Buying music: Do you buy music online or CDs in store?

I buy CDs in store and online, I also buy the digital downloads of certain albums that aren’t available on CD :eyes:

@Music what about you guys?


I just have Spotify :eyes:

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I domt buy anthing :star_struck:
I just listen to songs on spotify and youtube-

I mostly buy digital downloads.

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I really only use Apple Music now. I have some CDs though, mostly from when I was younger (they’re mostly movie soundtracks and Mini Pop Kids cover compilations).

I don’t buy music
I buy CD’s to burn music on them using Adobe Audition :sunglasses:

I don’t buy music really, but I’d say CDs in store. I don’t do digital downloads, I prefer a CD.

I don’t buy music, I just stream it through a platform like Spotify or Apple Music or YouTube

My family used to buy CDS to listen to in the car, but we mostly listen to the radio now if anything

I don’t buy music anymore; I just use Spotify and YouTube.
It’s been years since I bought CDs, but I used to order a lot of music online, in the case that it wasn’t popular, and when it was popular, I’d just get it from the local record store. It depends on what I’m into at the moment. But nowadays, I don’t purchase music.

I don’t buy music, I just listen to it on Spotify :eyes:

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