Can high school sweethearts really be in love?

High school sweethearts is a term used to describe a couple that’s been together since they were in high school (kinda obvious). Some would argue that they can’t really been in love since they’ve never been with anyone else. What do you think? Can high school sweethearts really be in love?



Ooh yes maybe

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Well… I think the marriage dies out after awhile. At some point I’m sure they loved one another, though.

They can well some

They definitely can. Just because they’re young and immature doesn’t make their feelings any less valid than someone who is older. Not all high schoolers know the feeling of love but when they do experience it, it is as real as any other love

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Some can :eyes:
But most breakup after finishing high school/college

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They can for sure!

Yes! :)

They can be, love with teens is definitely existant it’s just different to how it is once the brain has matured, which happens at different rates for everyone but that doesn’t mean teenagers can’t be in love if they’re still immature. It can just be a bit different.

In terms of High School Sweethearts I know a couple who were dating from around year 9 in high school and they’re still together now and I guess they’re in love :joy:

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It depends tbh.

I know I was one of these idiots who used to think that it’s wrong for teenagers to start dating but I realise that it’s wrong to think like that. I’d say that you’d have to be mentally stabled for dating, relationships and all that.

Dating around your teenagers is fine as long as you’re responsible, you’d need dating experience.

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