Bubble (boba) Tea

Who has tried bubble (boba) tea? If so, what is your favourite flavour? Mine will have to always be French Pudding Milk Tea with black tapioca.

Also, what is your favourite boba tea brand? T4, Bubbology etc.


I tried it once…And I didn’t like it. Maybe I should try a different flavor next time. :woozy_face: Strawberry was just not it for me.

I don’t think I’d like the strawberry one either. Was it strawberry milk tea or just strawberry with bubbles?

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Strawberry with bubbles.

Ahh okies. I guess you might like the milk tea more.

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I wanna try it but I have a phobia of small holes and those holes at the bottom of the cup are creeping me out. :anguished:

You mean tapioca balls?

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I had a bubble tea in Glasgow once and I’ve never had it again. I don’t even remember what flavour it was since this was like 2016. But man it was good

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My favourite thing is passion fruit with mango balls


Drinking some milk bubble tea now yaaay

I only tried it once and I almost died because I didn’t know that there were little balls swimming in it… :joy: :woman_facepalming:
But I still liked it :relaxed:

I think it was lemon flavoured but I’m not sure because it was a few months ago… :eyes:

Bubble tea is super popular in my country, very very popular. You need to wait for an hour until it’s your turn. The worst part is, I’m not exaggerating at all.

People got illness from drinking too much.

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I want to try this so bad but it doesn’t exist in this hell hole just like rest of the all good things :pleading_face:

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Lol, come to my country, it’s a trend to drink bubble tea here.


An hour for a bubble tea? Holy mackerel!!

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People have to queue outside of the shop.

Oh wow that’s definitely crazy! I guess the shops are gonna need to hire more people to work there.

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Never tried bubble tea. Is it good?

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Depends, some are tok sweet for me.

Lol, there are too many bubble tea shops here.

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