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Whiskey Tasting and Duel Practice

Orpheus sat alone, apart from the rest of the men each thick in the most mundane conversations on finances, women, and whiskey. The persistent ache in his head from the night before was hardly dulled by the small samples of liquors poured out in mere sips at a time.

‘A whiskey tasting…’ Orpheus thought, ‘how dull to taste and not feel.’

A few small sips between conversations did nothing toward his ever stretching tolerance. This would not do.
Orpheus had shown his face as a curtesy toward the Wycliff family who had never stepped on the toes of the Langston house. It was rare a house stood so peaceful and generous amongst the ton, yet Orpheus resented their family, a family whose curse lingered much like his own. Yet Edmund still stood so composed, yearning for his lost family, his lost lover, his lost faith perhaps, yet he somehow still held a hope for a future Orpheus himself had long left behind. Orpheus was envious of his composition, to host, to hold those mundane conversations with an air of grace, to be deserving of his title through and through. Orpheus could only wish to be half the man he was.

So, he sat apart. Hoping that no one would notice him, hoping no one would go searching for him, hoping today he could be left alone. For once, Orpheus did not desire attention or fame or glory. He did not want the whispers of the ton nor the glances of the men whose loyalties and respects he sought to gain.

He simply wanted to be alone.
However, his father, of course, having forced the evenings activities, hardly left room for Orpheus to object to attending.

Yet, Orpheus, again, had not slept much. And despite his pleads with his father to allow him time apart, he was forced off to represent the Langston name once again. Forced to perform among deaf ears and drunken bastards. He could hardly stomach it all after everything that’s happened.

There were too many people pulling pieces of him from every direction. Too much lost. Too much left to lose.
He hardly wanted to spend what little time he might have with Aurelia amongst tipsy old men. He needed to find a way out before his past caught up to him, whether here, or with her.

As a servant passed with two bottles in hand, Orpheus quickly stood and took one of them, slipping a small coin purse into the man’s hand. Orpheus placed a finger over his lips and gave the boy a wink.

“Every hour, on the hour, a new one. I’ll pay you your hearts desire. Next time, a more mature bottle.” Orpheus spoke softly as to not notify others of his whereabouts in the back corners of the estate room.
The waiter hurried off, tossing the coin purse in his hand happily, and Orpheus slid back down the wall he stood from, a bottle now in hand.

‘Better.’ He thought to himself as his lips met the harsh liquid.

The dark rings around his eyes were far from subtle. Two nights without sleep, the stress and pain of his interactions with others, it had taken its toll. The whiskey did its part in numbing his mind. He felt a peace settle over him, a familiar buzz he knew all too well. He nestled back into his corner hoping to wait out the evening in a drunken solitude.

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No need for my title, Klaus

Teddy insisted, making Klaus internally wince. He had hoped that Teddy would have said nothing about how Klaus had chosen to address him, as if there was strangers. Klaus did not want to be strangers with Teddy, no, don’t get him wrong, Teddy was and will still always be Klaus best friend, even though… Even though the situation they had both found themselves in, with their friendship distancing itself proving otherwise.

Still, Klaus had hesitated when he was told to call Theodore simple Teddy, like old times, he had wanted too, in fact, Klaus had repeated the name in his head, Teddy, Teddy, hey Teddy, how has your days been?, but instead of saying all that he was thinking, Klaus had simple said, “If that is what you desire,” Klaus began, Theodore,” Klaus replied with a forced smile, though inwardly, he felt a pang of discomfort. It wasn’t about the name itself; it was about what the name represented – a time when things were simpler, when they were just two kids, inseparable and carefree. A time when Liebe was still alive, a time when Klaus had not abandoned his own dearest friend, a time when Klaus had been a good man, or perhaps Klaus had never truly been a good man, has he?

Would a good man fail to protect his sister? Would a good man abandon all that he cared about due to sadness? The answer was no, and it left a bitter feeling in Klaus’s throat, so bitter that Klaus had to apologize, he had to ride himself from heat that burned in is throat, and so he did- he apologized, his nerves growing quicker with each word he uttered, as If he was awaiting rejection, and perhaps he was.

Klaus was very surprised though, to see that Teddy had seemed to not care for what had happened, that he had not blamed him nor had he hated him for he had told him that no one was at fault and Klaus wished he could believe that, that he could accept is as that and moved on, but doing so would be ignoring his own wrong deed, it would be committing a sin and Liebe had always taught him since he was a child, does who sin against a friend are bound to eternal torment. “Teddy,” Klaus had blurted out, he was surprised by how easy the name rolled from his tongue, even after all this years. “Theodore,” Klaus changed it, “Theodore, you do not have to take the fault with me.” Klaus told his oldest friend, “it was me, who abandoned you and I am truly sorry for it.” Klaus’s voice trembled slightly as he spoke, his heart heavy with guilt. He was very ashamed of his actions.

There was something that Theodore said next that struck Klaus had off, Teddy had told him that he was not in a good position himself, making Klaus blink rapidly, “Pardon me? What happened,” Klaus asked, concerned feeling his voice as his eyes widened, “Is it about the…” Klaus trailed off, not wanting to say it out loud, for it was something confidential that Teddy told him.


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“He mentioned that you had an unsettling experience yesterday, but he was abruptly interrupted before he could divulge further details,”
Belle relayed, her voice a soft echo in the dimly lit room as she gracefully made her way towards the bed. “Yet perhaps it’s more prudent for me to hear the tale firsthand, wouldn’t you agree?” she posed, the question hanging in the air like a veil of anticipation.

With a nod, Adeline began to talk, explaining what the events of yesterday had been,
and of course, like Belle predicted, it was problems that had to do with the male gender. Belle was not surprised, no, she was not for she knew Adeline was one to trust easily and especially to put her heart out in the open, something Belle had never prided herself on doing nor wished to do, and though Belle was not surprised about the problem part, she was surprised to find out though that the problem was Viscount Hashinton third son, Archibald Hastington.

Now, Belle knew him from what Adeline had told her when they were young, from the fact he was friends with Belle’s close friend, Atlas, and lady Azucena- another one of Belle’s friends had told her about him, still Belle could not say she knew Archibald on a personal basis. Yet, such a behavior from him was expected to her, perhaps that was due to Azucena’s words on the nature of the man and from Belle’s judgmental attitude, thus when Adeline had told her that she had thought Archibald shall not be like the others, Belle raised a brow but she held her tongue, awaiting for Adeline to continue.

As Adeline’s narrative unfolded, delving deeper into her beliefs and insecurities, Belle listened with a mixture of sympathy and discernment. Each word carried the weight of Adeline’s emotions, weaving a tapestry of vulnerability and doubt that Belle couldn’t help but empathize with. She recognized the sincerity in Adeline’s voice, the raw honesty laid bare in her confession.

As Adeline spoke of her disbelief and hurt at Archie’s perceived betrayal, Belle’s brow furrowed in thoughtful contemplation. She understood all too well the sting of shattered trust and the anguish of realizing that someone you held dear could wield their influence with callous disregard. Belle’s own experiences had taught her to tread cautiously in matters of the heart, to shield herself from the pain of betrayal with a veneer of cynicism.

Yet, as she gazed upon Adeline’s pained expression, Belle couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sympathy tug at her heartstrings. Unlike what others might believe of her, Belle knew all too well the allure of hope, the desire to believe in the goodness of others despite the shadows that lingered beneath the surface.Unlike Adeline though, Belle had an itch for always following those lingering doubts and failing to believe in people and their supposed ‘innocence’ it was a characteristic that Belle both liked and at times disliked about herself. Still, In Adeline’s unwavering faith in Archie’s character, Belle glimpsed a flicker of childhood innocence that she herself had long since relinquished.

With a gentle sigh, Belle reached out to clasp Adeline’s hand in a gesture of solidarity. “I do not think you a fool, I think your heart too big,” And a little childish, “But not foolish” Belle murmured her voice soft yet resolute. “It’s natural to want to believe in the best of others, especially when they’ve offered you solace in times of need. But remember, trust is a fragile thing, easily broken and difficult to mend.” Belle said, “And men, as judgmental as you might find my words to be, are quite fickle,”

“This is not me telling you not to fall in love or entertain your romantic heart, but me telling you to be more careful, Dear Adeline.” Belle stood in front of Adeline, "Guard your heart a little more, and if everything falls, you shall always have me and Atlas-when I get him to stop his brooding and talk to you more as after all, no matter what he is still your brother. "

Adeline continued to explain her mind, and Belle listened attentively until Adeline caught herself off, making Belle’s curious nature rise. “No, no. It is fine, really, since who?” Belle asked her voice tinging with curiosity, “I am not fond of talking about matters of the heart, indeed, but I am fond of talking to a friend and I do not mind to listen.” Belle said.

Belle’s eyes flickered to the gowns as Adeline stood up and walked towards the dresses. “Of course,” Belle began, “The blue gown shall compliment you well.”


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“Perhaps you may know it now!” Azucena said politely, using the knowledge her mother had taught her about ladylike interaction. Truthfully, Azucena did not have many lady friends during her youth, nor in her adulthood. The only close friend was always Aurelia, but in the days since the season started, Azucena had only seen her once, and before that they had not spoken since the accident, so she was hardly a friend anymore. There was also that peculiar Belle, who was close enough to Azucena to invite her to tea, but not close like Aurelia, nor close like her boys.

To Azucena, boys were often just boys, and she could easily befriend them because they were quite simple to understand. Girls, however, were much harder to please in her eyes. Her mother was nearly impossible to satisfy, as was Duchess Ellis, as was sister Gertrude; they all made her shy away from other women, except for her dear Lia. She supposed she must make new friends now as she tried to forget her guilt and Orpheus Langston.

She behaved appropriately. Her skirts were smoothed, her hair was braided, her gestures were delicate and small, just as mother had intended, but this other woman’s feminity seemed to decimate her own. She was so polite; overly polite, even, like she feared Azucena might convince the ton to shun her if she made a wrong move. She wondered why that may have been, but she said nothing of it, returning from her thoughts to her learned facade.

Suddenly, the girl asked a very direct question, and then removed it just as quick without a chance for Azucena to digest it. At this, she gave her a puzzled look, tilting her golden crowned head to listen for her explanation. When she listened, a smile grew very slowly on her lips, touched by a story of love, and chuckled a bit at her comment of being old. Honestly, Azucena had not noticed her age until she had pointed it out. Although she looked mature, her features were quite smooth. She must have been even more beautiful at the time of this love story.

“You are not silly, not silly at all.” She laughed slightly, shaking her head. “I have been in love before, yes; twice, I believe. Once when I was a bit younger, and perhaps now once more, still with the same man.” Azucena smiled, her two front teeth showing adorably. “If I lost him once more, I think I too would go anywhere to find him, even the corners of the earth.” Her eyes were entranced somewhere, but she returned her gaze back to Katrina, admiring her features. “It is a very romantic thing you are doing.”

As she looked at her, Azucena’s spoken words were genuine; but as per usual, thoughts began to lurk beneath the surface of Azucena’s consciousness, threatening to permeate the barrier around her internal dialogue. Considering the close-knit relationship between the ton, or at minimum, the noble class, Azucena could not help but wonder if she knew the man Katrina spoke of. She hoped it was not Archibald, at the very least. The girl may have known nothing about her new acquaintance, but anyone deserved better than Archibald.

Anywho, Azucena returned to her more tranquil stream of consciousness, listening to Katrina speak of names. Her expressions also seemed to gild hidden thoughts, but Azucena did not have yet the will to deciper that. Surely, it was nothing negative about her, but she was not quite sure. Azucena was wanting to make a new female friend, so she hoped her words were also true; perhaps not naked, but exposed enough to be spotted by many.

“Thank you.” Azucena replied politely once again. “My name refers to the spanish version of lilies, what is yours?” The other girl continued, experimenting the feeling of Azucena’s nickname going over their heads. Then, she looked around at the ladies of the tea. “Have you met any of the other ladies yet? If you would like, I could show you around london as well!!” She said, and that part was a bit too realistic.