Can someone give me feedback on this poem?

So I wrote a poem for my episode story and um here it is:

As the sky rumbled

I felt something dark and sinister coming my way

I wondered what I was really running from

As if something bad was going to happen

Would it have been dumb to stay?

If I stayed maybe I would find adventure or deceiving doom

As this feels like a bad dream

But the kind where you know you’re dreaming

Wanting to explore

What’s behind that big black door

As you know what’s behind isn’t good

But you want to go anyway

Haven’t written poetry in a long time but I wanted to write something… any thoughts/ things I can do to improve it?



I mean, I always one for poems that rhyme, but I like it!

I really like it! It’s very descriptive and not too wordy. I also like that it doesn’t rhyme because I’ve never been a fan of rhymes

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I made it rhyme in some places but yeah the whole poem doesn’t rhyme lol.

I’m not a poem writer really but I like your poem.
Hmm do you still need help with this?

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