Bullet Journaling

What is bullet journaling?

It’s a type of agenda where you can keep track of your daily schedule, things to do, and even track your moods each day and certain habits (like how much water you drank), as well as any recurring health issues you might have.
Usually, bullet journals have a ‘key’ for pending tasks, completed tasks, deadlines, appointments, etc. (see above image).

Many people also use it to track their finances and spending habits, as shown in this image. It’s like a DIY-personal agenda that you can customize to your liking.

I used to have a bullet journal, but I stopped making it once I ran out of pages in my dotted notebook. I haven’t been able to find a dotted notebook since then (though I might order one online eventually). I’d show you some examples of it but I can’t find my journal right now, and I have a headache.
So, here are some good examples I found online:


  • Do you have a bullet journal?
  • Do you think this system could work for you?
  • If you haven’t already made one, would you like to?

No, but I wish I had :cry:

Yep, a hundred percent

Yeah, I love bullet journals

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I want one but I’m lazy

Probably not
Depends tho


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OMG! I love seeing people’s bullet journals but I’m no good at making one myself, nor am I especially good at keeping one either. What about you, @Artists, what do you think about bullet journaling?

Here are some awesome ones that I loved to see:



I do!! But I don’t use it :pleading_face:
I did use it for like a month and tried to make it pretty so I can keep track of my classes, money and other things but I quickly gave up. Sadly

Yes! I think it’s really good!


Another thread I wanted to make-


Are you a fan of bullet journaling?

I opened this topic because I just started a bullet journal, and I wanted to show you guys what I’ve done on it so far.

First of all, you need a notebook.
Most bullet journal guides recommend choosing a notebook that you’re comfortable using and that makes you feel like writing in your journal. Although you can use any notebook, notebooks with dotted pages are ideal for this type of journal. Unfortunately, they are very hard to find in my city. I had one back in 2018, and since then, I had been unable to find another one in the same store. I tried all different kinds of notebooks— regular lined ones, blank, thick pages, typical agendas, graph paper journals— and gave up on all of them after two months or so. Why? Because I couldn’t create what I wanted in those notebooks. So, finally, I decided to order one online.

Here’s the one I chose:

The font’s beautiful, I love the florals on black background, and the quote is inspiring— plus, it says nevertheless, which is a word that appears twice in my favorite song (She was all bad-bad, nevertheless :sunflower:)

Pens, markers, etc.
The pages of this dotted journal are thick enough to use markers, brush pens, and watercolors without having them bleed through, which makes it ideal if you are into lettering and watercolor painting, like I am. Regular notebooks just don’t do it for me in that sense. But if you don’t like using markers or anything fancy, all you need is a pen that you like writing with.

The index
A general recommendation for anyone who wants to start a bullet journal is that you number your pages and create an index to make certain pages easier to find.
Here’s my incomplete index:

Some people include a habit tracker, a spending log, or other things they want to track. I included the headache log because I get them often. I haven’t included a financial tracker for January because I got the journal yesterday, and the month is almost over. But I will start one for February.

The Key
Your key can include the symbols you use for each category of your to-do list, as well as a color code to separate the things on your list into categories. As you may notice, I copied the key on the first post and made mine very similar:

Monthly cover and overview
You can make a cover for each month if you’re feeling artistic. The overview is like a calendar to keep track of events coming up that month. Some people make a future log to track future events that will happen later in the year, but I don’t really like planning that far ahead, so I didn’t make one.

Here, I wrote down important things coming up like professional development meetings (CTE), birthdays (my mom, but I blocked out her name because she might not feel comfortable with me sharing her name on the Internet), and exams that I’m giving.

Mood tracker / log

I saw this “house with balloons” mood tracker on Pinterest, and I really liked it, so I decided to make one. Similar to the Rad Mood Calendar thread, I put the number beside the category of how I was feeling that day. I took this picture yesterday, so today’s not on it, but it was a ‘blue’ day.

Headache Tracker

This is something I find useful, since I get migraines often. Instead of making one for the whole month, I made one for the whole year. (I suck at drawing straight lines; sorry.)

And, as for the daily logs where you write your to-do list, I’ll update it with those later this week.




Ooh, thank you!! :sunflower: :yellow_heart:

In case anyone’s wondering why I didn’t just write ‘my mom’s birthday’ instead of her actual name, it’s because I actually call my mom by her name. :joy:


I stopped updating my bullet journal in April because I got really busy with my story, but I need to update it again soon.

This is a page I made back in March.

@Artists - Have you ever created a bullet journal, or would you like to create one?


OMG! That’s sooo pretty and awesome.

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Huh for us bullet journals are just notebooks with those dots,nothing else added. :thinking:

My brother uses it for designing wesites and app layouts because you can use those dots as indicators for measurements.

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I never done that before and it’s so cool! :sneezing_face: I’m jelly


The dots are meant to help you create your own, that’s why they’re there.

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I forgot to answer your question.
Yes, I’ve started one before. I can shared if anyone wants to see.

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Yes, please! Share

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Alright, so I started this about 3 or 4 years ago for fun. It was more of a daily creative outlet than an actual journal or diary. Each day/page was just me being artsy/creative in some way.

But yeah, here you go… here’s a couple of the pages…


OMG, that’s awesome!!
I love the categories on your mood tracker!

I have these categories on mine:

The funny thing is that I put ‘lazy’ and ‘meh’ together, and you have them separate. :joy: :joy: