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Q & A with Karan Lander

Full Name ~ Karan Kristo Lander
Pronunciation Car-Ron Chris-to Land-er
Nickname/Alias ~ Kara
Meaning ~ …It um means, pure. For Karan. Pure like snow. Kristo means follower of Christ, and Lander means “territory”
Origin of Name ~ My father says my mother wanted me to be pure like snow so she chose Karan. he chose Kristo because he wanted good Christian values pauses as snickers and Lander is his last name
Title ~ Daughter of Khione
Signature ~ It’s a neat cursive. My dad wanted us to look professional
Gender ~ Gee don’t know… rolls eyes
Gender Role ~ I swear this is why we have toxic masculinity
Age ~ You should never ask a lady their age
Birthday ~ Feb. 14th
Zodiac ~ I don’t really follow that stuff…but I think an Aquarius?
Deathday ~ Probably tommorow
Birthplace ~ I believe, Canada
Immediate Family ~ Lander family, it’s the hotel chain.
Ethnicity ~ Italian and Greek
Preferred Hand ~ I, um, am naturally left-handed but my dad didn’t like that so he forced me to learn to use my right hand.
Phobias ~ Thanatophobia
Addictions ~ Nothing, thank you very much
Mental Disorders ~ I’m dyslexic…? I also have anxiety.
Income ~ I’m pretty you saw me on LIFE magazine on highest richest families in the US, right?
Education ~ I’m recorded to have never passed the Junior year because of my supposed deathj
Social Stereotype ~ Loner that could kick your -ss
Religion ~ Touchy subject there, watch it.
Culture ~ I follow the Greek culture
Superstitions ~ If you think your safe, you’re not. If you don’t think you’re safe- you still aren’t.
Favourite colour? ~ I really like black and white. Ironic, I know.
Favourite food? ~ I prefer Italian food above all else.
Biggest fear? ~ Hmph, probing aren’t you? How about dying? We’re all afraid of that.
Fondest memory? ~ I was around eight and I had done my first modeling shoot, I was super excited and I thought I looked cute. Key word thought.
Worst memory? ~ When I found out my brother left.
What do you like most about yourself? ~ I like that I don’t let people push me around.
What do they like least about themselves? ~ I get fevers in winter. Thanks mom.
Sexuality? ~ A bit personal, don’t you think?
Parents’ names? ~ Khione and Mr. Lander
What makes you cry? pause… there are a few things.
What makes you really angry? ~ When people are fake, it’s so f-cking unneeded.
Favourite person? ~ Myself


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Blank Model to Use for Q & A

Stolen in parts from @ShanniiWrites & @anon80318563


Full Name
Meaning ~
Origin of Name ~
Title ~
Gender Role
Zodiac ~
Immediate Family
Preferred Hand
Mental Disorders
Social Stereotype
Favourite colour?
Favourite food?
Biggest fear?
Fondest memory?
Worst memory?
What do you like most about yourself?
What do they like least about themselves?
Parents’ names?
What makes you cry?
What makes you really angry?
Favourite person?


Q & A with Quintella Amers

Full Name ~ Quintella Lola Amers
Pronunciation Quin-tell-a Lo-la Amers, I would think you would know how to pronounce it but guess not.
Nickname/Alias ~ Quinn, I really hate it when people call me nicknames and we just met. Like no. Respect my damn name unless I say otherwise.
Meaning ~ Quintella means 5th born daughter or born in the fifth month. Lola means sorrows. Amers, I believe means friend. Which I have none of. So. Ha.
Origin of Name ~ Roman, and my mom was like “Oh my gosh you’re the fifth daughter lets give you a meaningful name.” Followed by probably, “Oh, you’re going to be living a sad life because you’re a demigod.” So Lola. Venus is funny.
Title ~ Daugher of Venus
Signature ~ Like, it looks like writing. How the f-ck do you explain how a signature look like-
Gender ~ Female damnit.
Gender Role ~ You are the reason for toxic gender opression
Age ~ I forgot. Remind me.
Birthday ~ July 26th, and unless you have presents, don’t drop by.
Zodiac ~ Leo.
Deathday ~ Pretty soon, I think.
Birthplace ~ Gee, ask my mom. Olympus if we’re using our brains.
Immediate Family ~ Venus.
Ethnicity ~. Caucasian. Which is also me saying I have no f*cking idea. snaps fingers Oh yes, can I say Roman?
Preferred Hand ~ Right hand, nothing too special.
Phobias ~ You guys monsters or something? Like why the f-ck you need this
Addictions ~ Eliminating annoyances
Mental Disorders ~ none. Fine. Dyslexia.
Income ~ Charmspeak. I’m not even kidding.
Education ~ Pretty bad education.
Social Stereotype ~ Do I look like I give a damn about what people stereotype me as, much less look into it?
Religion ~ You’re asking a Roman demigod what their religon is?
Culture ~ Roman
Superstitions ~ The world is out to f-ck me over.
Favourite colour? ~ Red and green
Favourite food? ~ I miss Klochkay- great now I’m hungry damnit
Biggest fear? ~ This continuing
Fondest memory? ~ Dying my hair pink
Worst memory? ~ Agreeing to this.
What do you like most about yourself? ~ I’m gorgeous mwah~. What, I am, I’m f-cking owning it.
What do you like least about yourself? ~ How I let people anger me.
Sexuality? ~ Pann
Parents’ names? Dude don’t even know my Dad’s, up and left me. Venus.
What makes you cry? ~ Memories
What makes you really angry? ~ Annoyances
Favourite person? ~ No one.


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I might as well do this for my characters, so I’ll start with Ajax.
Feel free to comment or ask Ajax specific questions.

Q&A with Ajax Taylor

Full Name ~ Ajax Taylor
Pronunciation ~ A-jax Tay-lor My name is not that difficult to pronounce.
Nickname/Alias ~ Ajax. I don’t really have a nickname, so yeah…
Meaning ~ I am not fully certain on what my name means actually.
Origin of Name ~ Ajax is a Greek name originating with a hero from the Trojan war. My mother liked the name and thought it fit me. Greek for my father, and because she said I would be a hero one day. Taylor was my mother’s maiden name.
Title ~ Camp leader, and head of the Zeus cabin.
Signature My signature? I don’t sign my name that much, or even much writing where penmanship matters. I just write as legibly as I can, since both Andrea and Jake say that my writing, and signature especially, is chicken scratch.
Gender Male
Gender Role What? What do you mean gender role?
Age I’m 18 years old.
Deathday ~ Deathday? Are you expecting me to die soon, or say when I think I’m going to die?
Birthplace ~ Somewhere in the United States, but I’m not sure where.
Immediate Family: My mother and Zeus, but that’s it.
Ethnicity: Greek and whatever my mother has mixed in her ancestry.
Preferred Hand I’m right handed, but I’m nearly as good with my left.
Phobias (gulps uneasily and breaths slightly heavier while answering) I am very claustrophobic… and I don’t want to lose anyone I care about. Especially of it’s because of me.
Mental Disorders ~ Anger issues, if that counts? And dyslexia like the vast majority of Greek demigods.
Income ~ I don’t have an income. I have lived in camp since I was 11.
Education I believe I was about to start sixth grade before I came to camp.
Social Stereotype ~ That would probably be easier to ask someone else.
Religion ~ Isn’t that an obvious question for a demigod?
Favourite color? ~ Blue
Fondest memory? Hard to say, but probably spending the day with my mom on my 10th birthday.
Worst memory? ~ My mom almost being killed not long before I came to camp.
Sexuality? Heterosexual. I’m only interested in girls.
Parents’ names? Zeus and I’m not saying my mother’s name unless I’m sure she is safe.
What makes you cry? Really? I’m not talking about this.
What makes you really angry? ~ I’m my father’s son. It doesn’t take a lot to make me angry.

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Q&A with Eden Irvette

Full Name: Eden Irevette
Pronunciation: E-den Ir-vet-te
Nickname/Alias: Eddy
Meaning: ~ Eden means the spot on the earth where the presence of God was an open door to heaven, a delightful place and Irvette means Friend of the sea
Origin of Name: ~ Eden is biblical Hebrew name as a variant of Edith and Aidan and Irvette I can’t remember
Title: ~ I don’t know.
Signature: You don’t need that so moving on
Gender: Female
Gender Role: eyeroll
Age: 16
Birthday: 4th of June
Zodiac ~ Gemini
Deathday: So are you waiting for me to… Die or something? If that’s the case then we need to have a chat with your supervisor and mom.
Birthplace: Alexandria, Egypt
Immediate Family: None
Ethnicity: Egyptian
Preferred Hand: I am ambidextrous so I have no preffered hand
Phobias: Are you kidding me?
Addictions: I’m clean
Mental Disorders: Anxiety disorder and that’s all you are getting from me
Education: I made it up to 10th gradw
Social Stereotype: And this is why the world isn’t moving forward socially
Religion: If my name doesn’t tell you then you are on your own
Culture: Christianity
Superstitions: Nurses are demons and dead people never leave this damn planet they just hover
Favourite colour? Black and gold
Favourite food? My palettes have not had the opportunity to favouritise food yet
Biggest fear? Going back to the asylum
Fondest memory? When I met Samir Handal for the firsy
Worst memory? Being hit my a moving vehicle
What do you like most about yourself? The fact that I’m very patient because ever since I walked in I’ve wanted to punch your lights out
What do they like least about themselves? How cry to easily
Sexuality? Heteroromantic Demisexual
Parents’ names? They are ars-ho-es who don’t need recognition
What makes you cry? Literally everything
What makes you really angry? The stupidity of people like you
Favourite person? I know this is a bit controversial to what I said about my parents but my dad.



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Q & A with Katherine Kolchis

Full Name ~ Katherine Tania Kolchis
Pronunciation ~ Kath-er-in Tan-e-ya Coal-kiss
Nickname/Alias ~ Kathy
Meaning ~ Katherine means pure, clear. Tania means Fairy Queen or Princess. It’s a varation of the name of an Island from Greek mythology, it’s not my actual last name.
Origin of Name ~ First part is Greek, Second part is Russian, than Greek again
Title ~ Daughter of Luna
Signature~ Haha, kinda messy?
Gender ~ Female
Gender Role ~ Aha laughs nervously gender role? Isn’t that a bit sexist…
Age~ I’m 18!
Birthday ~ December 21st
Zodiac ~ Sagittarius, funny because I can’t do archery for the life of me, laughs
Deathday ~ That’s kinda…weird…should I be concerned haha?
Birthplace~ Actually no idea…if my mother had me…no clue
Immediate Family~ Luna and my father
Ethnicity ~ I’m Roman, African-American, some Russian too
Preferred Hand ~ Right hand! Completely normal
Phobias ~ Some stuff I’ll keep to myself if you don’t mind
Addictions ~ None.
Mental Disorders ~ I actually don’t have anything other than PTSD
Income ~ Poor laughs Broke as f-ck
Education ~ Never finished senior year
Social Stereotype ~ nervous laugh haha, no idea
Religion ~ That’s a loaded question!
Culture ~ Roman
Superstitions ~ None actually, I’m pretty into science from my dad
Favourite colour? ~ Purple! Dark purple~
Favourite food? ~ I love egg rolls haha
Biggest fear? ~ I’ll keep that private, if you don’t mind
Fondest memory? ~ Building my first solar systen model with my dad
Worst memory? pause Maybe another time
What do you like most about yourself? ~ I like my determination
What do they like least about themselves? ~ I’m kinda a doormat haha, and a bit too gullible
Sexuality? ~ Demisexual
Parents’ names? ~ Amadeus and Luna
What makes you cry? ~ Definitely not something I’ll share haha
What makes you really angry? ~ rubs back of head These questions are a bit much …
Favourite person? ~ My father, Amadeus


Reina of Pompeii, 79 AD

(aka day of the earthquake/volcano/tsunami)

Reina and her hunter friend Lavinia walked along the main road in her hometown of Pompeii, the stone underfoot warm from the sun. It was almost miday and Reina and Lavinia had just separated from the rest of the hunters to visit Reina’s family in their small farm just to the east of the town, no more than 100 yards from the last home on the street. They chattered in Ancient Greek, occasionally switching to Latin to speak to different merchants who had brought their best goods with them for market day.

Reina spoke to many of the people, children ran around playing and the sun beamed high in the sky. The smell of baking bread wafted through the air and goats were being milked in the middle of the street. People tossed gold coins into the Shrine to Ceres- her mother and the goddess of the harvest. It was a true paradise, that is, before it all began to go wrong.

Reina and Lavinia’s enhanced senses detected it far before any of the mortals around them- a soft rumbling from deep within the earth. “Gaia is stirring,” Reina cried urgently in Ancient Greek, then repeated it in Latin. Understandably, people began to panic, packing their things and hurrying away from the town square. Reina left Lavinia there to help whilst she rushed off home to her father and siblings. Earlier that day, Reina had introduced her youngest sister to the Lady Diana. Her sister had been excited, and tomorrow was going to pledge her loyalty to the maiden goddess so that they could be together for all eternity. Reina had enveloped her in a hug, tears of joy in her eyes before she had headed out to hunt with her other sisters- the hunters.

Reina burst through the door and found her father sitting at the family table with 3 of her older brothers, one of them had brought their young wife and child too, whilst Reina’s blood sisters (the unmarried ones) rushed around the kitchen next door, preparing a meal.

Reina dropped to her kness and took her father’s hand, begging him to leave the town, warning him that Gaia was stirring the earth. He shook her off, telling her it would be fine, before questioning how the hunt had gone. After much protest, Reina gave in and ate dinner with her family. The earth shaking grew stronger, rattling some of the pottery in the small home. Finally, her father agreed it was no longer safe and everyone left the house, walking along the busy street into Pompeii where they thought they would be safe. Thats when it happened- a huge split on the north-west side of town, swallowing at least 80 middle class people, and many servants along with them. People ran around in terror, screaming and begging the gods for mercy. A huge tidal wave came from the ocean, taller than the gods themselves reina’s family rushed away from the sea, while some of the townspeople dropped to their knees in the middle of the street and prayed to Neptune for protection, but it was not given. People were swallowed by the rushing water wall, and it filled the houses too, including the building Reina was in. Her family began running out of air, choking. Reina tried everything to revive them, her youngest sister especially. "no, no, you can’t die! You are supposed to be immortal!!" Reina cried, her sister who was going to become a hunter the very next day. As she felt the air in her own lungs start to run out, Reina swam to the surface which now was calmer than before. Reina was so greatly saddened, she cried so much that for all she knew, half the water had come from her.

Reina gave up, she curled up in a small ball up against a building and waited for the battle against nature to take her too. Luckily, the hunters found her and took her back to camp. Lavinia had died in the mayhem, as had 3 other hunters. They decided to stay for a while, recover from this loss. The next day, disaster took hold again and the wrath of Pluto was unleashed, in a plume of burning acid and flames that erupted from the volcano. More death followed, and what remained of the town afterwards was indeed a sorry sight. Debris and bodies scattered across the streets that less than 24 hours ago had been so full of life and colour, now desolate and… angry. There was a feel to the air, like a promise of revenge. that was what helped Reina to carry on, and that night when they found that the leader of the hunters had perished to the flames, Diana named Reina the new leader of the hunters.

There was a celebration between the maiden goddesses on mount olympus in her honour- a new leader of the hunters was no small thing. This was when she met the other maiden goddesses, and Diana’s twin brother.


Harmony Clare, August 2005

The wine was a deep purple as it sloshed all around and inside the bottle which was shoplifted from a liquor store nearby, the rooftop was slightly uncomfortable but it was better than getting her ear yelled off by her mother who was raging. It’s literally only some drugs, and they aren’t even that bad. One-time things never hurt anyone. Harmony thought to herself as she downed the rest of the wine, leaving only purple drops left in the bottle. Done, already? Again? She frowned and threw the wine bottle which smashed against a nearby roof, she shook her head, rolling it around because it felt stiff and reached into the pocket of her hoodie, one hand coming up with a lighter and the other with a cigarette.

She held a hand over the cigarette to keep it from blowing out as she lit it and took a deep drag from it. She leaned back on her forearm as she inhaled from the cigarette and blew out into the sky, laughing as she felt the high hit her, losing control of all of her senses. Took away from the stress of her opium addiction confirmed, failing grades, and all the b-tches in her school. “This is for you dad.” Harmony laughed hysterically as she lifted her middle finger to the sky. “Now I know where I get my drinking and drug issues from. Like father like daughter, no wonder mom hates me as much as she hates you.” Harmony threw her head back and laughed deeply as drops of water begin to fall down on the roll. plip, plop, platter. A sequence of falling raindrops that soaked her natural brown locks she ran a hand through her curls as she looked up at the sky. “Oh f-ck, seriously?” The cigarette in her hand went out as she placed the lighter in the hoodie and sat up as the rain soaked her through. Despite how bad it was, she wouldn’t go inside, she didn’t need her mother’s knowing face. Must be a bad rain storm, but Harmony wouldn’t know, they hadn’t paid their wifi bills in a while, or cable so no connection to any weather networks, not to mention she’d been suspended from school. Any messages of the school would’ve been deleted as Harmony cleverly blocked the phone number.

Harmony rocked back and forth on the roof, the rain pouring, mixing with her ears althogh she didn’t know why she was crying. It was a mix of emotions that one couldn’t explain, despair, sadness, depression, hopeless, missing. She faintly recalled Kai from her school, attempting to get her to stop acting out and her laughing. Ha! That’s rich, you don’t give a d-mn, you just need a f-cking charity case.

Harmony looked down and frowned at the water levels rising, she began to feel a small sense of panic, was it a flood? The water reached the window,Mom. Harmony moved to the roof, she couldn’t go in the way she entered, the water filled it out, she began to smash her fists into the brick roof of the house, yet no success her hands bloodied and pieces of brick and mortar in the wounds. Tears leaked from her eyes at the pain, she panicked and screamed, a pain grew in the center of her back and she felt the feeling of something growing around her. She reached to her back and felt the thick feel of a vine and she looked around her to see rain vines sprouting from the flooded grown. They begna to poud into the roof furiously, fracturing before completely destroying. Harmony’s surprise was immense but she couldn’t pause, her ADHD kicking in as she dropped in from the roof into the attic. A wave of her hand and the vins spreaded from her back and latched onto the door, yanking it off it’s hinges,

Harmony ran throughout the houses, tearing room doors apart and searching them, screaming, “Mom? Mom? MOM?! We have to go! Where are you?!” Blood began to trickle from where the vines had emerged but Harmony couldn’t pause to look at it. She ran down the stairs to the first floor, it was flooded with water. “MOM!” Harmony looked around the first floor, she kicked off her gym shoes and dove into the water, holding her breath as her heart beated furiously and began to kick her legs, swimming around. Her eyes began to burn as she entered the kitched, Where could she be? Harmony’s feet touched the floor and then stepped on something soft, like skin. She looked down to see her mother, blue and her eye’s lifeless with her hand on the basement door which was under the kitchen rug. Harmony screamed underwater, which resulted in her swallowing water, Harmony began to flail before catching herself and regaining focus. She couldn’t find the difference from the water around her and the one that came from her eyes. Her vines latched onto her mother’s body, dragging it up.

Harmony got tired as she dragged her mother’s body up the stairs and to what was left of the destroyed roof, standing up on the roof. She looked around and cupped her hands around her mouth and screamed, “Anyone there?” No response except for the fierce winds and the pounding rain striking each centimeter of exposed skin. She looked at her mother and began to give her CPR, but no response, Harmony placed her ear to her mom’s chest and couldn’t discern a beat. For the second time again she cried once more. The wind swallowed up her howls and curses to the gods above and most of all her father.

Hours passed but a small boat came, too full to take on a dead body. Harmony listened lifelessly as the driver apologized, Harmony reached for the lighter in her jacket and set her mother on the piece of wood and ignored the gasps as she sparked the lighter and set it on the wood, despite the pounding rain the fire soared to the sky and consumed the body. Well, you always wanted to be cremated as the Greek culture dictates. Sorry mother, goodbye. Harmony didn’t know where she was going or what but as she sat on the boat and it speeded past her old home, she wasn’t coming back her, and that truly scared her inside.


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I decided to Zidane first, since he’s dead :3

Full Name: Zidane Alawen
Pronunciation: Zee-dahn Alah-when
Nickname/Alias: Haven’t got one yet, maybe I’ll get it soon.
Meaning: Zidane means the one who progresses and makes other people progress. And Alawen means someone who appreciates the beauty of nature.
Origin of Name: My mother always adored Arabic names, she thought I’d grow up to help others. Well, I guess she’s right in some ways…
Title: Just…Zidane. Nothing fancy.
Signature: Slanted cursive. I don’t care if people can’t read my handwriting. Most of the time I’m not writing for them anyway. And if I am, I’ll write in capitals to get my point across. Slight smile.
Gender: Male
Gender Role: Gender…what?
Age: I’m actually 19, but I died at 17 so uh.
Birthday: May 6th
Zodiac: Taurus, I don’t believe in this stuff though. Doesn’t add up with the Norse.
Deathday: April 21st, still regret that day.
Birthplace: Toronto, Canada.
Immediate Family: My mother and My father. I’m not sure if my father’s dozens of children count… I hope not.
Ethnicity: Canadian and whatever my father is.
Preferred Hand: Right.
Phobias: I have a few, but I’d rather not say… Incase you use it against me.
Addictions: Photography maybe…? Wait, but that’s a hobby! Well sometimes it feels like an addiction.
Mental Disorders: I think I’m alright.
Income: I don’t have an income. But if I hadn’t died, I probably would’ve had a lot of money.
Education: I was planning to go to university, start a small company and all. Well you can blame death if I seem stupid, alright?
Social Stereotype: I’m not very social so I wouldn’t know.
Religion: I’m not religious. Imagine how shocked I was when I found out Valhalla existed!
Culture: It’s mixed. I travel a lot so I usually just try and fit in with whatever country we’re at has.
Superstitions: I think people who need glasses simply see in a different way.
Favourite colour: That’s…probably the most difficult question you’ve asked. I see billions of colours everyday, they’re all nice in their own little ways.
Favourite food: Also a tricky one, I don’t know honestly. I’m fine with whatever I have as long as it has some flavour.
Biggest fear: Again, I’m not going to say. You’re too nosy for Odin’s sake.
Fondest memory: Maybe when I left the city. It was a pain to be honest but the air felt…cleaner.
Worst memory: Not my death, but after my death. More precisely, when I saw my own funeral back at Earth. Everyone thought I died because I was stupid. I swear I saw someone shake their heard at my corpse!
What do you like most about yourself? Gah, I’ll have to go with being unable to answer this question since nothing really stands out to me.
What do you like least about yourself: I’m not answering this either.
Sexuality: Asexual Biromantic.
Parents’ names: Elani is my mother’s name, it means light. It suits her very well. And as for my father? Heimdall, don’t know what that means.
What makes you cry: Not much.
What makes you really angry: A lot of things. Some of these questions actually-
Favourite person: Has to be my mother. She was the only one who was actually there for me. Totally not directing this at my father.

Are you done now? I’d love to get back to preventing my second death, thanks.

Might write some moments in my characters’ lives too >:D


Q&A with Jake Fairchild

Full Name ~ Jake Fairchild
Pronunciation ~ Jake Fair-child
Nickname/Alias ~ I don’t have any set nicknames that most people use, but any girl can feel free to call me whatever she likes.
Meaning ~ I have no idea.
Origin of Name ~ Fairchild is my dad’s last name.
Title ~ Aphrodite Cabin Leader
Signature ~ I have a nice signature and handwriting.
Gender ~ Male
Age ~ I am 17
Deathday ~ No time soon. I don’t plan on dying young.
Birthplace Either Olympus or California is my best guess. You’ll have to ask the goddess of love herself.
Immediate Family Aphrodite, my father even though I haven’t seen him in over 10 years, and the other members of the Aphrodite cabin.
Ethnicity ~ I have no idea what my father is, I just know the Greek side.
Preferred Hand ~ I’m right handed.
Phobias ~ I‘m only telling people I’m close to.
Addictions ~ I have been told I have a minor addiction to my hair dryer…
Mental Disorders~ Dyslexia like most Greek demigods.
Income ~ I don’t have an actual income, but I can use charmspeak to get anything I want
Education ~ I’ve been at camp since I was 7, so I’m not sure what level of education I actually have.
Social Stereotype
Religion ~ That is self explanatory, isn’t it?
Culture ~ Also self explanatory
Favourite color? ~ Red
Favourite food? ~ It’s hard to pick just one. Strawberries or chocolate chip pancakes are probably the best two.
Biggest fear? ~ I already said I won’t say this to someone I’m not close to.
Worst memory? ~ The entirety of the trip to camp when I was 7.
Sexuality? ~ Hey there ladies, don’t worry, I’m straight.
Parents’ names? ~ Aphrodite and Harlan Fairchild.
Favourite person? ~ How am I expected to say my favorite.

Next up - Andrea


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His confidence and charm are OP :ok_hand: I want to have a convo with him but it has to be one of my few characters that won’t slap the sense out of him :joy:

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