Can you love too much?

In my opinion, there is no such thing as loving too much! Your love can appear to be excessive but that’s not “loving someone too much”.

I want to hear what you think, can you love too much? :thinking:


There’s no such thing as loving too much, theres a thing called being obsessed. Which are two different things. But loving too much? Nah


Personally, I don’t think it’s possible to love people “too much”. Like, most parents love their children with all of their heart (or at least they should) and there’s nothing unhealthy about that. I think the problem comes when people either mistake obsession for love. or someone experiences a mixture of love and obsession at the same time.


Loving too much? No :man_dancing:
Obsession? Yes :person_fencing:


Hotel? Trivago! :dancer:t4:


In my opinion? Yes. When they break up with you, you wallow for a long time, but you get over it eventually.

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It’s all a case to case scenario.

I don’t believe there’s such a thing as loving someone too much. If you love someone, you can love them a lot. It’s a very strong feeling, but whether something is too much is what you choose to do with it. If it begins to get in the way of your lover’s and your mental health where it is considered an obsession, then that is when it’s too much. When you choose to become selfish and disregard their wellbeing because you love them is when it is too much. It’s “too much” when it’s unhealthy, but the emotion isn’t too much. I believe the actions are what can be considered too much. That’s like saying can someone be too happy. It’s not a bad thing to love someone so much just like it isn’t a bad thing to be so happy. Drugs can make someone feel happy, but it becomes too much when you begin to go to the extremes to keep the happiness like an addiction


It’s all about how you express it.
People say that I “love too much” because I have this tendency to want to be with those I love all the time, I want to be loved with the same intensity and to be top priority. I’ve learned to tone it down, to be patient in winning their love and respect, and to give people their space so I don’t tire them. Also, I used to guilt-trip people ("You don’t love me anymore because…) and that made me lose friends and family members.
So, you can’t love too much, but you can express too much love, and if someone doesn’t know how to handle it, it could lead to them pushing you away or distancing themselves from you.

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Yes yes

When it becomes “unhealthy” that’s when it’s too much and becomes something else entirely

When you love yourself less because of the amount you decide to give to them, yes.

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