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Camp Half-Blood: A Siren’s Cry

It’s been exactly 8 days since the destruction of New York. An unknown enemy lurks in the dark, and has toppled the stairway to Olympus.The Roman demigod’s camp is completely in ruins, Valhalla is fading, disapearing from existence, and the children of the Eygptian gods who were free to travel around the world have now found their monsters and demons actively seeking them out. Camp Half-Blood no longer belong to the Greek demi-gods, and tensions rise as children of the Eygptian, Norse, and Roman gods invade their space, making it cramped-and losing supplies unless they go for a hunt.

Hunts. They no longer get shipments from the outside world, and their magic fades, not allowing them to conjure food from the outside world as well. They have been completely cut off from the outside world. Select demi-gods now go out on hunts, traveling through the forest finding animals and taking them down, along with gathering plants from their fields, which had once bore only strawberries are now dotted with many different types of foods. A work schedule is established as well as a meal schedule, and of course your daily 3 classes (for those under 13) before you get your freedom. All the children, under 13, in the camp have a curfew before 8 PM unless on special events and everyone else, above 13, must head to their cabins before 10:30 PM.

This new routine has been carried out with a solemness and the once vibrant hills of Camp Half-Blood have now grayed and red blood spills on them as the others throw themselves into training. And the gods? Unheard from, exempt from the occasional claiming and weird events. Prophecies are non-existent as the last oracle has died. And patrons have now dwindled and the campers with patrons are sent on the most dangerous missions. That’s all until one day- a prophecy is spoken. A prophecy that affects everyone children of the Norse, Roman, Eygptian and Greek gods alike. Powers are fading and the memory of their parents are disapearing as the outer world is filled with fear. Now the campers of all the different sets of gods are forced to set aside their differences and discover who, and what force is able to take away the memory of the ancient gods, causing them to lose power and for chaos to overrule.


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Clue Book


September 22nd

Weather: Raining

It was an early morning, 7 AM and it was already raining hard. The entire camp was called to the Big House, an important announcement was awaiting them. Yet, they didn’t know quite what yet. All they knew was to sit with their cabin group in the Big Hall and await the announcements.

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Reina, Hunter of Diana

Reina had lost all of her hunters by the time she reached camp, some had decided to go take safety somewhere else and others had simply been lost in the chaos. Reina tried not to dwell on it as she crossed the border into the camp, walking past fields that were once filled with strawberries, now packed full of fruits and veg. It was quite obvious that things were far from okay.

~4 days later~

Reina awoke early as usual, one of her many habits that she had gotten into was waking up at 5/6AM to go hunting. These demigods slept in to 7, and by then the day was practically over! In Reina’s opinion, the early morning was the best time to be awake and outside, whilst the grass is still damp and the birds only just awakening.

Reina knew to head for the ‘big house’ as they called it (she assumed they meant the house that was big), so she headed over there from Diana’s cabin, after looking around the empty cabin and feeling a wave of sadness and worry wash over her. Where were her hunters? Were they still alive? It’s the only thing she had thought about after waking up alone that day in new york…

Reina sat down on one of the benches, in her regular hunting clothes. She refused to wear those ugly orange t-shirts that the greek demigods wore, and she wasn’t going to settle into the camp until she found out what was going on. So she sat quietly, looking around her at the cabins that had been quickly built to house everyone.


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Evita Laberi || Bellona Cabin - Big House

Evita scoffed. She didn’t like the beds here. She didn’t like the ‘cabins’, she didn’t like the camp. Camp Jupiter was much nicer. And how they sorted them by parents and not their abilities? She thought it was completely pathetic. Her cabin was empty, she didn’t have any siblings. While she liked having space for herself, she didn’t like being alone for hours.

She changed into her regular Camp Jupiter t-shirt. She was glad they didn’t make them wear the orange ones, they were Romans. It would be silly to wear the Greeks’. She put on a jacket and gazed out the window. There were people outside, some she knew, some she never saw before. She didn’t like how the camps were put together, but she got where they were coming from.

Pushing the door open, she rushed outside. She had to admit, the location was nicer. The wind played with her hair, not too cold. Just the right warm temperature. Hands swinging by her side, she made her way to the Big House. They were told to go there, for some kind of an announcement. She hoped it would make clear up the situation, maybe get rid of the parent cabin nonsense. She didn’t like living alone.

When she got there, a few people were standing around. No one specifically caught her attention, so she did the same. She felt like an idiot, just pacing around pointlessly. More people started showing up and she decided to make the best of a bad situation.

@BlackBlood - Colton Novack

Holden Robé || Mnenosyne Cabin - Big House

Holden woke up from another hard night. He didn’t like how things were going, there was bound to be trouble. He didn’t know any of the Roman, Norse, or Egyptian demigods and he didn’t like it. He wanted to make sure they wanted the same thing as them, that they didn’t have any… Murderous drives. He didn’t know à thing about them and he didn’t want to leave put possibilities.

Quickly putting on his day-wear, he got outside. He hated being late. He didn’t know what time it was, but he ran towards the Big House. He’d much rather be amuch earlier than miss anything important. He hoped to talk to some of the other demigods, see if they’re as much different to them as he suspected them to be.

As he reached the big building, he took a look at some of the people. He recognised some but not many. The Egyptians were pretty easy to spot with their significant features, while the Norse and Romans looked just like them.

@euphoriaa - Leilani Gene

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Samir Handal | With someone | Outside

Samir’s eyes fluttered open after a couple of attempts, as the gunk in them was forcing his lashes together. When his eyes adjusted to the dull light of his lonesome cabin, he was able to look around. This wasn’t home, nowhere near it. His mother and grandparents were back home and he missed them, so much. This had been his second night at this camp, and he already knew that this was no home for him. His heart wasn’t it. Only one person was here that even resembled home; his best friend, no, his only friend, Eden. Sitting there thinking about it for a minute, left his eyes wet. He wiped a tear from his cheek and got up to use the facilities. Showering and brushing his teeth, he then changed into a peach T-shirt, khaki shorts, and trainers, as well as pulling on a bright yellow raincoat over the top. Time for food, he needed food now. Samir left his cabin with his hands in his pockets, trudging along to the pavillion, when he realised that everyone else was going somewhere else. The hood of his yellow raincoat had water running down over his face, creating a waterfall in front of his eyes He couldn’t see much except for the vague outline of someone in front of him. “Excuse me, would you mind telling me where everyone is going, please?”, he called out to them, despite being in close proximity. He hadn’t even realise it was his best friend.

@Yomama - Eden

Remington "Remy" Walsh | with Someone | Big House

Remy was awake and up reasonably early and quickly. Noticing the boy next to him, Sage, whom he assumed must have been his half-brother but hadn’t had a conversation with him. So he had no idea if this were true. Yet, he didn’t wake him and went to shower and primp instead. Noticing the sounds of rain and the coolness in the air, Remy wore this outfit, as heels probably wouldn’t be appropriate in this sort of weather. He walked out of the bathroom quietly, grabbing his rainbow umbrella to put it up outside.

Hearing the announcement, he arrived at the Big House, where Remy carefully shook his umbrella of the water droplets and closed it. He looked around at the few people conjugating around the large room.


Ebony | with Someone | Big House

In the corner of Wadjet’s cabin, lay nothing but a snake coiled on the floor. It was sleeping. Though one wouldn’t have been able to tell this since its eyes were open. It woke a second later, stretching out and extending its body before changing form. In a blink of her now human eye, stood Ebony where the snake had been. She yawned and went to ready herself in the bathroom. A few minutes later, Ebony came out wearing one of her hippie/gypsy-like out outfits. Although hearing the rain, she hated the thought of getting wet. So she opened the door a sliver and changed back into her snake form before slipping through the crack in the now open door. She head toward the pavillion, toward the dry again, until changing course and following everyone else. The snake was forced to go slower since she didn’t want to get a mouthful of mud, so she held her head up while slithering over.

Once there, she slithered into the centre of the room to allow the water to drop off her snake body, then changed back to herself. Completely dry. Ebony looked around before walking slyly and carefully over to the corner on the far side of the room.


Venedict Moumiè | with Someone | Big House

Venedict woke up with a low patter of rain falling around only him and his bedding. The rest of his eerie cabin was dry. Despite his bed being saturated, he was neither wet, nor cold. Possibly one of the perks to the powers he couldn’t control. A loud sigh escaped his lips and he sat up. This rain cloud drizzled off and stopped, though he could still hear the sound of rain. Venedict looked out the small cabin window to find it actually raining. That’s just perfect, he thought. A day to match this feeling. Throwing back the covers, he looked around the floor for clothing. He found some, it was all black, from his trench coat to his combat boots. Not ideal if he were on an expedition with his father, but it would do for where he was.

Venedict left his cabin and followed the crowd, remembering that there was a meeting. He had been told that that was the where he should go this morning. The rain poured down him, soaking through his clothes and lashing his face. It was obscuring his view slightly and he didn’t see the person in front of him, walking into them and tumbling over into the mud. Quickly turning to see who he’d hit, he apologised. “S-Sorry, S-so sorry. I didn’t see you in the rain, I’m not used to this rain. Ar-are you okay?”

APPROACHABLE to someone he crashed into…

Jamal | with someone | Heading to the Big House via the beach

Jamal awoke with a start, possibly from some kind of bad dream that they couldn’t remember. Getting out of bed, they made their way to the mirror to look at their reflection. The same reflection they had now had for 8 days, just before arriving at this camp. Jamal definitely felt male this time around, though it was weird because it also didn’t feel like that. They went to the shower and then shoved on the same clothes, as they really didn’t have anything else to wear. Probably because the last change in person was a female and much smaller than they were currently.

Jamal left the cabin for the big house, getting quite soaked from the rain. Although, they didn’t want to go straight there and took a very long detour to the beach. Just to walk along on the sand. They missed the hot grounds of Africa.

APPROACHABLE at the beach…

Dustin Mansor | with Someone | Big House Patio

Luckily for Dustin, he hadn’t seen that little sproglet who he’d taken to the camp with him. It wasn’t that he disliked Abigail, she was cute and he liked her just fine. It was just that she tended to never leave his side. Following him around everywhere, as if she were in love with him or something. Dustin secretly hoped that she found some other poor sucker to idolise and follow around.

Though it was early morning in this place, on his fifth day, and he was up early doing his extensive workout routine. He did this before changing, shower, and breakfast. Though in the back of his mind, he was still annoyed that he felt like nothing had been done to solve their problem. So, it was time for a shower and to change into cargo shorts and a sleeveless hoodie. Then he left for breakfast.

Arriving at the pavillion, he noticed no one there and look back outside to see everyone heading to the big house. He sprinted there across the grounds and onto the patio. Seeing his buddy Akio standing there, he made his way over to them, flicking the water out of his hair with his hand. “This weather takes ‘getting wet’ to whole a new level, am I right?” Dustin smiled smugly at his crude joke. “Are you the type to let the weather affect you going for a run?”

@Daunt - Akio

Abedabun "Abigail" Tlalli | With Someone | Big House

Late to stir from her slumber, Abigail awoke alone in the Heimdall cabin, wondering where her half-siblings had gone off too without her. Not that it was a problem. So far in death, she had dealt with being alone, not being with her family. She knew they were long dead now. She also considered the other Norse Demigods as her family and friends now anyway. Abigail climbed out of her blankets and pressed her sock adorned feet onto the floor. It had been cold for her lately and for some reason, she was feeling the cold more than ever. So she got herself ready and changed into something warmer, yet cute. She also slipped on her grey tights and baby pink converse.

It was time for breakfast but she remembered that there was a meeting first. She grabbed her pink umbrella and left her cabin, running for the big house so her bottom-half didn’t get too wet. Upon arrival there, she closed her umbrella and started making her way into the room. She spun around on the spot, looking for Dustin, who she hadn’t really seen since he helped her get here. Not seeing him in the area, she decided to take a seat between two other cute people. Maybe they’d talk to her?

Though no one was, which disheartened Abigail. So to perk herself up, she started looking around for the people she’d taken a fancy to since arriving. Of course, there was Dustin, she could see him just outside, talking to another boy who he seemed to hang out with a lot since being here. There were a few others she saw, but not, Anatolio. Where was he… The at the moment she asked herself that, she saw him thought the doorway, walking toward the big house. Leaping off her seat, she ran outside, awaiting his arrival at the top of the veranda stairs so she would get wet. It was only a bonus that she was now close to Dustin too, just to her right. Abigail smiled and stared at Anatolio, then lifted her hand to give him a small wave.

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Colton-Elliot Novack || w/ Someone || Anubis Cabin - Big House

All night I was twisting and turning on the uncomfortable mattress. I couldn’t seem to relax. The journey to Camp Half-Blood replaying over and over in my head like a broken record. I was stunned when the clock struck 7AM, it had felt like much longer. I sat up, stretching my neck. I looked around at the empty room, the only sound was the pounding of the rain.

I tore the covers off of me and stood up stretching my sore back. I held my head in my hands as I closed my eyes and breathed slowly. Telling myself over and over that this wasn’t happening, I was in a dream. I imagined my mothers candy store. The smell of peppermints. The dark blue and white tiled floor. The gumball machines lined up by the window and my mother smiling brightly. I looked up and I was still in this empty cabin, I sighed and threw on a white T-shirt some jeans and sneakers. I looked around blindly for my glasses tripping over my backpack and stubbing my toe. I opened my backpack and dug my hand through. I didn’t have much stuff so I found my glasses easily. I placed my glasses on the bridge of my nose and behind my ears and my vision cleared instantly.

I grabbed my coat that had several holes. I examined the holes as memories flashed through. I shook my head and stuffed the cotton that was falling out back into the holes. I threw on the coat and my hood to substitute for an umbrella. I walked outside into the gray, humid morning. Other kids were waking up and leaving their cabins for the big house. I followed everyone there since I didn’t pay much attention in the tour.

Inside the big house, I put down my hood to see some aggravated faces others I couldn’t read. The greeks went and talked with friends while others stood around. I looked around at the crowd of kids. My eyes landed on a girl who looked just as agitated. She looked back at me so a smiled and waved. I looked around at everyone and walked over to her. I hadn’t talked to someone in quite some time so I didn’t know how to exactly introduce myself.

“Hi…” I said my voice cracking. I cleared my throat and stuck out my hand for her to shake. “Hi!” I said more confidently. “Um… I’m Colton-Elliot.”



Dimitri Brandish||Big House

Dimitri had already been up. She had just been too terrified to get out of her bed. The rain was pouring down onto the roof, and she couldn’t help but tremble at the thought of thunder coming down while the rain poured. Dimitri heard a slight roar and let out a soft "peep". F-ck. No Ares kid acts like this. I hate this weather. I hate everything. Dimitri punched her pillow, and heard a louder roar in the distance. She let out a scream, and instantly closed her mouth. Embarrassed, she tentatively got off her bed to change. Dimitri wore a heavy jacket over a hoodie, paired with a beanie, hoping nobody would notice her paranoia as she left the cabin.

The rain came crashing down on her beanie, paired with distant sounds of thunder. Dimitri tried to keep herself from flinching as she walked to the big house. In an attempt to cool off because of this already scary weather, Dimitri punched the nearest tree she could find. As she threw a punch. there was a hot pain that shot up her joints, and she could see minor cuts on her knuckles. She waved it off and hurriedly entered the big house. It was there that she looked around for a familiar face. Maybe talk someone into getting in a spar with her, or looking for a friend. Wait? A friend? Dimitri scoffed to herself. You mean looking for an acquaintance, idiot. She thought to herself as she stood around still looking for someone she needed–no not needed, more like wanted to talk to.

@Dying_Dreams- Blair


:dove:Leilani Gene:dove:

Although she was already awake, the rain still somehow managed to startle her, as she kept on zoning out and entering her own mind space. But, it was also 7am, she couldn’t stay in her bed all day and daydream, especially when the announcement came in. She changed into a sweater and jeans when she ran into the rain, running towards the big house.

When she got there, her hair was drenched and her outfit managed to keep somewhat dry. What a nice way to start this day, huh? She took a few minutes to get herself dried up before seeing a nearby boy there. She hated meeting new people, but she decided to make a exception for this boy, after all she did need to become more ‘nicer’. She sighed and walked towards the boy, having a neutral face and her tone seemed a bit annoyed. “New?” She asked, trying to change her atmosphere.

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Ace Fukuhara|| Big House

Ace woke up sober, with a throbbing headache. He must’ve drank too much the day before, as headaches never happened to someone like him. Ace looked around and frowned. His favorite drink wasn’t anywhere near him, and that was the drink that got him plastered fast. Ace usually kept cans of beers around at times like this, God I hate waking up like this, he thought, as he rubbed his head. Ace grabbed about 4 cans of beer and chugged them down one by one. Knowing that it wouldn’t be enough, he grabbed two more for the way down to the big house. Apparently the demigods had been called in for a meeting, and Ace just hoped he would be at least drunk by then. Sliding off of his bed, Ace crawled into something stylish even though he could hear the rain plummeting down. Even if he was just a stupid alcohol addict, he still knew how to dress right.

Ace grabbed his two cans of beer in one hand, and carried his lanky 5"11 frame out of the cabin. The rain was coming down hard, but that didn’t stop Ace from walking as slowly as he could. The alcohol was taking a while to kick in, and he was absolutely not going to talk to anyone when he wasn’t either drunk or hammered. Ace popped open another beer can and chugged the whole thing. As he walked into the big house, he threw it into the nearest trash can. Now holding only one can, Ace sat down anywhere. Even if they were supposed to be at their cabin tables, he wasn’t going to sit alone. He held his head on his palm while he waited for the alcohol to take effect, hoping nobody would actually care to talk to him while he was sober like this.

@BlackBlood - Austin


Eden| With Samir Handal| Outside

Eden woke up to the pitter-patter of the rain. The urge to run into the rain and have it pour down on her was intense. She always found something soothing about the harsh rain coming down hard on one’s body. To her, it was a way of washing away all your worries in one go. Coming out of her musing, she threw her legs over the side of the bed and went onwards to get ready for the day that laid ahead.

When she came out of the bathroom after cleaning herself up she had two outfits laid out on her bed. The first one was a grey cashmere high neck jumper with a pair of black boyfriend jeans and white sneakers while the second one was the black shirt given to her with blue denim trousers and nice cardigan and white sneakers. If she were to wear the first option then she would be saying that this was not home but if she wore the second one then she would be declaring this place as her home. As looked around and thought about her life she realised this was home.

She got dressed and pulled her hair into a ponytail and left for the Big house. She stood outside the door and was mentally berating herself for even being stupid enough to leave her cabin. Just as she was about to leave a familiar voice rang through her ears, It couldn’t be, so she turned around and there he was, little Samir Handel, the eleven-year-old boy I met in Mohadessin. I was kicking myself internally as I tried to hold back my tears. I knew he was in the camp but I had not gone to look for him but here he was standing right in front of me.

“We are all going to the Big House little Samir,” she called out to him in her most sarcastic tone.

@CrazyCaliope ~ Samir Handel


Akio Moore
With Someone || Cabin - Big House Patio

As per usual, Akio had an early start on the day. He often woke up early, but did he ever do anything with extra time? Not often. He enjoyed sitting outside as the sun rose, allowing himself to take a few moments to wake up and simply think. After all, there was never any sort of rush. Bar the past week or so of adjusting to Camp Half-Blood, every day became rather repetitive.
The downpour of rain made it difficult to sit outside, however, and with the addition of being called to the Big House so early in the morning… Clearly this was not the right morning to sit around and relax. So he managed to get dressed, reluctantly pulling an orange shirt on over his head. The color was far from his usual palette, but he did not have anything else that he was willing to run around in the rain in at that moment.
Finally dressed, he quickly jogged to the Big House. He came to a quick stop as he reach the patio, taking shelter from the rain. It was clear that he was soaked as he pushed his hair out of his eyes so that it was messily slicked back. Only moments later did he hear a familiar voice, accompanied by a familiar face. “This weather takes ‘getting wet’ to whole a new level, am I right?” A soft sigh let his lips, shaking his head.
“No… No, I’m not the type at all. Already soaked anyway,” he stated, the smallest of friendly smiles appearing on his face. “I’m assuming you want to go for a run after this?”

@CrazyCaliope || Dustin

Arden Mae Marino
Alone || Cabin - Big House

If there was one thing that Arden did not like, it was someone waking her up. Not that that meant much, though, seeing as she disliked a great deal of things. She managed to bite her tongue however, at least thankful for the rain. Something about it was comforting to her.
Although her motions were dragging, she eventually was dressed in clothes better suited to take on the day in. Denim pants and a large, orange shirt tucked in just enough so that it remained baggy and would catch the wind as she moved were now on her body. When she looked in a mirror to brush her hair, she quickly realized that orange was not her color.
With a quiet grunt, she left the cabin and ran through the rain to the Big House. There, she took shelter from the rain and began to wring out her hair, her fingers combing through the now-tangled ends. She had no intention of approaching anyone, but the longer she waited, the more… uncomfortable she became. There was a small group of people here so far and everyone seemed to be talking to someone. She was severely lacking when it came to people-skills, but her eyes scanned the area for someone to talk to nonetheless. Perhaps it would not hurt to exchange a few words with someone. Or, at the very least, question another as to why they were summoned to the Big House.



Evita Laberi || Big House

Evita caught a boy’s eye, brunette, glasses. He smiled at her and waved. She pouted. She didn’t really wave at people. She found it extremely odd, especially as his sight shifted. She raised an eyebrow, but raised it down as he began walking towards her. He was probably seeking more interesting people. She scoffed while he was far enough not to hear it.

Evita found it rather amusing how the boy acted. Awkward, stuttering a tad, like he hadn’t talked in days. She brushed the thought away, some were new here, and some of those… Socially awkward. He was probably too shy to strike up a conversation.

She gazed at his extended arm. Handshakes weren’t her favourite thing in the world. So far, she didn’t like the guy, but he seemed smart. Maybe he’d be good to keep around. Sha reached for his arm and offered a firm handshake. Now, that she hasn’t done in years. “Hi Colton-Elliot,” she greeted. “I’m Evita.”

@BlackBlood - Colton Elliot Novack

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Holden Robé || Big House

He got a little more excited as a girl started approaching. He remembered seeing her around, they never talked much. She was a daughter of Aphrodite. He didn’t have anything against them, it was just kind of hard to talk to them sometimes, especially the ones with charmspeak. He was excited to talk to her, hoping to make another friend. But when he was her expression, the excitement flew away with the wind. She didn’t seem glad about the other camps joining and he was afraid he’d worsen her mood.

A single word came out her mouth. New. He guessed right, she wasn’t pleased about the situation. And he wasn’t a charmer like Jake to change that for the better. “No, I’m Greek, actually,” he smiled. “I’m a son of Mnemosyne, the titaness of memory. I’m pretty sure you’re Greek too, right? Aphrodite?”

@euphoriaa - Leilani Gene

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Harmony Clare || Big House

Post Inspiration

Harmony Clare woke up early in the morning, she always woke early as a hunter, because although it might’ve been vain she always wanted to look her best, her signature make-up and look which could in the least be described as slightly eccentric. She had finished applying her lipstick before looking at herself in the mirror, her heterchromia obvious from her eyes. One as golden as honey, the other silver like the moon. She looked around at the dim cabin with silver and moons adorning it beautifully. Harmony loved silver it was her favorite color after yellow and red. Yellow for the beautiful dawn and red for the blood that spilled on fields where justice exacted her wrath. She opened the mascara and applied it to her eyelashes. This dull place wasn’t what one would call a home, but her home had drowned in the Hurricane Katrina event. Now she was left with only a few hunters from New York and she felt parts of her heart chipped away when they were no longer around. She sighed and set down her mascara tube and wrapped her hair into buns on the side of her head. She tilted her head. Up. Down. Side. To the other side. Perfect. She stood up, dressed in combat boots, the camp-half blood t-shirt because it was her only good shirt left and her army pants and marched off to the Big House. She raised her arms above her head and yawned in the rain as she trudged through it, yeah she got wet. But it was nature and she enjoyed it. Plus, she would dry off anyways.

She arrived at the big house, so this was it. From living with mom to her. From living with a monster who abused her to here. To having the time of her life to her. Everything good always came to an end. Most Greeks called this place home, this wasn’t her home, she barely stepped foot here. Heck, Harmony didn’t know where home was.



Reina hunter of Diana

Reina was stood a few yards away from the building, watching lines of people file in through the doors, all in their pantheon’s coloured t-shirts. Reina was standing there, just absent mindedly watching when suddenly, something grabbed her attention- two white hair puffs blending into the crowd. No… Reina thoguth to herself. it couldnt be… could it??? Reina frantically began pushing her way through the crowd, ignoring the dirty glances that got thrown at her. She ran up behind the girl and grabbed her shoulder, spinning the poor girl around on her feet.
As soon as Reina saw her face, she knew. “Harmony!!!” She exclaimed loudly, hugging the other girl tightly, overjoyed to see another hunter- and friend- even if they served different goddesses.



Harmony Clare || Big House

Harmony heard before she saw, it was often that way with her. When hunting, crouched in the grasses you couldn’t always rely on what you saw, instead what you have heard. What you will hear. So the pattering of rushing footsteps behind her caught her attention at first, but she dismissed it, probably someone in a rush or looking for someone. Harmony was spun around, she stiffened slightly, it was already early in the morning and she was ready to snap. But that wasn’t a surprising thing when it came to Harmony. She relaxed quickly when she saw the face and a smile lit it up instead, she didn’t think it could be possible. “Reina!” Harmony exclaimed just as loud and hugged a fellow hunter back, maybe I won’t be so alone here. The thought ran through her head, filling Harmony with joy and relief. Reina served the other side of Artemis, the form of Diana, because of this she had seen her a few times and had grown close friends. “I can’t believe you’re here!” Harmony released her friend, offering a bright smile. “I’m also surprised the camp hasn’t burned down yet with you here.” Harmony teased.




Reina released her, stepping back slightly. She was overjoyed to know that she wasn’t the last hunter alive, even if the others were greek. *"I can’t believe you’re here!” * Reina laughes and swings an arm around the other girls’ shoulder. “Me neither! I was beginning to worry I was the only one left…” Reina’s voice lost its happy tone for a moment as she felt a pang of sadness- the hunters were so much more than friends or family. They were her sisters, her home. And right now? Reina was Homesick.
Reina put on a brave face, hastily wiping away the tear that had formed in her eye with her free hand. “we have so much to talk about.”



:dove:Leilani Gene:dove:

She noticed the excitement on the boy’s face, he seemed nice, but still, she had been shivering ever since she came from in the rain. I’m guessing he knows me? She shifted her pose as soon as she saw his expression change, yup, he noticed my mood. “I know you might be thinking “oh wow, she seems mad”, well let’s not talk about that reason, unless you’re blind.”

Greek? Well sh^t, I guess I haven’t thought of approaching anybody as much as I thought I did. He seemed like he was genuinely happy to talk to her, her tone was still the same, and the fact that she was still cold was making it worser. “Hmph, you’re right. I don’t have high standards, but you seem alright. What’s your name?” She asked with her eyebrow raised. “Wait don’t answer that, small talk first.”

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Harmony Clare || Big House

“Haha, me either,” Harmony laughed slightly. “It’s a surprise I haven’t been murdered by the rest of the camp yet. I’m pretty sure they’re tired of me.” She leaned into step with Reina as Reina threw an arm over her shoulder. Usually, Harmony was adverse to touch, but Reina was pretty much her sister. All the hunters were. Harmony nodded, “You lost them too? I had a few, but they’ve decided to go journey and find the goddess. It’s all alone in my cabin.” Harmony’s joy was absolute, from this morning when she felt lost and without a home, Reina being around solved that. And that was the point of the hunters, to live in unity, arm-in-arm with sisters- you didn’t need romantic love when you had hat. “Of course, I’m here now.” Harmony smiled at her sister, Harmony rarely teared up but it would be a good moment to do that. Harmony looked upwards blinking slightly before laughing, “If I start crying and ruining my makeup I’ll blame you.”




Reina held back laugh. “we could probably beat them all in the game of capture the flag, even if there’s only 2 of us.” Reina gloated. It was a well-known fact that hunters were better than demigods.

“Yeah, I had about half my group outside new york with lady Diana when it all went wrong, then some went off in search of Diana and others I have lost track of since leaving New York. I’m following the first rule of hunting- when lost or separated, go to the meeting point.” Reina bit her lip, her worry for her 11 sisters gnawing constantly at the back of her mind.

Reina snorted “I don’t know why you wear that stuff, honestly. You’re far prettier without it.”



Esmé Winter - Big House

Esme heaved a long breathy sigh as she rose from her cabin bed and gently smoothed over her covers and tucked her bedsheets. Her first day here, and she was already starting to feel the feeling of home sickness panging in her chest. Oh how she missed her own home, she could still smell the sweet signature scent her bedroom had, and how she dearly missed not being obligated to socialize and wrapping herself in the covers. It was sort of a dream for her to get out and make friends, but she didn’t want to face the reality.

Her eyes moved towards the purple shirt lying on her bed and she gave a slight smile to the pretty color, thankful she did not have to wear orange like the Greek kids had to. She slipped the shirt over her head and putting on some black leggings afterward. She brushed her long half mint-green hair and styled it into two low pigtails, her favorite low maintenance hairstyle. She then put on some small black boots and tiptoed through the wet, muddy grass trying her best not to get her shoes dirty. But at that point, they were already quite grimy and her toes ached so she mentally said “Screw it” and started to run, her pigtails getting stringy and wet.

She had finally reached the “Big House” and wow, it was big. She wiped her muddy feet before entering and heard chattering all around her. She looked at everyone talking, maybe just getting to know each other or revisiting each other from the past. All she knew was, she knew no one.

She fixed her gaze toward the big ceiling and took slow steps forward, only to step on something that felt hard. The back of a boys shoe. She immediately took quick steps backward almost falling. “My apologies for the um- flat tire.” She said, trying to sound as stable as possible. “Not a good way to start a morning. I’m Esme, by the way.” She said slowly extending her hand out towards him as she froze up.


Kai Zhang

Kai shot up from a lying-on-his-back position and fumbled around for his glasses. Did he know there was something going on today? Yes. But did he like to wait until the very last minute to get ready? Also yes. It wasn’t a very logical habit he had developed, but it always- or mostly worked out in the end.

He had his shirt laid out neatly on his bed, warm and nicely ironed. He slipped it over his head and looked in the mirror. “Ew, I look so vibrant, definitely not my color.” He mumbled in a low voice. Not like had a choice anyway though. He decided to pair it with some black jeans, because “everything goes with black.” That’s what he thought at least, with his moderate fashion sense.

Kai grabbed a mini umbrella from beside his bed and made his way outside, his shoes making gushy sounds in the mud. The sound was painful to the ears, but he sighed in disgust continued to walk to the house

He pushed the door open and saw so many campers here, all unique and different. He didn’t have a problem with a lot of people, he liked talking a lot and meeting different people, it was interesting to him. He was going to find his group to stand by, he walked slowly searching for his glasses in his pocket, only to run into a small figure. He looked down, just now finding his glasses and putting them on. A small girl with long black curly hair stood looking up at him.

Uh- Hello, my name is Kai." He said pulling a tight grin. “Firstly, may I ask how old you are? Just wondering.” He looking back at her.

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Alaia Willis

Alaia had already been awake 30 to an hour prior due to her indecisiveness. Trying different light makeups and hairstyles was a hassle for her every morning. It wasn’t normal for her to be concerned about what people think, but this is a first impression that’s about to happen. She’d already been to camp for 2 days, but there were obviously going to be more new campers, and the Big House was bound to be jam-packed today.

She bounced off of her bed with a big leap almost flinging to far forward and landing face-flat on the ground. She wore skinny jeans that were bright blue and put on her Camp shirt. She didn’t bring any boots, so sneakers would have to do. She ran all the way to the big house, her feet splashing in the mud.

At last, she stretched her hands out and pushed the door open. Wow, the atmosphere was beautiful, it was jam-packed, but it wasn’t a problem for her. She smiled brightly and stood over by some people trying to blend in like she totally wasn’t late. She glanced over to her left and looked swiftly over at a boy with bright blue hair.

She lightly nudged him hoping it wasn’t to rough. “I like your hair, it looks so vibrant and cool. When did you dye it? I’ve always wanted to dye my hair.” She said catching her breath after asking a splur of questions at once. “Sorry 'bout that, I’m Alaia, you are…?”

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