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Not sure how many of you play COD, if you do, add me- iM lOnElYyY :eyes:

Most probably don’t have space for it since it’s a large game, 2GB + 10+ GB of data, but if you do you should try it out if you like shooting games lmao

It’s fun but people are really toxic- :skull:

My Username: ZaddyCheeto69


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Some tips if you’re just starting out, or are sh*t at it like me-



Scorestreaks are like bonus reward weapons and abilities that a player can achieve in the game, they give users an extra edge over the enemies during a match. You only have 3 slots, you can purchase scorestreaks in the shop and as you level up you unlock the free ones.

They have a time limit then will disappear.

How to unlock them.

You can unlock them in a round by killing enemies or completing objectives, but it depends on which mode you’re playing. You have to buy most of them first but you can unlock a couple.

So take advantage of them, they’re handy but can also be easily destroyed by enemies.

You can preview each scorestreak before buying.

Types of Scorestreaks
  • SAM Turret: An unmanned weapon that uses missiles to automatically lock onto and destroy hostile aircrafts.

  • Hunter Killer Drone: Infantry deployed drone that seeks out an enemy or vehicle.

  • Shock RC: Detects nearby enemies and paralyzes them in a continuous electric shock.

  • Stealth Chopper: Reveals enemy positions and sends an unmanned helicopter.

  • Counter UAV: Scrambles enemy mini-maps and disables hostile SAM Turrets for a short time.

  • XS1 Goliath: Powerful armor with unlimited ammo, damage taken will slowly hurt HP and destroy it.

  • Care Package: Airdrop a random scorestreak.

  • Sentry Turret: Deploys a computer-controlled turret that targets enemy players and equipment.

  • Napalm: Deploys fire across the map in the direction you choose, then fills the battlefield with smoke.

  • Cluster Strike: Launches continuous missiles to a designated location for a short time.

  • VTOL: A manned plane which reveals enemy locations to shoot missiles at.

  • Shield Turret: A manned shielded turret that the player controls.

  • Hawk X3: Manually controlled drone with a machine gun as the weapon.

  • Advanced UAV: Shows enemy positions and directs you.

  • EMP Systems: Disables all enemy electronics. All items in enemy HUD will be removed and field of vision will be affected. Enemies cannot use throwables, scorestreaks, or Operator Skills.

  • MQ-27 Dragonfire: Use a drone to detect and eliminate enemies while it has power and ammo. It carries 3 infrared explosive probes.

  • Chopper Gunner: A helicopter that you control and shoot from.

How to Destroy Them

Every scorestreak (except care package, cluster strike, orbital laser, swarm?, and lightning strike?) can be destroyed by the scorestreak EMP Systems.

Not sure about the last two but I’m assuming not.

  • Sentry, Shield, and SAM Turrets/Guns: Grenades, EMP grenade, EMP Systems, Missiles, Hunter Killer Drone, Rocket Launcher, and by shooting at it.

There’s a perk called Cold Blooded, if you equip it AI controlled scorestreaks will ignore you.

  • UAVs, Jets, Choppers: These can all be shot down with rocket launchers, shooting at them with your guns, and using EMP Systems.

  • Drones: You can shoot these, use rocket launchers, and EMP Systems.

  • Shock RC: You can shoot these and anything explosive would probably work, and EMP Systems.

If you use the Cold Blooded perk it will ignore you, if you get caught by a Shock RC you can repeatedly click the buttons that pop up until it lets go, unless you get killed first.

  • XS1 Goliath: EMP Systems and by bringing down the armor’s HP. You can do this by using anything that inflicts damage. (Like shooting at it, firing missiles, War Machine, etc…)

  • Swarm, Orbital Laser, Lightning Strike, Care Package, EMP Systems: These can’t be destroyed.

I don’t recommend shooting scorestreaks that are in the sky because it’ll waste bullets, but you can still do it.

More info on Scorestreaks:

Everything you need to know about Scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Mobile | Digit

Crouching, Sliding, & Laying

These are actually really helpful, hard to get the hang of at first but when you ‘master’ it, it’s an extreme advantage.

First off, how do you use these?


When you’re standing, press the couch button.



Based on which option you have in your settings, you’ll either run and tap the button, or run and hold the button.


While you’re standing, hold the crouch button.

You can still shoot while doing these.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… here are some tips on how to use them.

A helpful video that’s way better at showing and explaining what I said below:

Combat Movement Tips & Tricks | Call of Duty®: Mobile Player Content Series - YouTube

  • When you’re in front of an enemy you don’t really want to stand still, this makes you an easier target. Move your joystick side to side, doing so will make it harder for them to hit you, this is known as strafing.

  • Don’t continuously shoot at the enemy, deal damage with a couple shots then cover. This is a better strategy than being out in the open where you can easily be killed, especially if you’re not using other techniques. The enemy will (might) continue to shoot expecting you to come back then will need to reload, use that time to finish them.

  • This next tip is called dropshotting, where you shoot the enemy while standing then lay down continuing to shoot the enemy. When you lay down the bullets will miss you and the enemy will have to adjust their aim giving you some time to kill them.

Understanding the Multiplayer Mini-Map

In game there’s a map in the top right corner that you may not quite understand.

Red Dots

The red dots are enemies.

Blue Arrows

These are your teammates.

Yellow Arrow

This is you.

Blue & Red Things-

Red ~ Enemy Scorestreaks

Blue ~ Ally Scorestreaks

By clicking on the map you can see the whole area.

(From the video linked.)

Video that explains better than me lmao:

Call of Duty Mobile Guide #1 | Understanding the Mini-Map - YouTube


Top 5 Best Guns IMO:

(Not ranked.)

  1. M13 (Assault Rifle)

  2. AK-47 (Assault Rifle)

  3. PPSh-41 (SMG)

  4. RUS-79U (SMG)

  5. M4 (Assault Rifle)

The M4 was actually my first gun, I used it until I was like level 80 lmao

Websites for more tips:


Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks: How to play and win


10 Tips and Tricks for Call of Duty: Mobile | GQ India

Types of Modes

Both iOS and Android have Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombies. Although it’s not the original zombies (best) it’s still fun.

  • In multiplayer mode there’s a bunch of maps that you can play, and there are many core modes, which are Frontline, Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, etc.

Practice mode can be played against AI (bots), and training mode has still & moving targets so you can practice your aim, shooting, and more.

  • Battle Royale is like Fortnite, if you’ve played that. You drop out of a plane and try to be the last one.

There’s FPP (First Person Perspective) or TPP (Third Person Perspective), when you have TPP chosen you can still switch to FPP.

You can play solo, duos, or squads.

Ranked matches are Multiplayer but you match with other players who are your rank, great if you don’t want bots.

Core Modes
  • Frontline: Kill players on the opposing team. You always spawn at your base. The first team to reach the score limit wins! (Score limit is 50 kills)

  • Team Deathmatch: Kill players on the opposing team. The first time to reach the score limit wins! You respawn near teammates after each death.

  • Domination: Capture and hold objectives to earn points over time. Reach the score limit to win!

  • Kill Confirmed: Collect enemy dogtags to score for your team.

  • Search & Destroy: For each round, either work together to destroy an objective or stop the enemy from doing the same. No respawns.

  • Hardpoint: Capture and hold the Hardpoint to earn points and win.

  • Gunfight: Eliminate the enemies or capture the overtime objective to win. Weapon sets change every two rounds and there is no HP recovery.

  • Free for all: Everyone for themselves. First player to reach the score limit ends the game. Top 3 players win.

Featured Modes

These come and go, featured game modes have a limited time to play before they’re gone.

Clan Wars

If you’re in a clan, you’ll be able to participate in weekly clan wars.

What are Clan Wars?

6 clans compete against each other to take over nodes, which will gradually open over the week. They start on Tuesdays and end on Sundays, during that time you will have to earn node points to win nodes. You get these by completing the tasks in each location like killing enemies and capturing points.




For your clan to participate you have to have at least 5 active players.

(Numbers are how many active players are needed based off of your clans rank)
(Rookie: 5, Veteran: 7, Elite: 10, Pro: 12, Master: 15, Legendary: 20)

If you recently joined/quit a clan you can’t participate until the next war. At the end of each week you get clan currency which you can use in the clan store.

Learn More About Clan Wars:

CoD Mobile's Clan Wars mode explained: Mechanics, Rewards, more - Dexerto

Skkskskfndksk so yeah- just talk about COD here because I’m a little obsessed with it- :eye::eye:

~ Questions ~

  • What level are you?

  • ArE yOu ObSeSsEd?

  • Do you prefer mobile, console, or PC?

  • What game mode(s) do you prefer?



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Not really but I play late at night.[quote=“Jessica.epi, post:1, topic:23794”]
Do you prefer mobile or another platform?


My username is Laurenmusic.

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I tried adding you but you’re not accepting requests

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I turn that off when I download it but I turn it on later. If you want to musicrock2 is my clan group and amagicpiano has her username in call of duty on mobile and She in my group
Here my code below

I do have other games besides call of duty on mobile on my phone

I am play call of duty on mobile right now but try the invitation code in previous post

I haven’t tried other games that much because most look really boring lmao, but I’ve been looking for some new ones tho

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The other shooting game I have is

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New theme, map, characters, and featured modes + other improvements/fixes. :eyes:

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I saw that but I also heard that call of duty warzone is becoming mobile as well

Same. They’ve teased about it too, so maybe sometime in the future

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Yep. I keep my eye on it.

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The new event is out. I just got on so idk if it has been and I never knew lmao

I was so confused when I got this- :joy:

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Nice and when I do the battle royal and then some user quit before the end of game.

By the way call of duty on mobile did the free pride thing in the store

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Weird, I don’t have that

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It was free in the store in game. Look at the shopping cart picture. :shopping_cart:

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