Book endings love and hate

Has a book ending ever crushed your heart? Some books I’ve read have been absolutely amazing but they don’t end how I want them to and I practically cry each time it happens. For me, some prime examples are;

  1. the hunger games.
  2. the five kingdoms
  3. the twilight saga
  4. the vampire diaries (ish. It was an okay ending)
  5. so much more but I can’t think rn.

Please share yours too but also talk about endings that you’ve loved!


Percy jackson series.


The end of the last Narnia book had me in tears.

I loved the ending of Harry Potter but again it had me in tears :sob:

There is a book by Philip Pullman called the butterfly tattoo, sad ending bro.


not really but I once read a book there made me want to put it on fire.

imagine this. she has finally gotten away she is free. just to getting kill in the last second.


The ending of Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix crushed my soul.

Oh my gosh :joy: I’d scream

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In the five kindoms, Cole spends the whole series getting more and more powerful on his quest to go home, then he gets people to open a portal back to earth and he actually goes!!! I was like noooo! Realise that you belong here now you bish!

The Noughts and Crossing ending :broken_heart:

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The Book Thief Ending :sneezing_face::broken_heart:



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I feel like I was expecting too much from the ending and it didn’t nearly satisfy me. There was so much more I expected… I feel like the ending didn’t live upto the rest of the books.

They could have made it better for sure but it was good enough.

Yes. I liked how it ended.

My own addition:

Kingdom of Ash. That ending blew me away, like i was so shook, I didn’t recover from it for days. I still haven’t recovered from it after a good six months. Everything was tied up at the end so nicely and the MC ended her journey just as she had started it—by fighting not with magic but her cunning and her abilities as an assassin. It was amazing—character development included.


I never like the endings because it means its over, but some endings are magical.

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Definitely, they are. And they remain with you forever.


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I might be alone but I also hated the Harry Potter epilogue. Albus Severus, gag me with a spoon :roll_eyes:

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It was alright, but i hear you. Some things just shouldn’t be revived

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Darren Shan’s Demonata series. Though mostly because I think that book series disappeared up it’s own butt long before the ending :joy: But the ending especially was a mess of tangled plotlines, ridiculously escalated power levels and lots of nonsensical lore.

Not fun

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Surprisingly, I haven’t come across a book that has made me cry. Probably because I’ve been slacking on reading. :sob: I’ll have to get back on it. I even have a long reading list on Wattpad that I need to get to. Maybe one of them will.

Oh I have cried at so many books, but the laughs are worth the tears.

I cried when Gastly got turned to stone, I almost cried when Alice died and I was upset so many times reading skulduggery pleasant, but reading those books I laugh at every single chapter so it’s worth it.

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