Books that are better the second time round

There are plenty of books where I got part way through and just put it down again because it was just hard to get through. Then a little later on I would pick it up again. I had it with American Gods by Neil Gaiman but second time round I flew through it.

Do you guys have any books like that?


Nope, I either finish the book and never think of it again or don’t finish it but don’t even try to finish it later :no_mouth::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


Same :no_mouth::rose::two_hearts:

I like rereading mystery novels and seeing the all the hints that were laid out throughout the whole book.

I had one book that seemed really interesting and I started reading it but it was really boring on the first 50 pages. Then I got another book for Christmas and started reading that one, so I totally forgot about the other one. About a year later I found the first one again and started reading it again, knowing that the beginning is boring. I may have skipped a few pages :joy: But after those 50 pages it got really interesting and I finally finished it!
There are also many books that I started reading because the story seemed interesting but I stopped after one or two pages because I thought I wouldn’t like the story the way it’s written. Some time later I ran out of new book so I picked them up again and read more than just the first page and it turned out they were really good :sweat_smile:

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That was me with acotar (a court of thorns and roses). I didnt rlly like the main character. But i reread and it was the best idea ever, because the second book is just amAZING

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Most books if I don’t really *really like them and get like all drawn into it and shiz, I probably won’t read them again so I don’t know if they get any better the second time around

I had the same thing with Mockingjay! Procrastination gang :joy:

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