Can we reach 2,000 posts before my birthday?

Hello my beautiful people! :yellow_heart:

My birthday is on the 31st of March.
Everything is in the title, haha.

I’m making this thread to have some fun and as a reminder for someone to make me a birthday thread :sob::pleading_face:. Just kidding lmao!

Remember about the guidelines! And have fun!

We can do it! :blue_heart:


Based on @Mouschi’s idea



Moved to #role-plays-and-games:forum-games and added some tags :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

And also: First to comment on here :sunglasses::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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Thank you!

And hooray!

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So am I allowed to open my lemonade/grape stand here? :eyes::green_heart:

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Of course you are!

Oh god I love this song! Brings back memories

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Waddle waddle :eyes::sparkles::notes:

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Wee woo

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Woo wee

Yay! I’m a duck!!!

There is so much time!! I’ll make sure we get to more than 15k

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At first, it was 20,000 but no one was posting so I changed it, haha

Just wait

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:cloud: :cloud:

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:cloud: :cloud: :cloud:

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Good luck

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Thank you! :blue_heart:

Oh my! It’s getting cloudy


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That’s such a cute emoji :pleading_face:
:cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud: :cloud:

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I agree! It’s super sweet