthfully, It’s not very high…at all. If it was higher, maybe she would have felt bad about spilling her drink. Maybe she would have apologised. But it just wasn’t fair. The strangers outfit looked pricey, there was no doubt that her parents were probably rich and certainly generous towards their child. The mere thought evoked a blinding strike of anger in Charlie. It wasn’t fair.

Charlie Bekker was, and had always been, an emotional drunk.

The excruciatingly-attractive brown-haired girl turned towards the bartender as she asked for a towel. The still half empty glass in Charlotte’s hand suddenly felt very heavy but progressively got lighter as she nudged forwards, with a smirk resting on her lips, and poured more of the bright red liquid onto her.

“Oops. I’m just so clumsy today.” She said sarcastically, holding back laughter.

This would not end well.

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”I play guitar,” They answered with a small shrug. They rarely got along with other people, something they apparently had in common with Hyun-Ae, but hearing that they both liked music made them at least want to attempt to get along with her. “I dance, too. My stepdad’s a dance teacher, so I join in on his classes from time to time.” They added, putting their hands in their pockets.

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“See, you wouldn’t believe me, but I do actually get that a lot,” Annie replied when he told her she provided people with a fear of dying. No, that was never her intention when leading and encouraging less-than-safe acts, but it became a common side effect with her ways. “Though with that I can also tell you no one’s told me I’m boring, so… I’m not seeing any negatives here,” She shrugged in full belief of what she was saying. Ezekiel then went on to confirm her suspicions, even with a single reaction, that Blue Royalty were at works on his phone, capturing his attention. Maybe a tiny part of her had the urge to ask, and to know about the game but she knew as soon as Annie heard a small part, she would feel an obligation to try and compete. But Annie had sworn to herself to not become a part of the game as long as she could help it. “I dont know why you would want to bother with that kind of bullsh^t, Zek, you’re above all of that,” Annie commented, eyerolling in minor frustration at the game, with maybe an underlying compliment to him. “And it’s definitely not worth it.” She added, shaking her head with a small laugh.

Unsurprisingly, Annie’s sarcasm in her statement had been detected by him, Ezekiel suggesting a better way for her to phrase it. “I really like that you would think I could say something like that,” Annie replied jokingly, repeating the first few words in the same tone of voice he had initially said them in. “But by all means, imagine me saying it. Whatever helps you sleep at night,” She continued with a smile that came with slightly raised eyebrows. “No you should definitely believe me I think you’ve truly salvaged this whole thing,” Annie responded as she leaned back, though perhaps even more ambiguous than the previous time she had said it.

She watched him notice the mood that was intensifying by the second, a sharp exhale of a laugh coming as he made his next movements only feed into that. His movements and speech came slowly, as if tiptoeing around what was coming, his hand enclosing Annie’s for a split second as he took the jo!nt. “I do think you have a… general gist of the situation, yes,” Annie replied, her own voice getting progressively quieter and slower. After a short moment, Zek came back to the revolving theme of the conversation, that had soon become a gateway to a secondary theme. “Yeah… those old things,” Annie vaguely replied as he brought up confetti cannons again, though most of her was slightly distracted by the increase in contact. Her hands fell to his chest, that soon rose to meet at the back of his neck as she tilted her head slightly upwards to him. Her reply to Zek’s colour preferences came as an almost-silent whisper could only just be made out, before the space between them completely disappeared. “What I do agree in is that confetti cannons have successfully done it’s intended job.”

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It felt like it had only been a few minutes into her conversation with Xavier before Ru was interrupting, sidling up beside her. Dai hadn’t heard him approach, had only felt his hand on her shoulder before turning and seeing him standing at her side. Even with the interruption though, she was smiling because it was Rueben and she was always happy to be in his presence. “Ru, hi!” she replied. “I missed you more!” She wrapped an arm around his waist, giving him a side hug. “You know Xavier, right? Xay, this is Reuben.”

Reuben apparently had something that he wanted to specifically discuss with her, as he asked to steal her from Xavier. Daiane looked to him, a regretful expression on her face. “We’ll chat later?” She asked, pulling him into a brief, parting hug (yes again—the girls a hugger what can I say). “Call if you need me Xay, I mean it.” Dai added with a meaningful glance. She wasn’t totally fond of the idea of just ditching him like this, but he had come to the party of his own volition, so he’d probably be fine and she would catch up with him again later anyways. “See you~!”

And then Reuben grabbed onto her hand and pulled her away, whisking her away kidnapper-style to a room removed from the main area of the party. It was quieter in this room, and luckily enough for them, they didn’t appear to be interrupting any lovers’ passion or hookup or whatnot. Destination reached, her kidnapper released her from his clutches, flopping onto the floor. She laughed at his excessive dramatics, but rolled her eyes at his recommendation—he was trying to play the hero, subjecting himself to the horrid floor conditions while she chilled on the couch, well, no can do no sir. She sat down next to him on the floor, knocking her shoulder with his. “Like I’d take the couch with you on the floor. If you’re gonna be on the floor, I’ll be next to you, you know that. Floor friendos, we are.”

The actual reason behind her kidnapping was quite underwhelming compared to the amount of drama that had been involved in it: “Thank you for the excuse to leave that conversation, small talk will be the death of me.” Daiane snorted, any concern she felt for her amigo dissipating. “So that’s why you kidnapped me—and here I was thinking it was something important,” she teased, rolling her eyes. “Is that all I am to you, an escape from small talk?” She let out a dramatic sigh of her own, falling back onto his lap, a hand sprawled across her face. “And I thought we were best friends, but alas you only like to use me like this—woeeeee is mee.” Dai paused, adjusting her position on his lap with a pensive expression. “Side note: your thighs are really comfortable Ru, like damn I should lie on your lap more often. Is this a soccer thing or some freak genetics?”

Daiane looked up at him, taking in his getup for the first time. How was it only now that she had noticed he was wearing a whole clown costume? “Hey Ruby?” An amused smile pulled at her lips. “Why are you dressed like a clown? Is today Halloween and you never told me??” She gasped, appalled at the gravity of the potential offence. “And,” she hopped to her feet, arms outstretched to pull him up from the ground too, “follow up question—c’mon, get up, lemme see the whole outfit in all it’s glory—whyy do you pull it off so well?”

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Victoria had hoped the girl would’ve ran off to go enjoy the party instead of causing drama, but she didn’t. In fact, she stayed longer just to pss Victoria off. And Vic wasn’t that easy to annoy. As soon as she hated you, then you would never have a chance at being her friend again. It was that simple. Don’t be an as. Victoria was ruthless when she had to be, which contradicts her whole kind soul persona. But no one was going to disrespect her for no reason. She was never one for drama or fights or grudges, but some people just deserved it, man. She cringes as she felt the cold liquid fall against her blouse, causing it to be more see-through than she had expected – and to her dismay, she wasn’t wearing a bra with the whole ensemble. “How splendid…” She mumbled.

“Oops. I’m just so clumsy today.”

Victoria downed the rest of her drink and bit her lip, laughing at the girl. “Are you really?” She asked sarcastically. She felt her phone buzz in her hand and noticed a post from Blue Royalty. No way… She was number one for the worst outfit? Can’t say that one didn’t sting. Especially considering Reuben was wearing a whole clown costume whilst she was supposed to know about fashion. Definitely damaged her rep. “Are you fcking kidding me? You’re such a btch.” She stated, finally losing her last straw. She couldn’t say it didn’t hurt her feelings, I mean, especially since the girl who spilt the drink on her was a btch and did it on purpose. Now this? This is why Victoria Rinaldi stayed home during parties to study. Btches be b*tches.

Victoria thought fast — or rather, wasn’t thinking at all, and grabbed a tray next to her with about 6 freshly filled solo cups of alcohol and pushed the whole tray onto the girl in front of her. Vile, yes. But who was going to stop her? Someone please stop her. This isn’t Victoria. Zek? Cami? Anyone? “Oops, sorry… I’m just so clumsy today,” She said, mimicking the lies the girl had told her a few moments before. A pout was displayed on her lips, almost feeling sorry for her.

Her hand flew over her mouth, gasping at the sight of what she just did. “Oh, god…” There it was. The guilt of hurting someone’s feelings had washed over Victoria’s face. No matter how much the girl deserved it, it was wrong of her.

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. “Here you go. I hope you like it. Sorry it took so long.” Ari took the macaroons, taking a bite of it she remembered she didn’t like macarons and spit it out. “Ew, I never liked macarons.” Turning to her bodyguards with rage in her eyes she asked “Why did you let me request macarons? Aren’t you supposed to be protecting me.” She took a sip of her drink as she glared at them, turning back to the white blonde she looked her up and down and said “I’m still hungry, get me a cupcake”

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Lenora gave a smile and an eyeroll as JP gave a half-compliment back as he started driving away to the party. Before she could say anything in response, he looked back at her with a follow up comment that sounded… maybe even geniune? The look on his face as he turned to her perhaps supported that possibility. “Thank you,” Lenora replied with a small smile. “So my question for you is will you or will you not be participating in Blue Royalty?” She asked in a humorous way, teasing knowing he had expressed strong disliking to it in the past. “Any chance that you changed your mind?”

The mood undeniably took a bad turn when the pair saw the goings on in the car near them. At this point external relationships between her and Elio were considered normal, though that didn’t mean it ever seemed to hurt any less when she found out about and saw them. At least Lenora had a highly important party and Blue Royalty tasks to use to repress any reactions and feelings she may have towards that situation. Hence being quick to get up and out of the car without an attempt to interact with Elio, which was made easy by his acknowledgement towards her too. “Great, let’s get in there, now, right now,” Lenora quietly, temporarily losing all subtlty as she responded to JP who was getting out of the car alongside her.

Weaving through the crowd of Lenora’s new competitors, the two found their way to the bar and when arriving she turned to face those inside the building. Her eyes stayed fixated on everyone’s phones, as if looking for long enough would show her whatever tasks they had to give her a better idea of the game she was getting herself into. “Definitely, yes,” Lenora wholeheartedly replied, pleading for an opportunity to take that out of her mind. “Start off the night strong?” She asked him, as a vague way of giving him a drinks preference.

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The two started going on and on and Aj simply sent his mind elsewhere. Woah, is that a clown costume? Aj smiled and zoned out a bit after the two had started bickering back and forth. Often times his ADHD got the best of him, making him simply bored of just talking. And there was no doubt in his mind that his friend, Phoebe, probably had a small crush on Elio. Now, Elio and Aj were friends, of course – but Aj didn’t like the idea of Phoebe plus Elio. Because in all honesty — Phoebe plus Elio would only equal heartbreak and Aj was not in any mood to throw hands. Well, metaphorically, of course. However, Phoebe had never mentioned a solid crush, so he wasn’t necessarily worried or interested in knowing. It wasn’t his business.

His eyes slowly darted over to a familiar girl with dark brown hair and beautiful tanned skin. Aj rubbed his eyes in pure astonishment.

”Well, what do you say, hun?” Phoebe asked, referring to the favor Elio had asked her. He looked back to the conversation rather eagerly and took a sip of his drink. “You know, I say, maybe next time you decide to get a bj in the parking lot for everyone to see, you should probably park behind the building for optimal discreteness. Just a tip.” He said, smirking boyishly as he gave Elio a pat on the shoulder. “But yeah, keep it a secret Phoeb’s, can’t tell you about the other five people who saw though… They might be a problem.” Aj added, wincing humorously as he leaned into Phoebe’s ear.

“Ten o’clock,”

He said, referring to Hartley – his summer fling who just so happened to be at a school party. Phoebe knew who she was from Aj — just not her name or last name because the two had never gotten any personal information. Ridiculous, right? I know. Why was she here? Aj smiled at the two in front of him and gave them a mock salute. “Well, If you’ll excuse me… I have something I need to do.” He said, smiling lightly.

Adlai grinned from ear to ear as he approached the girl, even picking a single flower from one of the displays he passed. When she mentioned a new school, he never thought it would be his. “Hartley? What are you doing here!?” He asked, reaching his arms out for a hug. “It’s so good to see you again. But why Cerulean High? You never mentioned it?” It was surprising, to say the least. “But… yeah, this… is for you.” He added, placing the flower delicately behind her ear as he spoke.

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Ten o’clock. Two words stopping Phoebe from laughing after Aj’s humour reply or, if you would like it, advice for Elio. It was a good advice, that she had to give to him but she didn’t get to comment on that. Her attention shifted to a girl familiar to her, a face she couldn’t see clearly because her vision was at this point getting blurry, but oh was her figure so familiar to Phoebe. Wait, that’s… that’s the girl he was talking about. His summer fling or whatever he referred to her as. Phoebe knew her. She knew her well.
Hartley Bowie, a good friend of hers. Her mind immediately went to last spring, just before a summer break when Phoebe was on a little vacation with few of her friends, in a state Hartley was living in then.
She always had a strange friendships with girls, it took her a while to warm up to them but she knew she always liked Hartley. Her picnic friend as she used to call her. All the memories from that spring came to her mind - different fruit in baskets and colourful blankets, glasses for red wine and good music. Relaxing days she loved to look back on, days that made her wish Hart lived somewhere closer so they could hang out together more often. Phoebe also remember that time when she mentioned she’d be moving again - new state, new school and friends. But she never thought she’d see her here. She’d never thought she’d be the girl her best friend was boasting about. Movement in front of her, Aj walking past her, brought her back to reality now watching him approach the girl with a flower in his hands. Typical, Phoebe’s first thought as she rolled her eyes but there was something different on her features. A smile that was hard to define, smile or a frown? One could not really tell but she quickly looked away, back to the guy standing in front of her. ”I’m not going to say anything, ok? But what Aj said - it’s not me you should be worried about,” a quiet sigh escaped her lips, for a second looking down at the ground for whatever reason. Maybe something was worrying, maybe not, it didn’t really matter. ”And really? Really, Elio? Paige? And where everyone could see you? I expected more from you…” Her signature, playful smile was back on her lips as she brought her eyes back to his. ”I wish you luck dealing with… your girlfriend,” and with those words Phoebe walked away from him.

Phoebe has always been a lightweight. Always… she’s still a young girl but yes, she was, and not even half an hour into the party she already had three drinks and was currently finishing her fourth. Not to mention that glass bottle she was hiding in her room and took a sip out of, for good luck. So to say she was feeling more than just tipsy would be the truth and what happens when she gets drunk? Everything becomes more fun and she becomes if that’s even possible, more playful and flirtatious.
A glass in her hand, Phoebe let herself get lost in the crowd as she danced all alone. That was the only time when she didn’t mind being alone. When the music and energy of other people were distracting her from her own thoughts, enough to forget no one close to her was actually there beside her. A big, innocent smile on her face, having fun she was always craving. One moment her eyes would be closed, a smile still stuck on her face as her long, dark hair would casually get tangled with her white dress barely covering up her figure or get in contact with a clear lipgloss on her lips - the most annoying feeling. But then she’d open her eyes again, her gaze travelling across the venue looking for… something. That something was never something specific. A friend or a guy she could try to win over, in this case maybe another one of those fancy, navy-dressed waiters that was hopefully around her age so she wouldn’t feel icky glancing in his direction.

But her eyes fell upon one of the famous Cerulean High triplets, Diego. There was something entertaining in his whole appearance. Maybe it started when he tried to get somewhere with Phoebe, only making her giggle knowing what his brothers were like and he didn’t seem like them. In her eyes he seemed sweet and more innocent, she didn’t get that playful energy she was always looking for from him so she didn’t take her usual route. She found a different kind of entertainment from that - a chance to simply tease someone but not in a harmful way. Something different to not get bored with all the monotony that was tiring her. A side of her lip curled into a faint smirk, an empty glass still in her hands as she started strolling towards the guy. Stopping only to put the glass on the tray of one of the waiters and grab two more drinks. That one drink she didn’t need but did it matter at this point? Not really. The room started spinning a long time ago only reminding Phoebe she had to focus on how she was walking but she mastered that skill quickly. Sure, her mind was a mess and there were many random things going through it but she always knew if her sudden idea was worth the moment, worth remembering the next day. And what she was set to do now was something she would never be disappointed at herself for, not even without a little encouragement in a form of clear liquor burning down her throat.

”Oh, I love this song,” swaying her hips and singing along, lyrics she was actually hearing for the first time, she found herself next to Diego. She has followed him to the bar, setting down two glasses she was holding in her hands before crossing her arms over it and slightly tilting her head to the side so she could look at him, letting her gaze slowly travel down. ”Look at you! You look… hot,” emphasizing her last word, she turned to face him, almost stumbling before bringing her hands up to his collar, moving closer to him. Making sure that empty space between them was closing with each second passing. Maybe she was even holding onto him as support from not tripping or even falling. Her eyes were glued on his, not hiding a smirk as she let her hands slowly travel to the back of his neck, interlocking her own fingers. This - this was fun to her, no matter if she was serious or not. If she actually wanted to gain something from it or not. Just a little fun making her night not boring, mixed with some drinks. There was a small pause in her words and actions, a moment of her simply looking at him before bringing her hand to his cheek, closing that empty space between them. Standing on her toes, she gently pressed her lips against his, letting her other hand slide down to his chest before pushing herself back and chuckling to herself. Her hand slightly covering her lips hiding that mischievous smile as her other reached for the drink. ”I’m… I’m so sorry about that.”

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Laurel smiled with a slight nod when Embry agreed to the idea of a drink. Laurel gestured for her to walk with her over towards the bar to get that drink. “Ah, a mint julep, a classic. It can be hard to go wrong with a classic. For me, I keep it simple and just go for beer typically.” Laurel wasn’t one to go for a mixed drink, the exception for her being a pina colada, but of course everyone has their guilty pleasures. Now, each with a fresh drink in hand, Laurel looked to Embry. “So, you keep with a classic drink, does that mean you’re more of a traditional kind of girl? Or is there more spice beyond the mint? An interesting taste in music or hobbies even? What type of person do you think you are? Laurel asked out of curiosity.



Sophie. Fcking. Lewis. Great. Just fcking great. Thank you universe. WHAT DID RICKY EVER DO TO YOU? Okay, fine, he’s done a lot of sh!tty stuff but still? Now was the time that the universe decided to give Enrique a thorough kick in the balls? sigh That was no excuse for ending up here… in an elevator… stuck…with her. ‘Her’ being someone he once cared about as much as his own family though that disappeared quickly during the end of freshman year. Though freshman year was the end of many things for Enrique Montoya… Either way - that didn’t matter and this interaction was pointless. Utterly pointless.

Laying his head down on the floor, Ricky allowed his eyes to closed - letting her words go in one ear and out the other. His mind going back to when there was a different atmosphere between the two. After all, as long ago as it seems now, there was a time where they would do everything together. But that time is far gone - and at this point, it had been years since the two said more than a few words to each other. Honestly - that statement that Ricky just said - was probably the longest thing he’s said to her in a long time.

"Just because we’re stuck here, doesn’t mean we have to say anything to each other…”

He found himself mentally rolling his eyes for the second time. “Really Barbie? Because I was expecting to spend the next few hours having lovely chit-chat about updates from the last three years,” Ricky stated, sarcasm dripping from his voice. “Let’s be honest - I don’t think either of us really care,” he added after a few moments. He tried his cell phone, but the no connection sign left him sighing - possibly something to do with being in a metal box. Really… that meant that his only source of entertainment was his mind or the girl sitting beside him with a glare. “Por el amor de dios I could be fcking Cynthia right now if I wasn’t stuck here with you. Though on that note - do you even have a love life anymore? Last I heard your poor little heart was crushed. But the rumor mill isn’t always 100% honest so do you have anything to clear up or can I leave it up to my imagination?”

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xavier pestana

Xavier stood at the bar, waiting for his drink when he heard someone say his name and felt them tap his shoulder. “Yeah?” He responded, coming face to face with Daiane. He smiled as she pulled him into a hug, relieved to see his friend. “Hey, Dai.” He greeted her as they pulled apart. He laughed with her as she told him that if she had been sure that it was really him, her greeting would have been more embarrassing for him.

He thanked her as she handed him his drink, taking a small sip. However, before he could say anything else, Daiane was whisked away by someone in a…clown costume? A little confused as to what just happened, he walked away from the bar and moved further into the house. Finding somewhere to set down his drink, he pulled out his phone and lipstick from his pocket, using the selfie camera on his phone to touch it up. He put the lipstick back in his pocket but kept his phone in his hand, contemplating texting Athena.

He decided that he didn’t want to bother them and quickly answered a text from his dama before putting his phone back in his pocket, picking his drink back up and stirring it. He leaned against the wall as he took another sip of the drink, trying not to think about the fact that he felt really out of place.

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“What can I say, I love a classic.” She said as she followed Laurel to the bar to order her cocktail. She thanked the bartender as she was handed the drink and then listened to the questions she was being asked. “I love mint juleps because they remind me of home.” She answered, taking a sip of her drink. “Back in England, my mother always kept a mint plant in our kitchen and as a result of this, our house always smelled like mint. I don’t why, but she didn’t do that when we moved here. So yeah, that’s why I always order this drink.” She explained, the memory bringing a smile to her face. She stirred her drink, looking down at it as she thought about the last question she was asked. “I’ve always considered myself a very outgoing person. I’m like, the opposite of camera-shy, I love having my picture taken and I love being outside, exploring everything our world has to offer.” She answered, wondering if she satisfied the other girl’s curiosity. “What about you, what kind of person do you think you are?” She asked, returning the question.

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JP subtly sighed as Lenora asked him if he changed his mind about blue royalty, which he didn’t, right along with the fact that he was never looking forward to it. his opinions about the game weren’t exactly the most positive there were around school, but he had his reasons. He could generate understand what people found in it, he just couldn’t help but focus on the bad sides of it, the gossip, the exposure, the heartless tasks, backstabbing your friends, and whatnot. And all just for popularity, luxury, a status. Not like he was missing any of those, but still, was it even worth it? ”I’m not gonna change my mind about it” he said ”but hey that means less competition for you”

As the two made their way inside, after taking a look around at some familiar faces, JP asked her if she wanted a drink, to which she responded with wanting something strong, to which he responded with a light nod and glanced towards the bar ”give me 5, don’t get killed” he said and made his way to the bar, getting something strong for her and just a beer for himself as he wasn’t really feeling like he should get wasted today, but still have a bit of fun nonetheless.

Coming back from the bar, the boy made his way around the people towards where Lenora was, handing her the drink in his hand ”one strong start for the evening” he said with a light smirk and took a sip of his own drink ”any idea how you’re going to do your tasks?” he asked, not really caring for the game as a thing but still knowing his friend did and wanted to win.

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Ives let out a snort at Clara’s response, nodding with a small grin. He could relate to her though—there’d been an irreplaceable hole in him ever since the passing of his father when he was eleven. Hearing about an update in her life, his brows lifted in delight. “That’s great,” he commented, “As you know, I know nothing about ballet, but I’m rooting for you from here. Looks like I’m gonna witness someone rise above there, huh.” He smiled, oozing the pride for the girl.

There was a tightness in Ives’s throat that he did not want to swallow; he did not feel like going “out of character” in front of Clara, and the only way he could disguise this was to take a sip of his drink. While he did, she answered in a way that… well, frankly, he wished she did. He looked at Clara, trying to contain the smile. "Really? Are you… sure about that? he questioned. While his intentions were just in disbelief, it sounded like he doubted her and as if she was pranking him. Realizing this, his eyes widened. “Wait, no, sorry, I did not mean to sound like an assh*le,” he quickly said.

“But I’m gonna be honest now… I really did not plan this whole thing out.” In his environment, transparency was one of the things he followed the most. He carried this behavior everywhere. “So, you know what, I’m gonna ask the internet…” he jokingly said, laughing in between his words. He pulled out his phone from his jeans pockets, pretending to type something although the screen was black. He laughed again, putting the phone on the counter close to him.

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“Really? Are you…sure about that?”

Clara giggled at the question, covering her mouth with her hand. “Yes, I’m sure.” She reassured him, putting her hand on his arm and tilting her head upwards to look him in the eyes. “For the record, you didn’t sound like an a-shole. I actually thought it was kind of cute.” She added on in response to his quick addition, taking a sip of her drink.

She held back a smile as he admitted to not having a plan, but couldn’t stop a laugh from escaping her lips as he pretending to consult the internet. “Well, you could join me for coffee tomorrow morning,” She suggested, hoping that it wasn’t too forward. The last relationship she had been in didn’t end well and if memory served, she had sworn off guys. So much for that. She thought to herself as she finished her drink and placed the empty glass on the counter next to her. “Unless, of course, the internet says something else.” She joked, giggling again.

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